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Teen Titans Prom

Chapter 6 - Curiosity

"Thanks, come again."

That's what the waitress called as Beast Boy and Raven exited the café. Raven gave her a simple nod while Beast Boy grinned and waved before following after the empath.

"Well, that place wasn't so bad." He commented while the two of them walked down the sidewalk towards Raven's favorite bookstore. Who am I kidding, that place gave me the creeps! The green Titan thought while scrunching up his nose. But their cakes are totally awesome, so I guess it might not kill me to come back sometime…

Beast Boy's eyes drifted to the back of Raven's head, which was currently covered by the hood of her cloak, and thought back on the embarrassing events that had transpired earlier. Dude, I can't believe I was staring at her like that… And then I had to go and make an idiot of myself by spilling water everywhere! At least that ended up being an easy fix… By now, the changeling had gotten over his flustered spell, but he was struggling to come to terms with the way he was suddenly aware of how pretty his darker teammate was.

It's just the way she's always looked! If I always knew she was pretty, then why does this feel… I dunno, different? His curious gaze slowly narrowed as he began to become more and more irritated at the hood that hid her from him. Beast Boy's eyes widened and the tips of his ears started to turn red as he realized where his thoughts were going. He quickly shook his head in an attempt to clear it of what he had just been thinking. Why do I even care about that? I admitted she's pretty, but that doesn't mean… I mean… I-It doesn't mean anything to me! I don't like Raven like that after all! He let out a quiet snort. Yeah, me and Rae? Dude, that would be way weird! Raven would probably admit to loving unicorns and rainbows before she ever thought twice about me!

The bookstore was very close now, and Raven continued to walk in its direction in silence. Despite this, she felt anything but peaceful. The whirling emotions coming off of Beast Boy were becoming rather overwhelming, and she was beginning to have a headache from them. Even though they were so strong, Raven found it completely impossible to interpret the changeling's emotions, for they were far too jumbled. The only two emotions she could distinctly recognize were disbelief and irritation, but those certainly didn't help the empath to understand what was going on with him at all.

A quiet, frustrated sigh escaped her ashen lips. Raven finally allowed herself to accept the fact that Beast Boy earnestly wanted to hang out with her, but no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come up with a plausible reason for him to desire to do so. Everything she liked to do wasn't even close to what the changeling would consider to be fun. Watching him back at the café, Raven could plainly see that Beast Boy was uncomfortable. And judging from the way he usually complains about bookstores, he wasn't likely to have a good time there either. Why would he put himself through this? She wondered. After all, she couldn't see him gaining anything through this. Surely, this all must be torturing him. Normally, Raven would have found mild amusement in such a thing, but her curiosity regarding his motives was getting the best of her. There was one answer that kept popping up in her mind, but it was so ridiculous that she had kept pushing it away.

Maybe he's doing this because he likes me?

Just allowing herself to think such a thing was absurd. Raven rolled her eyes. Beast Boy would never do something like that. I'm the furthest thing from the kind of girl he's attracted to. So just like that, she deemed the idea illogical and discarded it yet again. This time however, a heavy feeling settled over her heart. It was small, but it was enough that she was able to notice it. It was strange, and so she focused on it to try and figure out what it was. Could it be… disappointment?

Before she could delve deeper into what she was feeling, Raven noticed that she had come to the front of the bookstore and was actually about to pass it. She stopped abruptly, causing the green Titan trailing behind her to bump into her due to being distracted by his own thoughts. The sudden contact caused him to let out a surprised yelp as he quickly stepped backwards.

"Jeez… Ah, sorry Rae. Guess I was kinda spacing out a little there!" He chuckled a bit nervously, hoping a little bump between them wouldn't set her off for whatever reason.

Without turning to look at him she simply shook her head and then started towards the bookstore's entrance. "Come on."

A small bell chimed from the door as the two Titans made their way in. As soon as they were inside, Raven let down her hood, which certainly didn't go unnoticed by her green companion. He cleared his throat and forced his eyes to wander his surroundings in an attempt to prevent himself from being tempted to stare again.

The bookstore kind of looked like what Beast Boy would expect from an antique store. Everything around him appeared aged, and some of the books especially looked like they were about to fall apart. He could practically feel the dust floating around in the air around them and was just waiting for the sneeze he was likely to let out as a result of it. On a scale from puppies to Raven's room, I'd say this place falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to creepiness.

He turned back to Raven only to find that she had disappeared. "WHA-?" He clamped a hand over his own mouth, cutting his loud exclamation short. The bookstore was so quite that even he, the loud-mouthed Beast Boy, felt it wrong to shout. Where did she go?

With his keen hearing, he listened for footfalls, only to hear none. He came to the conclusion that she must be hovering around rather than walking, and also that he and she were the only ones in the store judging from the fact that he didn't hear any footfalls. Huh, I wonder where the storekeeper is then? Figuring he'd find Raven eventually, he opted to look around the store for comic books. There's gotta be something in here that's actually fun to read…

His search ended up being fruitless.

Grumbling, the changeling turned down the last aisle of books. He stopped when his emerald green eyes fell on the lavender haired girl he had entered the store with. From the way her dark violet eyes slowly scanned the bookshelves, it was clear that she was searching for a specific book. A grin snuck its way onto Beast Boy's face as he watched Raven, and in the next moment he found himself standing beside her.

"Whatcha looking for, Rae?"

Raven turned her purple orbs to meet the curious ones of her teammate. "I'm looking for a book I borrowed from the library once. I was hoping to be able to find a copy to have for myself." Her face was as neutral as ever, but her tone was the slightest bit guarded as she spoke. Beast Boy somehow picked up on it and his curiosity grew as he began to wonder if she was hiding something.

He unconsciously took a step towards her. "Like, what kinda book?" He asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Raven hesitated. The kind of book she was looking for was likely to amuse the changeling, and it was for that reason that she wasn't really keen on telling him. However, he didn't make fun of her back at the café when he read the items named after her on the menu. She had certainly expected him to do so, so it came as a bit of a shock when he didn't.

Choosing to disregard the reluctance she was feeling, she decided to test him. "It's an old fairytale that I happen to really like." Her eyes watched him carefully as she waited for his reaction.

Beast Boy raised his eyebrows in surprise. Dude, I never would've pegged Raven as the type to like fairytales! Indeed, the green Titan was quite intrigued by this new bit of information. He began to wonder what other things he didn't know about her. Which came as an even bigger surprise.

"A fairytale huh? What's it about?"

This time Raven's eyebrows rose slightly at how he had yet again passed up an opportunity to ridicule her. When the question he had asked her finally processed, her eyes turned back to the shelves and she pretended to begin searching for the book once again. The tale she was looking for was in fact a romantic one. Her interest in such stories was something she generally kept secret to save herself from the embarrassment her teammates were sure to put her through. For this reason, the empath suddenly grew uncomfortable. However, she refused to recognize the fact that her discomfort stemmed from embarrassment and chose to instead blame it on Beast Boy being nosy. She promptly became irritated.

"It's hardly anything that could hold your attention for more than two seconds." She replied a bit dryly, choosing to avoid telling him.

"You don't know that!" Beast Boy fumed comically at her words, but he wasn't about to give up that easily, much to the empath's disdain. "C'mon Rae, I just wanna know what it's about!"

Raven crouched down to inspect the lower shelves. "No. And the name I prefer to go by is Raven."

Beast Boy pouted and followed suit, crouching down right beside her. "C'mon Raven! I'm just getting more curious!" He pressed.

Why must he always be so persistent!? The corners of her mouth twitched further down as her patience started running thin. "I honestly can't see why you're making a big deal out of this. You're just wasting your time on something that really isn't that important." She replied curtly.

"I wouldn't have to if you'd just tell me!" He shot back, his own irritation starting to poke through. If you ask me, she's the one making a big deal out of it! Jeez, how hard is it to tell someone what a story's about!? A sudden realization hit him. He quirked an eyebrow at his darker teammate as his lips slowly turned up in a smirk. "You're just embarrassed to tell me, aren't you?"

The way Raven stiffened didn't go unnoticed by the changeling, and in the next second she turned her head to shoot him a glare. "No, I'm not. I just think it's pointless to tell you about something that you'd only find unappealing anyway."

Beast Boy already knew he was right, and so—deeming her excuse as a load of crap—he went on. "Whatever. There's really no reason to be embarrassed, Raven. But if it really bothers you that much," He rolled his eyes as he said this, "I promise to just keep it between you and me." He finished it off by showing her an earnest grin.

Raven regarded the green Titan in front of her curiously while doing the best she could to hide her astonishment. How was it that Beast Boy—of all people—could detect her embarrassment so easily? And why did he suddenly care about this so much? She couldn't decide if she was feeling touched by his words or irritated by them.

It was then that the sorceress suddenly became very aware of how close she was to the changeling beside her. Or rather, how close he was to her. After all, he was the one who crouched down so close. His large green eyes were still staring at her expectantly as he waited for her to answer, and the way he was smiling at her was the kind that would convince anyone of his sincerity. Her irritation slowly began to fade and was instead replaced by fascination. The sudden redness of his ears especially fascinated her. That's odd. She found herself thinking. She'd never seen his ears turn such a shade, but it was kind of cute in its own way.

In the next instant, Raven was on her feet, quickly drawing her hood over her head as she glided to the opposite end of the aisle. At the same time, Beast Boy fell backwards onto his backside due to being startled by the sudden movement. The books on the shelves above them rattled unnaturally, causing a few to fall, one even fell and hit the dumbstruck Beast Boy on his head.

Utterly confused, the changeling could only blink after her. Wh-What the heck!? As the initial shock of the situation wore off, he became aware of the way his blood was pounding in his ears and suddenly realized that his heart was pounding. Shaking it off, he stood and let his eyes wander about as he considered his next plan of action.

Beast Boy let out a sigh. "Look Rae, I uh—"

"It's about a princess." Raven cut him off. The changeling's eyes locked onto the back of her covered head—for she refused to face him at the moment—and listened as she described the story she was looking for.

"This princess has a dark power that she has yet to take firm control of. Despite knowing this, a prince from a faraway land asks for her hand in marriage. The princess journeys to the prince's kingdom with her closest servant, only to be betrayed by this servant while on the road. Rather than killing her, the servant leaves the unconscious princess behind and continues the journey, planning on taking the princess' place as the prince's bride. The princess—"

"This wouldn't happen to be the book you're looking for, is it?"

Beast Boy visibly flinched and let out a squeak that would cause any normal person to question his masculinity. Both he and Raven whipped around and settled their gazes on an old man who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. He wore a kind smile, but Beast Boy couldn't help the mysterious vibe he was getting from him. He didn't even hear the old man's footsteps!

However, Raven seemed to be familiar with the man, and did not hesitate to approach him. She gently took the worn out book from the man's frail looking hands and carefully inspected it. After a few moments, her usual neutral gaze moved to the old man's face.

"Yes, this is it. But, where was it?"

The warmth of the smile the old man displayed even reached his tiny eyes. "The binding of this book was weak and it was starting to fall apart." He explained as he stroked his snowy white beard. "I recently had it reinforced, and so it was in the back rather than on display."

The empath nodded in understanding. "I see. You wouldn't mind if I bought this off of you, would you?"

The old shopkeeper shook his head. "Not at all."

"That'll be $4.95."

Speedy handed the freshly made strawberry and banana smoothie over to Jade and flashed a grin. "Here you are, m'lady."

Jade raised her eyebrows and giggled at the red archer's antics before gingerly taking the beverage from his hands. "Why thank you, kind hero." She responded teasingly.

Speedy laughed. "So I suppose this means we're even know?" He nodded at the drink Jade was currently sipping.

She removed the straw from her mouth and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Hmm, yeah, I guess it does."

Speedy's shoulders sagged slightly. He had just met this girl, but something about her was just so enticing. He found himself wanting to learn more about her, but the fact that they had no real obligations to stick around each other now meant that he may no longer have that chance. Crap, what do I do now? I guess I could just ask her out, but wouldn't that be taking things too fast? Ugh!

Jade's observant eyes had caught the way Speedy's shoulders sagged, and behind the straw of her smoothie, a ghost of a smirk appeared on her lips. "So, what are you up to now?" She asked nonchalantly.

The red archer blinked in surprise before smiling at her. "I'm not really up to anything right now. Well, y'know, unless trouble calls."

The oriental beauty grinned and took a step towards him. "Well in that case, I guess you kinda owe me dinner." At the red archer's questioning stare she continued. "I mean, I was shopping for something to make for dinner until you bumped into me…"

Speedy smirked at the girl before him and also took a step closer. "Is this your way of asking me out?"

Jade playfully peered up at him through her eyelashes. "I suppose you could call it that."

On the inside, Speedy very much wanted to jump for joy. He forced himself to hold it in. "Alright then, where do you wanna go?"

Jade took a sip of her smoothie before she spoke. "I'll let you pick."

The Titan crossed his arms. "You sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure you know all the best places. I'm new here, remember?"

Speedy scratched his chin. "Right. Well, when you put it that way…" A smile formed on his face as a certain place came to mind. "I know the perfect place."

The pair exited Joomba Juice and strolled down the sidewalk with Speedy leading the way. In the distance the sun was setting beyond the horizon of the ocean, and the sky was slowly turning darker. Around them, shops were starting to light up their signs for the night.

Speedy let his curiosity about Jade take over. "So, you said you're new here, right? Where did you move from?"

Jade took a moment to respond as she thoughtfully sipped her smoothie. "Well, I've been living all over the place, but I lived in Gotham City before I came here."

The archer quirked an eyebrow. "Sounds like you travel a lot. Your parents are cool with that, huh?"

Jade turned her head away from his view to hide her expression. "I… I don't have parents."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed—"

"It's okay. There's no way you could've known."

Crap. Way to kill the atmosphere! I better hurry up and change the subject. "So why'd you choose to come to Steel City?" Speedy asked next as he led them around a corner.

Jade turned her head around so she was facing him again. "I heard nice things about this place, and I also found an interesting job." Before Speedy could respond, she added, "What about you? What made you decide to come here and join the Titans?"

Speedy thought about her question as he glanced both ways up and down the street. Finding it to be clear, he started crossing with Jade right next to him. "Basically, I was done being a sidekick." He responded resolutely. "After I met Robin, he told me about the Teen Titans and invited me to be an honorary member. Not too long after that, I came here and teamed up with Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Más y Menos in order to take down Brother Blood. That's when the Titans East started, and I've been a Titan ever since." He smiled. "It feels sorta like… I'm making a name for myself as a hero, y'know? I'm not just Green Arrow's sidekick anymore. And it feels great."

Jade smiled and glanced down at her smoothie, which was now half gone. "How great for you!" She giggled and then added, "Do you think one day you'll join the Justice League?"

Speedy laughed. "Maybe someday. That's my goal though!"

The pair rounded another corner, bringing them to a street lined with many restaurants. Speedy's face lit up and he flashed Jade a grin. "We're almost there!"

A few more paces later, the red archer finally came to a stop. Jade raised her eyebrows when her eyes fell on the restaurant's sign.

"The Grande Taco?" She read aloud almost hesitantly.

Speedy's eyes sparkled in anticipation. "Yup! This place has the best fish tacos! You gotta try 'em!"

Jade sweatdropped. "Fish… tacos?"

Speedy turned and gave Jade an incredulous stare. "Don't tell me you've never had 'em before!"

She shook her head and flicked some of her long hair over her shoulder. "Nope, I'm afraid not."

Speedy also shook his head, but he smirked all the same. "Well, there's a first time for everything, right? Besides, fish tacos are totally awesome!"

With that said, Speedy grabbed Jade's free wrist and led her into the restaurant.


"—And then he said, 'those could have been friends of mine!' He totally went into freak out mode and almost passed out. It was hilarious, but Bumblebee ended up forbidding me from bringing home fish tacos ever again."

Speedy and Jade laughed as the archer recounted Aqualad's episode over fish tacos when the Titans East had been a newly formed team. They were just leaving The Grande Taco, having eaten their fill of the tacos described in Speedy's tale. It took a little convincing on Speedy's part to get Jade to try them, but she actually found them quite delicious. Speedy was ecstatic.

Jade held her stomach because she was laughing so hard. "Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I never would have pegged Aqualad as the type to become so overly dramatic!" She was overcome by another bout of giggles as she spoke, forcing her to wipe at her now watering eyes.

The red archer laughed with her. "Yeah, not many people know this, but he can definitely be quite the drama queen at times!"

The pair walked down the street as their laughter started to die down. For the moment, they simply strolled together without a particular destination in mind, choosing to just enjoy each other's company.

"So, how are your teammates right now?" Jade asked when she had finally calmed down.

"Fine I guess. Nothing out of the ordinary really." Speedy answered. "Más and Menos have been addicted to this soccer video game that they picked up a while ago. Bumblebee's been really stressed out over this Teen Titans prom that she's been planning. And I was just doing the grocery shopping with Aqualad earlier. You probably saw him, yeah?"

Jade nodded at the archer's question, but her eyes lit up in curiosity. "Teen Titans prom? You guys are having a prom?"

"Yeah, in like a month. Bumblebee hasn't decided on an exact date yet though, as far as I know. I think she said something about sending out official invitations with that info next week."

"Wow, that's so cool! That'll be way fun for you guys!" Jade spoke excitedly. "Where are you having it?"

Speedy grinned at the way Jade's eyes sparkled in excitement. "It's gonna be at Titans East Tower. We're gonna have it in our huge ops room. Bumblebee's really excited to start decorating the place. In fact, I think Cyborg's over right now to help her out with that a bit."

"That's so great!" Jade's expression suddenly turned mischievous. "So what about the prom date situation, huh? Are there a lot of couples within the Titans?"

Speedy laughed. "Yeah there's a few. A few more just might come out of this whole prom thing, you never know!" His grin faltered a bit as he continued. "But the number of guys versus the number of girls is very uneven, so I guess you could say that there are a few of us who are dating outside of the Titans."

Jade pursed her lips. "Oh, I see."

The two fell into a short silence after that. The street they were currently walking along wasn't very busy. The sky was dark by now, only lit by the few stars that were visible and the crescent moon that hung above them.

Speedy glanced down at the girl beside him. She was staring at the path in front of them, and on closer inspection she appeared to be deep in thought. His eyes skimmed down to her small hand that hung by her side as she walked. Speedy found himself being tempted to reach out and grab it. Although he felt worried about how she might react, he chose to disregard that feeling and slowly reached out his hand.

"Well Speedy, I should probably head home now."

His hand flashed back to his side almost as fast as Kid Flash himself. Despite his increased heart rate, he grinned at the girl beside him normally. "Oh, really? Well, I guess it is kinda late…" He scratched the back of his neck. "I'll walk you home. Where's your house from here?"

"Oh no no, you don't have to do that!" Jade waved her hands out in front of her as she spoke.

Speedy crossed his arms and gave her a smirk. "It's fine. It's only my duty as a hero to walk pretty girls home."

Jade rolled her eyes at him but she still smiled. "No, really, I feel like I've troubled you enough for one day. Besides," She lowered her eyelids and flashed him a smirk of her own. "I can handle myself."

This time it was the red archer who rolled his eyes under his eye-mask. He let out an overly dramatic sigh. "Alright, if you say so. I won't push it."

Jade laughed. "Well then Speedy, I had a fun time with you today. Maybe I'll see you around again sometime?"

With that, she smiled at him one last time before crossing the empty street beside them. Speedy watched as she went, but not even ten seconds passed before he called out after her. Jade turned around to see Speedy jogging up beside her.

"What's your number?"

The lights of the main ops room lit up, revealing that it was still empty. Beast Boy, followed by Raven, entered the room, the former having a questioning look on his face.

"Dude, are Robin and Starfire still out?" He walked over to the refrigerator and found it to be completely restocked. "Oh. I guess they came back at some point… But where are they?"

Raven, who had thus far been silent as she walked over to the couch, reached out with her powers to see if she could sense their leader and his girlfriend anywhere in the tower. "They're out on the roof." She clarified as soon as she had locked onto their auras.

Beast Boy's eyes flickered in her direction as she spoke. "So they're having some alone time, huh?" It didn't take long before his green orbs sparkled with mischief. "Hey Rae, how 'bout we go up there and—"

"Don't even think about it."

"You're no fun."

Beast Boy pouted, but knew better than to press the matter any further. He glanced into the full refrigerator one last time before closing it. After his whole adventure with Raven today, he wasn't really feeling particularly hungry. Instead, he felt a little exhausted and also a bit bored. He thought of playing one of his video games, but glancing in Raven's direction, he could see that she had started reading that fairytale book she bought today. Deciding that he'd rather not tick her off with his noisy video games, he let out a sigh. He did have a hand-held game in his room though. The changeling considered that option for a moment, but decided that he didn't want to do that either. Strangely enough, he found himself reluctant to leave Raven alone just yet.

His cheeks flushed a little at this sudden realization, and he ran a hand through his hair, scratching his head as he did so. N-Not for any weird reason or anything! It's for the bet. Y-Yeah, for the bet. After clearing his head a bit, he glanced in the empath's direction again as he tried to come up with an excuse to stick around. He found his eyes drawn to the book she held and was suddenly hit with an idea.

Beast Boy sauntered over to the back of the couch with a silly grin on his face. He came up to the spot just behind Raven and rested his arms on the back of the couch while peeking over her shoulder. He noticed her stiffen at his sudden closeness, but she didn't turn to look at him. Instead, she sighed out of slight irritation.

"What do you want, Beast Boy?"

The changeling stifled a chuckle. "Nothinnggg. I'm just a little curious about this book you're reading. Y'know, you didn't really get to finish telling me about it earlier…"

Raven turned and gave him an unconvinced look. "I thought I already told you that it was something you wouldn't care for."

"Then read it to me."

Raven couldn't stop her eyes from widening in surprise. "Excuse me?"

Beast Boy suddenly became bashful when he realized the absurdity of such a request coming from him. He couldn't very well back out of it now though, even if Raven would definitely reject the idea. "W-Well, if you read it to me, then we'll find out for sure if I like it or not, won't we?" He stuttered out while offering her a sheepish grin.

Raven turned back to her book. "No."

"C'mon Raaaaven! Pleeeaase?"

"What part of 'NO' do you not understand?"

"The 'NO' part. Is that even a real question?"

Raven rolled her eyes. She was becoming very tempted to rip his head off.

Beast Boy continued to beg almost childishly, now hanging halfway over the back of the couch. "Please, Rae? I promise to be good! I'll be quiet, and sit still, and—"

"Enough!" Raven snapped. "Just stop. You and I both know that something like this would put you straight to sleep, so just drop it."

"No it wouldn't!" Okay yeah, it prolly would…

"I'm not going to do it, Beast Boy."

The finality in Raven's voice told the changeling that it was time to resort to the big guns. Morphing into a cat, he leapt down onto the cushion beside the empath and began nuzzling and rubbing his cheek against her leg. He purred as he did so.

When Raven finally looked down at the green cat, he gave her the look. The dark Titan's glare intensified; she wanted very much to use her magic to toss cat Beast Boy across the room into the trash can in the kitchen. But a small part of her prevented her from doing so.

Just read to him! It said. Raven was sure that it was the voice of one of her many emoticlones, but at the moment she couldn't single out which one it was. However, this little voice was just enough to finally push her into giving in. She sighed in defeat.

"Once upon a time," She began to read, albeit grudgingly.

Figuring it would make things more comfortable for the both of them, Beast Boy opted to remain in his cat form. With one final appreciative rub against Raven's arm, he then curled up beside her and listened to the familiar drawl of the empath's voice as she read to him.

The crescent moon that hung over Jump City was quite a sight to see, especially on such a clear night. It illuminated the girl sitting beside the Titan's leader in such a captivating way that literally took his breath away. His eyes were fixated on her as she stared at the stars above them, a smile playing on her lips. Robin couldn't help the smile that began to grow on his own face.

Starfire turned to look at him then. Upon seeing the way he was staring at her, she grew bashful and tilted her head questioningly to one side. "What is it, Robin?"

Robin leaned in and kissed her sweetly on the forehead. "It's nothing." He murmured softly.

Starfire pouted disbelievingly. It was so adorable that Robin couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips. His girlfriend really knew him well.

"I was just thinking about how lucky I am to be with y-you, Star." The Boy Wonder stammered a bit, causing him to blush a little in embarrassment. He briefly cursed Batman for never teaching him how to properly articulate his feelings when it came to girls.

Luckily, Starfire was both patient and understanding and simply smiled fondly at him, completely accepting of the awkwardness that he only showed towards her. The alien princess actually found this quirk of his endearing, though she had yet to tell him this.

She reached out and pulled his hand into her lap where she then held it in both of her own hands. "I believe I am the one who is lucky, Robin." She insisted. "I would never have imagined ever coming here to Earth. And yet, here I have come, and because of the luck, surely that is why I have also met you and our friends. I have never felt more of the happiness than what I have felt on this planet, and most of it is because of you, Robin." She admitted while sporting one of her brightest smiles.

Robin returned her smile with one of his own. "I'm glad."

His face began to inch closer in what seemed like slow motion. Realizing what he was after, Starfire tilted her head and began to move forward as well. Her eyes fluttered shut just as their lips met softly somewhere in the middle.

When they pulled away, Starfire found herself gazing at Robin's masked face. Oh how she yearned to see what was hidden behind that mask of his! She was insanely curious about what color his eyes might be, and she wished to just reach up and yank the mask off of his face so she could find out. However, the alien princess had more respect for her boyfriend than that, and chose to suppress such a selfish desire.

Robin was not oblivious to the disappointment written all over Starfire's face, and he reached up to caress her cheek. "What's wrong, Star?"

"Oh, it is nothing, Robin." Robin looked unconvinced, and Starfire knew that it was impossible to fool someone so perceptive. The alien princess wasn't very good at lying in the first place, giving the Boy Wonder a bit of an advantage anyway. Starfire tried in vain to think up an excuse, but sighed when she realized she had nothing.

Her hand reached up to Robin's face where she gingerly fingered the edge of his mask. "I was selfishly wishing to do the removing of your mask." She admitted somberly. "I am sorry, Robin. The curious feelings I am having are quite strong. I know it is not right. I should not have such wishes to do the invading of your privacy."

Ah, Robin figured this was something that would come up eventually. After all this time, he still had never shown his face to the team. Everyone else had revealed things regarding their identities and pasts, but Robin's was still a mystery. Keeping those things hidden was something Batman had drilled into him many times. But since leaving and founding the Teen Titans, Robin was learning in many ways that he was not Batman. He was growing into a hero all his own and developing ideals that were maybe a little different from the Dark Knight's.

So then, what was his plan now regarding revealing his identity to his team?

Robin had actually decided a while ago that his team deserved to know the identity of their leader. He knew it was important to show how much he trusted them, especially after all the trust that they put in him. Yes, he was going to show them the young man under the mask—he was just waiting for the right moment. And now—sitting beside Starfire on the roof of Titan's Tower—was not the right moment.

He grabbed the hand Starfire hand been caressing his face with and held it gently in his own. "I don't think you're selfish, Star." He reassured her. "You have every right to wonder what's under this mask of mine." Robin smiled. "Don't worry, I plan on showing you. In fact, I plan on showing the others too. Just… not right now. I'm waiting for the right time." He felt a little guilty as he said this; he was sure making them wait a long time.

Starfire felt relieved knowing that Robin was not mad at her, and she smiled brightly at him. She may not have understood all of his reasons for waiting, but she knew that it was a big step for Robin to reveal something that he had been keeping secret for so long. She felt so glad knowing that he trusted them enough that he wanted to reveal his secret to them.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. "I am so glad, Robin. I know how much this means to you."

Robin smiled appreciatively and hugged her back. "Thanks, Starfire."

After a while, they broke off the hug and Robin stood. He offered Starfire his hand and pulled her up beside him.

"How about we head back inside?"

"After knocking out the princess, the servant girl stole her horse and belongings. But before continuing the journey to the prince's kingdom, she scared the other horse away so that the princess would have no hope of catching up to her. She—"

Raven had been reading to Beast Boy for almost an hour now. At first she had done it grumpily, but slowly she fell into a comfortable rhythm and decided that maybe it wasn't that bad. Beast Boy remained in his cat form and stayed curled up next to her the entire time. She wasn't sure why he had chosen to do that, but for the sake of her nerves, she was thankful that he had done it. Surprisingly enough, he kept his promise to remain silent, though Raven imagined that wasn't such a hard thing for a cat to do.

Coming to the end of the fourth chapter, Raven allowed herself a glance down at the green cat beside her. She blinked, but wasn't at all surprised to find that he had fallen asleep after all. I told him this would happen. The empath sighed and shut the book, deciding that she would continue reading it tomorrow. It was getting kind of late.

She looked down at Beast Boy again and briefly wondered if she should wake him so he could go sleep in his own room. She watched the rising and falling of his furry shoulders as he breathed, and she could hear him snoring quietly. As if her hand had a mind of its own, she reached out and softly trailed her fingertips from his shoulder blades, down his back, and back up again. The small green cat's body shivered once at the initial touch, but he didn't wake. Instead, he unconsciously let out a throaty purr.

Raven was surprised at first, but it melted away as she became mildly amused by the fact that he was purring in his sleep. Her fingers continued to graze his fur as she reveled in the softness of it. It was so silky and smooth, she could hardly believe that such a beautiful pelt belonged to him. Bringing her hand up, the empath reached to scratch his head in between his ears.

The doors to the ops room swished open, revealing the Titan's leader along with his girlfriend.

Raven had been so completely taken off guard that she visibly flinched in surprise. Due to her sudden embarrassment, her powers took on a mind of their own. A black cloud of magic encircled Beast Boy and flung him through the air. In the next second he collided—completely splayed out—with the window on the far side of the room. As he fell to the ground, he morphed back into his human form, now fully awake.

Raven had her hood up and disappeared from the room before the changeling could even mutter, "Owww…"

Robin and Starfire watched the whole thing with stunned faces, both still trying to register what had just happened.

"Duuude, what the heck was that?" Apparently the two of them weren't the only ones who felt like they were out of the loop; Beast Boy was feeling just as confused. Looking around the room, next he asked, "Where's Raven?"

Starfire's brow creased. "Well, after she did the throwing of you against the window, she left the room rather quickly." She flew over and helped the changeling to his feet. "Tell me Beast Boy, did you perhaps anger her?"

Beast Boy rubbed his head, still feeling a little dizzy after his run in with the window. "Uhh, well I don't think so…" Thinking back on the events that had transpired earlier, he suddenly sweatdropped. Crap, I totally fell asleep, didn't I? Maybe I did make her mad…

Robin, who had been silent up to this point, caught the look on Beast Boy's face and frowned. Earlier, the Boy Wonder had clearly seen a blush on Raven's face before she covered it with her hood and disappeared. As he started to piece this along with a few other clues together, he was able to more or less guess at the nature of what had really happened. And if he was right, then things were beginning to not look so great for him and a certain robotic teenager.

Bumblebee tossed the uniform she had been wearing that day into her clothes hamper after having changed into her pajamas for bed. It was getting warmer lately, so her pjs consisted of black shorts and a yellow tank top. With a yawn, she flew over to her queen sized bed and snuggled under her silk sheets.

The Titans East leader was quite exhausted after all the planning she did today, though she never would have got so much done without the help of Cyborg. Her full lips turned up in a smile as she thought of him. "I'm glad he could come." She thought out loud. It was soon followed by a chuckle. "I know he's gonna ask me to prom, but I wish he'd hurry up and do it already!" I also wonder when we're gonna make our relationship official. She added mentally. Choosing to shrug it off, Bumblebee rolled over and readjusted herself before her eyes fluttered shut, letting sleep overtake her at last.

The high pitched wail of the lockdown alert sent the Titans East leader sprawling from her bed.

"What the heck is going on!?"

The last time something like this happened was back when Brother Blood had somehow gained entrance to the tower. But he was gone, so it was impossible for it to be him. Who the heck is breaking into my tower this time!? And how'd they get in!?

Bumblebee noticed her communicator flashing from where it sat on her night stand. She hurried over to it and hit the answer button. Cyborg's face appeared on the tiny screen, his expression seemed urgent, but he let out a sigh of relief when Bumblebee answered.

"Bee! Good, it looks like they didn't get you."

Bumblebee's eyes widened. "'They?' Sparky, who's attacking the tower!?"

Cyborg's brow creased with worry, which wasn't a good sign. "Actually, I don't know."


"Well it was dark so I couldn't see 'em clearly, but they looked like big black shadowy things, and they already got Speedy and Más y Menos—"

"Those things got them!?"

"Yeah. Me and Aqualad are trying to find them now. We're in the main ops room."

"Alright. I'll be down there in a sec."

As soon as Bumblebee ended the transmission she bolted from her room and flew down the hall. The hallways seemed eerily dark in this situation, considering the enemy Cyborg had described. The whole thing had the Titans East leader on edge, and she constantly threw glances over her shoulder. Whatever they are, I'm definitely not gonna let 'em get their dirty mitts on me!

She glanced over her shoulder one last time before entering the elevator. Once inside, she quickly pressed the button for the floor she wanted to go to. After the doors slid shut and she began her descent, Bumblebee tried calling Cyborg again for any updates on the situation.

He didn't answer.

She dialed for him again. "C'mon, Sparky! Pick up!"

Still no answer. Bumblebee started to sweat.


A loud explosion from somewhere within the tower caused the elevator to shake. Bumblebee stumbled over to the nearest wall and braced herself. The lights blinked once, but the elevator continued its course. Bumblebee sighed, however it was cut short when she heard a yell. Who was that just now!?

When the elevator finally reached its destination, the Titans East leader sprung forth and rushed down the dark hall towards the door that led to the ops room. Sparky better still be in there! The hasty leader couldn't get the doors to swish open fast enough when she finally got to them. But when they did, Bumblebee's eyes widened.

The room was completely dark, save for the moonlight that faintly shone through the large windows, and it was empty. No one was there. Bumblebee flew over to the edge of the balcony and peered down at the lower floor. Everything was much too quiet for her liking. She gulped. Wh-Where are they?

The sudden sound of static coming from the large monitor behind her made her jump. She whipped around and stared at it as she tried to swallow her rising fear. A shadowy silhouette of a person faded onto the screen and began to speak.

"You're the last one." Its voice was warped and sounded disguised. "We've captured everyone else."

Footage of all of Bumblebee's teammates tied up and gagged appeared on the screen. She gasped and then shot the screen an angry glare.

"You better tell me where they are and what you're gonna do to 'em, otherwise things aren't gonna be pretty, if you catch my drift!"

The shadow on screen chuckled menacingly. "Don't get hasty now. I'm willing to let them go under one condition."

Bumblebee stomped up to the screen and crossed her arms. "Go on."

"Will you go to prom with me?"

Bumblebee's breath caught in her throat and her widened eyes blinked rapidly in disbelief. She was completely taken off guard. "HUH!?"

The room suddenly became very bright and it took a moment for Bumblebee to realize that the lights had turned on. Her eyes darted around skeptically. "Wh-What's going on!?"

The image on the screen changed into the face of a familiar robotic teenager. "I asked if you'd go to prom with me, Bee."

The doors nearby swished open and Bumblebee's team walked in. All of them were completely unharmed. Más y Menos bolted up to her and set off some poppers, sending streamers and confetti flying into her dumbstruck face. Speedy and Aqualad both sported cheeky grins as they tried to hold back their laughter.

Bumblebee shook her head. "Hold up, you mean to tell me that the whole attack was all a joke!?"

The ops room doors swished open again, this time revealing Cyborg himself with quite a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. He also had a cheeky grin spread across his face. "That's right, there really wasn't any trouble. It was all a big prank!" He couldn't stop the chuckle that passed through his lips. "I wish you coulda seen your face when I asked you to prom!"

"But what about that explosion? And you guys were all tied up, even Sparky!"

"We filmed all of us tied up with Cyborg before the big prank." Speedy explained.

"As for that explosion, it was just a recording of one. Cyborg turned the volume waaayyy up and maximized the bass for those strong vibrations." Aqualad added.

Bumblebee's full lips turned up in a grin and she started to laugh. "Oh my gosh, well, you guys certainly got me! Wow, that was the craziest thing ever!" She flew over to each of her teammates and bopped them on their heads with her fist. "It was impressive, but you guys are a bunch of dorks!"

She flew over to Cyborg last, and punched his arm. "Especially you, Sparky!" She grinned and shook her head at him as she accepted the bouquet he offered her.


"Yes, I'll go to prom with you. Just so long as you don't do something like this again!" Bumblebee laughed. "I'm definitely gonna get you back for this!"

Sitting in front of her vanity, Jade brushed her long, silky black hair. She wore green shorts and a loose fitting black tank top for pajamas. It was clear that she was ready to wound down for the night, but the smirk on her lips and the mischievous glint in her eyes said otherwise. Setting her brush down, her slender hand reached for another item sitting on the vanity—a mask worn only by the deadly assassin known as Cheshire. Yes, Jade Nguyen and Cheshire were in fact one in the same.

So far, this has been quite an entertaining mission. She thought as she held her mask in her hands. She scoffed a bit. Who knew that red archer would be so enthusiastic about getting to know me? I can already tell that playing with him is going to be fun!

Setting the mask back in its place, she stood and made her way over to her bed where she had placed her laptop. I should tell Slade about the interesting things I got out of Speedy today. I have a feeling that he's going to be pleased. As if triggered by her thoughts, Jade's computer began to beep, alerting her of an incoming call. The sound resonated throughout her tiny apartment. Speak of the devil!

After sitting down and pressing the answer button, Slade's masked face appeared on her screen. "Well if it isn't Slade! I was just about to call you!" She greeted him almost teasingly.

Seeing as his face was completely covered, it was impossible to gauge his reaction. "It would appear that I called at the right time then. I trust things are going well on your end?"

Jade smirked. "Oh yes. I've learned some things that I think you'll find very interesting."

"I'm listening."

Her smirk faltered just a hair at the way he talked down to her. "The Titans will be having a prom next month at the Titans East Tower. Every Titan is invited." She explained. "The exact date has yet to be revealed. However, invitations with all of those vital details are to be sent out next week. It shouldn't be too hard for me to snag one."

"Very good." Slade praised her. Jade resisted the urge to scowl at the superior tone he was using. "This will be a perfect opportunity for us to strike."

Jade nodded. "That's what I was thinking. With all of the Titans in one place, it would be foolish for us to not take advantage of this."

Slade gave her a curt nod of his own, his one eye gazed at her as if he was evaluating her. "Yes. Then, surely you must know what I'm going to ask you to do next?"

Jade flicked some of her long hair over her shoulder. "Of course. My next item of business is to find us a way in."

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