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I'm a big fan of Teen Titans, and I recently got back into watching it! It also reminded me how much I love certain pairings! Haha. The couples that will be pretty prominent in this fic are bbrae, robstar, and cybee. I'm bound to write a few others (cuz there are a lot that I like!), but we'll see how it goes! ;) If there's anything in particular that you'd like to see, please let me know! I'll gladly take your ideas into consideration! :)

Aaaany way, here's chapter one! Please enjoy! :)

Teen Titans Prom

Chapter 1 – Great Something

"Titans, GO!"

Having just finished a 'meal' at the downtown chemical plant, Plasmus let out a guttural shriek as he launched a car across the street at Jump City's local heroes—the Teen Titans. Four of the five Titans didn't hesitate to charge at the giant sludge monster, while the fifth member lingering behind called out her spell.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven called, and suddenly the airborne car was enveloped in her black magic and sent flying back towards Plasmus. It went straight through his face, leaving behind what looked like two heads.

"Dude, talk about being two-faced!" Beast Boy snickered as Raven caught up with the group. She gave the green changeling an unimpressed look which in turn caused him to let out a nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his head. "R-right, more action, less comedy."

Robin, the Titans' fearless leader, took the opportunity to strike while Plasmus was still trying to regenerate his head. With a battle cry, he leapt into the air and let an explosive disc fly towards the sloppy monster, effectively creating a gaping hole in his middle. Plasmus shrieked once again, and swung a sludgy arm at the Boy Wonder, aiming to send him flying. With his quick reflexes, Robin back-flipped over the incoming arm, and caught the wrists of Starfire as she swooped down to carry him to safety. Plasmus' arm, which was still in full swing, ended up plunging straight into Cyborg's astonished face. Cyborg let out a grunt as he flew a few feet, landing in the middle of the road covered in the nasty goo that made up Plasmus' body.

"Awww man!" Cyborg moaned. "Do you know how hard it is to clean this gunk out of my circuits!? I'm gonna smell like BB's two week old boxers for at least a month!"

"Duuude! Not cool! My boxers don't smell that bad!" Beast Boy called over his shoulder as he charged towards Plasmus' legs. He morphed into a rhino and broke through both legs, leaving Plasmus to fall over without them to hold him up.

Before the giant goo monster could stand, Starfire—no longer carrying Robin—entered the fray, sending her starbolts at Plasmus' arms and legs to keep him down. A low, frustrated growl sounded from Plasmus' throat. The Tameranean princess continued to shoot, but turned her eyes to watch Robin as he helped Cyborg to his feet. "Robin, Cyborg, are you both ready to deliver the Boom of Son—EEEP!" Starfire let out a squeak as she was hit by a giant loogie spat in her direction by the downed sludge monster. She ended up plastered to the building across the street. Robin and Cyborg looked up, both with determined looks on their faces.

"Looks like that's our cue." Robin said as he pulled out another explosive disc.

Cyborg smirked, his sonic cannon already raring to go. "You don't hafta tell me twice!"

The two ran side by side for Plasmus, who was struggling to get up. He shrieked angrily as the duo approached. Robin leapt in the air and threw his disc, Cyborg followed up by firing his sonic cannon. Their attacks combined into the well-known power-move, Sonic Boom, blowing Plasmus to smithereens and spreading sludge everywhere. A man was lying where Plasmus once stood, snoring away without a care in the world. The Titans—now all covered in goo because of the Sonic Boom—looked on as police sirens sounded in the distance.

"Sooo, who wants to get pizza? I'm starved!" Beast Boy chimed as slime dripped down his face.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Raven deadpanned.

Upon returning to the tower, the Titans took turns getting cleaned up after the fight with Plasmus. The guys were even nice enough to let the girls have first dibs on the shower. Raven showered first, followed by Starfire.

The guys decided their order with a very heated game of rock paper scissors. Cyborg won the first round, giving him the first spot. Then it came down to Robin and Beast Boy. They stared each other down before Robin started the game, smirking at the beads of sweat sliding down Beast Boy's forehead. Both paper. Both rock. Then both paper again. Beast Boy gulped, and even Robin appeared to be a bit tense.

This is it… Beast Boy thought as their hands came down one last time.


Running a hand through his now damp, yet squeaky clean hair, Beast Boy grumbled quietly to himself as the doors to the main room slid open. All the other Titans were present and dressed in pjs, all having showered before the slightly irritated changeling. His irritation quickly evaporated as the smell of fresh pizza filled his nostrils.

"Yo! You're just in time, B! Pizza just got here!" Cyborg called energetically from the kitchen table where he was in the act of slicing said pizza.

Beast Boy's eyes lit up as he eagerly took a seat on the other side of Robin at the table. "Sweet! Cut me a slice of the veggies only, will ya?"

Cyborg smirked a bit. "You might as well just take the whole thing, grass stain. Ain't nobody else wants a piece of your veggie lover's special."

"Your guys' loss." Beast Boy sighed dramatically with a shrug, taking the whole box of the veggie pizza.

It was then that Raven drifted over to the table from where she had been enjoying her latest read on the couch. She took the nearest seat, which happened to be beside the changeling. Beast Boy gave her a lopsided grin.

"I know Rae-Rae wants to give my veggie pizza a try!" He said as his eyebrows wiggled.

If looks could kill, Beast Boy would be buried under the ground a long time ago. "Call me 'Rae-Rae' one more time, and I'll shove that veggie pizza up your—"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The Titans' main computer beeped, alerting an incoming call.

"Who could possibly be doing the calling?" Starfire wondered aloud from where she sat beside her boyfriend.

Cyborg walked over to the controls to answer the call. After pressing the answer button, Bumblebee's face appeared on the big screen. Her hair was up in the usual buns, but instead of her uniform, she was also clad in comfy looking pjs. A really wide grin was plastered on her face, and a certain twinkle in her eyes suggested that she had something very uplifting/interesting to share with them.

"Hey Sparky." She greeted the robotic Titan with a wink. "I hope the whole gang's there, cuz I got something great to tell ya!"

The other four Titans gathered quickly behind Cyborg in front of the big screen, each bearing a degree of curiosity. "Whatcha got for us, Bee?" Cyborg questioned.

"Yes! Please, do share with us the great something!" Starfire chimed in.

"Weeeeelllll… I've decided to put on a prom here at Titans East Tower for all us Titans!" Bumblebee revealed excitedly. "I was just calling to let you know that you guys are invited." She added with a wink.

"Are you for real!?" Cyborg said letting a grin spread across his face. "Man, this is gonna be great!"

"Duuude! More like awesome!" Beast Boy exclaimed, his bright smile evidence of his excitement.

Starfire gasped. "Is this prom similar to the prom Robin and I attended for the purpose of taking down the Kitten and the Killer Moth?"

"Yup. Except you don't hafta worry about some psycho chick hangin' all over your boyfriend this time, Star." Cyborg answered her with a snicker.

"This one's for us, and it's gonna be a party!" Bumblebee added.

"Glorious!" Starfire jumped into the air and stayed floating there, her hands clasped together excitedly. "I do love the partying! Dancing is also very much of the fun!" She turned to Robin. "Is this not wonderful, Robin? We surely must attend!"

The Boy Wonder's expression was unsure. He pursed his lips and turned to face the screen. "I dunno, Bumblebee… I'm just not sure that it's wise to leave Jump City unattended… We heroes don't really have time for partying."

The leader of Titans East rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Rob! Take it easy for once! I know you like the idea of this just as much as the rest of us!"

"Yeah! And besides, the crime rate has been really low lately." Beast Boy added as he swung an arm over Robin's shoulders. "Just chill, dude. There shouldn't be anything to worry about."

Robin shrugged off Beast Boy's arm and crossed his own arms. "Well I suppose that's true… But why did you suddenly decide to do this?"

Bumblebee shrugged, but she still kept a smile on her face. "I dunno… Right about this time a year, normal teens are experiencing their own proms, so I figured why can't we have one? I guess I just wanna give us a night to feel like teens rather than Titans for a change."

Robin smiled a bit at that, and sighed in defeat. "Fine, I gotta admit that this does sound like fun."

Starfire hugged him as she giggled happily, Beast Boy and Cyborg fist pumped, and Bumblebee smirked. Raven, still not having said a word, lingered at the back of the group with her arms crossed. Dancing was definitely not her thing, so she was not too thrilled by the idea of a prom.

"Friend Raven, surely you are also looking forward to the prom, yes?" Starfire inquired of the empath with sparkling eyes. All the other Titans sweat-dropped, knowing full well that Raven was not one for such events.

"Not especially." She replied dryly, her expression not changing at all. Starfire's face fell a little.

"Awww c'mon Rae, we all know your guilty pleasure is getting down on the dance floor!" Beast Boy chimed in with a chuckle.

Raven glared at the green Titan. "Yeah, just like how yours is shutting up for more than five minutes." She replied sarcastically. Beast Boy frowned and let out a comical huff.

"Oh, but friend Raven! I was very much looking forward to journeying to the mall of shopping and doing the buying of prom dresses!" Starfire pleaded as she faced the empath and placed both hands on her shoulders. "And also the doing of makeup and hair! I am very much full of the excitement to share these things with my best friend."

There it was. She went and pulled the best friend card. Coupled with the look that Beast Boy had taught her, it was impossible for anyone to turn down Starfire when she pleaded like this. Raven was no exception. The dark Titan tried to look anywhere but Starfire's face in hopes of avoiding the look, but no matter where she looked, her eyes fell on the face of another Titan. They were all watching the exchange between the two female Titans with a bit of both amusement and apprehension. Raven's eyes finally dared to peek at those of the Tameranean, which—much to her displeasure—still had that irresistible pleading look in them. Raven let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding until then and rolled her eyes.

"Fine, fine! I'll go shopping and help you get ready for the prom." Starfire leapt for joy as the words left the empath's mouth. "But I won't guarantee that I'll actually attend." She huffed out as an afterthought.

Starfire giggled. "We shall do the seeing about that!"

"Great! Now that I know you'll all be going…" Bumblebee said, earning herself a glare from Raven. "Y'all better get to asking! The prom is in a month after all!"

A small blush spread over Robin's cheeks.

Cyborg—though a pink hue was also visibly appearing over his face—smirked.

Both Raven and Beast Boy blanched.

Starfire was the only one who appeared to not understand what Bumblebee meant by the asking. "Tell me, of what might we be doing the asking?"

Bumblebee chuckled. "Asking someone out to prom of course! Y'know, like a date!" She gave Robin a sly look, which only caused the Boy Wonder to blush a deeper red and fidget with his collar. "I'm sure Bird Boy over here will ask you, Starfire. He is your boyfriend after all!"

Starfire was smiling from ear to ear. "Joy! Oh Robin, please proceed with the asking!"

Even though Robin and Starfire had officially become a couple since the Tokyo incident a month and a half ago, Robin still had a habit of becoming nervous and awkward. Especially when it came to expressing his personal feelings. And even more especially when it came to doing cutesy coupley things in front of his friends. Cyborg and Beast Boy tried really hard to hold back their snickering, but failed to do so.

Robin's words came out as a stutter. "I-I, Uhh… W-well, St-Starfire, would you—"

"Ah! Hold it right there, Boy Wonder! Everyone knows you're supposed to ask your girl in a special way!" Bumblebee chided while holding back her own snicker.

"Yeah, man! You can't just be lame about it!" Cyborg added. "You gotta go all out! Be extravagant and all that!"

Robin huffed out a sigh. "Yeah, I knew that…" He mumbled.

Starfire was flying around the room in excitement. "Oh, this is glorious! I cannot do the waiting for what Robin will do! Ehehe, friend Bumblebee, I must thank you for going out of your way to put on such an event as this!"

"Girl, you don't hafta thank me! I'm just as excited as you! And I'm hoping that my own handsome Titan will come knocking!" Bumblebee's eyes drifted to a certain robotic Titan and she smiled. "Well, I gotta get to planning! I'll see you guys around!" And with that, Bumblebee's face disappeared and the screen shut off.

Starfire continued to giggle happily as she flew up to Raven. "Friend! You are also filled with the anticipation for the handsome Titan, yes? Surely there is one that you hope will do the asking!"

Raven's hood was up over her head in a flash, and she turned for the door. "No." She replied flatly as she disappeared from view.

Starfire's brow furrowed and she hovered out the door as well, opting to follow her friend to discover what was troubling her. While this was transpiring between the ladies, Cyborg and Robin's attention had turned to the green Titan, who was being uncharacteristically quiet. His eyes appeared troubled, and sweat began to show on his furrowed brow.

"Something the matter, Beast Boy?" Robin inquired tentatively, seeing as his friend's behavior was a little odd.

"Yeah BB, I haven't seen you this shaken since you walked in on Starfire watching that documentary about meat production!" Cyborg added.

Beast Boy appeared as though he was going to be sick after Cyborg reminded him of that experience; he quickly shook his head to clear the memory. "No dude! I hate to admit it, but this is worse than that!"

Robin and Cyborg each raised an eyebrow at the changeling.

"I have no idea who to ask to prom!"

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