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"Hi Giles!" I came nearly skipping through the door, greeting the watcher. He stared at me for a second, looking worried as his eyes narrowed in on Spike behind me.

"Hello um, Victoria...and Spike? Are you feeling quite alright, Victoria?" He came around the corner as he watched my movements.

"Yes!" I nodded enthusiastically as I sat down at the table that contained nearly all of the scooby gang, including Tara.

"Lets get to it! Study time, you two!" I tapped the open book in front of Xander, he sort of just stared at me. Okay time to dial it back, even Xander was starting to freak. The door opened behind me I turned to see Buffy almost skip through, holding Riley's hand. Now the whole Scooby Gang was here.

"Does anyone care to share whats happened exactly? Are you all on drugs?" Giles asked loudly as Buffy grinned.

"No-no! Joyce is coming home tomorrow. Thats all." I declared quickly with wide eyes. One happy day and suddenly you're on drugs. Jeez.

"Yeah, shes all clear!" Buffy clapped her hands together as she came around to face Giles at the counter.

"Ah I see. Congratulations then." He nodded, now understanding as he smiled. He was happy as well.

"Well I have a question..." Anya declared with flourish. We'd all been studying the books for an hour or so when she'd spoken up. All eyes turned to her.

"Why is Spike here if your mother is okay? Isn't he like your ex/current mate but you still don't want to see him?" She asked with genuine curiousity. I looked over at Spike as he looked up from a magazine. He was calm and collected as he leaned back, shoes on another chair.

"I'm still her mate, Anyanka. We just had a little argument. More than you can say for your vengeance demon powers, eh?" He raised a brow like we didn't just have the conversation we had a second or two ago.

"I'd have to disagree." I felt irritation cut through the numbness as I sighed at him. He'd learn soon enough that I'd let go of nearly everything inside me.

"I can prove it if you'd like, pet." He smirked lazily, leaning closer on his elbow.

"Yeah, we don't want to see you try, man." Xander's disgust cut through the tense atmosphere.

"Worried your girl will see what else you can't do for her?" Spike's tone was threatening which raised the hair on my arm. He was glaring rather fiercely at Xan, seem like he felt that Xander was blocking him somehow but I wasn't going for it as I held a hand up to Xander's indignant expression.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and looked away from him, I wasn't taking the bait.

"Also has anyone seen anything with the giant snake deal?" Buffy stood, stretching a little as she walked towards the counter, looking to Giles and Willow for an answer.

"Nope. Tara and I did a little mini patrol earlier but no sign of a giant snake roaming." Willow replied with a shrug. I raised a brow at that, I'd totally forgotten about the snake.

"Still no clue as to whats it's searching for?" I called from the round table. Giles and Willow shook their heads with a frown. I sighed and nodded, going back to my book.

"Hold on, what snake?" Spike spoke up frowning and holding his hand up.

All of a sudden I heard a window shatter behind me, I turned my head right as the giant snake came forwards, pushing things over with it's body as it went. I watched the shelves fall, destroying everything in it's past until a shelf landed on Buff. She tried to push it off but it seemed her previous injuries were a little too potent still.

"Buffy?" My heart stopped in my chest as I stood quickly, Buffy was trapped and it was coming closer. The green and yellow beast reared up, hissing at me as I stood there, barely breathing. I didn't really think it through, when I started screaming and grabbed the chair I was sitting on to smash it over it's scaly head. It felt like a good idea at the time.

I'd raised it over my head right as a gun fired from near by, it's shots went straight through the snake's eyes as they flashed red. My arms came down after, smashing the chair over it's head before I knew it, I'd grabbed two book and I'd thrown it at the snake as it hissed at me angrily.

It was on the floor, a chair leg was sticking up out of it's spine, a the thick books bounced off of it's head. It hissed again, it's tongue touched my exposed ankle. It felt dry and rough against my skin, almost burned when I bent down, grabbing another chair leg to stab through it's head. When I stood again, it was turning quickly to slither back out of the window. I was huffing as I flung the chair leg at it's back. The leg just served to annoy it, bouncing off it's wounded back as it left.

I turned to pick up another book and throw it, still screaming when two arms wrapped themselves around my torso, pulling me back to their owner. "It's gone." A British voice whispered into my ear as I shook the arms off of me. I was hyperventilating at this point, taking in deep gaping breaths but feeling like I was just losing air but somehow the arms made me feel a little better about it all. That I blamed on the whole bond bit entirely.

"Buffy?" I called, looking wildly around for her. She was standing shakily with Riley's help. I let out a little sigh of relief, and turned back around. That was when I noticed a shot gun hanging off of Spike's shoulder and my mouth dropped open.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE A GUN WITH YOU?" I screeched, waving to the weapon and it's leather strap as it hung innocently off his shoulder. He looked pissy but not that pissy as he shrugged.

"It was going to be persuasion." He declared casually.

"For what?" I hissed, taking a few steps closer to him.

"Talking to you, pet. That was before I realised what was going on with your mum and all." He shrugged again, looking just as casual as last time. Like he'd forgiven me even though he was originally going to shoot me. This was the second time I'd seen him come after me with a gun and stopped just shy of using it. Didn't exactly feel like a healthy relationship here.

"SO YOU WERE JUST GOING TO SHOOT ME?" I was screeching again, I knew I was but I was just so...so confused. Was this love? People go around with life or death situations non-stop and if they have a spat, they just kill the other?

"Not to kill you. Just to...persuade you." He pursed his lips as I felt someone tugging me. I looked back to see Buffy.

"We have to get the snake before it gets to her. It knows what you are." Buffy was breathing almost as deeply as me. I felt purpose take over as I pushed everything away from me. All that matters right now is the snake.

"Knows what she is? What does that mean?" Spike spoke up.

"It means I have to go finish killing the snake before it kills me, not that you'd care about that." I hissed with some venom in my words as Buffy and I started jogging. When we got to the outside, I realised Giles was waiting in his sports car. I guess he hadn't gotten rid of it yet.

We jumped in and Giles seemed to floor it, surprisingly it didn't take us long to catch up. The screaming bystanders kind gave away where it was, as well as the path of destruction it left behind. I was starting to wonder just how many times Sunny Dale had been rebuilt after some big supernatural event that destroyed it.

I felt Giles swerve and returned back to the current events, realising that we'd just crashed into a dumpster. My hands hurt and I looked down to see a splinter in my palm and a few cuts over them. Great, the happy day had turned into utter chaos. Giles began to back up and start speeding again towards the giant snake.

"I've gotta stop this monster before it gets back to Glory." Buffy yelled over the sounds of people screaming and the car's engine whining.

"Glory?" Both Giles and I looked back at Buffy as she said it.

"That's what he called her. Giles, she's gonna know Vicky's the key if we don't-" Buffy sounded exasperated that we weren't moving faster so I took her hand and squeezed it.

"We will." Giles called back, he sounded resolute. Like there was no possible way we'd ever screw this up...even though we screwed something up almost every day.

"We're going kill it, Buff." I declared, squeezing her hand harder. She looked more confident than I felt. Honestly, it felt more like walls were caving in on me and I couldn't figure out how to get out of it.

The snake continued to slither down darkened streets with us in pursuit. We sped around a corner and nearly slammed into another car, it honked at us as we past it still speeding like hell. Thank god the police didn't care around here. I looked back to see the snake tear down a section of fence that was covered with a tan tarp, and slithered through the hole in the fencing. Giles' car came to a stop in front of the fence with a screech of tires and a jerk. Buffy leaped out of the car before I could and ran through the broken fence, past picnic tables, across a wide expanse of grass.

I ran after her with my arms pumping and my chest still feeling like it was hollow but full at the same time. We were gaining on the snake as it moved a little slower now, I had to guess it was starting to feel the shotgun blow to the head at this point.

Buffy paused to grab a piece of chain from another section of fence as the snake fled into a more wooded area with me following. I took a leap and a dive, catching its tail in my hands. I was digging my nails into it's scales as Buffy leaped above me onto a large rock as the snake passed it. She jumped off the rock and landed onto the snake's back, looping the chain around its neck. The snake rears up and thrashes, flicking me off to the side. I hit a tree with enough force to knock the air out of me but stood rather quickly, grabbing a branch near by.

I ran up behind it as she seemed to start to choke it out and drove the wood into it's front. I watched with some fascination as it's eyes faded to grey and it fell forwards, making me stumble back. Buffy frowns and dropped the chain to the ground with a heavy clink..

"I think it might actually be dead." I mumbled into the silence as we both stared at it for a few seconds. Suddenly it's eyes flashed red again and the snake reared up yet again, throwing Buffy off. She flew backwards and landed on her back in the grass, it's eyes turned to me.

"Shit." I cussed, taking a few steps back. It hissed and snarled at me, moving to snap when Buffy's fist flew into it's face. It reeled backwards. She climbed on top of it again and began punching it in the face, over and over. Buffy continued to punch it, grunting with each blow until it's eyes faded back to grey and it lied back down, still now. I thought she'd stop but she didn't, she just kept hitting it over and over. Her fists were bleeding and she looked angry but she seemed to have checked out.

"Buffy." I called her name hesitantly, taking a step forwards. She didn't respond, hitting it harder and harder.

"Buff." I called again, louder this time. I was less than a foot away from her when I put my hand on her shoulder. At first she turned to hit me then stopped just short, I'd stared back at her not moving when she just started to cry. I wasn't sure of what to do except try to comfort her in a hug, my expertise on comfort stopped outside of a cup of cocoa and a hug.

"We need to find some where safer for you, Vicky." Buffy walked in step with me as we started back towards Sunny Dale. Giles had to go on to get back to his trashed store and see if anyone needed help over there. We hadn't stopped for the others when it happened, she'd even left Riley behind.

"Like where? You're in school and mom needs help." I frowned, looking at her. She pursed her lips for a few seconds before nodding slowly.

"Right but what if help could move back into the house?" She looked hopeful as I started to deny everything that came out of her mouth.

"Nope! Nope, nope, nope, nope. No way. You're staying in school." I held up a hand to silence her. She needed something to fall back on if she ever stopped being a slayer.

"Fine." She pouted, looking up ahead and tilting her head. I followed her gaze to see Riley huffing it down the pavement towards us. His head was down as he frowned, he looked worried.

"Riley?" She called his name, making him jerk up. He gave a great big wave and started jogging, catching up to us on the street. They shared a kiss, forcing me to look away. For a couple that had so many issues, they enjoyed the kissing aspects for sure.

"Wanna head back?" He was muttering to her which had me thinking I was about to walk around alone. I looked back right as she did, she was frowning.

"Have fun. I'll see you later, Buff." I smiled tiredly at her and waved, turning to head back in which ever direction I thought the house was in. I wasn't too sure at the moment but I felt like after that little episode with the snake thing she need some Riley. I was wondering if that meant I should stay out of the house now or what. I just sighed and continued walking in the direction I felt most comfortable with.

I frowned as I felt the stake in my pocket and kept it handy, feeling a little more alone and vulnerable than usual in the grave yard. I was creaking along, not even sure why I was out here when I heard something behind me and spun around, still walking away from the noise. I heard something like weeping but in a squeaky girl's voice. I was starting to think ghosts were possibly a thing at this point.

I stumbled, falling onto my back with an oomph and something that sounded like a squeal. It couldn't have possible come from me so I sat up and looked around. My eyes were spinning around for whatever was the cause of the squeak and if I should kill it or nah...instead I found Harmony.

"Wha?" I titled my head, looking at her incredulously with a single hand motioning to her in circles. She was crying, mascara running down her cheeks as she leaned on a dark wooden box with metal hinges.

"Spike threw me out!" She inhaled deeply before letting out another wail.

"How is this my problem?" I pulled my knees back towards me, lifting them off of the legs she'd unknowingly tripped me with when she grabbed my shin.

"You have to talk to him! He tried to shoot me." She was indignant as she tried to order me to help her chat up my ex boyfriend.

"Uh, no." I snorted, yanking my leg out of her grasp to stand.

"Please! I have no where else to do and the Slayer is coming for me." She used her sweater sleeve to wipe off nearly half of her melting face as she sniffled.

"The slayer could care less about you." I rolled my eyes, standing up now and dusting off my ass.

"No! Spike told me she'd dust me if she ever got the chance!" She shook her head quickly, curly blonde hair swinging all about.

"Yeah. Spike lied, honey. It's kinda his thing." I rolled my eyes even harder now, pretty soon they'd just get stuck like that and then what was I going to do?

A hand wrapped itself around the back of my neck, making me freeze. "I have a lot of things." Spike's odd accent echoed in my ear with a snort. Great.