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When he felt the curious feeling again, he was prepared to grow, but he was unprepared for how much he was going to grow. He grunted when his head hit the ceiling and he groaned as he grew until he was curled almost in half, his mass filling the small room. He realized how hopeless this situation was; he wasn't in his Titan body, so there was no easy fix to make him small again. Tears came to his eyes and he sniffled, before sobbing uncontrollably. Tears began to fill the room, until Eren heard the pattering of feet. Armin slipped through a door, carrying a red scarf and a fan. Eren wiped his eyes and as Armin came closer he could hear him muttering, "The Dutchess will be so angry with me, oh dear…" When Armin came close to passing his knee he reached out a hand, "Uh…hey-" Armin screamed, his ears and hair bristling as he scrambled away from Eren. He bolted, dropping the scarf and fan, "Hey wait, you dropped…" Eren sighed and picked up the tiny fan and scarf. "Now what am I going to do? There's no use in crying, but I'm still stuck Titan-sized." As he thought about possible ways out of the situation, he realized the scarf had grown rather large in his hand. He blinked; or rather he had grown very small. He was startled to find he was still shrinking until he was smaller than he had ever been before. Eren dropped the fan and stopped shrinking. "A fan that makes you small?" He scowled at the fan then looked up at the table again, "Great, now I'm even smaller than before." He kicked the fan, then yelped when he slipped and fell into water. He spat out a mouthful of salty water, then his eyes grew round, "Am I in the ocean?" He frowned, "No, this must be the tears I cried when I was Titan-sized." He heard a splashing sound behind him and turned to see someone swimming. He swam closer and realized it was Jean, sporting a very mousey pair of ears and a tail. "Jean? Do you know how to get out of here?" Jean turned to look at him, but said nothing. "Do you know how to get out of here?" asked a voice next to him. Eren turned, startled to see Connie. He blinked, "What are you?" Connie bristled, "How rude, I am an eaglet! Someday I shall be a splendid bald eagle." Eren also noticed Krista, Marco and Ymir as a duck, Lory and Dodo respectively. The water was getting quite crowded, so Eren decided to take the lead and swim to shore.