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"SIRIUS!" The name ripped from the fifteen year-old's throat as the dark-haired teen threw himself from his spot and pushed his godfather out of the way of the spell that the Death Eater, Bellatrix, had sent at Sirius Black.

Grey eyes widened in shock as Sirius watched as - instead of he himself - his only godson Harry, was hit with the spell that his bitch of a cousin had sent at him.

"Harry!" Sirius' yell echoed around the room as he dodged another spell sent at him, he reached for the teenager, his fingers just brushing against the front of Harry's shirt as the young man fell back into the veil that stood nearby.

"HARRY!" The screams of Sirius were echoed through the room as Harry's friends watched in horror as the boy disappeared and Remus launched forward to grab onto Sirius – who struggled in the werewolf's tight grip – pulling him away from the veil as the Ex-Convict screamed in fury and anguish, tears dripping down Remus' own cheeks as the wolf inside of him cried for his lost cub.

He was floating.

But where was he floating? And why was it so… So very warm. Was this what it was like to be dead? After all, that's all Harry could be, right? He'd been hit by that curse that Bellatrix had sent, and she was known not to send simple, silly curses, but deadly ones… Right?

Slowly, Harry's eyes opened and he blinked until his sight was no longer blurry.

He was floating in light, but light that made many colors that passed through quickly, changing shape and color. It was too bright, and the warmth was making him sleepy.

Green eyes closed as hands cupped his cheeks… But that was impossible, wasn't it? He had just looked around and no one had been there with him. But sure enough, a soft, gentle, woman's voice said quietly.

"My darling wizard… So many faults and horrible deeds have been done to you, what Fate has done to you. Just a child, but a strong one…" The woman(?) whispered, "One that could change his world, one that would, just to protect those dear to him… Child darling, tell me… What is it you wish? Do you wish to return to your own world? Or to be passed on to Death… Or… Perhaps…" The woman's voice paused for a moment, "Or perhaps, just maybe… Shall I give you another chance? Another chance to live a good life, a long one, but good… It will be full of challenges, as any life should. But, if you agree, dear… You won't be human anymore."

"Why..?" Harry mumbled, and he could almost feel the woman's surprise at his question. "Why… Why are you giving me a second chance?"

He heard the woman chuckle softly and one of the hands cupping his cheeks started to stroke it, "Darling wizard, my darling… You did something truly selfless when you pushed your Godfather out of the way of the curse, took it, even though you knew you would die… You've done so many selfless deeds over the years, you deserve a second chance, no matter what Fate or Death may say…"

"Oh…" Harry murmured, his thoughts whirling as he struggled slightly to choose which option… After a few moments he asked quietly, "What… What will happen to me if I take the third choice?"

"I shall place you in a world, one that is connected to another, and you shall serve human masters. You shall be immortal, until the day you die, or until I decide that you've served long enough and shall be replaced, as you will replace another. You shall be the strongest of them… If you so wish. I shall also change your looks." The woman said softly, humor lacing her tone. "I shall place you in a world where magic is accepted, is embraced…"

"I… I want to do there… I don't want to hide anymore, or be called a freak, or be used!" Harry nearly cried out, and he could sense the woman's approval.

"Then shall it be, my darling… My Lion… My Leo." The woman pressed her lips to his forehead and Harry could feel the warmth that had been there at first start to turn burning hot and he cried out in pain as it continued to burn him, it felt almost as if his soul was being torn apart, before…

It stopped. And the warmth disappeared as the light did as well and Harry was no longer floating, and the ground underneath him was cold and felt of stone.

Slowly, his eyes blinked open before they widened in surprise at seeing the starry sky around him. Carefully, wincing at sore muscles, he slowly sat up, looking around he nearly jumped in surprise as someone behind him said.

"Hello Leo."

Harry stood up, nearly collapsing as his knees cried to give away and he turned to face the person who called out to him, his hand moving for his wand – which he realized after a moment was no longer there – and eyes widened once more in surprise as he took in the sight of a woman, wearing a maid's dress, with broken shackles on her wrists.

"Uh… Hi." Harry smiled a bit sheepishly at the woman who chuckled and smiled kindly at him.

"I am Virgo, and Magic has asked me to teach you about Earthland and Celestial Spirits." The purple-haired woman said.

Harry blinked blankly, "About what..?"

Virgo laughed lightly, "Exactly."

"Leo." Virgo called out, over at where the orange-haired Lion was starting to doze. "Leo." She tried once more, noticing how the younger Spirit's head still drooped. "Harry." She tried again and shook her head when the other looked up, blinking sleepily.

"Hmm..?" The ex-wizard wondered what the Celestial Spirit wanted with him now.

It had been a year in the Celestial World since the arrival of the new Leo Spirit, and Leo himself had yet to get used to his new name, though, his powers he had gotten a quick control over.

Leo had been surprised when the purple-haired woman had told him about the Mages of Earthland getting along with the Non-Mages, how they had different kinds and branches of magic, how there were Guilds that had mages working in them and how they took jobs.

She had explained the different currency to him too, which still confused him a bit, but he supposed he'd get used to it soon enough.

One thing, Virgo had noticed, was the fact that Leo hardly socialized with the other Celestial Spirits. How it seemed that she was the only one he talked too. At first she had thought it was just because he was the youngest Spirit at the time, but after Aries had been replaced forty human years ago - just fifty human years after Leo himself - and how he still didn't talk to anyone else – he didn't even bother glancing twice at the young Ram - it began to worry her.

"You need to get used to being called Leo, Leo." Virgo scolded, a frown playing on the corners of her lips as she looked down at the young, sheepish Spirit.

"Sorry Virgo, I'll try harder…" Leo murmured, ducking his head and he peeked up at her through long, orange bangs, hazel eyes looking at her with an apology in them.

Virgo sighed quietly, placing a hand on top of the Lion's fluffy hair. "See that you do, young one… I won't be around forever to correct you."

Leo wasn't pouting, or sulking, he certainly wasn't… But he was, and he knew he was. He had a good reason, honestly! But, he also knew that pouting and sulking wouldn't get the old Virgo back.

His Virgo, the only Spirit he had willingly interacted with – unless it was fighting another one whenever his human owners called him to fight – had finally retired, or rather, passed on.

He knew that she had been getting on in age, and even though she didn't age anymore – Most Celestial Spirits stopped aging around the age of twenty-five or so – she had been around the longest.

Leo's gaze moved from around the park he was currently in, to where the newest Virgo sat. She looked a bit like the old one he had known, though her hair was short instead of the long hair his Virgo had, and her hair was pink instead of purple.

The Lion Spirit could tell that the other Spirits were watching him, and that they were nervous of going near him while he was in a bad, or an upset mood. One of them – Cancer – had made that mistake a few human years ago when Leo had been having an extremely bad day… Even Aquarius – who was arguably the strongest out of the Zodiac Spirits, and the scariest when mad – stayed away from him when he was in a sour mood.

He sat there in silence for a while, his sharp gaze never leaving the sight of the quiet Celestial Spirit, and - after a few minutes of inwardly fighting with himself - Leo stood up and made his way over to the young girl.

Leo knew how it felt, being the outsider at first, not knowing what the new world he was in was like. He knew it better than the others could imagine. And, he also knew how ashamed Virgo would be of him if she could see him.

The new Virgo looked up at him in surprise when he knelt in front of her - and he could practically hear the muffled gasps and sharp intakes of breaths from the other Celestial Spirits – he smiled at her, the probably first real smile he had smiled at to another person since becoming a Celestial Spirit over two hundred, fifty human years ago.

"Nice to meet you, Virgo. My name is Leo, let me tell you about Earthland and Celestial Spirits." He nearly laughed at seeing the surprised look on her face, and somehow, he knew things were going to be alright.

Leo the Lion, the fallen star from the heavens, looked on at the fight that Natsu had started, commenting aloud on how noisy the pink-haired Dragon Slayer was being.

It had been nearly three years since Leo, now known as Loke, had fallen from the stars. He blamed himself - of course - of the death of Karen Lilica, his last and what he assumed would be his final, owner.

He had blocked her from using her magic by keeping himself in the Human World, demanding that she release himself and Aeries from their contracts with her. As a result of staying, she couldn't summon another Celestial Spirit, and ended up dying on a mission.

It had been nearly three years since that incident, and he didn't let anyone near his heart as he had before. It had been years since he had been abused at someone else's hands… almost seven hundred and twenty, to be exact. The last person who had abused him, had been his Uncle when he had been living on Earth.

Loke's eyes moved from Natsu and onto his 'girlfriends'. He hated the fact that he was using the women that hung onto him as distractions, but… Loke had to distract himself somehow, and nothing else seemed to work, though, his 'girlfriends' did the job, even if he hated the fact he was using them for his own selfish reasons.

He announced aloud that he'd join the fight and he heard with his sharp hearing, the blonde young woman – the one that Natsu had brought back with him – mutter something about him corrupting her image of him.

Leo fought to keep a smile off his face as he posed for his 'girlfriends' and quickly moved the new blonde woman after a - rather naked - Gray asked to borrow Lucy's underwear after somehow losing his own during his fight with the Fire Dragon Slayer.

He commented that they had no grace, and right before he could use his magic to end the fight with everyone else, Fairy Tail's Master – Makarov - stopped him. Loke tuned the 'older' man out as the Master started to read off charges against him. He assumed it was for flirting with one of the Councilmen's granddaughters just a few weeks ago.

Loke noticed the blonde move towards the bar where the white-haired bartender was, the young woman sweatdropping while Mirajane chuckled.

Loke slowed down after running a few miles away from Fairy Tail's Guild House. His heart was hammering fast and sweat was sliding down his neck as panic raced through his veins.

A Celestial Spirit Mage was now at Fairy Tail. That wasn't good; he knew that sooner or later Lucy – the rather lovely new blonde – would figure out who he was. Loke knew that Mirajane thought that he had a bad experience with Celestial Spirit Mages; she just didn't know the extent…

The color red caught his sight and hazel eyes widened in surprise as he saw Erza - Fairy Tail's Titiana - and before he knew what he was doing, he turned around and started to run back to the Guild as fast as his legs could carry him.

Throwing open the door he yelled to the surprised Guild Hall that Erza had returned.

Loke's hazel eyes looked over at Lucy, a worried expression on his face as he noticed that she was crying.

Lucy… Wasn't anything that Loke had expected at first for her to be. She was strong, kind, caring, smart… Someone he'd willingly date, someone he would breakup with his other girlfriends for… If only she wasn't a Celestial Spirit Mage.

If only he wasn't dying.

Loke noticed a glint of gold on the ground not far from where he had been searching for Lucy's Celestial Spirit Keys and reached out, picking up what he recognized instantly as Lucy's keys.

A sigh of relief left his lips as he looked at them before setting out to find Gray. It didn't take long to find the Ice Mage and Loke handed the keys to him, starting to get nervous when Gray asked if he wanted to go to Lucy's house too, and he instantly refused the invitation, stating that he had bad experiences with Celestial Mages.

As he hurried away, it was almost as if a hand gripped his heart and squeezed tightly. Loke closed his eyes. He couldn't, he just couldn't admit it to himself yet… He wanted to put his key on Lucy's key ring, put it with the other Gold and Silver keys there, the ones that were treated, not like objects to be used by their owners – like Karen had used him and Aeries - but to be treated like friends.

He shook his head, knowing that he couldn't, that he didn't have much longer…

Loke happily greeted Team Natsu, his hazel eyes shinning brightly, until he noticed Lucy. A few quickly mumbled half-assed excuses and he fled.

He didn't have much time left, and he knew it. Loke knew he couldn't get close to anyone now… His time was almost up… Within the next week, he'd be dead, and his guilt would finally be gone, he would finally pay the price for killing Karen.

The Lion's mind wandered as he walked around Balsam Town, and before he knew it, it was dark. Making his way back to his room, he noticed Lucy trying to get away from what looked to be two Rouge Mages.

His blood boiled and he ran at them, punching the first Mage and easily knocking him out, his dark gaze meeting the one of the second Mage's and the conscious one fled.

He lied to Lucy, saying that they were known for preying on young women and that he was on a job to stop them. Loke silently yelled at himself for accepting Lucy's offer to treat him to a drink at a local bar.

Loke stayed silent at Lucy's questions, and when he noticed her getting up to leave he stood too, and without realizing why, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a tight hug, surprising the blonde mage.

"I don't have much time left…" He said quietly without thinking, and nearly smacked himself a second later for admitting that aloud. Loke didn't want to trouble Lucy with his problems and instantly he let go of her, grinning and he said, ignoring her questioning look. "Just a joke!"

Hazel eyes widened in surprise when Lucy slapped him, leaving an imprint of her hand on his face as his fake grin turned into a sad, real one as Lucy stormed away.

"I'm quitting the Guild…" Loke told Master Makarov the next day, after breaking up with his 'girlfriends'.

The Master looked at him questioningly, but didn't press and just nodded. "Stay safe." Makarov said softly and Loke smiled grimly - nodding to let the old man know he had heard him - before turning around and leaving.

He could hear her footsteps as Loke looked down at Karen's grave, hazel eyes filled with sadness. He listened as Lucy told him that she knew now that he was Leo the Lion and he heard her ask why he stayed in the Human World.

"I can't go back to the Celestial Spirit World, I'm stuck here, on Earthland, I have been for the past three years." He admitted, turning to face her.

Without knowing truly why, he started to tell her everything. Why he was banished, what he had done, that it was his fault for Karen's death.

When he started to fade – after collapsing to the ground, and in which Lucy had ran over to him, falling to her knees as she held him - he told Lucy goodbye and asked her to tell Fairy Tail he was sorry, which Loke truly was. He had ran from his courage and didn't tell anyone - anyone but Lucy that was - of his impending death.

Shock flowed through his body at Lucy's attempts to open his gate and his guilt increased and he yelled at her to just let him die, that he didn't want to kill her too – as she had started to disappear with him – and to let him be free of his guilt.

He knew she was going to kill herself - just the amount of Magic she was releasing was enough to do so if she kept it up for such a long time – and his heart nearly stopped in surprise when Lucy yelled at him that she wasn't going to just sit there and let someone she cared about die right in front of her.

Loke, of course, yelled back at her that he wasn't worth it and that he deserved to be punished and another jolt of shock ran through him when she yelled back that the rules should be changed.

And that's when everything seemed to stop and Lucy fell away from him for a moment before he reached out and clutched her close to him, the girl holding him close back as the water that fell from the waterfalls - in the area where Karen had been buried – disappeared and the Celestial Spirit King himself showed up.

He listened as the Spirit King explained that, while Loke had not directly killed Karen, that his actions had indirectly caused her death.

For the umpteenth time that night, Loke was shocked as Lucy used her Magic to summon all of her Gold and Silver keys – something Karen couldn't possibly have ever done - the other Zodiac Spirits were almost glaring at the Spirit King as Lucy declared that Loke didn't deserve to die because of an accident, that he had been protecting Aeries, and hadn't that mattered more?

He called Lucy's name in horror when the blonde collapsed, but because of his own weakened state, he couldn't move from his spot. Loke watched as Lucy pushed herself up to look at the Spirit King with defiant eyes, saying that all her friends that had shown up had felt the same way as she did.

Loke had to admit, that when the Celestial Spirit King told him that he could return to the Celestial Spirit World, he felt like he was dreaming. He would wake up tomorrow in his little apartment, this whole thing just a dream.

But when the Celestial Spirit King told him - when Loke said that he still had to pay for his sins – that he had to spend his life protecting and serving Lucy, he knew he wasn't completely off the hook. That after Lucy died; he'd follow almost three years afterwards, when the Heavens would deny him his right there once again.

He knew he was crying when he thanked Lucy for saving him, for letting him return home. He bid her farewell for the time being, handing her his key before he faded back to the Celestial World to rest.

It wasn't long afterwards when Loke decided to drop in on the Guild's temporary makeshift Guild Hall – they were still working on rebuilding after the Dark Guild, Phantom Lord, had destroyed their Guild Hall – and nearly laughed aloud when he surprised Natsu and Gray after telling them that he was actually a Celestial Spirit, allowing Happy – the little blue, winged cat that Natsu 'owned' – to drool on his shoulder after telling the small cat that he was a 'grown up cat', Leo the Lion.

He happily flirted with Lucy, glad that he finally had the chance to do so - he really did like his new owner after all – and stopped when he knew that he was pushing it. After saying that he had something to give them, he eagerly handed over the tickets he had purchased for them – tickets to a hotel and resort – saying it was a gift to express his gratitude.

Loke left shortly after that, still needing to catch up on a lot of rest.

The next time he saw Lucy, he went in his Spirit form, just barely saving her from an attack by a fellow Guildmate, Bickslow.

Loke had honestly been surprised when, just moments before, he could sense Lucy's distress and he leapt between worlds – opening his gate without thinking – and saved Lucy, stating that he was there to fulfill his promise, after happily stating that he felt that there was no longer a wall between the Spirit World and Earthland, thanks to his and Lucy's 'love'. He chuckled silently at seeing the blush on Lucy's face as he set her down.

He listened as Bickslow mentioned that he had always felt that Loke was actually a Celestial Spirit, in which Loke responded that hurting Lucy, his Lucy – though he didn't mention that part aloud – was something that he could never forgive. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes when Bickslow mentioned that Loke had never beaten him in a fight, and Loke stayed silent, not wanting to waste a useful advantage by pointing out that Bickslow had only fought Loke when Loke had been 'human' and weaker.

Looking back at Lucy, Loke held out his arm and told her to stay back. Only to smile when Lucy pulled out her whip, saying that Celestial Spirits weren't shields, and that any decsent Celestial Spirit Mage would fight alongside their Spirits.

He chuckled silently again when he heard Happy say, "She likes him." And saw Lucy's rather adorable blush once more, though he did feel a bit sad at hearing Lucy yell that she didn't like him at the blue cat.

After a while of fighting, in which Loke had the upper hand on Bickslow, until the bastard had resorted to using his 'Figure Eyes' which made Lucy and Loke close their eyes. He knew that they were overpowered like this, and his brain racked itself for an idea before one hit him.

Telling Lucy to trust him, Loke quickly employed his 'Lion Brilliance' – and attack that caused a large amount of light to be let out of his body that covered a wide radius, and forced an opponent to temporarily be blinded, which caused their guard to be forced to be lowered – and thanks to the 'attack', Lucy was able to entangle Bickslow with her whip, and Loke effectively hit the man with 'Regulus Impact' and knocked him out in one hit.

He smiled brightly as he pushed up his glasses, causing his hand to cover his face when he made a light that read 'I love Lucy'. In which caused Happy to whisper "He likes her." Rather happily, something which Loke didn't deny.

Loke looked at his owner with worry when she collapsed, but he knew it was due to the fact that she had summoned two Zodiac Spirits, one after the other, and he gave Lucy back her keys – The ones that Bickslow had stolen during their fight earlier – and told her that he'd always be there when she needed him before he disappeared back in the Spirit World.

Loke had shown up during Fairy Tail's celebration after the fights against Lauxus and his group. He was currently glaring darkly at anyone who dared to eye his Lucy, and ignored Bickslow and Happy's teasing when he stuck close to Lucy.

He had been worried when Lucy had summoned him; it was obvious she was desperate. Loke silently glared at the woman - Angel was it? – as the woman pulled out a Golden Key of her own and his eyes widened as he recognized it and his hands curled into fists as Aries appeared.

Loke's glare moved from Angel to Lucy, though it softened. She had tried to close his gate because she didn't want him to have to fight his friend. He had to be honest; it was a sweet thought of her. But he talked her out of it quickly, staying that it was his duty to serve his owner, saying that he had to fight his owner's enemies.

He smiled - just slightly – when Aries agreed with him, and they started to fight. Loke heard Angel say that she was surprised when she saw them fighting, and the rest of what she said wasn't heard by him as he dodged an attack from Aeries, taking all his attention from Angel.

The next thing he knew, something shot through his stomach and hazel eyes widened as his glasses clattered to the ground. Loke took a moment to look over at Lucy and smiled weakly, apologizing to her before he disappeared to the Spirit World to heal.

"Tell her I'm out on a date, please Virgo." Leo the Lion begged his 'little sister', his hands clasped together as he looked at her with what Sirius had dubbed his 'puppy eyes' in his last life.

Virgo looked at her older brother in confusion for a few moments before she nodded and disappeared from the Celestial Spirit World and Loke sighed in relief, though his heart twitched in guilt as he sat down on one of his favorite cliffs, tucking a leg up to his chest he wrapped his arms around it and rested his chin on his knee.

He had to avoid Lucy for a little while; he was getting too attached to her. The flirting he did, that had started out a bit teasingly, just to see her blush and stammer and get mad because it was cute… It had been teasing, but now… Now it was real.

Loke wanted to flirt with her to make her happy, to see her smile and blush and though she still did get angry at times – mostly depending on how 'innocent' his flirting was – he wanted to protect her and serve her for the rest of his days, to be the only man by her side.

But it was impossible, he was a Celestial Spirit, human in his last life or not it didn't change that fact. He just couldn't like Lucy, couldn't be with her, she would age while he wouldn't. She'd die within a single Celestial year… He couldn't handle that, the simple thought of his Lucy being gone, and him living on for years and years longer.

"Leo?" Loke was pulled out of his thoughts by Aries, who was standing next to him and he looked up at her, hazel eyes blinking in surprise as she smiled down at him.


"You like her, don't you." It wasn't a question, but a statement and Loke hesitated for a brief second before shaking his head and Aries frowned. "Don't you lie to me, Leo." She scolded him in her quiet tone, though it was full of an authority that hardly any of them heard from the gentle Ram.

"I can't…" Loke murmured, looking away from the other Celestial Spirit, tucking his other knee up to his chest, his gaze firmly on his knees. "I can't like her…"

"And why not?" Aries demanded, placing her hands on her waist as she looked down at the depressed Lion. "There isn't rules about it."

"It wouldn't work out… She'll age and I'll stay the same… It's better that she dates and marries someone her own age, one that'll age the same as her…"

The Ram pursed her lips for a moment before saying, "You could always retire."

Hazel eyes blinked in surprise and Loke's gaze turned upwards as he looked at the smiling Ram. "What..?"

"Retire. You've been here for eight years now, you're shy three hundred years for being a thousand years old in the Human Realm." Aries pushed, "The youngest who retired was only here for three months, Aquarius told me. And then you get out of your 'dying three years after Lucy', since you'll probably grow old together, and seeing how much you love her... Well, they say it is possible to die of heartbreak."

Loke was practically gaping at the Ram, his thoughts whirling before he shook his head. "She doesn't take my flirting serious, and if I asked her out on a date… She'd laugh at me, or worse, turn me down." He moaned.

"Try, better to try than not to, right?" Aries smiled, placing a hand on Loke's orange hair. "At least try, Leo." She gave him her own pair of 'puppy eyes' and he caved.

"Alright, alright…" He murmured, flushing slightly he glared grumpily at her when Aeries ruffled his hair.

"Then go, she's calling you again." Aries pulled Loke up by the arm, smiling sweetly.

"Yeah, yeah." He gently nudged her with his elbow, smiling he raised an eyebrow when he saw someone spying on them from behind a tree and he snorted silently, pushing Aeries towards the person. "Go have fun with Horsie." He laughed at seeing her blush and hearing the other Spirit's stuttering at the nickname before he left to help Lucy.

Loke would later admit – to his great shame – at seeing two Lucy's he nearly squealed in delight. He had shown up and apologized to his Lucy for being late.

It was a tough battle, and certainly not an easy one as he and the rest of the Fairy Tails that were in the parallel world were nearly defeated. Then the Edolas Fairy Tails showed up and Loke's eyes turned into hearts at seeing two Lucy's.

It was later, after the battle, that Edolas' Lucy mentioned that Loke and his Lucy looked like a couple out on the battlefield. He fought down a blush when she mentioned this, he couldn't let Lucy know how he felt, not yet… So, in an attempt to throw both Lucy's off, he started flirting with Edolas Lucy, who shot him down immediately with a, "I hate playboys." But, something in her eyes told him that she knew that he liked his Lucy, and it made him uncomfortable enough to disappear back to the Celestial Realm.

The next time he saw Lucy, was when the S-Class trials were announce. He told Lucy that he'd have to suspend their contract until after the trial since he was Gray's partner, a promise he made years ago with the dark-haired Mage.

When Elfman asked him how he was still considered a Fairy Tail member, Loke slipped off his coat and shirt, showing the green Fairy Tail Guild Mark on his back, saying that he was still a Fairy Tail Mage, and would fight to make his 'best' friend an S-Class Mage.

Loke shifted a bit uncomfortably as he waited for Freed's runes to fade, his hands running unconsciously through his 'human' hair style. Wearing only a green t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He was nervous, and it was obvious Gray was a bit too – as the man hadn't stripped, yet – and he watched as the runes faded five minutes after they showed up and his resolve steeled. He'd help Gray, then tell Lucy how he felt.

The orange haired Celestial Spirit winced as he shifted on his spot on the cliff, his head hanging slightly. Lucy was gone and as were most of his friends, human friends, anyways.

It would be seven years until the members of Fairy Tail would return. Twenty-eight days to the Celestial Spirits.

Loke glanced over at Caprico, who wasn't looking as well as Loke was. They had returned after their fight with Zoldeo, and both were seriously hurt.

Closing his eyes, Loke silently cursed the Mage who had made Tenrou Island disappear. Opening them, and blinking wearily, Loke sat in silence, waiting for himself to heal enough for him to return to the Human World – he had a few things to take care of and watch over for Lucy until his owner returned.

Shifting again Loke hissed in hurt before finally finding a comfortable position. Nothing left to do until the other returned, so he better make himself comfortable until then.

Until his Lucy returned and he could talk to her properly, and finally - hopefully – tell her how he felt.

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