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My life could not possibly be any worse right now. I had just struck the final blow to Gaea – you know, the giant "I will end you" Earth Mother – which should have ended the war and the second Great Prophecy – or so I thought. Unfortunately for me, I had neglected to completely review the prophecy – can you really blame me? Those things are super boring – and I paid for it dearly. The second to last line had come back to bite me in the ass.

An oath to keep with a final breath.

That final breath had been Gaea's. Now before you celebrate too early – like I did – remember the rest of the line. The oath? Well, it was the one spoken on the battlefield earlier that day, just before that final breath was taken.

-Flashback (Third Person POV)-

"Perseus Jackson! How is the little pawn of the gods doing today?", Gaea shouted across the field towards Percy. The seven had finally reached the birthplace of the gods. After gathering their demigod army in a valley at the base of Mount Olympus, Gaea and her army appeared across the field. Luckily for them, the gods did too – but on their side. "Well I was doing pretty good until you got here Dirt Face," Percy replied sarcastically, twirling Riptide around in his right hand. Gaea's face transformed into a cruel sneer as she directed her glare at Percy. "It'll take more than that to anger me Sea Spawn," she said, her voice booming across the plains. "Oh I know," Percy said, "so we brought along a little surprise." At this, Percy gave a nod in Zeus' direction. Immediately, the earth in between the two forces began to bubble angrily as something rose from the earth. "How are you doing this?" shrieked Gaea, as she felt her control over the earth slip. "I own the earth!"

"This power is older than you are Dirt Face," Percy replied, smiling nonchalantly at her.

Soon enough, the ground stopped moving and the dust settled. When Gaea caught sight of what was now writhing on the ground in front of her, trapped in chains crated from its own being, all of the color drained out of her face. Percy, catching sight of this, smiled. "Yeah, Dirt Face, that's your son." "Python," Gaea whispered, subconsciously reaching out for him. Suddenly, a celestial bronze spike appeared in midair over the mighty snake's head. Shock flashed across Gaea's face as she realized what was about to happen, but before she was able to react, Python was lifted into the air and the spike impaled him through the head. The snake slowly crumbled to dust, before disappearing in a flash of black light. Not wanting to waste time pondering what had just happened, Gaea's face turned an angry red, and she didn't even bother with any other formalities. She simply screamed a battle cry and her forces charged, flying down the mountain as quickly as possible. The forces of Olympus yelled a response and ran to meet them. Almost immediately, cries of agony rang out across the battlefield, from both monsters and demigods alike, along with the clash of steel on steel. It would have been over before it even started; however, fortunately for the forces of Olympus, Gaea was still struggling with her control over the earth.

Now, Percy being Percy, he ran right at the biggest challenge besides Gaea herself. Porphyrion – the king of the giants. Porphyrion watched him approach, casually spinning his spear around, the winds increasing drastically as he did so. From the waist up, Porphyrion was a humanoid figure, with bronze armor covering his torso. From the waist down, he had dragon legs, which are nearly impenetrable. This, along with the fact that he is a great fighter, makes him nearly impossible to kill.

Percy was quickly joined by Jason and Zeus and together, the three of them launched their attack. They started hacking and slashing at every bit of Porphyrion that they could reach, and even for a 40-foot-tall giant, they were quite hard to keep up with. Once their weapons had dealt heavy damage to the giant king they took a step back to admire their handiwork. And it was at this moment when Porphyrion reviled a surprise.

Percy POV (Still Flashback)

A golden glow surrounded his body, emanating from his armor, and his cuts and bruises slowly started healing. It didn't take long to figure out what was happening, especially when Porphyrion shouted down to them, "Do you see this? My armor is enchanted you fools! You cannot defeat me while I am wearing this!" And that was the mistake that cost him the battle. Immediately, the trio struck, all aiming for different straps on his armor. All three of them hit their mark, and the armor came flying off. "There we go. Now we fight on even ground!", shouted Zeus.

Porphyrion had a look of pure shock on his face, unable to comprehend how quickly he had lost that advantage. In an instant, it was replaced with overwhelming anger. "That was a gift, you stupid brats," he thundered, looking in dismay at his shattered armor. His spear started glowing a bright red, and suddenly it released a blast of pure force, throwing us 30 yards away from him. As I got up, I was able to assess the situation on other parts of the battlefield.

Most of the other fights were going pretty well. Athena and Annabeth were fighting Enceladus, and he was staggering under the weight of their blows. Dionysus was battling Eurytus, along with his son Pollux. They were doing surprisingly well, although Eurytus was one of the weaker giants. Hermes was easily handling Hippolytus with his two sons Travis and Connor at his side. Apollo and his son Will Solace were firing arrow after arrow into Leon's face, and it looked so brutal I almost felt bad for the guy. Hephaestus and Leo were battling fire vs fire with Mimas, but it looked like they were slowly overpowering him. Pelorus was getting his butt kicked by Ares and Clarisse, who looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

My dad, Poseidon, and my younger sister Jessica were currently beating up on Polybotes. I should probably explain how I got a sister. You see, when the Argo II arrived in Greece, we met up with all the campers and gods. Jessie was one of the new campers that had appeared during our quest, and she also happened to be my half-sister. In the couple weeks before the battle, we developed a very strong brother-sister relationship. As in, if someone hurt her, they would die a death thousands of times more horrible than Tartarus. Anyway, I continued scanning the battlefield and taking stock of our situation, until I suddenly saw something that made my blood run cold. Gration was standing over Artemis with her pinned to the ground. One look in his eyes and I knew how this was going to end – all they held in them was lust.

Quickly, I turned and shouted out to Jason, "Hey man can you hold out here for a bit?" He nodded his head and went to join his dad in battle. Meanwhile, I sprinted over to where I had last seen Artemis and Gration, hoping against hope that I wasn't too late. When I finally got there, I saw a half-naked Artemis with blood running down her face and a triumphant looking Gration. Without pausing to think, I took my sword and threw it like a javelin at the back of his knee. His right leg buckled, and he turned to face me. And I felt like such an idiot when I realized I had just thrown my only weapon at him – but hey, at least it's not the dumbest thing I've ever done.

I looked around as fast as I could, searching for anything that could help me win this battle. I spotted a stream about 20 yards away and a crazy idea appeared in my head – not the first time I've had one of those either. I had never tried anything like this before, but if it worked it could save my life. And right now, my life wasn't the only one hanging in the balance. I concentrated on pulling the water together and hardening it, and slowly, it obeyed my will. A couple seconds later, I help an exact replica of Riptide in my hand, made completely of ice. I started to mercilessly attack Gration, fueled by my anger as I thought of what could have happened had I not gotten there quick enough. Within minutes, he was an unrecognizable lump of flesh. Slowly, I walked over to Artemis and handed her the sword. She looked at me quizzically for a few moments, before I smirked and said, "Shall we finish this, milady?" She smiled as she got up and walked over to Gration. She looked into what used to be his eyes, before plunging the sword deep inside of his chest, and returning his essence to Tartarus.

She then walked over to me, handed me back my sword, and whispered a nearly inaudible, "Thank you," before fainting into my arms. I gently laid her down and shouted, "APOLLO!" In seconds, he was standing before me. He took one look at his sister before quickly grabbing her and flashing away. After I made sure Artemis was safe, I rushed back out to join the battle, only to find all of the giants destroyed, even Porphyrion. And you know what that means – I missed out on all of the fun. I was looking forward to getting a little payback on some of them, but I guess I'll save it all for the last one standing – Gaea. When she saw me, her faced morphed into one of extreme hatred.

She immediately lunged at me, ignoring all the other gods and demigods – and this was her fatal mistake. While she focused her attention solely on me, the other gods and demigods moved in on her, swarming around her like bees. I was able to deflect her first attack with Riptide, before pulling out my new blade and attacking with that as well. She quickly blocked my strikes and returned one of her own. This pattern continued for quite some time before I felt myself growing tired, and I knew I had to do something before it was too late because in the entire fight I had dealt no damage to her.

Suddenly, I remembered the second line of the prophecy – to storm or fire the world must fall – and I knew what I had to do. I called to me the biggest storm I had ever created and molded it into one giant ball of energy. I could feel it pulsing with energy, and when I felt it was large enough, I threw it at Gaea while simultaneously creating an earthquake that split the ground at her feet – lucky for me, she still had little control over the earth. As the ball of energy hit her she tumbled backwards into the chasm, her essence going back to her prison in Tartarus.

Finally, I thought, we did it. But that was before I heard her last words – words that would haunt me forever.

"If I go to my eternal prison, you go too."

I suddenly felt a force pull me towards the chasm, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I fell into the opening and the last thing I heard before darkness enveloped me was my father, Jessie, and Artemis screaming my name.

-End Flashback-

So yeah – that happened. I woke up to find myself in a dark cell in a place I easily recognized as Tartarus, chained to a wall. My luck really is something – I thought I was actually done being in the deepest part of hell. But no, of course not. I tried breaking out of the chains only to find that they were celestial bronze and practically indestructible. "Yeah I wouldn't do that if I were you. You're just going to hurt yourself more," I heard a voice say from outside the room. "Who's there," I called. The voice continued, saying, "Oh don't tell me you don't recognize me. After all, I am the reason you're down here." That statement sent a cold chill down my spine. "Gaea," I said, "Why am I here?" "Oh well that's easy," she replied. A figure stepped out of the shadows holding an object that looked suspiciously like a sword. "We're going to have a little fun with payback."

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