The night air was fresh and warm. The summer moon hung in the sky like a giant ornament. Reinette stared at it with awe. "You know I've been up there before." The Doctor told her; pointing at it. Reinette smiled as she listened to his soothing heartbeats. "I wouldn't doubt it; you're a very impossible man." She teased.

"What do you mean impossible?" He replied with mock hurt. "Well you're the first persistent imaginary friend I ever had and you just saved my life by crashing thru a mirror on a horse." Reinette smiled kissing his nose.

The Doctor blushed. "Yeah, okay but I promise I'll pay any damages as soon as I figure out where to get money. I've always been vague about money." He admitted. Reinette chuckled. "Don't worry about it." She told him. He flashed his gorgeous smile that usually made her melt but now it was breaking her heart.

Reinette had been farther into his mind then she was letting on. She had seen all the places he had been, all the people he's known and every galaxy he's ever visited. She knew where he really belonged and it wasn't with her but out there traveling among the stars.

The Doctor was like a beautiful firefly she wished she could keep forever with her but like a firefly it wasn't be fair to keep him here.

Reinette had made her decision; The Doctor had to know about the fireplace; it could be potentially a time window and an opportunity for him to go back into his world but it was going to hurt so much to let him go.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the Doctor's concerned voice. "Are you alright, Reinette?" "Yes why?" She replied giving him a weak smile."You seem sad, how come?" He asked caressing her face.

"I was thinking about the day I'd end up alone." She admitted to him. The Doctor smiled. "You'll never be alone; you've got your friends, family, the king and I'm not going anywhere." He assured her.

Reinette looked into his deep brown eyes with such sadness and thought. "Goodbye my love." She pulled him close and kissed him with every bit of passion and desire for him she had. The Doctor held her so tight and lovingly. He never did notice the tears coming down her face.