Kagome woke up feeling much better than the last time she had been awake. The first thing she noticed was that a fresh bandage had been applied to her leg, which was probably helping with the pain. The second thing she noticed was a glass filled beside her bed. She quickly drank it, as she knew it had herbs in it for pain and she knew she would need it. The third thing that she noticed was a stack of books on the bedside table.

Her first thought was to wonder who brought them but then she spotted a piece of parchment lying on top of the books. Since it was within easy grabbing distance from where she was laying, she reached over and grabbed it. To her surprise, the letter and the books were from Legolas. In the letter he explained that he thought she would enjoy them and it would give her something to do while being bed ridden. He also gave a brief description of each book and she found herself looking forward to studying them all.

She gave a small smile before returning the letter to atop the books. She yawned as she could already feel the herbs working. Her last thoughts before going back to sleep was that she would have to thank Legolas for the books. She would also have to thank Nestor for coming in and keeping the paste clean on her wounds since it was doing wonders in suppressing the pain. She wanted to learn how to make that paste was her very last thought as she fell fully asleep under the effects of the drugs.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dream sequence below will warn when is over by marking the end of dream sequence

Kagome crouched down just outside the window, two others beside her. They were waiting on the weapon's smith to come back into his workroom. Kagome had requested to use it to make a few weapons and the weapon's smith told her that she could not. When she asked why not, he had told her the reason was because she was a woman. As anyone can imagine this had pissed her off, so instead of attacking the man outright she had come up with another plan. Elladan and Elrohir had struck her as kitsunes in disguise when she met them and time here had proven that. She had become quick friends with them and so she went to them with a plan. They had quickly agreed and executed the plan. Now they were hiding outside the window waiting to see the weapon's face when he came back to see his workroom.

All three crouched down even more when they heard the door opening but made sure they could see when the door was opened. The door was now opened but the weapon's master had yet to see their handy work as he had pushed the door open with his foot and was using his backside to open the door. He had a bag of weapons that he was trying to be in. The wait was worth it though as the weapon's master turned, he shrieked in outrage and ended up dropping his bag which caused its contents to spill out all over the floor.

"No…No…NO," the weapon's master shrieked. 'How could this happen. Who would do such a thi,' he stopped mid thought as he realized who did this. "Elladan, Elrohir," he bellowed out as he turned and took off from his shop, looking for those responsible.

"Wow. He's not very smart," Kagome said causing the twins to laugh and somewhat agree.

"In his defense, we usually are the ones responsible for the pranks play around her," Elladan pointed out in between laughing about the response. 'Who knew an elf's face can reach that shade of red when they are angry,' Elladan thought while laughing.

"But still, I agree with Kagome. I mean she did turn all of his weapon's pink the day after he told her she couldn't because she's a woman," Elrohir said in between his own laughter. While they usually did small pranks here and there, they had never pulled this particular prank before and they had also never used pink before in any prank. 'But I have to admit, this one turned out perfectly,' Elrohir thought as he took one last glace at all those pink weapons.

The twins quickly ushered Kagome away and they all went to the library to pretend to have been doing something. This should give them a few hours before their father came looking for them for an explanation. They also knew their father would need the time to compose himself because he was bound to find the whole thing funny as well.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxx End of Dream Sequence XXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kagome felt herself waking up as the bandage on her leg was waking. Luckily the pain killers were still working as she felt little discomfort. A small smile appeared on her face as she realized what she had dreamed of. It was one of her happier memories from being in Rivendell. She had even forgotten about her leg until Nestor spoke.

"I did not mean to awaken you, Kagome, though at least your dreams seem to be pleasant based on that smile on your face. Would you mind telling me what brought such a look to your face?" Nestor asked curiously. The smile was wistful so he assumed it was either a pleasant dream or a pleasant memory. Before she could answer though, he offered her more herbal tea. He wanted to keep her pain to a minimum for now because once she started rehabilitating her leg, then he could not give her such strong doses to help the pain. She would need plenty of rest as well to deal with the trying time ahead. He also didn't point out that Prince Legolas was in the room as well since he wanted to check up on her injury and to see if she had found his books that he left.

Kagome gave another small smile after finishing off her medicine. She decided to tell him about the memory. Once she told him about the dream, she decided to elaborate on it. "It was hours later, when Lord Elrond found us. He called us into the study along with the weapon's master. Once the master saw me in there, he realized I had planned the whole thing. Luckily, Lord Elrond is fair and asked me to explain myself. Once he heard that the weapon's master refused to allow me access to his shop, he was angry and told the weapon's master it was a fitting punishment since Lord Elrond had already told me I could use it," there was a smile on her face as she thought back to that day.

Nestor tried to hide his amusement by gathering up his supplies but in the end he couldn't and started laughing.

Kagome ducked her head in slight embarrassment as she heard him laugh. She hadn't even looked at him once he moved to the foot of the bed. She had been staring out at the wall, imaging the scene as she told it. Her head snapped up once she heard a different voice laughing. Her eyes widened when she saw Prince Legolas standing there. "You heard the whole thing?" she asked in shock.

Legolas quit laughing long enough to answer, "Yes and I must say I think your form of revenge was most fitting. Based on the unique weapons that you created and the fact that you were able to imbue them with power and even able to work with someone else and imbue your powers with theirs shows how much skill you have. Perhaps now that weapon's master will wait for proof before judging someone." With just this one story, he knew that he wanted to know more about her. He had heard of the twin's proclivity for mischief and if she was involved he was sure there would be many great stories to hear.

Kagome gave a small smile at hearing that. "Once he saw what I was capable of, he pretty much left me alone but I believe he eventually warmed up to me as well. I never ran out of supplies after that but no one would tell me where the supplies came from. I just accepted it after a while and when I would finish a creation, he was always the second one to see if after Lord Elrond. He also started teaching me his own techniques. I think it was his way of apologizing," she said.

"That does sound like him. Now if you'll excuse me, Lady Kagome. I have some other duties to attend to. Prince Legolas, please keep the visit short as her medication will have her sleeping shortly. She will be up to visitor's next time she is awake," Nestor explained. He then bowed to his prince and then left quickly. He knew his prince wanted a moment of her time before she fell asleep and he didn't want to be in the way of that.

Legolas watched Nestor leave before turning his attention back to Kagome, whom was curiously staring at him. She was probably wondering why he was here. He gave a small smile as he came to sit in the chair next to her bed and decided to explain himself, "I just wanted to check and see how your injury was healing and to make sure you found the books that I left. I hoped I picked out some interesting topics for you."

Kagome nodded her head before replying, "Thank you for stopping by to check on me. I must admit that you did pick out some interesting books. I have not read any of them before."

"I am glad. I hoped they could help alleviate some of the boredom from having to remain bedridden for so long. Once you finish those, we have lots more to choose from if you would like," Legolas told her.

Kagome smiled at that. She actually loved reading and it was very thoughtful of him to think of her. "I'd like that very much. I love reading. Perhaps when I am able to walk around better, you could show me the library, if possible," she said. It would definitely be something to help with the boredom. If would also give her a chance to explore. Rivendell was the only Elven city that she had been in. She had heard of the others but had never been.

"As soon as Nestor clears it, I don't see a problem. We have a large library here," he told her and could see her eyes starting to lose focus. The medicine was kicking in so he wanted to inform her of the last thing he came to tell her. "Father wanted me to inform you that you a welcome guest and that you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. He has also sent a message to Lord Elrond so that he can be informed about your injuries. Once you are awake long enough, I will bring you some supplies so you can write to him yourself. I am sure he would feel much better hearing directly from you after hearing about your injuries," Legolas told her.

Kagome let out a small groan that was interrupted by a yawn. "Thank you. I wouldn't mind staying and exploring, since I have never been here before. You are correct in that I should write Elrond and inform him of my injuries, myself. I should let you know, that he will probably send someone to check on me though. It will probably be Elladan or Elrohir. I hope that's okay," she finished with another yawn as she snuggled into the covers.

Legolas could sense she was falling asleep so stood up. "That will be fine. It would only be natural to check on you after such an injury. I'll go inform father that we may have more guests soon then, Kagome. Try and get some more sleep," he said quietly and then let himself out.

He then made his way to his father's study to inform him of the possibility of guests coming. Once he knocked and entered, he told his father of the news. He also informed him of Kagome's dream which was a memory.

Thranduil had already considered the possibility of someone coming to check on Kagome from Rivendell. After all, Kagome viewed Elrond as a father figure so it was logical to assume that Elrond would view her as a daughter.

"You won't mind her using the library, will you, Father? She says she enjoys reading. She also wishes to explore," Legolas told his father as he watched him closely. He could tell his father was deep in thought.

Thranduil was pleased to hear that Kagome wanted to explore his realm. It would seem they would have to do nothing to get her to stay. Before he granted her permission to roam freely though, he wanted his son's thoughts on a few matters. "Legolas, what do you think of her so far? Do you believe she would be a threat to us?" He had his own thoughts on the matter but wanted his son's input.

Legolas thought over his answer very carefully before answering. He ran over all the meetings he had with her up to this point and how she had interacted with him and everyone else. "I don't believe she is a threat to us. She may have strange and unique powers but she has displayed no hostility towards us at all. She also holds very close ties to Lord Elrond and Gandalf and neither one of them are our enemies. I believe she is truly curious about our realm. Perhaps, as she learns about our culture here, we can learn more about her," he told his father.

Thranduil was proud of his son. "I believe you are correct son. While she appears willful and perhaps stubborn, I doubt she is any threat to us. Once she is up and able to receive company, have her introduced to Tauriel. If you can think of any others that she would get along with, then introduce them as well. Nestor would be of help in that area as well," he told his son.

"Of course, father. I will go and talk with Tauriel now," he said and then bowed to his father and then left. He figured she would get along with Tauriel the best but he had a few others in mind that would get along with her as well.

Author's Note: Sorry that it's been slow going so far but next chapter she will finally start interacting with Legolas, Thranduil, Tauriel and the other elves of Mirkwood.