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"Well… this is not good," a blond teen thought as he felt a familiar sensation of vertigo from falling. Taking note of his surroundings he was pretty sure that he was not in Konoha like he was supposed to be in and there were no sign of the three giant toads he was supposed to be with. Sighing to himself the teen was brought out of his thoughts when he saw something in the edge of his vision. Turning to face the object he couldn't help but sweatdrop a bit. 'Another person falling… well either falling from the sky is a normal thing or she's as in much trouble as I am, no time to debate this,' breaking from his thoughts he shouted out, "Hey, are you alright there?"

Receiving no answer he couldn't help but get a bit more worried and tried to shift himself towards her. A few meters away he could make out a few features such as the person being a petite girl with purple hair, not only that but he saw that she was unconscious which made him worry. Reaching the girl the teen couldn't help but face fault when he saw a peaceful expression on her face along with a bit of drool coming from her half opened mouth. Reaching the girl he held her bridal style and looked down towards the now visible ground.

"Hang on tight… oh who am I kidding," mumbling to himself, "Just another normal situation for Uzumaki Naruto is what this is… this is going to hurt," tried to reinforce his legs with chakra only to find himself not being able to. 'Huh what's going on?' Naruto thought to himself as he tried channeling his chakra again only to fail. 'Hey Kyuubi what's going on?' Naruto shouted in his head. Hearing nothing respond back he became a bit more worried. 'Hey do you really want me to die right now?' figuring out that he had no one to help him now Naruto did what he had been training to do gather energy from meditation.

Despite being in midair and falling towards the ground Naruto still concentrated and entered of state of stillness and began to search for chakra. Finding none in the atmosphere Naruto expanded his search for any type of energy and soon found something faint. Feeling rushed to find any type of energy source Naruto pulled and gathered the energy and immediately channeled it through his body.

'Huh, what's this energy… it feels more potent than chakra, I don't think I can keep it contained,' trying to do something about the energy he sent the new found energy to his legs and soon felt something forming over his legs. 'This will have to do for now,' Naruto thought as he braced himself for the impact.

In an earth shaking crash Naruto landed on the ground creating a massive crater around him. "Ah that tingly sensation," Naruto said to himself as he felt the jolt from the landing travel up his body. After a few seconds of standing still Naruto slowly made his way out of the crater he had created and gently laid the girl on the ground. "Hah we survived!" Naruto said as he collapsed next to the girl.

"I hope you have a good excuse as to why you were falling in midair… than again I don't really have a good excuse myself heh," lifting his feet up so he could see them, "That's strange, I don't remember my shoes looking like that. On his feet were not the usual ninja footwear that he always had on, instead there were some heavy boots which were black with some purple highlights. Surprisingly they didn't weigh more than his ninja footwear and even felt more comfortable. He didn't get that much time to find out much about the shoes as they soon disappeared in a white light leaving his original footwear.

'Well, I hope there's nothing bad out here cause I won't be able to move for a while,' thinking somberly Naruto tensed up when he heard someone approaching.

"I think this is where that weird shooting star fell," positioning himself towards the voice Naruto managed to see a figure appear behind some trees that outlined the area. "Ara, are you the Mr. Shooting star?" hearing that Naruto couldn't help but sweat drop and drop his guard. Facing the source he saw a light-pink haired young adult in a wool shirt and red skirt.

"Ah are you alright?" she asked in a slow paced manner. Making her way over to the two she knelt down by Naruto first to check on him.

"I should be fine, my legs are just a bit tingly but other than that I'm just exhausted. You should instead look after that girl over there, she was unconscious and falling when I caught her,"

"Huh? Falling, unconscious, if you say so Mr. Star," moving over towards the purple haired girl the girl made a few checks before nodding to herself. "Everything seems to be alright; although I should probably take you two back to my house in case any injuries pop up,"

Flexing his arms Naruto gave himself a mental nod before pushing himself upright, "Not that I don't appreciate the offer but isn't it a bit unsafe to bring someone you just met into your house?"

"That may be true but you and that girl seem to be injured, and it's a nurse's job to help anyone that is injured," saying that she hoists the purple haired girl over her shoulder in one go. "Can you walk Mr. Star?" making her way over to Naruto with no problem at all.

Pushing with his hands he jumps up onto his feet with no problem, "Ah no need I'm perfectly fine now," walking over he stuck out his hand to her, "The names Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha,"

"Well my name is Compa nice to meet you," shaking his hand she smiled before asking, "By the way; do you happen to know her name since we're all introducing ourselves?"

Scratching the back of his head Naruto replied, "Not really, as I said I found her falling from the sky when I was falling from the sky too. That's not that believable is it…"

"I thought it was believable, after all I did see a human shape and falling. Wow, you must be really amazing person if you not only survived a landing like that but also rescued someone at the same time,"

"Hehe I try… uh, you just suck everyone into your pace don't you," with his head hung low he asked, "So which way to your place?"

"Oh yeah we were going to my place weren't we?" Compa looked left than right than left again before looking back at Naruto. "Um… I forgot where I just came from," Compa replied in a straight face causing Naruto to facefault.

Picking himself Naruto sighed before pointing in a direction, "For now we should probably head that way since that was where you came from,"

"Oh right, that is probably the direction to my house," shaking his head Naruto just started walking in that direction.

"Hey, wait for me!" Compa shouted out as she went after Naruto with the unconscious girl over her shoulder.

*beep beep beep* a sudden ringing of sorts was heard causing one occupant in a pink room to become irritated.

"Shuuuuuut….Up! Oh crackers. Did I break something? Where am I? My room..?" looking over Naruto saw the girl he was falling from the sky with start to squirm. From his position he could see Compa move over to greet her.

"Oh you're up, that's good it would have been bad if you didn't wake up!"

"Huh, what am I doing here and why am I tucked so snugly in this bed?" moving to get off the bed the girl looked over at Compa. "Is this your bed? Because I don't think this is my room, at least I think so,"

"Yes, I carried you over here after you fell from the sky,"

"I fell from the sky, how come I don't feel like I fell from the sky,"

"Oh what would be because of Mr. Star over there," Compa said pointing at Naruto.

"It's Naruto Compa, you need to stop calling me Mr. Star,"

"But calling you Mr. Star fits you more than calling you a ramen topping,"

"It means Maelstrom," Naruto sighed, "Careful, when you start talking to her you'll get sucked up in her pace," Naruto pointed out to the purple haired girl.

"Naruto, that does remind me more of a ramen topping than a maelstrom," she smiled when she heard Naruto groan, "If we're giving out everyone's name than I think I should give out mine. My name is Neptune,"

"Neptune? Well Neptune, I guess it's nice to meet you," Naruto said trying to be well mannered.

"It's nice to meet you, Nept-… Neppee-… Neptaa-… Ne-pelvis… Nep… tumor… W-Wahh…" Naruto couldn't help but sweatdrop at Compa's attempt at getting Neptune's Name right.

"Oh, is it confusing you? Okay, then you can call me Neptuna, Nep-Nep, Neppermint, or something else!"

"Ok than I'll call you Nep-Nep, it's nice to meet you Nep-Nep,"

"You know what, I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit while you two get to know each other," lying back down on the couch Naruto closed his eyes ignoring the two.

"Stop squirming Nep-Nep!" hearing the two get suddenly louder Naruto opened his eyes only to quickly suppress the urge to have a nose bleed. The scene he had woken up to was Compa standing over a naked Neptune who was wrapped up in bandages.

"No Compa you're putting them on too tight,"

"Really? I'm just trying to make it so that you won't trip over them,"

"Compa you're just making them tighter… it's getting harder to breathe,"

"Nep-Nep? Nep-Nep oh god you're right, hold on I'll get you unwrapped right now, hey Mr. Star can you come over here and help me?" Compa asked only to see Naruto passed out on the couch with an alarming amount of blood spilling out from his nose. "Oh no Mr. Star!"

"…No air… good bye cruel world, I barely even knew you," Neptune managed to groan out before she too passed out.

"Ahh what am I going to do?!" Compa panicked as she looked between Naruto and Neptunes unconscious forms.

"Phew, man I thought I died there for sure when the author put a line break so suddenly after I passed out," the scene opens up with a now conscious Neptune and Naruto sitting across from Compa. "Anyway, after that bondage incident I was wondering where am I?"

"Bondage incident… no I was just trying to treat your injuries with bandages, not bondages…" a dejected Compa said looking down and pushing her two pointer fingers together.

"Damn, if that was how you treat people here should I be worried about my chastity as soon as I walk out of here?" Naruto asked in a nasally tone, "Ugh these tissues are irritating," Naruto reached for the two tissues rolled up in his nose only to be stopped.

"No don't touch those yet, my grandpa always said to keep the tissues in there for at least one hour after having a nosebleed,"

"One hour… even I think that's not right and I have amnesia," Neptune stated which caused Naruto to look at her strangely.

"Wait wait wait, when did we agree that she had amnesia, I'm pretty sure it wasn't mentioned in the story…"

"Well it was skipped over when you were off in lala land before you passed out I think,"

"Ha… you know what let's just forget that and find out where the hell we are," taking the tissues out of his nose Naruto threw them away and stared back at Compa, "So can you tell us where the hell we are again?"

"Oh right, we were talking about that before weren't we. Well you both are in the Central City of Planeptune,"

"Planep… tune? Hmm, okay, I remember someone mentioning the world below?"

"Yes, this is one of the major landmasses below Celestia,"

"One of the landmasses? So there are several?"

"Wait wait wait, I feel like we're just sucked up in your pace again… major landmasses below Celestia? Last time I checked when I looked up I saw a sky with a setting sun there. There was no giant landmass up in the sky, in fact how is it possible that there is a landmass in the sky?"

"Ah, don't sweat the details man, now tell about the other landmasses!"

"Right then, there are four major landmasses floating around. Sometimes they come close to one another and other times drift away."

"Seriuosly… am I the only one who thinks this should not be possible?"

"Yeah pretty much, but still I don't remember anything about flying landmasses and Celestia and such,"

"You just said it yourself flying landmasses, c'mon this isn't even logical!"

"Don't worry Nep-Nep, I'm sure you'll recover from amnesia some time. There's no cure but your memory should return by itself. It's like my grandpa said, 'Fancy may kill or cure!' Get some sleep, take it easy, and you'll be better in no time." Compa stated ignoring the slightly panicking Naruto.

"…Get some sleep? I feel like someone asked me to do something while I was unconscious," a pensive look came onto Neptunes face. Suddenly a look of realization appeared on her face, "Yeah, someone was crying out for help… in my dream!"

"If someone contacted you through a dream that it was probably not real,"

"Well, I wouldn't be too sure on that Compa but you're probably right,"

"But, you never know. It was so weird. I betcha someone far away was like pa-choo and sent me a telepathic message, y'know?" Neptune said in an animated voice while swinging her arms around.

"It's possible. Actually, many places, Planeptune included, are being threatened by more and more monsters lately. The military powers failed to keep them from appearing. We can only defend ourselves and keep them at bay now,"

"Then… there must be a boss generating all this monsters somewhere. I bet my mission is to go defeat that boss and save the world!"

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT KIND OF IDEA?!" Naruto shouted tired of the craziness ensuing.

"Ah don't be like that, I mean think of this just like a game. We have a protagonist who lost her memory, she wakes up in a new world infested with monsters so it's obvious that she has to go out and find a boss and defeat it!" Neptune stated as if it was sensible. "Of course along the way I'll have to gather party members, such as yourself… you would do well as the straight man in the group,"

"Don't go deciding things by yourself!" Naruto quickly retorted only to receive a smile from Neptune.

"Well why not, I mean you've been doing an excellent job of being the straight man,"

"That still is not a good enough reason for me to join your party. Also from hearing what Compa's said about this place I'm pretty sure Konoha is nowhere near here… I really need to get back home so I don't think I can go traveling with you,"

"But, but think of it this way. We'll be traveling this world trying to find the boss and along the way you'll have you questions answered on how to get home! Well at least that's how it usually works out…"

"…you actually made a good point there, I guess I'll join you for now. However, when I find a way home I'll be leaving you understand?"

"Yup clear as day," Neptune smiled before looking back to Compa, "So Compa, do you know any dungeons nearby that might have any dangerous monsters nearby?"

"Nep-Nep this is completely irrational and dangerous, I mean you're going out with a complete stranger to fight monsters and find the final boss!"

"You let two strangers into your house… you have right to judge," Naruto slid in causing Compa to deflate a bit.

"I know but that was only because you two were injured and it's a nurses job to help all those who are injured," Compa stated proudly before gaining a pensive look. "But if I wait for people to get injured to help them that is equally as bad as not helping them… I know I'll help you and Nep-Nep defeat the final boss, that way I'm helping everyone!"

"I can only be a straight man for so long… I mean how do you two even jump to these conclusions,"

"You admitted it, you admitted it!" Neptune started saying as she jumped around Naruto, "But Compa didn't you say you were studying to be a nurse, doesn't that mean you'll have to skip classes to join the two of us?"

"Oh not to worry, because of all the monsters around here people have been getting killed or eaten. Students are leaving school out of fear, so it's closed down for now. Classes are suspended until further notice!"

"Oh, that sucks, but that means you can camp out, right? Goodie! Let's go find the dungeon where the boss is waiting!"

"Seriously, you two have no care in the world do you?" Naruto asked getting tired of being sucked into their pace. "Well at least we'll get something done," sighing Naruto stood up straight and started to do an inventory of his items. "Let's see here, I have quite a few kunai and shuriken so I should be fine there. As for these scrolls," unrolling it he tried molding his chakra only to not find it anywhere. "Well… this is not good," mumbling to himself he concentrated even harder only to find out he couldn't even feel his chakra.

"Hey Naruto you ok, you look like you have a bad case of diarrhea. Oh if you are maybe you should ask Compa for help, after all she is a nurse in training"

"You know, if I didn't already know you I'd say you were making fun of me,"

"Aw don't be like that I mean this is the start of a beautiful friendship that will be put to the test as we go from dungeon to dungeon testing our mettle and will against the evilest of foes," patting Naruto on the back Neptune continued, "Now how about we all get together and do a group cheer!"

"Cheer? What would our cheer be?"

"Hmm, good question Compa. You know what forget that let's just hurry onto the next dungeon and blaze on through!"

"Not to be negative or anything… but do you two even know how to fight?" Naruto asked pulling out a kunai and twirling it around his finger, "I mean if you're so bent on trying to defeat this final boss you're going to be strong, the regular monsters did beat the regular militia around these parts, and they're all probably well trained,"

"Well… I can use a sword, I think," Neptune stated before waving her hands around making a wooden boken appear in her hand.

"I use giant syringes for battle, they shoot bullets and hurt a lot if I smack you with it!" Compa pointed to the giant syringe that was behind Naruto causing him to wince a bit.

"*sigh* well if anything I guess I'll be in the front lines than trying to protect you girls from anything these monsters can throw out at you. I lost most of my abilities because I can't use chakra right now but I still have my hand to hand combat skills and my throwing skills so I should be more than a match for anything we run into," letting the kunai he was twirling slip off his finger it launched up before coming back down into his waiting hand. "So what should we do about supplies and such, I mean I have no cash here, pretty sure Neptune doesn't have any and I would feel bad if we mooched off of Compa,"

"Ah not to worry about that, in most games when we defeat monsters they'll leave some money behind or other items like healing potions and such, so if we're ever in need of money we'll just do some more dungeon diving!"

"Neptune…. THIS ISN'T A GAME!" Naruto shouted channeling his inner Iruka to make his head bigger when he did.

"Ah, don't yell at me like that!" Neptune said as she cowered behind Compa, "But it's true though all the main characters and their party members always go through dungeons to gather more and more gold and materials and exp getting stronger each time!"

Grabbing her cheeks he started to pull so that her face stretched, "As I stated before this is not a game it's real life!"

"But I'm the main character!" Neptune managed to say even with Naruto pulling on her cheeks.

"Um… Mr. Star, I don't really know about monsters dropping gold and items and such but there are people who put up requests to kill said monsters or retrieve items that monsters have stolen from them,"

Looking over at Compa Naruto gave her a smile before letting go of Neptune's face, "Well, I guess we're going to have to go on a few quests to raise our finances,"

"Hey don't go deciding things without the party leader!" Neptune started only to flinch when Naruto stared down at her, "On second thought yeah quest will be good, but can we first do at least one dungeon?" doing her best puppy eyes Naruto couldn't keep up and faltered.

"We'll do one before doing requests, remember if we don't have any money we won't be able to eat,"

"Aye aye sir!" Neptune and Compa both replied at the same time.

"So… where's the first dungeon we're going to go through at?"

"Oh there should be one close by, it's only about a half an hours walk from where we are right now,"

"Really… why is there a dungeon so close by to a town, isn't this why people are getting eaten or killed by these monsters because they live so close to them?"

"Who cares, let's go dungeon diving now!" Neptune stated as she raced out of Compa's room.

"We should probably go after her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself or get lost," Compa stated as she slowly started to leave the room.

"Ever hear about pot calling the kettle black?"

"I think my grandpa mentioned it before… but I'm not sure,"

"Never mind than, let's go after her,"


"C'mon you two hurry up, we have a world to save you know,"

"*sigh* Neptune you don't even know where to go!"

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