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Prompt from Flavialikestodraw:"Khan doesn't remember his past(when he was Sherlock). The only thing he remembers are the eyes, the hair and the scent of his wife (Molly Hooper), but he doesn't remember anything else, not even her name. Molly instead remembers everything and needs for him to retrieve his memory in order to escape from the Enterprise".

When you think you've tried every road
Every avenue
Take one more look
At what you found old
And in it you'll find something new.

Depeche Mode- One caress

Molly knew she didn't have much time. She had managed to create a false identity and embark the Enterprise as an assistant to Dr. McCoy, but she knew that had AdmiralMarcus' spies on her tail. It was only a matter of time before her cover would fall...but her mission was too important to let her worries compromise it. Now that Kirk, Spock and Uhura had taken the prisoner on the ship, she was just a breath away from success.

She walked down the corridor with her usual brisk step, a mug of that beverage they now called "coffee" in her hands, a pleasant smile hiding her inner tension. She reached the detention room, and approached the guard.

"Doctor McCoy asked for you" she announced. At the confused expression of the man, Molly continued "He needs to vaccinate the crew - Captain Kirk and the others might have taken aboard some Klingoln bacterium, and we don't want to take the risk. It's just a precaution, don't worry. I have to conduct some further analysis on the prisoner, so I will stay here until your return".

She could feel the prisoner's gaze on her: cold, calculating...foreign, but familiar at the same time. "Now or never, Molly" she told herself. She waited for the guard to leave the room, and disabled the cameras, pouring the content of the mug on the control console: she had been careful to depict herself as a clumsy, probe to accidents woman, so they wouldn't be too suspicious. Of course, the fact that she had been the one convincing McCoy that vaccinating the crew was paramount, and that she had requested new analysis on Khan, was only because she was a very scrupulous doctor, not because she desperately needed some time alone with him...

"You did it on purpose...whatever your agenda is, be sure of one thing: I wouldn't regret walking over your cold corpse". His tone was firm, almost emotionless, but she could detect a hint of curiosity. Oh, her man was buried under years of murders, of crimes and sick ambitions, but he was still there, somewhere...

"Listen, I don't have enough time to fake some terrorized expression at your menaces - I just need you to remember. Remember, please, and this nightmare will end" Molly pleaded, and opened the circular slot, the same that McCoy had used before to take his blood. This time, it was her arm the one inserted, and Khan didn't waste one second to yank her against the window.

"Who are you, and what are you trying to do?" he inquired, his gaze probing her. She swallowed a lump, and tentatively she opened her hand, letting her palm press against his chest, slowly caressing his muscles. She could feel his heartbeat, steady, controlled: she knew it by memory, having listened to it night after night, when he had taken her body against his in their sleep. Now, it was the remembrance of a life they had lost, but that they could start again, with the others who were still hidden in the fake weapons.

"I don't have time to explain...trust me, and I promise you that soon, everything, every broken memory you have, will make sense".

"How do you know about them?" Khan asked, and he saw the first tears leaving her eyes.

"I know that at night, fragments of voices of the past calls you, and tells you a story. A story made of men, and women, and laughter and tears. A story that brings you back to a past that you don't remember, prior to the Eugenics war, when you were not the man you are now. I know, because it had happened to me too, when I woke up, alone, three years ago".

Khan remained silent. That woman was not part of his crew, but now that her hand was pressed against his body, he caught a sniff of her scent. Citrus, pomegrenate...the fragance triggered something else: the memory of soft, chestnut hair, sprawled on a pillow, and the warm, loving gaze of a woman, whispering words of lust and love. The same gaze of the doctor before him now.

"I see it in your eyes, that I'm still a stranger to you. I don't blame you, it took me years, before I could remember everything...after all, the man who made this to you and your crew didn't reserve the same treatment to me. He took me away from you, and let you fall from your pedestal, to transform you into...what you are now. He transformed you into everything you despised...but I know that you are just hidden somewhere, in your mind palace, waiting to recall...Now it's time to come back...Sherlock".

It was liberating, being able to call him by his real name again...but she didn't have time to rejoice. "Admiral Marcus is just a puppet in the hands of a greater menace. We need to stop him, one more time. Before you will have your revenge against Marcus, ask him about Jim".

"Jim? James Kirk?". It didn't make sense, that woman was delirious...there was none behind Marcus, he would have known. He was better that the others, they couldn't deceive him...but the lost memories, maybe they were the key...and that strange name, Sherlock...

The sound of footsteps outside the room made Molly recoil. "The game is on, Sherlock...remember, for me. For us". She pulled back, and closed the slot. They were damaged, estranged, lost and far from their home and their time, but maybe, there was still hope for them.

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