Chapter: 11

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"I love your tits", he growls against my breasts as he takes them in his hands and his mouth. I can feel a soft moan escape me as he suckles and pull.

"Oh, god Klaus" I murmured and mess with his hair.

After enough toying with breasts, he moves to my pelvic region. He kisses through my panties. I can feel my nerve gets excited and I get aroused. Then he slowly pulls my panties down and tosses it away.

He stares at me for some time and I flush. Without saying anything, he kisses my clitoris. Pressing his palms against my inner thighs he forces my legs apart exposing me to him. I know what's coming and I can feel myself being to tighten in anticipation as thigh fall open for him.

In an instant he buries his head between my legs and I can feel his cheek stubble move against my sensitive skin as his mouth begins to dance over my wet flesh.

"Oh, my god" I gasp as my hand find his hairs and I twist my fingers in it. Klaus's arms wrap under and around my thighs as he pull me closer allowing his tongue to caress and circle my engorged flesh.

"aahhg" I whimper as my muscle tense in my belly "shhh, love" he breaths against me momentarily stopping his oral caresses.

"I can't help it Klaus" I almost cry. I'm about to come off of the bed and my hips roll and pitch against him.

"Still, love", he whispers. His hands find mine and he laces his fingers together as he continues to press his mouth against me.

"Oh, god" I whimper. His mouth vibrates against me as he moans still gliding his tongue across me; circling, sucking and pulling. I can feel the droplets of perspiration tickles as they run down my belly and collect in my navel; my belly trembling and thrusting as he pushes me harder and faster to the brink. Raising my head I look down just in time for our eyes to lock.

As I watch him lost in his mission to give me pleasure as only he can, his eyes close and he groans as his tongue beings to flick back and forth. "Oh, my god" I can feel all my muscle begin to tighten and Klaus squeezes my hand firmer in his grasp intensifying his oral efforts. Panting I try to catch my breath as my body is reaching its limit.

One final caress of his tongue and I'm over. My belly begins to tremble as my climax ravages my body.

"Oh, god" I growl. "Klaus" my flesh spasms against his mouth and he only intensifies his movements, coaxing the contraction from me and extending the pleasure for as long as he can. It's so intense I can't decide if I'm experiencing pain or pleasure. It's almost too much to endure and I when I think I can't continue, my body takes pity and begins to relax.

Without missing a beat Klaus moves up my body and his mouth finds mine. His face is glistening with cocktail of my arousal and his saliva. I can still taste myself on his tongue as his moves it past my lips.

"I love to watch you" he growls into my mouth. "You are so beautiful love."

He gets down quickly and removes his boxers. "Oh, my god" it's so huge and what it will do to me? It's kind of looking funny. I stare at him with open mouth.

"Oh, don't worry love, its being hard for you" with that he touches his firm member and search for some time in his drawer. He takes out and rips it. What is it? Oh, its condom you idiot tell my inner voice. I follow his movements and anticipating what next going to happen? You didn't tell him that you are virgin? Says me inner voice and I ignore her.

He sits between my thighs and places the condom on his member. He spread my thigh wider and he comes closer to me. As I raise my hips he rolls his and his now rigid member glides in past the drenched folds, filling me in one move.

"aaahhh. God this feels good". He snarls taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of my walls cocooning his engorged member. My hands glide through his hair as our eyes meet momentarily. He lowers his head and seals his mouth against mine as he begins to rock his hips forcing himself in and out of me.

We are both drenched and our skin easily glides across each other on layer of perspiration. I can feel the male prickle of his chest and his happy trail against my smooth feminine skin and I love it. I love his maleness and my nostrils flare taking in his scent as he undulates against me.

"You feel so good and I love it. You are so soft" he whispers never stopping his gentle thrusting. As he continues he begins to pick up speed and he buries his head in my neck as I envelope him in my arms.

With every thrust forward he is picking my hips up off of the bed and I can see him working his way to his release. Finally both of us have our release and try to catch our breaths.

He pulls his member out of me and I wince. He tosses the used condom into the basin. I lie down on the bed and stare at him. He comes near me and stokes my cheeks.

"I love it" he says and anxious waiting for my answer. "I like it Klaus" I tell him and he raise his eyebrows and I blush.

"So, again love" I just nod and he went off to take new condom and he comes to bed.

"Oh, my go! You are bleeding love. Are you ok? Did I hurt you?" he asks me with horrified look on his face.

I look down and see what he is talking about and I flush scarlet. I can see my blood and this is my evidence of losing my virginity. Oh, my god how should tell him this.

"Please love tells me. Why are you bleeding?"

"Oh, Klaus I'm …I'm virgin" I say slowly and stared at my knotted fingers.

"What did you say love?"

"That I'm…. virgin Klaus."When I look at him, he stares at me like I have three head. Slowly smile forms on his lips.

He gives me wicked smile and raises his eyebrows. He comes between my thighs and pulls me to him. He gives me the condom to place it on his member. I took the condom from him and my hands are shaking. I slowly touch his member, his so soft and pink. I place the condom with the help of Klaus.

I stoke his member up and down. Klaus closes his eyes and enjoy the pleasure I'm giving him. He slowly enters me and we begin to rock our hips together. I have my hands around his neck and he places his hands on my hips.

My god this is so intense. I can hear the grunts as the air leaves his chest in spurts with each thrust. He grumbles never missing a stoke. "Klaus" I whimper as I can feel my muscles begin to tense. I gush as I surrender to him again, my body trembling in his lap; drowning in the intense sensory overload. I gasp as I finally catch my breath again. Klaus places both hands on my hips and intensifies his march.

He is thrusting with determination. He is a man on his mission and his goal is climax. He pulls my hips back to meet his every thrust until I feel him begin to tense.

He growls and thrust once more before folding over me and trembling against me. He gasps as he catches his breath. He gently kisses me and releases me and throws his condom. I lie back on the bed. He falls on his back beside me and I watch his belly glisten under the soft light as he heaves to catch his breath.

He looks over and stokes my cheeks. We both fell asleep and I still can't sleep. All I think about how this night. I touch my lips and I smile every time I touch my lips. I can still taste his lips on my mouth.

I turn over and he sleeping peacefully. I see his soft stubble and my hands are etching to touch him. I force myself to sleep.

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