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Sirius blinked, once… Twice…

"Harry?" The man rasped out, hope filling his tone for the first time in months, while Remus frowned.

This man smelled different from Harry, yet… There was an underlining likeness, though while it was odd and put him off, Moony seemed to recognize this man as his cub though, a cat-like cub… Wait, cat-like?

"It's me, Sirius." The man, Leo – or was it Loke? – promised, a smile on his face.

Sirius' eyes lit up happily before the man scowled suddenly. "Prove it."

"Prove..?" Loke raised an eyebrow slightly before furrowing his eyebrows as he thought. "Er… Your nickname is Padfoot, you're one of the Marauders, the creators of the Marauder's Map… You're an animarous that transforms into a large black dog called a Grimm… You went to one of my Quidditch games and you told me the day we met that I fly as well as my Dad used to… Who was also a Marauder and was called Prongs because he could change into a large Stag, and Remus is a werewolf called Moony." Loke said, hoping that it would be enough, but Sirius just eyed him skeptically and Loke dug back into his older memories.

"Uh… Let's see… Ah! You gave me a two-way mirror that you and my Dad used for when you were in detentions." Loke hoped that was enough, and it was – he hoped anyways, seeing the look of delight on Sirius' face.

"Harry!" The man launched himself and hugged the younger man tightly, and Loke stumbled backwards a bit but hesitantly hugged Sirius back, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"It's really you?" A bushy-haired teenaged witch asked; hope barely lacing her tone as Hermione looked at the orange-haired Spirit.

"Yes, 'Mione. It is… Though, I have one question… Have I been expelled from Hogwarts? I was told in my first year that dying was less of a priority than getting expelled." Loke's tone was teasing and Hermione's cheeks flushed at the memory.

"What's happened to you mate?" Ron asked in awe, looking over his friend. "Why are you older? And what happened to your hair?"

Carefully prying Sirius off of him – the man didn't put up much of a fight as he too, wanted to look Loke over – the Lion Spirit answered. "When I fell through Magic's Veil – not the Veil of Death, Magic's – Lady Magic chose me as one of her very few special cases… She changed me into a Celestial Spirit, as well as my looks." He ignored the surprised gasps from through the room, and the looks he was getting from everyone in there – Mad Eye-Moody, Tonks, Remus, Sirius, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, The Twins, Bill, Fleur(?), Ginny, Hermione and Ron – "And well… Eight years have passed for me, in the Celestial Spirit Realm. I'm actually more towards being Seven Hundred and Fifty years old."

"Seven Hundred…" Sirius choked; his grey eyes wide as he looked at his Godson, who just shrugged.

"What Celestial Spirit are you and how did you become a Celestial Spirit and what's it like and why didn't you come back sooner and-" Hermione started firing off questions, making Loke sweatdrop as he held up his hands.

"One at a time Hermione, and it's probably best if dinner gets started… It's going to be a long story." Loke smiled a bit grimly as he pulled out a chair and sat down in it before shooting Dumbledore a glare. "I thought you were leaving." His tone turned cold and Dumbledore suppressed a shudder.

"Just wanted to make sure you were going to be fine here, my bo-"

"Call me your boy again and you'll want to change your mind very quickly, old man." Loke's tone was deadly calm and his gaze unnerving as he stared coldly at Dumbledore – who nodded slightly in understanding – and the old man bowed his head slightly at the others before disapperating and leaving them alone in the kitchen.

"Now, first question?" Loke turned his attention back to the group – everyone had sat down, Sirius to his left at the head of the table and Remus was on Sirius' other side while everyone else was seated in what seemed to be random seats (Minus Molly, who was bustling around working on dinner), Ron was on Loke's other side while Hermione sat next to him, and Ginny sat across from Loke, looking disappointed that she couldn't sit next to the Lion Spirit – and leaned back in his chair slightly.

Of course, it was Hermione to first open her mouth. "What Celestial Spirit are you?" She asked curiously, brown eyes wide as she looked over her older friend.

"I thought that would be obvious." Loke smiled at her, his tone teasing. "And it's Leo, as in Leo the Lion, King of the Celestial Zodiac." He let his amusement show on his face for a moment at seeing the shocked looks from everyone at the table.

"Then why did you ask Professor Dumbledore to call you Loke?" Fred butted in, the red-haired twin exchanging curious glances with his twin.

"I had to spend three years as a Human on Earthland… I went by Loke when I was stuck, and the name just grew on me, it's what my Human friends call me, and my Princess." Loke sighed softly, his eyes softening at the thought of the blonde-haired Celestial Mage.

"Princess?" George piped up, an almost knowing smirk forming on his and Fred's faces.

"My current owner, Lucy." Loke clarified, his cheeks turning a very faint pink.

Before Fred and George could start questioning Loke on his love-life, Mad-Eye asked the next question.

"How did you become a Celestial Spirit?" Moody asked, his own curiosity getting the better of him and Loke looked at him in slight surprise before answering.

"It depends on the person or Spirit… The only ones who change are the Golden Key Celestial Spirits, or the Zodiac Celestial Spirits. We were all once Human or some sort of Humanoid Creature… Like Aquarius, she used to be a Mermaid, not like the ones on Earth though, much more beautiful, like the ones that Muggles depict in their movies and books…" Loke started to explain, "We all come from different worlds too. Aquarius and Scorpio – another Celestial Spirit and her boyfriend – are from the same world. Aquarius used to be a Human Princess named Vivi, while Scorpio was a Human Pirate named Shanks. Aries used to be a Human Ninja named Hinata… Those are the only ones I really know of…" Loke trailed off thoughtfully. "My little sister, Virgo… She doesn't like talking about her past, so we usually avoid bringing that up… But like I said, it's different for every Spirit. Me personally… She chose me because of all the wrongs and faults done to me, because of how messed up Fate's original plan for me was… Lady Magic chose me, for reasons I can't explain sometimes, but… I know what she chose me, and for whatever reason it is… I really don't care, I'm just glad she did choose me, because if she hadn't… I would never have met Lucy." Loke's expression softened once more to a look that both Remus and Sirius knew well, it was the same look that James had often had on his face while talking about Lily.

Ginny though, inwardly scowled at the thought of her Harry being in love with someone else.

"Why didn't you come back and visit after you became a Celestial Spirit?" Remus asked quietly after a few moments and everyone's attention snapped back to the Lion spirit, who shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"I couldn't open my Gate by myself until after Lucy became my owner…" Loke started to explain, keeping his gaze firmly on anywhere else but the others. "Even now it can be difficult to open, but I can… I… I spent the last seven years in the Human World waiting for Lucy to return, even though I could've been spending that time trying to get here…" Loke winced at seeing the shocked and slightly angered looks on the other's faces.

"Then why didn't you?" Sirius demanded, torn between wanting to hug his Godson again, and wanting to slap him. Harry hadn't even tried to get back to them.

"I was afraid… I didn't know what I would find." Loke admitted quietly, clasping his hands together on his lap and keeping his eyes focused on his hands. "I was afraid I'd find that all of you were dead… That the time on this world would've passed just as fast as the time on Earthland did. The guilt of never evening looking, or trying to get back… It haunts me worse than Karen's death ever did."

"Karen..?" Remus asked, changing the subject and Loke's guilt-filled smile turned to one of bitterness and yet the guilt was still there, and pain...

"My owner before Lucy. Karen… Was a talented Celestial Mage, but she couldn't hold a candle to Lucy… Karen wasn't a nice person. She often used and abused her Celestial Spirits… She used Aries as a distraction so men wouldn't assault her, she used Aries as a shield so she wouldn't be hurt during a mission and the attack would hurt Aries instead…" Loke was almost grinding his teeth as he continued to speak. "Once, Aries did something that irritated Karen, and she was going to chain Aries to the Human World for seven days… It would've killed Aries, so I stepped in and closed Aries' Gate and told Karen that she wasn't going to abuse us anymore, and that I wouldn't close my Gate until she broke her contracts with Aries and I… I was stronger than Karen, but I'm weaker than Lucy…" Loke smiled weakly before continuing on, his gaze still focused on the floor.

"I kept to my promise and stayed there on Earthland, I stayed in an abandoned Church while waiting for Karen to come… I waited, and waited… But Karen was stubborn as I was, and three months afterwards, the Master of Blue Pegasus – the Guild that Karen worked for – came to me and told me that Karen died in an accident while on a mission… It was my fault, I stayed and the fact that I stayed caused Karen unable to summon anymore Celestial Spirits, ending in her death when she went on that mission… The price for killing an owner, accidental or not, is to be unable to return to the Heavens, and since we're unable to return to our power and life source, we die..."

Exclamations were heard around the table and Loke didn't dare to glance up until Ron spoke up.

"But you said you're still a Celestial Spirit, how does that work?" The red-head asked curiously and once again everyone's attention turned to Loke.

"Lucy saved me." The Lion Spirit smiled, "I somehow made it three years without dying… Thanks to my Gate having a crack in it from the time that I forced it open to save Aries, and thanks to how much Magic was in the air, supporting me… But the Magic there, it wasn't enough, not like the Celestial Spirit Realm… I was getting weaker and weaker every day when Lucy joined Fairy Tail – the Guild I worked for after leaving Blue Pegasus – and somehow she found out who I was… The day I was dying I went to Karen's grave and Lucy found me there and confronted me. I told her everything, every word, every movement, everything of the day that Karen and I 'faced off'. It wasn't moments after I had finished that I started to fade out, and Lucy…" Loke chuckled softly as tears stung the corners of his eyes. "She… She tried to force my Gate open, she kept trying and trying… Even when she had started to fade with me, and when I told her to stop, that she was going to die too, she told me that she couldn't just sit there and do nothing when one of her friends was dying, and when I told her I wasn't worth it and that I needed to be punished, she told me that the rules were stupid and needed to be changed."

Loke laughed as a tear slid down his cheek. "The Celestial Spirit King himself showed up when that happened, and she stood up to him! To the Celestial Spirit King! She Summoned all of her keys… She didn't have as many as she does now, but then she still had quite a few… But she Summoned all of her keys and told him that her friends felt the same as her, that Karen's death was an accident and that protecting Aries had been more important than a mistake… The Celestial Spirit King seemed to agree with her, and he let me return to the Heavens, that I have to serve Lucy until she dies, or until the end of my days… But, there's a catch. After Lucy dies, my punishment returns and I'll die three years after she does, or less. It really depends on if my Gate gets another crack between then and now, but there currently isn't any crack. It was healed when I returned to my place in the Heavens. I wish there was a crack though…" He trailed off, sighing heavily.

"Why do you wish there was a crack?" Mrs. Weasley frowned and Loke looked at them all, a grim smile on his lips.

It was only then, that they noticed how tired and old he seemed to be. It almost seemed as if his age showed more clearly then that it had before, even if it wasn't physical, but the air around him.

"The Ritual that Dumbledore used to Summon me… It closed my Gate and until I defeat Voldemort-" Loke ignored the flinches and hisses of "Don't say the name!" from most of the Wizards and Witches in the room as he continued. "-It won't open. Which for me, means that I can't go back to the Celestial Spirit Realm and recharge my Magic or heal if I'm badly injured. And if I can't heal properly or recharge my Magic. I die. Simple as that." He shrugged as if he didn't care, though he really did.

Ignoring the other's shocked looks and splutters of shock Loke sighed deeply. "And I was thinking of retiring soon too, damn it."

"How long..?" Sirius whispered, his gray eyes clouded as he stared at Loke in horror and noticing the other's confused expression. "How long until you die..?"

"At this rate?" Loke ran a hand through his hair, a silent sigh leaving his lips. "One year, if I'm lucky…"

This was too much for Sirius, and the dark-haried man stood up abruptly and left the room, Remus looked torn for a moment before he too, silently stood and left the room.

Loke watched them with tired eyes, his breath leaving his lungs as he watched his 'last life's' Godfather leave the room, and his Honorary Uncle as well.

Hazel eyes looked away from the doorway as Loke tried to catch his breath, a weight on his chest that he hadn't felt in over seven human years… Those hazel eyes widened slightly as a pale, shaky hand clutched his shirt as he panted heavily, trying to catch his breath as the weight pressed harder on his chest.

The last thing that Loke heard before the darkness took him; were his friends calling out for him as he collapsed and a name left his lips as he slipped into blissful unconsciousness.


Lucy Heartfilia bit her bottom lip slightly as her elbows rested against the counter of the Fairy Tail bar, her legs tucked under her bar stool as she waited for Mirajane to serve her the strawberry milkshake she had ordered.

The object of her attention though, was the key that rested on the counter in front of her. Aries had given her the key right before she had gone back to the Celestial Spirit Realm with the others, telling her that unlike her Celestial Keys, this key was different. Whereas her normal keys held a hint of what they did and who they summoned, this one had a set of doors on it. The words 'Inter Mundi' were etched onto the doors and barely visible. This key, was the gate, the pathway in between Earth and Earthland for Mages.

"Here you go Lucy." The white-haired bartender, Mirajane, smiled down at her Guild Mate while setting a strawberry milkshake down on the counter, and noticing Lucy's troubled look, asked. "Is something bothering you?"

The blonde-haired teenager looked up at the Take-Over Mage and smiled weakly. "Yeah. Kind of." Lucy sighed as she pulled her strawberry milkshake closer and hesitated before starting to stir the milkshake with her straw. "It's Loke."

Mirajane frowned, her eyebrows furrowing slightly and she leaned against the counter slightly. "What about Loke? Did he do something horrible on your date?"

"Lucy went on a date with LOKE?!" A pink-haired teenager yelped from nearby and Lucy's cheeks flushed as the blue cat next to him 'whispered' with a grin on his face.

"She liiikeeess him~" Happy giggled while Natsu stared at Lucy in shock.

"SHUT UP CAT!" Lucy screeched, ignoring the shocked and mostly surprised stares of the other Guild Members. Turning back to Mirajane she shook her head, hiding her eyes with her bangs as she stared pointedly at the milkshake in her hands. "It's not that… The date was great, wonderful actually…" Her cheeks burned brighter as she took a sip of her milkshake before continuing.

"It's just… What happened after the date." Lucy continued hesitantly, wondering how to word it without giving away the Golden Keys' secret. "He disappeared right afterwards, someone else summoned him."

Mirajane's eyes widened in shock. "Howe is that possible? You're the only one who has his key."

"It's an old and rather dark ritual, from what Aries and the others told me… The showed up right after Loke was summoned and started to explain what happened. Apparently Loke was summoned by someone who he knew a long time ago… They want to use him to kill someone, a very bad Mage…"

"Aren't Celestial Spirits not allowed to kill people?" Mirajane asked, picking up a dirty glass from behind the bar and a cloth she started to clean it.

"Well… They're not allowed to kill their owners, but others… There are expectations." Lucy sighed. "Loke was supposedly prophesized to kill the man, but something happened seven years before Loke became my Celestial Spirit, it somehow changed him and voided the prophecy, but the man who summoned Loke, the man thinks it's still in tact." She scowled, taking another sip of her melting milkshake. "The place where Loke was summoned to… It's a continent that's shut off from the rest of the world, it has barely any Magic in the air and most of the people there are inbred and have barely any Magic themselves."

"That's horrible." Mirajane's eyes were wide once more and she was staring at Lucy in shock and horror.

"It is. According to Aries, Lady Magic hates having to go there if she can avoid it. It makes her cry, seeing her own 'children' the way that they are…"

"Can't you summon Loke back from that place?" Mirajane asked, looking slightly sick as she finished cleaning the glass and picked up another one.

Lucy shook her head. "No. The Ritual the old man used, it closed Loke's Gate." Lucy's hands tightened around the glass and Mirajane had to catch hers as it fell from her grasp. Lucy's body was trembling and anger laced her tone as she continued to talk. "It closed Loke's Gate, so he cannot return to the Celestial Spirit Realm until the task he was given is completed, but because I'm not there, Loke's unable to agree to the terms… And because his Gate is closed and he cannot return, Loke's Magic is slowly depleting, like how it was after Karen died… But a bit faster, since Magic doesn't hang in the air there like it does here. His Magic is destabilizing much faster, plus according to Virgo, his Gate had a crack in it until I sent him back and it healed… Unless I get there and we beat that guy Loke's supposed to in less than a year… Loke will die." The blonde's voice cracked.

Tears were streaming down Lucy's cheeks and the glass in her hand was shaking horribly. Mirajane's own eyes had tears in the corners of them as she looked at Lucy in shock.

"If… If that continent is closed off… How will you get there?" Mirajane hardly dared to ask and Lucy's hands slowly steadied as she pulled them away from the empty milkshake glass to clasp the key in front of her.

"With this." Lucy spoke, clearing her throat a few times to hide the fact that she had been crying and she quickly rubbed her cheeks with the back of her hand. "It takes a while to charge and to find the Magical Signature it needs, but as soon as it does, I can go and find him." Lucy smiled brightly, standing up. "Thanks Mirajane, I really needed to talk to someone Human about it." She laughed a bit weakly. "Tell the Master I won't be around for a while, okay?"

And before Mirajane could get another word in, or even call out to Lucy, the blonde haired teenaged girl had hurried past everyone else and through the Guild Doors.

Almost instantly, Lucy's teammates – Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragonneel and Gray Fullbuster (And Happy) – had jumped up and hurried after the Celestial Mage.

"Lucy! Slow down!" The dark-haired Ice Mage panted, wondering how on Earthland the younger blonde could run that fast. Even flame-brain was having a hard time keeping up.

Brown eyes widned slightly in surprise as Lucy whirled around to see her teammates – minus Erza – struggling to keep up with her.

"What are you guys doing?" She asked, trying to keep her temper in check as her eyes twitched slightly at the fact that they had followed her.

"We were worried about you, Natsu overheard your conversation with Mirajane and we want to come along." Erza explained; the warrior was frowning slightly as she brushed her hair out of her face and looked worriedly at Lucy.

Lucy on the other hand, shook her head. "This is something I have to do alone." She insisted, "You… You don't know all the details and I can't tell you, Celestial Spirit Law." She added, seeing the disgruntled and unhappy looks the others were sending her.

"I…" Lucy continued, taking a deep breath as she clutched the key in her hand. "I have to find Loke, I need to save him… I want to be the one who protects him this time, instead of him protecting everyone else…" Her grip on the key tightened and it glowed slightly, though the glow when unnoticed by her or the others.

"What are you talking about?" Gray asked in confusion, his eyebrows furrowing as Lucy shook her head.

"I'm sorry…" She murmured, her words barely being caught by the pink-haired Dragon Slayer.

"Lucy?" Natsu called in worry and she smiled at them.

"I'll be back, I promise, we'll both come home." Lucy took a few steps backwards, holding the key out in front of her as her eyes hardened along with her resolve.

"Open! The Gate of Transitus!" She called out clearly, ignoring the yells of surprise from her teammates as colors – different shades of blue, purple, red, green, yellow, ect. – swirled around her, and she barely heard them yell her name over the rushing of the wind in her ears. Though she could see them rushing towards her, their hands outstrectched, reaching.

Reaching for her, and as they reached she closed her eyes, and a voice whispered softly, the voice sounding much like Loke's.


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