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Summary: (Beginning takes place back when the series was first starting out but will run through right to the newer series which means Amaro and Rollins will be in it too in later chapters) Olivia, Elliot and the rest of the team are tracking a brutal serial rapist and murderer. They're at a crime scene when Olivia is snatched by the very monster they are trying to catch. She is badly beaten and raped, before being rescued by the team, but her attacker gets away. Olivia tries to move on but soon discovers she is pregnant with her rapists baby. She is determined to break the cycle life has thrown her into and be the best mother she can be, promising to always love and be there to protect her daughter... but fate has other ideas and Olivia is shot by her attacker and killed... or so everyone is told. Elliot goes on to raise the baby as his own but when her rapist father escapes prison he comes looking for his daughter with all intentions to make her another one of his victims. Olivia suddenly reappears, having been forced into witness protection for years to protect her and her daughter. She is determined to face the man who has haunted her life and keep the promise she made to protect her daughter.

A/N: Elliot and Kathy are divorced from the start of this story so no little Eli but all the other Stabler children will be mentioned.

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Chapter 1

March 1999

It was hot...really hot. Beads of sweat rolled down Olivia Benson's face, down her neck and she could feel them dripping down her cleavage too. Her bullet proof vest was like a shell that she was trapped in feeling boiling hot. The heat truly didn't make this task any easier but she knew it had to be done and she knew her partner, Elliot Stabler, was probably feeling just as uncomfortable and as frustrated by the heat as she was.

They had come to the small house in hopes of finding brutal serial rapist and murderer Vincent Doyle hiding out here as finally they had tracked him down through a relative of his, a cousin. At least they hoped they would find him here.

The house was small and looked ready to crumble to the ground due to some severe neglect. The exterior pain was chipped, the gutters where broken, some of the windows boarded up. The electricity in the property didn't work so it was dark inside with just rays of sunlight creeping in through the gaps in the boards covering the windows or the few windows that actually remained in tact.

They had checked out the whole of the downstairs and now most of the upstairs too but they had found nothing but signs of a rat infestation. Elliot and Olivia froze as they came to last room upstairs. Elliot silently nodded to Olivia and then tried to turn the handle but it didn't budge. It was locked. They shared a worried yet curious look before Elliot then turned to face the door fully, he took one step back, and then with one hard kick to it the door swung wide open. Olivia ran in behind him, her gun aimed and ready. Their suspect wasn't in the room but there was a bed in the corner and a woman lay on it.

They could both see the woman was unconscious and there was a nasty bleeding gash on her forehead. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress and although one of her heels had fallen off the right one remained on her foot. Clearly she'd been on a night out on the town when she was taken. It was obvious she had probably spent hours doing her hair before she had gone out but now her blonde curls were matted with blood, her makeup smeared across her bruised face.

Elliot was first to reach the woman. He put his gun away and checked the woman had a pulse. "She's alive" he told Olivia, "I need something to cut this rope off her." he said as he began trying to pick at the thick knots.

Olivia sighed with relief and replied, "I'm going to call for a bus. I'll see if there's something we can use to cut her free." She headed out of the room and figured she might find something to use in the kitchen.


It had taken just a moment for Olivia to call for a bus but it was taking her forever to find something to use to cut through the rope. The drawers were empty of anything useful and she suddenly realised this had probably been done on purpose. She stepped by the sink towards the last remaining drawer praying she would find something to free the woman, however it was the sudden hollow sound of the floor beneath her feet that caught her attention.

She found herself tapping her heel against it, checking she had heard right, she had, and although the rug beneath her feet did muffle the sound slightly she knew there was just hollow space below her. She used her foot to kick the rug aside and found herself looking down at a small square hatch door. She crouched down beside it, eyeing up the odd handle that was built into it.

A muffled moan coming from the hollow space suddenly caught her attention. She remained quiet and listened again, this time she was sure she heard someone begging for help and they sounded weak and desperate. Knowing she couldn't wait if there was a victim down there she slowly pulled open the hatch and then took out her gun. She remembered seeing a small torch in one of the drawers so she quickly stepped across the kitchen and grabbed it, her heels tapping against the floor.

She shone the torch down through the door and saw steep ladders. She decided to go down them with her back to them. She did this with her gun and the torch in her hands. It was awkward but she soon found herself stepping down onto the concrete basement floor. She slowly shone the torch around the tiny room noting how, despite it being so warm upstairs, that it was freezing in the basement. There was a small window in the corner that had been splattered with black paint so it didn't allow any light in except for where the paint had flaked away.

Olivia continued scanning the room, finally her torch fell upon something in the corner. It was an old mattress and she could see there was a woman lying on it. She slowly made her way over to her. She crouched down beside the woman wondering if she was unconscious as she had yet to move. However when she crouched down beside the woman and pulled the thin blanket covering her back enough to be able to see her face she could tell they had arrived too late to help her.

Her glassy eyes started up at nothing. Her face was pale, covered in bruises and cuts. Olivia moved the torch to her neck where she could see a chain had been wrapped around the womans throat.

"Son-uva-bitch!" she muttered to herself, hating their perp more than ever. The number of bodies on his hands was growing and Olivia swore there would be no more. She couldn't stand the thought of arriving at another scene to see it was their perp, Vincent Doyle, at work. There had been too many...

Olivia suddenly felt a cold chill run down her spine. She couldn't help but feel like perhaps she wasn't alone in the basement. She was hoping it was Elliot but the way her heart was pounding in her chest told her to be worried, to move quick! She went to push herself up but she felt something wrap around her neck and then she was ripped back. Her gun and torch fell from her hands as she reached up and tried to pull the scratchy material free from her neck. She guessed it was rope and she felt it burning into her skin as her attacker pulled it harder, so hard she felt her feet lift up off the ground.

She wanted to scream, call out for Elliot, but she couldn't breathe the rope was so tight around her neck. She felt herself becoming light headed and although she wanted to keep fighting her arms fell heavily by her side and she could no longer struggle against her attacker, and if it was even possible down in the dark basement everything became more black...


Elliot paced around the basement that was now swarming with CSU officers who continued to gather any evidence they could. They had set up big spotlights that flooded the small basement with light.

The rest of the team and Cragen had arrived quickly after Elliot had called in Olivia's disappearance. No matter what any of them said to him it didn't budge the feeling of guilt that had fallen over him.

"She's my partner, I'm supposed to have her back." he snapped angrily.

"This wasn't your fault, Elliot." Cragen reminded him.

"I was upstairs, and he was down here, and he took her. I didn't stop him so that makes it my fault."

"You have to stop thinking like that. Just concentrate on finding her." Fin said.

"How many times have we known that Vince has took another woman, we search and we search, we follow the clues and we still find a dead body at the end of it all."

"Then we search harder. We find Olivia before Vince has chance to hurt her." Cragen said.

Elliot rubbed his face before he replied, "It's been four hours, he could have done all sorts of stuff to her in that 've seen what he's capable of."

"Liv's strong, El. Don't forget that." Munch said.

Elliot knew his partner was strong. She had showed him how strong she was on the many cases they had worked, but he also knew how dangerous Vince was and he hated the thought of him hurting Olivia.


Olivia had woke up in some sort of basement. It was small and pretty much empty except for the dirty mattress she had woke up on, and a bucket that sat to her left with a toilet roll beside it. There was no chance in hell she would use that no matter how desperate she got. There was a heavy chain fixed around her ankle and it was tied around a metal pipe that traveled up the wall. She had tried for hours to break free of it but it was no good.

Her attacker had taken her shoes and socks from her as well as her jacket. She had on a pair of black trousers and a long sleeved white t-shirt but it wasn't enough to keep her warm in the cold basement. There was a blanket on the mattress but she didn't dare use it. She had no way of knowing who had used it before her or why it had been used. She just kept picturing the womans body she had found before she had been attacked, she could practically feel the itchy material of the blanket between her fingers as she had pulled it back to reveal the womans face.

She had tried calling out for help but that had gotten her nowhere. She couldn't even be sure anyone was around to hear her. She had managed to move across the basement floor to a tiny window in the corner. Upon looking out of it all she could see were trees and shrubbery. She guessed wherever she was it wasn't in Manhattan anymore.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard a door creak open. The sound of heavy boots coming down the stairs seemed to echo all around her, adding to the deafening sound of her own heartbeat as it now pounded against her chest. Finally she saw her attacker and the SVU's latest perp walk into the room.

Vincent Doyle was tall, mid to late twenties, dark short hair with hazel coloured eyes. He was muscular, clearly he worked out. To most women Vince would be classed as a very very good looking guy, but the monster that he truly was was hidden beneath his good looks, behind his charming smile and sparkly eyes. That was perhaps what made him most dangerous.

"Detective, I'm so glad you're awake" he said, his voice quiet and a little husky. "You had me worried for a while there. I thought perhaps you and I wouldn't get to have any fun...I'm not really into doing women cold. I like them struggling which they can't do when they're dead."

"You know my partner and the rest of my team are already looking for me and you, and when they find you you will regret this." As she spoke Vince moved closer and closer to her.

She flinched when he pulled out a gun, her gun, and placed it against her throat. "When they find you they won't even recognise that beautiful face of yours and I won't be here." he warned her. "Shall we get started?" he asked, not wanting to waste any time.

Before Olivia even had chance to reply she felt him hit her hard in the face. The force was strong enough to send her crashing to the floor face first. She quickly tried to push herself up but it was no good as Vince fell down on top of her. She felt him rip her arms behind her back. She heard a familiar jingle of metal before she felt her own cuffs being secured around one wrist, then the other.

She couldn't help but panic, she needed her arms free so she could fight back against Vince. She wasn't going to let him do to her what she had seen him do to all of his victims...but with her arms tied up she realised she was going to have little choice. Doing the only thing she could she screamed at the top of her lungs, praying someone would hear her. "HELP! HELP ME!"

Little did she know there really was no one around to hear her screams. She could only pray the team would find


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