The Doctor always wears a suit; whether its brown, blue or even a tux. Everyone knows that including Donna but what would happen if the Doctor wore something else?

"Come on Doctor, I want to see this futuristic park you were talking about." Donna moaned. "Hold on I'm coming!" The Doctor yelled back. She rolled her eyes. "What is he doing in there? He's wears the same suit all the time it shouldn't take spaceman this long to get ready." Donna thought shaking her head. "Okay I'm ready!" He announced. She turned around. "It's about time. What took you so…whoa!" Donna exclaimed.

Her mouth hung open in surprise. "Something wrong Donna?" He asked. She could not believe her eyes. The Doctor wasn't wearing his usual suit. Instead he was dressed in dark blue jeans, blue-green button down shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up and a couple of buttons were left undone exposing a thin TARDIS key chain around his neck.

Donna thought she'd faint she had never seen him look so good. "What happened to your suit?" She asked. He sighed. "They're in the washer. They both had TARDIS oil on them so they're being cleaned. He then looked worried. "Why do you ask? Do I look daft?" Donna shook her head and could feel herself blushing. "No you look fine. Can we go now?" She asked quickly, avoiding his eyes. The Doctor nodded and they stepped outside.

He smiled. "Well what do you think?" The park was beautiful. It had jets soaring in a flaming pink sky, the grass smelled sweet and fresh and the lake was a natural turquoise color. Donna was amazed. "It's beautiful!" The Doctor grinned and spread out his coat for them to lie on.

Donna immediately noticed the Doctor stretching out his lean body. His new clothes clung to his frame perfectly. The top few opened buttons of his shirt were teasing her like crazy, daring her to even imagine what his chest might look like. She started to feel flush.

The Doctor sighed. "Isn't this place great? I thought you might like to go to somewhere natural and futuristic for a change." "Uh huh." She mumbled gawking at the way his jeans hugged his waist. The Doctor looked at her. "Are you alright?" Donna nodded and began fanning herself.

Concerned he turned on his side and studied her closely. "Are you sure?" Her face turned beet red, his jeans were on so tight. They were shaping his muscular thighs while his long legs seemed to go on forever.

Donna couldn't take it anymore she got up and ran towards the TARDIS. "Where you going?" He asked her. "I'm going to take a cold shower." She replied. "Wait a minute you need the key. Hold on and let me get it for you" He grumbled unbuttoning his shirt a little further. "Last time I wear my coat key chain around my neck." He muttered.

Partially exposing his well-developed chest it was now officially five thousand degrees to Donna. The Doctor looked worried as he began buttoning up his shirt. "Wow Donna you're looking really flushed." He handed her the key.

"Yeah thanks, bye." She said quickly. He watched her rush inside, a second later Donna popped her head back out. "By the way Doctor that new outfit you're wearing?" "Yeah?" He replied. "I think you should wear it a lot more often." Donna said winking at him.

The Doctor just sat there on the grass scratching his head, once again admitting his defeat in trying to understand human females.