Many Years Later

Now in her late twenties, Harmony ran her finger along the photo frame, smiling at the picture inside and the memory it held.

In the centre stood her five year old self, smiling so brightly it reached her eyes. Behind her stood the Comets, small smiles on their serious faces with their hands on her shoulders. Inbetween Harmony and the Comets knelt Le Vieux, his arms spread wide and either side of her younger self were two Zebras, smiling at the camera as their arms were slipped around her waist.

Harmony remembered that day as clearly as if it had been yesterday and still the memory warmed her heart. Since then, she'd gone on to beat the cancer. She'd been strong, and brave, just as Le Vieux had said and she now had a daughter of her own, Belle, who'd been named in their honour and introduced to the colourful bunch very early on. Now three, Belle never tired of hearing her mother's story of when she met her friends and talked endlessly about one day seeing them for herself.