100 Theme Challenge


Theme One: Introduction - Part One


"Class, meet your new classmate, Kasamatsu Yukio!" A tall woman with brown hair and matching eyes turned to a short, black haired boy with blue-grey eyes. "Yukio-chan, is there anything you would like to tell your new friends?"

Yukio blinked, slowly looking up at the tall woman. He shook his head, lowering his gaze to the floor, avoiding any eye contact with his 'new friends'.

"At least tell them how old you are and maybe what your favorite color is?" The teacher pressed, her smile urging the little boy on.

It took a couple seconds of silence before he finally spoke up. "... I'm four years old a- and I like the color blue." Yukio said, glancing around the room of children.

"Alrightie, now if you'll please go take a seat beside... Hmm, how about beside Yoshitaka-kun." The teacher ushered the four year old towards a boy with short black hair that held a greenish-tint to it. Yukio nodded and wordlessly sat down beside the boy, staring at the placemat in front of him.

"Hey!" Blue-grey orbs shifted to his fellow classmate, giving him a curious stare. "I'm Moriyama Yoshitaka. I'm also four." He nodded, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Without giving Yukio a chance to speak, he leaned closer to the boy and gave the room a quick once over, making sure no other girl or boy was watching. "Do you think there are any cute girls in here?" He asked in a hushed whisper, using his hand to shield his mouth.

Yukio's eyes widened, "Gi- Girls?" He stuttered out, cheeks turning a pink color. Yoshitaka nodded vigorously. "Kouji told me that there weren't any cute girls in his class though... But, I think all girls are cute!" Yukio watched Yoshitaka turn to the girl sitting on the other side of him, his wide smile melting into a smaller one.

"Speaking of cute girls," He childishly cleared his throat, catching the girl's attention. "What are you doing after nap time?" Do you wanna share some of my animal crackers?" Yoshitaka was about to reach forward and brush a few strands of the girls hair out of her face, but as soon as he moved, she burst out into tears.

Startled, Yukio watched the teacher approach their table, a worried expression on her face. "What's wrong, Aya-chan?" She asked, patting the little girls head soothingly.

"Yoshi-kun wants to give me cooties again!" Her shrill voice made not only Yukio and Yoshitaka cringe, but the teacher as well.

"I'm sure those weren't Yoshitaka-kun's motive, but-"

"I dun wanna sit beside him!" Aya whined loudly as she interrupted the teacher, kicking the leg of the table stubbornly. The teacher sighed and stood up.

"Alright, Aya-chan. I'll change your seating arrangement starting tomorrow... again." Without another word, the teacher walked away, pinching the bridge of her nose tiredly. Yukio watched her walk up to another kid, a boy who was wildly waving his arms for her attention. He turned away and tilted his head to get a better look at Aya who sat beside Yoshitaka. Aya noticed his stare and smiled rather sweetly at him, causing Yukio to shudder and pale at the smile.

Turning away from the whiny little girl, Yukio instead watched the teacher begin to deliver supplies to the tables around the room, listening to the instructions she gave.

"What are you going to make with your macaroni?" Yoshitaka asks, handing Yukio a few sheets of blank paper just as the teacher dumped a ton of uncooked macaroni pieces in front of them, along with two small tubes of liquid glue.

Yukio shrugged, grabbing one of the tubes of glue and pushing the other one towards Yoshitaka. "Maybe a cat. Or a dog." He mumbled. "What about you?"

"Imma make a basketball." Yoshitaka replied, grinning.

"Basket... ball... ?" Yukio blinks.

"Yup!" Yoshitaka nods proudly. "It's a manly sport played by manly men!" His grin widens as Yukio looks on at him with near-sparkly eyes. "Do you want me to show you during recess?" The four year old asks. Yukio doesn't even take a moment to think it over and nods quickly.


After their macaroni picture-making time was over, recess began.

Yukio, a bit confused, watched his fellow classmates run around energetically, some staying inside the room and others leaving. Yoshitaka grabbed him by the arm and then guided him out of the room.

The two made it down the hallway and entered a different classroom. "First, we just gotta get Kouji." Yukio nodded, remembering Yoshitaka mentioning him before. He stood, waiting by the door, as he saw Yoshitaka retrieve a taller boy with dark brown hair. "Kouji, this is Yukio! He's new in my class." Yoshitaka grinned, looking in between the two boys.

"H- Hi.." Yukio greeted the taller four year old. Kouji gave him a rather heartwarming smile, which Yukio was quick to return, albeit shyly.

"Hey, I'm Kobori Kouji," Kouji further introduced himself, seeing as Yoshitaka once again left out his family name.

Yukio seemed to catch on and also gave his full name, "Kasamatsu Yukio."

"Do you want to play with us?" Kouji asked, shifting his vision from Yukio to the door which leads to the outside playground.

"Yukio wanted to play basketball! When I explained to him what it was, he stared at me with the most sparkly eyes ever!" Yoshitaka laughed, hands on his hips in triumph.

"I didn't!" Yukio protested quickly, huffing as he shook his head quickly in embarrassment. Kouji simply smiled and comforted the young boy by patting his head. "You'll get used to Yoshitaka." Kouji offered Yukio a soft smile before he led the two children outside and towards the corner of the building.

As soon as Yukio rounded the corner with his two friends, he stopped, frozen. His wide, curious blue-grey eyes landed on an oddly shaped circular object that was attached to the wall about five or six feet up.

"This is the rim," Yoshitaka said, pointing to the orange rim with a smug expression on his face. "And this is the net, backboard, and -" He paused partly for dramatic effect, but mostly because he had to reach down to grab a small orange colored ball. "- this - is the ball." He said, tossing the soft ball to Yukio, who managed to catch it with quick reflexes.

"Well, it's not a real basketball." Kouji said, looking at the ball in Yukio's hands. "Big kids and adults use bigger basketballs, which are more heavy and hard because there filled with air."

"And, and the hoop is higher. Way up high!" Yoshitaka said enthusiastically, his eyes glued to the sky above them. Yukio followed his gaze; eyes watching the fluffy white clouds drift by for a moment before looking back down at the soft ball in his hands.

"So, how do you play?" He asked, looking back at the two boys he had a feeling he would get to know for a long time, with a smile on his face.


Taadaa~ Wasn't that cute? Kasamatsu's introduction to Moriyama, Kobori and basketball. I would have written their names as such, but I feel like calling a four year old by their last name was a bit odd, so I just used their first names...

Also, if you're confused, the first three themes are going to be grouped together, then I'm going to post others separately from this, so, yeah... *shot* its cause I'm weird like that.