Chapter three:

Xxx Trey xxX

A pair of eyes, as green as fresh spring foliage were the first things I could make out as my vision returned that and a concerned scowl that contorted soft lips. "You're awake..." It seemed like a inquiry but it was accompanied by a sigh of relief.

My heart drummed within the confines of my chest, hand clenching and unclenching, curious if I'd be able to defend myself against whomever loomed over me. "Who are you..." I grated "And what exactly do you want...?"

Her laugh was cynical "Me? I'm the person who just saved you from becoming a popsicle and perhaps I wanted to feel... heroic, is that so wrong?" the amused quirk aof her lips made my insides churn. She was talking to me? Wasn't she afraid? I mean.. I was a dead guy and all... Instead she just peered at me for a long duration of time before uttering a sigh of complaint and taking a step back "And /you/ aren't you meant to be dead, not wandering around on people's porches." her humor wasn't entirely lost on me, I offered her a smirk "Apparently you're just lucky then."

Her eyes silently interrogated me for a moment longer before she reached over to shut the laptop that rested beside me, quirking a shaped brow "Coffee?" she offered and it wasn't someting I'd give up, so I loosely shrugged uttering a "Why not."

Xxx Pan xxX

I found myself feeling dilusional as I peered throug the steam that spewed from the kette, unable to shake his steely gaze which seemed trained on my back. "You know, you really should be more careful, the police would have a fit if tey saw a living corpse wandering the streets," I placed the now steaming mug of coffee infront of him.

At my words he visably stiffened "So you are going to tell them after all..." his voice was dry as he sipped at the beverage, as if he had expected no less from me. Perching on the edge of the kitchen bench I shrugged, gingerly sipping from my own "No point, they're all a bunch of corrupt morons anyway." from the distrust that gleamed in his azure oculars I could tell that he found my response much less than convincing.

His eyes remained linked with mind for a moment before glancing away, it was hard to read him as if he were made up of pages concealed by a hard cover. I closed my eyes, relishing the warmth of the coffee as it slid down my throat "And why should I trust you, girl."

I spluttered eyeing him "I have a name you know! It's Pandora! So don't just go calling me 'girl'" I had always disliked the name my father gave me but it was more pleasant then being addressed by gender! He blinked a few times a raspy chuckle slipping from between an amused smirk. "I like you, Pandora," and from the way his eyes shone with bemusement I could tell he also liked the way my cheeks lit up under his burning gaze.

"Only my mother calls me Pandora," I muttered, hiding behind my mug "Call me Pan..." He cocked a brow as if the name was foreign which caused my brows to work together "Problem?" I queried ,somewhat bitterly. He only grinned that same expression that had my cheeks the colour of tomatoes. "More just curious to way a normal-ish looking ki like you wouldn't only let a stranger into her home but dare to scold him," he shifed in his seeat downing the rest of his drink "It's a little odd."

"Call me strange but-" my sentence was cut off as the sound of tires upon gravel sliced through the air, mum was back! "Shit," I grunted, slithering from the bench and grabbing Trey firmly by the arm "We gotta get you hidden- and fast."
"The door?" He echoed.
"Is the first place she'll be coming to, just shut up and follow me." Surprisingly without much protest he followed me through the dark halls and into what was- Well, my 'bedroom'.

Xxx Trey xxX

It had first been the crunch of gravel that had indicated her mum's arrival, grabbing my arm roughly the girl 'Pan' ushered me toward what I assued to be her bedroom. "Don't you make a sound." She warned, stuffing me under a messy arrangement of blankets and pillows. Great, what was I some kind of giant fucking teddy bear?!

The room however did had a pleasant aroma, a mixture of roses and- something else, I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was warm, suffocatingly so but I wasn't complaining, it was still a step up from the relentless chill outside.

I knew every guy looked forward to his first time in a girl's bed but I'd never expected mine would be hiding from some girl I had just mets mother, go figure.

Footsteps sounded not far from where I was hiding and a tired voice echoed from the hall "Sweety you asleep yet?" Pan, who had been hovering over me cautiously padded over to the door, stiffling a yawn "Yeah ma? I was trying-" she trailed off, just out of my hearing range.

"Night mum," I made out, my straining to hear finally paying off. The door closed and she graced me once more with her presence, her hand clenching the blanket before tearing it off of me, staring down with a look of anguish. "They got... one of your friends."

I froze and my first time in a girl's bed changed from a bizarre dream to a nightmare in a heartbeat.