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Silently making his way into the inn that the party had been using Naruto didn't expect the lights to suddenly turn on and see Neptune plus Compa looking at him with a disappointed look on their faces. It was an almost comical scene with Neptune and Compa having pulled two large arm chairs from somewhere in the inn and set them up so that they would be facing him when he came in.

"Uh… what are you two doing up so early?" Naruto asked trying to break the awkward silence that was building in the room. The two didn't stop staring at him causing him to unconsciously take a step back.

"Why don't you take a seat Naruto?" Naruto froze at that and looked at Neptune who was smiling yet he couldn't feel any warmth behind it. "Compa and I were just talking about how a party should function, and one of the main things was that a party does not wander off on its own,"

Looking around Naruto didn't see IF and was about to point it out only for Compa to cut him off, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about IF right now, after all she has something else waiting for her when she comes back," hearing her soft tone Naruto couldn't help but shiver a bit, not that he was cold or anything it just felt really chilly suddenly. "Now than Naruto, why don't we start talking about where you were," Compa paused as she studied Naruto, "and you can also tell us what happened to you side," a look of worry took over both Neptune and Compa.

"Oh this," Naruto pointed at the bandaged wound on this side that was visible due to his frayed clothes. "I got this from a… training accident," trying to play it down Naruto reached up behind his head and started laughing a bit awkwardly. Immediately the atmosphere broke and Compa rushed over to his side and undid the bandages.

"Whoever dressed this for you did a really good job," Compa said a bit impressed by the work. "But they need to be changed right now, it looks like the bandages are pretty old now so time to get to work," producing a roll of bandages a sweatdrop appeared on Naruto.

"No, no I'm fine… really!" Naruto held up his hands in front of him as he tried to back off from Compa.

Having none of that Compa latched onto his arm, "Now, now I'm a nurse in training so you don't have to worry one bit." Flashes of images went through his eyes as he remembered seeing Neptune being almost suffocated. Looking off to the side he saw Neptune scared stiff, shivering at the sight of the bandages.

"Really, I'm fine," trying to downplay his injuries he saw it didn't work and turned around to sprint for the door only to trip. "What the?" looking at what caused him to trip he saw a bandage wrapped around his leg.

"Huh how did that get there?" Compa questioned before smiling, "Well no matter here I go!" In a flash Naruto soon found his arms and legs bound.

"How?" Naruto couldn't even finish that as he found his mouth gagged by more bandages. Looking pleadingly over towards Neptune's direction he felt all hope disappear as he saw Neptune somehow in a turtle bind from the bandages.

Continuing staring at her Neptune had tears forming in her eyes, "I don't even know how this happened!" Neptune shouted out and struggled to get out only for the bandages to tighten.

Returning his attention to the perpetrator he saw a confused look on her face as she stared at two lengths of bandages in her hand. "Let's see, this one goes here and that one I think I have to pull," a pained whimper escaped Naruto's gagged mouth. "I believe this one goes here," an audible crack was heard as Naruto's right arm was stretched backwards painfully. "And this one here," an unbelievable amount of pain coursed through Naruto's body, "finally a loop de loop and I'm finished!" Compa stepped back to look at her work only to frown.

"What are you doing hanging from the ceiling Naruto?" Compa asked only to turn her attention to Neptune who somehow swung next to Naruto and was now hanging off the ceiling next to him.

"Compa… I think you should not touch any bandages for a while," Neptune struggled to get out of her bindings to no avail.

"But I'm training to be a nurse," Compa looked at Naruto who had passed out, "Oh no Mr. Star!" Compa tried to make her way over to Naruto only to trip over one of the bandages that was lying around. In that moment Naruto crashed into Neptune before the two tangled together and crashed onto one of the beds.

Getting up Compa looked for the two only to see them on the bed, Naruto still passed out and Neptune also passed out with a large lump on her head. "Aw, the two of them are sleeping together…"looking at them for a bit a strange sensation went over Compa before it went away. "It is pretty late, I should be able to grab some more sleep before the sun rises," deciding to sleep Compa took the bed next to the one the two were tangled up in.

"Goodnight Nep-Nep, Mr. Star," the only response she received was moans of pain.

A grumpy Naruto and Neptune were both slowly trekking their way behind a cheery Compa and a red faced IF. It wasn't that IF was angry or blushing or anything, it was because IF had laughed so hard that her face had turned red, in fact she was still laughing much to the annoyance of Naruto and Neptune.

"Hahahaha, not only do you two end up tied up but you ended up cuddling each other while tied together," IF laughed, grinning she took out one of her phones and fiddled around with it some before pulling up a picture of Naruto and Neptune sleeping as peacefully as they could while tangled together.

"Ugh, when are we going to reach the Basilicom and ask where all the tough monsters are?" Neptune asked clearly still annoyed.

Meanwhile with Naruto, "How the hell did I let her get blackmail material on me?" in deep thought Naruto thought on how to get the phone away from IF or at least get some counter blackmail material. Feeling something irritating his neck Naruto reached back and pulled out a small piece of bandage. "I never want to see another bandage as long as I live. I don't care if I'm bleeding to death or dying don't get those things near me ever again." Tossing the bandage away he didn't see it land on Neptune who let out a small yelp and quickly brushed the bandage away.

Snickering some more IF looked at the two before saying, "Well I'm not sure about never seeing another bandage, but the Basilicom is right over there."

Perking up at that Neptune dashed past the party leaving a dust trail behind her as she sprinted towards the Basilicom. Seeing no point in wasting energy the rest of the party slowly made their way over to Neptune who was panting slightly at the entrance of the building.

"What took yea so long slow pokes?" Neptune asked looking as calm as she could while controlling her breathing.

Seeing that there was a chance to mess with her Naruto started, "Well, there was a store over there selling pudding and we decided to go take a look but then decided against it since you were already by the Basilicom,"

As soon as pudding was mentioned Neptune shouted, "REALLY?!" only for that to cause her to lose control and show her exhausted self. Feeling a bit bad Naruto walked up and patted her on the back. "Next time don't run off when the rest of the party just wants to walk over there,"

"But we were supposed to have a happy party moment where we all run over to the Basilicom and the camera shoots out a bit showing the sun and everything!" Neptune stated only to see Naruto shudder a bit.

"Don't mention something like that again… it brought up some suppressed memories, and what do you mean by camera, I don't see any nearby."

"Naruto you're getting caught up in her pace again," hearing IF say that Naruto shook his head, "I thought you would already be immune to something like her antics but I guess not."

Naruto opened his mouth to say something but then shut it in favor of watching what was going to transpire. Seeing him closing his mouth IF took it as a sign of admitting defeat and took time to smile only to stumble when she felt something latch onto her back.

"You know you were really mean back at the Inn Iffy," recognizing the voice IF quickly looked over to where Neptune was supposed to be only to see that she was not there, instead she was now on her back. "I think I need to get some payback for that," letting out a lewd laugh Neptune's hands started maneuvering their way all over IF's body.

"Hey get off Neptune!" IF shouted as she tried to remove Neptune from her back. Each time she reached for Neptune though Neptune seemed to slither to a different location on IF making each effort futile. "What are you, some kind of bug or something?"

"Now that's just mean," Neptune put on a pout before she poked IF on her side. A chill went up IF's spine as she stood up straight and let out a small meep. "Oh, could it be that you're… ticklish?" Neptune asked the now slightly sweating IF.

"O-of course I'm not, why would I be… ah!" not allowing her to finish Neptune started tickling IF. "HAHAHAHAHA NEPTUNE STOP!" IF shouted out between her forced laughs.

"Why would I stop, this is too fun," laughing maniacally Neptune continued her assault only to be stopped when someone tugged and lifted her by her hoodie. Turning around she saw who it was, "Oh Naruto why are you stopping my fun?"

"Because we're wasting time, and I find it better to side with IF more than you," receiving a grateful nod from the flushed and panting IF Naruto nodded towards her. "Let's hurry up and get this over with, you did want to find out where the tough monsters were,"

Pouting a bit Neptune gave up and looked towards the ground, "Fine… but let me down before we go inside."

Giving a look to Compa and IF than back at Neptune Naruto made a quick decision. "Nah, I think I'm going to hold onto you like this so you won't make any more trouble," Naruto grinned and Neptune started to wave her hands around trying to hit anything around her to get back onto the ground.

Ignoring that Naruto showed a great deal of strength by proceeding to walk into the Basilicom while holding onto the flailing Neptune.

"Aw, can I hold Neptune like that?" Compa asked as she saw Neptune struggle even more, "It looks really fun!"

"That looks fun to you?" IF asked having regained her breath, "Not sure about fun but it looks like a parent handling an unruly child."

"It does doesn't it," Compa laughed a little bit before realizing that Neptune and Naruto were already inside. "Ah they already went inside without us!"

"Well this usually does happen when two people in our party are just talking together, the other members usually just go ahead of us and… I'm by myself," sighing at that revelation IF slowly trudged her way inside of the building and saw a whining Neptune a partly disappointed Naruto and a pouting Compa.

Walking over she saw the party talking to one of the Basilicom workers, "As I said before this is Basilicom is a local branch so we don't carry much information on monsters. If you want more information on monsters you should head to the central Basilicom,"

"Well that sucks… do you know how long it would take to get to that Basilicom?" Neptune asked with her arms crossed and her right foot tapping impatiently.

"Well… you would have to take the main roads but with monster activity at an all high the roads have been damaged so you would have to ,"

"FIVE DAYS?!" Neptune shouted causing the people around her to hold their ears in small pain. "We don't have that much time to waste… are you sure you haven't heard about any super power monster activity around here?" Neptune asked getting desperate.

"Sorry, we only carry information that is local to the town here and the last strong monster we had around here was taken care of last night," hearing that Naruto put his hand over his slightly sore side. "Apparently Lady Green Heart came over to destroy the monsters, she took care of one but the other one was already killed before she got there."

"Lady Green Heart?" Naruto asked slowly, "Who is Green Heart?" Naruto asked as he remembered the woman who called herself Green Heart the night before.

"Oh she is the goddess of this land, you can look at her blog where she posts her daily musings and such," fumbling around he soon pulled out a tablet and showed it to the group. "It's this one right here," looking at the screen the party could see a long blonde haired woman in a green dress doing a greeting which seemed to be on loop. The party members stared for a bit and Naruto thought more on seeing the picture.

'Well if anything there's one feature that stands out which both have similar,' blushing a bit when he saw the figure in the blog push up her generous assets up. 'Still the hair color and eye colors don't even match... does that mean she transforms? Well I think Histoire mentioned something about goddesses being able to transform but what does that make me than… also what about Neptune?'

While all of this was going on in Naruto's head Neptune had put the pout on her face again from seeing Naruto just stare at the picture that he didn't notice Neptune. "So that's what you like isn't it?" looking down at her body Neptune frowned and started to push together her breasts to try and make them stand out some more. "I mean I'm not that impressive right now but my transformation has a pretty nice rack!"

"What?" brought out of his thoughts Naruto couldn't help but double take on what he just heard.

"You were ogling Green Heart's breast don't lie!" Neptune shouted causing a few sweat drops to form around the room. Although Compa was looking at her own breasts and then at Green hearts.

"I wasn't ogling them I was just thinking about something else," not believing him Neptune continued pestering him.

"So big boobs are you thing huh, well why don't you find another party with bigger boobs if we're disappointing you!"

"Neptune what are you even… and what does my preference to boob size have to do with anything going on right now?"

"It has everything to do in this party, I mean look at IF she's as flat as can be. If we have a party member that can't be supportive of all boob sizes than it's going to ruin the party meta!"

Taking offence to that IF spoke up, "What are you talking about flat as a board?!" walking up to Neptune IF pointed at her chest, "If I'm flat as a board then what about you, your chest size is smaller than mine!"

"Oh god," Naruto mumbled out pinching the bridge of his nose.

"But you forgot one important thing IF!" Neptune said before a light surrounded her, "I'm much bigger than you in this form," a now transformed Neptune said as she puffed out her chest in pride.

"That's cheating!" IF shouted as she started to butt heads with Neptune, "If anything your transformed self is like a whole different party member, so that chibi form of yours is still the smallest!"

"So it's come to this hasn't it, how sad it must be to try and make excuses for your small size," Neptune said all while holding a condescending smirk.

"You!" IF had her hands form fists which were shaking with fury.

Not backing off Neptune pushed back, "Bring it washboard!"

A tense atmosphere surrounded the two that it caused everyone in the Basilicom to back off even if they weren't anywhere near the two. Before things could escalate though Compa came over, "No fighting!" her voice echoed through the Basilicom and caused the two that were squaring off to break eye contact and stare at Compa. "Party members should not fight each other, especially if they're friends!" Compa stated making exaggerated movements with her hands.

While her intention was good the two frustrated party members could only stare at two objects that bounced around as Compa made her movements. "We lost," the two dropped to the ground as they felt utterly defeated at the sight of Compa's bouncing bossum.

"Eh, what do you mean you two lost?" still clueless Compa bent down to get level with the two only to accentuate her bust even more.

"Ugh, she's rubbing salt on the wounds," Neptune said before light covered her and she turned back, "Compa stop already we lost."

"To think that we had such a terrifying party member," IF stood up and started looking around only to not find the person who had started this debacle. "Hey where's Naruto?"

Looking around the party members saw that they were indeed missing their only male party member. Before Neptune could call out the Basilicom helper walked over and said, "Ah, your friend left a few minutes ago, he was muttering something about insanity and needing to vent or something,"

"Damn it Naruto don't leave me here alone with Neptune!" IF shouted quickly heading out of the building towards where she thought Naruto was going.

"Ah Compa we have two runaway party members quick after them!"

"Alright Neptune let's go!" with that the two remaining party members dashed out of the Basilicom.

"Monster extermination... it was just supposed to be a simple monster extermination mission and here I am somehow lost in this forest," Naruto mumbled to himself as he trudged along in a forest that he was apparently lost in. It had been some time since the party left the Basilicom and decided to take a couple of missions nearby to wait for the roads to be fixed, either that or see if one of the landmasses came by, whichever came first.

One of the missions that had been asked for them to be done was a simple monster extermination in a nearby forest, in fact the same forest he had met the two monsters and Green Heart. There were no longer any of those monsters that he faced down, at least not any that he had seen and considering he had a tough time with it he was glad that none showed. All that showed up were a bunch of weak monsters that were perfect for the party at their current strength, although they did come in great numbers, so many in fact that Neptune and Compa went gung ho and went down one path while IF activated some kind of hunter mode and chased down a monster deep into the forest.

That would be great and all but that had left him alone with quite a lot of monsters who all looked at him like a piece of meat and proceeded to attack. He had defeated them all easily, a couple of kunai tosses and good wire placements had sealed off their movements and then precise kunai throws were more than enough to defeat those enemies.

Now that wasn't the problem, the problem was that he was separated from the rest of his party and he couldn't just leave them alone in this forest, even if the monsters were a bunch of weaklings. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem if he still had his ninja powers, aka chakra, but he didn't and he wasn't the best when it came to tracking so all that left was blindly wandering around trying to find out exactly where exactly those three had gone.

He continued walking only to stop when he heard footsteps rapidly approaching his location. Preparing himself he bought out one kunai, 'Knowing my luck something troublesome is heading my way.'

Hearing the sound drop off Naruto relaxed his stance and put his kunai away and prepared to walk only to have something crash hard into his back. "Gah," Naruto let out as he staggered forward before falling face first onto the ground. "Why me," Naruto mumbled out into the ground before showing strength and pushing himself off the ground with the object that bumped into him still on his back.

"Uwah!" the figure let out as it was flung backwards from the force Naruto used to push himself off the ground. "Hey what do you think you're doing standing in the middle of this forest like that!" a clearly feminine voice shouted out. Turning around Naruto saw a red haired girl with a white highlight pointing at him. She was dressed in a weird red and black dress slash kimono and on her shoulder was a gold serpent dragon thing which seemed to be alive.

Gathering his bearings Naruto dusted his pants off before replying, "Well I'm here hunting monsters, what's someone like you doing here running around?" Naruto asked trying not to come off as a bastard of sorts.

"Monster hunting, IF is supposed to be monster hunting in this forest… does that mean you're in a party with my waifu?" the girl stopped pointing and instead walked up to him and started staring him, almost like she was sizing him up. "Hmm… not bad looking, can fight, is in a party with all females… AH you're a harem character!"

Naruto just froze there for a bit as he tried to comprehend what she had just said. After a few seconds of eloquently thinking of what to say to her he finally let out, "What?" well Naruto at least tried.

"Yeah, I know your goal you plan on taking IF-chan from me and also all of my other future waifus!" Naruto tried to back off from the girl only for her to grab onto his arm. "You're not getting away from me and getting closer to IF on my watch!"

Yanking his arm out Naruto tried to get away only to comically trip over a tree root. "Is it possible for you to just leave me alone and pretend that we never met?"

"Nope," well so much for wishful thinking. Sighing Naruto stood up again and saw that he wouldn't be getting away from her any time soon Naruto leaned against the nearest tree and figured he would listen her out and she'd go away.

"So who else do you have in your harem?" the girl asked in a completely innocent manner. "I mean you have the makings of a main character and you look like someone who wouldn't settle for one girl so how many have you got hooked?"

"Ugh" Naruto let out as he squeezed the bridge of his nose, "what the hell is with this place, is everyone crazy?" Naruto asked himself more than the girl before producing a kunai and tossing it towards the girl. In a yelp she ducked letting the kunai fly by her.

"What the hell was that for?!" she asked standing up and pointing at Naruto accusingly. Before she could ask anymore though a wail of pain was heard along with a dull thud. Turning around to see what happened she saw a butterfly like monster lying on the ground before it disappeared. "Wow, that was actually pretty cool," walking over to where the kunai was she picked it up and inspected it. "Are you some kind of ninja or something?"

"Something like that," walking over to her he plucked the kunai out of her hand. Twirling it with his index finger he let it spin faster before letting it slip out and shoot upward. "Before you continue on though who exactly are you and how do you know IF?"

"Oh did I forget to introduce myself?" she mostly asked herself but still received a nod from Naruto. "Well The name's Red and I'm on a journey to find my Waifus!"

Feeling a headache coming Naruto just shook his head before catching the kunai he had thrown up, "The name's Uzumaki Naruto."

"That it?" Red asked causing Naruto to faceplant a bit. "What, normally you would introduce yourself and state your purpose or some kind of title," Red stated as if it was the most known thing.

"Hah, well to me its not common knowledge," Naruto replied, "by the way what are you even doing here?"

"Oh me? I'm just here to meet up with my Waifu IF-chan and I thought I would help her out by bringing a whole lot of monsters her way."

"A whole lot of monsters?" Naruto asked cautiously to Red who nodded enthusiastically.

"Yup yup, in fact before I met you I gathered a whole lot of monsters in this forest and had them all chase me!" as if to prove her point the ground around them started to shake a bit. "In fact I think they caught up to me," hearing a stampede of footsteps Naruto couldn't help but feel his headache increase.

"What made you think this was a good idea?" Naruto asked as he prepared himself to run.

"Well I figured if I got all the monsters together than your quest to do a monster suppression would be over faster, and if it's over faster IF-chan would be happier,"

"I seriously hate how people think in this world," Naruto muttered before picking up Red by the waist and running in the opposite direction he heard the monsters coming from.

"Ah what are you doing put me down!" Red shouted but Naruto ignored that and continued running with Red.

"Unless you want to be monster food I suggest not struggling," Naruto continued running as fast as he could through the trees. "Those monsters sure are persistent," as he said that he looked behind to see if the monsters were catching up. When he did though he crashed into someone causing him to drop Red and roll on the ground with the person.

"Ow what the hell?!" the person shouted causing Naruto to perk up at that.

"IF is that you?" standing up Naruto saw the person he had rolled with was indeed IF. "Oh thank god it's you… but then again now's not the best time to talk,"

"What are you talking about Naruto?" IF asked as she accepted Naruto's hand and stood up.

"Well long story short…"

"IF-Chan!" Red shouted as she rushed in between the two to get to IF.

"You're… the girl from the forest. Red, right?" IF asked thinking hard to remember back when she first met her.

"You remembered my name! As expected of Waifu number one,"

"Yeah… Waifu, so what can I do for you?" IF asked ignoring the worried look on Naruto's face as he looked at where he had just come from.

Red on the other hand looked a bit confused before remembering what she was doing, "Oh yea. You're traveling to hunt monsters, right?" Red asked putting a cheery smile on her face.

"Yeah, Naruto is also part of that group that's hunting monsters I guess," remembering where they were IF looked around a bit worried, "We might still be surrounded. Let's get back to town as soon as we can."

"But… I just got here! We're alone!" Naruto coughed only to be ignored again, "I came today… I came for you and you alone!" looking a bit annoyed at Red Naruto sighed before pulling out a whole bunch of kunai and throwing them in a crisscross pattern with his ninja wire attached to them.

Confused at what he was doing IF was about to ask only for Red to continue, "I came here for my beloved waifu number one, I brought a whole bunch of them with me while risking my life!"

Looking a bit worried now IF carefully asked, "brought what?"

"Monsters of course, I risked my life to bring them over here for you so you can fight to your hearts content," speechless at that IF could only stare at her incredulously. Seeing that Red continued excited, "Too happy to respond, eh? Man, it was tough work to round up this many. But I know it's worth it to see that stunned O-face of yours. There's probably more than one hundred here!"

"Yeah, and one hundred is too much for even me," Naruto said before turning away from the wire fence he made.

"Of course that's too much for you, I wouldn't be surprised if even the goddesses have trouble with that many!" looking around frantically IF finally decided retreating was the best, "We need to run!" she said to the two.

"Huh? Hmm, you're not gonna fight? But I worked so hard to bring them to you…"

"Red, just… take my hand and hurry!" grabbing her hand IF made to run off only to stop when she saw Naruto not move. "What are you doing Naruto, we need to get out of here."

"I should be fine," Naruto said as a familiar white glow surrounded him, "After all," Naruto transformed "I can handle a few and get away in this form," Naruto appeared in his purple katana form. 'Hmm, I'm not in that other form I was in yesterday… wonder why that is?' flexing his arms a bit Naruto summoned his katana.

"Even for you that's crazy!" IF shouted.

"Yeah, hurry up and run with us Naruto!"

"I'm just going to stall them, remember I can fly while you two can't," with a slash he created a gorge between them. "Our quest here was monster elimination and almost all the monsters are gathered here so it's a great opportunity for me, now get going I'll be fine,"

"Gah, you can be sooo irritating in that form Naruto!" IF shouted before turning to Red, "Come on Red we're leaving that idiot behind,"

"Will he be ok?" Red asked as the two started running away.

"Yeah, idiots like him don't die after all,"

Hearing a huge explosion and a maniacal laughter the two winced a bit, "He also can go a bit overboard when he enters that form," Red's mouth formed an O before she silently prayed for the monsters.

Meanwhile with Naruto over half the monsters that had been following him and Red were already destroyed with the last attack he had done. The monsters having seen that were a bit intimidated and holding their position away from Naruto. "What are you waiting for I'm here you weaklings!" Naruto shouted out which got some rise out of them and made some of the braver ones start charging forward. "Now that's what I want to see," Naruto said as he rushed forward to meet one of the faster running monsters, "monsters that are not afraid to meet their doom," a quick slash and the monster fell forward.

"As cocky as always aren't you Naruto?" turning towards the sky Naruto saw Neptune's transformed come down and land next to him. "So what did you do to gather up this many weaklings up?"

"It actually wasn't me this time," pulling out a gun he shot down a monster that was heading in from their right. "It was some girl named Red who apparently is stalking IF or something."

"Oh so our little IF has her own stalker, how interesting," slashing down another monster Neptune smirked, "I'm at twenty one now."

"Well before you got here I took care of fifty or so," shooting down another one Naruto said, "so probably sixty two. Also I think she said something about IF being her waifu,"

"Waifu huh," a quick succession of slashes left the monsters that were in front of her dead. "Thirty one."

"Well I think that's most of the ones that stayed," doing a quick fly around of the area Naruto landed back down next to Neptune, "by the way where is Compa?"

"Oh she's back at the Inn. I was about to join her when I heard that explosion so I decided to check out what was going on," taking flight Neptune soon left the tree line.

Joining her Naruto quickly rose up and started to fly towards where he saw the town nearby, "So you were going to leave IF and I alone?"

"Well it's not like you two couldn't handle anything in there by yourselves," catching up to Naruto she than matched his speed and flew by his side, "besides we're leaving IF by herself right now."

"Well, IF is with Red and we did take care of most of the monsters in that forest," Naruto's attitude pulled back a bit, "well I'm tired now, Neptune you go pick up the reward, if you need me I'm going to go find out what's the status on that road fix… now that I think about it wouldn't we be able to fly IF and Compa over to the central Basilicom?"

"First off we don't know where it is," Neptune stated, "second we don't even know how long we can hold these forms for. Could you imagine what would happen if we transformed back to normal while one thousand feet in the air?"

"Good point, well I'll see you later than Neptune," with a burst of speed Naruto flew off towards the town leaving Neptune by herself.

"Well there he goes… he could've flown with me to the mission board I mean it's in the same town," Neptune semi annoyed flew off in Naruto's direction.

"So… there's been more of a delay with the repairs on the main road not only because of the monsters, but apparently the nobles are holding up the repairs," Naruto explained to the party at the inn.

"What, does that mean we won't be able to go to the central Basilicom and meet Leanbox's goddess… boo," Neptune said before munching on a cookie that was on the table.

"So as I was saying we should probably head to one of the landmasses that is coming by, it would probably be faster and we can always come back when we find the key fragments on the other landmasses,"

"Agreed..." IF said as she fiddled with her phone, "It looks like Lowee is coming up tomorrow afternoon so we should probably get ready to go there."

"Ooh Lowee they have the best alchemists and such there. Although we're going to probably get warmer clothes if we're going there," Compa stated as she mock shivered thinking about the climate there.

"What do you mean warmer clothes Compa, is it super cold there or something?" Neptune asked getting intrigued.

"Yeah, most of the time it's snowing there making it one of the best places to play around and have snowball fights."

"Cool!" Neptune shouted imagining all the snowballs she would be able to make. "Well than I'm going to sleep right now so tomorrow will come faster and I get to play in the snow!" Neptune jumped towards her bed and immediately crawled inside. "Oh wait I didn't finish my pudding," tossing the covers off Neptune made her way back and sat down to continue eating her pudding.

"Snow huh," Naruto gave a bittersweet smile before standing up. "Well I'm going to go to the shop and buy some more equipment; I've been running low on Kunai again and ninja wires,"

"Alright… oh can you buy me any new weapons you find?" Compa asked surprising Naruto a bit.

"Sure Compa," heading out he went towards the store. 'Well no clues on how to get home yet, but I'm not going to give up yet.'

Heading back he never saw the dark figure flying in the sky and looking down at him. "He's nothing like any goddess and he doesn't seem to be attached to any nation so why is he able to transform?" the figure asked herself before remembering something. "If my theory is correct I could use him," a smile formed on her face before she started to laugh. "Oh he would be the perfect piece to my plan."

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