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Towards the Sunset

Part One: Fireworks

By: Danae Bowen

Email: logansfox@rogers.com

Sweet soft lips she'd been too long denied. Max lost herself in the feel of Logan's gentle lips pressed against her own, shivers coursing through her entire body. She whimpered, pressing her body closer to his, feeling the full extent of his arousal. Her hips rolled in slow, devious circles, increasing his arousal, taking him higher with a gentle touch than any place he'd been before. Her breasts were flattened against his chest, her hardened nipples bringing gasps of pleasure to her lips as they rubbed against the fabric of her shirt. Nothing had ever felt quite like this to Max; the man in her arms made all the difference.

He groaned in her ear as his lips trailed across her cheek to nibble on her lobe. His fingers tangled in her hair, pulling back her head, exposing her neck for his inquisitive mouth. Her sigh weakened the beat of his heart as his tongue found the slight hollow in her throat, dipping in, tasting her, savoring the flavor that was so uniquely Max. He couldn't describe it, all he knew is that he wouldn't be complete without tasting her again. She could feel his smile against her skin as his teeth claimed nibbling bites upon her throat, his tongue gentling away the pressure moments after. His lips devoured her soft flesh while Max moaned beneath him, her fingers gripping the edges of his shirt, shoving him away while she pulled the material from his chest.

She allowed herself a moment to gaze down his body with appreciation, taking in his hard, well formed muscles, the rise and fall of his chest as he struggled to control his breathing, and if she listened hard enough she could even hear his heart beating faster than she thought possible. Her flesh burned for him as her fingers found the hard planes of his chest, making him groan her name desperately.


His lips found hers again, and her eyes closed, the darkness increasing the sensations on her body. She shivered and whimpered, her nails digging into his shoulders as her knees grew weak. His tongue delved deep into her mouth, his hands sliding down to cup her buttocks as again he found the will to whisper her name.


She slid her eyes open expecting to meet the crystalline blue of her soon to be lover's gaze. Instead, chocolate brown eyes met her own.

"Hey, boo, thought you might want the real thing 'stead of just a bomb dream. Your boy's here to see ya, so get your sorry ass outta that bed 'fore I let him know exactly where your mind was takin' ya."

Max groaned, her head falling back onto her pillow as she waved Original Cindy away. "Tell him I'm naked and can't see him."

Cindy laughed. "Tell him yourself, boo. You not out there in five minutes, I'm sending the boy in. On second thought..." She turned to the door. "Hey, Logan, Max says she'll wait for you here, so get your lily white ass movin'." She turned and winked at Max, lifting an eyebrow at the skintight gray tank top and matching gray panties Max was wearing. "Just savin' ya from yourself, girl. I leave things up to you, you'd end up cashin' in the food stamps of love. You don't want him to get an eye full, you'd best use all those powers o'yours and get dressed. As for Original Cindy, I'm outta here. A fine girl moved in two blocks down, 'n I think Original Cindy should be the welcome wagon. Late, boo."

Max's jaw dropped in shock as she watched Cindy turn and head out of her room. Her sensitive hearing picked up her friend's goodbye to Logan, as well as the sound of the exoskeleton whirring as Logan headed in Max's direction.

"Shit!" Not even left with the time to revel in the after glow of her dream, Max hauled herself to her feet and quickly grabbed a pair of jeans off her bedroom floor. Logan could handle the tank top, but she was fairly sure greeting him in her panties was not what he'd be expecting.

She heard a soft gasp from her doorway just as she was doing up the zipper and clasp on her jeans. When she turned, Logan's eyes were diverted to the ground and Max felt a soft red staining her cheeks. Brushing it off, she leaned against her dresser and waited for him to get over whatever he'd managed to see.

Logan for his part was trying to not dwell upon the sweet expanse of golden skin that had been filling his vision only moments before. From the devious look on Cindy's face, he knew he should have waited for confirmation from Max, but he couldn't resist the request to enter her bedroom. As many times as Max had been in his own bedroom, Logan had only been in hers the one time, almost two years ago, when he left her the statue of Bast. Hell, he could count the number of times he'd been in her apartment on one hand. He wondered quietly, for a moment, why their relationship was so one sided. Max came and went freely from his life, his home and, yes, his bedroom, although nothing had come of her frequent midnight visits. Logan never argued and had never suggested meeting here. Perhaps it was the differences in their lifestyles, he causally thought, as he lifted his eyes to glance over her body. His gaze lingered over her golden breasts resting comfortably behind the tight tank top in which she'd obviously just slept. Logan's tongue darted over his lips as he forced his gaze to rise once more, finally coming to rest on Max's face.

Her eyes showed amusement as she casually leaned against the dresser, obviously waiting for some sort of response from him. He floundered, searching his mind to see if she'd said anything since he walked into the room.

"I'm sorry, Max, did you say something?" His grin was sheepish as he waited for her reply.

She shrugged, stretching her long arms out in a fluidic motion as she eased out her sleep stiffened muscles. "Nope, was just waiting for the end of the ogling so we could get down to why you're here."

In the middle of her stretch, his eyes were drawn back to her breasts, and his hands clenched at his sides. "Uh..."

Max rolled her eyes and walked forward until she stood only a foot in front of him. She raised an eyebrow and cocked one hip out to the side, bringing her arms up to cross over her chest. "What's the matter, didn't hit puberty 'till five minutes ago? C'mon, Logan, snap outta it."

When he finally gathered himself together enough to divert his thoughts from increasingly erotic endings to their current situation, he had the good grace to blush. "Sorry to stop by without calling."

"Over that. Onto why now." Her eyes twinkled their amusement, although she did file away Logan's behavior for future ammunition.

"Right. Just got back from Sebastian's. He's analyzed your latest blood sample."

Max waited a moment before lifting an eyebrow in frustration. "And?"

His eyes sparkled brilliantly, "Came back clear. The Viral Antagonist has destroyed all traces of the retrovirus as far as Sebastian can tell."

"As far as he can tell?" She frowned. "What does that mean exactly?"

He shrugged, giving her a slow smile. "Means it's up to us to test it out."

Max's face fell slightly as she took a step back from Logan. "And if Sebastian's missed something, and the virus isn't gone?"

"C'mon, Max, this is Sebastian we're talking about. The man I trusted to talk me into electrifying your brain, remember?"

Max sighed and pushed past Logan, careful that her fingers only touched the material of his sweater. She headed for her living room and collapsed back on her sofa. "It's not that I don't trust Sebastian, Logan, but what happens if someone on his team made a mistake? What happens if I touch you and you get sick again? There's no antigen and Sebastian wouldn't have the time to come up with a new one before you died. I'm not ready to take that risk."

Logan sighed and sat down beside her, his fingers resting on her knee. "We have to take the chance at some point, Max. Otherwise, why are we here?"

His hand rose, slowly moving towards her face. A lock of her long, dark hair had fallen across her cheek, and it would be so simple to just reach out and brush it away. He smiled softly when she didn't flinch, his fingers only inches from her skin, and then less space separated them. He was so close to her flesh that he could feel the heat radiating off of her, and in one moment more, the wait would be over.

The explosion that rocked Max's body, however, had nothing to do with Logan's fingers. In an instant, Max grabbed a hold of Logan's shirt, hauling him to the ground and covering his back with her body. The windows of the apartment blew inwards, sending deadly shards of glass flying down on top of them. Max buried her face in Logan's shirt, protecting her eyes as she waited for the sharp rainfall to end.

A second explosion caused the floor to rock beneath them, and finally, Logan looked up.

"We gotta get outta here." Max leaped to her feet, and scanned the neighborhood through the destroyed window. "Keep low and head for the stairs. I don't know what's going on, but this building's gonna fall if it keeps shakin'."

"What about you?" Logan was on his feet, head down, and making his way towards the door.

Max was half way to her bedroom to change into her cat suit. "Recon." She forced a smile. "Gonna see if I can get some first hand info for Eyes Only." Without thinking, Max had popped the buttons on her jeans and was hopping into the darkness of the next room as she pulled them off.


"Go on! I'll meet you at your place in a few hours."

His eyes blazed worry as she returned, her glance carrying to the window as she zipped up her leather bodice. "Max, be careful."

"Same back, Logan. We don't know what's out on the streets, so take it easy." She smiled at him as they entered the hallway and for a moment she let her hand rest against his arm. "Two hours."

"Don't be late. We have a conversation to finish." His voice was soft and once again his fingers came up, this time to stroke her cheek. She froze instantly, turning to look at him in surprise. He smiled. "Just checking."

Max shivered, searching his eyes for any sign of trouble. Her relief was evident as his gaze met hers unerringly, and she nodded. "Gotta blaze."

Logan watched her slip up the stairs leading to the roof. Whatever Max had to do would take less time if she knew he was on his way home to safety.

What met his eyes when he stepped outside was the destruction of a building across the road from Max's apartment. It had crumbled in its dilapidation, although from the force of the explosions, Logan suspected that it had been brought down on purpose. His car was parked several blocks down from Max's, and mercifully escaped any damage. Once behind the wheel, Eyes Only began to take over and thoughts of who, what, and why spun through Logan's mind.

Of course, that didn't stop the pleasant smile from creeping across his lips, as thoughts of finally brushing against Max's flesh were never far away. First, they'd figure out what happened in the streets. Second, they'd figure out what happened in the hallway and everything that it meant.

Logan's grin spread as he drove away from Max's sector and back to the penthouse. With any luck, this mission wouldn't take very long.

End Part One: Fireworks