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Chapter 4

He was in hiding! He had targeted a cop, so her brothers-and-sisters-in-blue wanted him, so for now hiding was his best option. He had enough of his own kind of brothers and sisters to watch his back. He came from a big family and a family that wasn't messed with. People, any people, who messed with them were never seen again. Witnesses who had the balls to challenge them never got their day in court...

She would never get her day in court...that he was sure of...his brothers and sisters promised that they would help carry out that threat one way or the other. They would get him his life back and he would never see the inside of a cell. One way or the other Detective Olivia Benson's days were numbered...and the bitch didn't even know it...


3 months later

Olivia was lay in bed. She was wide awake for a reason she didn't quite know, well not completely. Part of her was waiting for another phone call, like the ones she had been getting recently. At first it had been a wrong number. Then someone asking for a pizza takeaway, then someone else asking for a Chinese takeaway, then another person wanting Thai food and so it went on and then it had been just silent calls. She had told Elliot and he had decided to stay over for a few days and take the call should the phone ring but since he had been staying there hadn't been any calls at all. This was the fifth night in a row and yet no call. Olivia was sure he would just think she was being hysterical...maybe she was.

It was bright outside thanks to the full moon, the light from which was pouring into Olivia's bedroom. She turned to look at the baby monitor. It wasn't flashing, indicating that her daughter, Alyssa, was seeping soundly. She could hear her soft snores, but then it became clear to her that there was more than one person in the room snoring. She sat up in bed, propping herself up on her elbows as she listened to the sound of two people breathing.

She silently pushed herself out of bed and silently walked across her bedroom. A cool chill ran up her legs as her bare feet touched the cool wooden floor in the hallway. She was wearing just a pair of shorts and a tank t-shirt and the night air was cool.

She stepped silently towards her daughters nursery, the door of which was open enough for her to see inside. A smile instantly appeared on her face upon seeing the two sleeping forms in the room. She pushed the door open a little more and stood watching her daughter sleeping soundly on Elliot's chest. The room was lit in a soft glow from the lamp that stood beside the crib.

Olivia walked over to the white crib and reached down and pulled out the large cream woolen blanket that lay discarded at the bottom of the crib. She laid it down over her daughter so it covered her and Elliot too.

Olivia stroked her daughters head and then reached down and placed a kiss on her head, taking in the baby talc smell of her. She had to fight the urge not to snatch her baby up and hold her. It shocked her how much she truly adored her. If she hadn't been so sound asleep she would have held her but right now she looked far too content in her god-fathers arms to be taken from them.

"How badly do you wanna hold her right now?" Elliot suddenly whispered.

Olivia could only laugh as she jumped a little at the sound of his voice, "You have no idea," she replied, "I thought you were sleeping."

"Take her then, she is yours remember," Elliot said, "And I was just resting my eyes, not sleeping."

"I don't think I'm gonna get any calls tonight so you should sleep. And Aly can stay were she is, she looks peaceful. I have all the time in the world to hold her." Olivia said as she continued to watch her daughter sleep.


Later the next day

Olivia was in her apartment. She had been trying to make the place look more like a home and less like a bomb site all morning, whilst Alyssa had happily lay in her mosses basket sleeping or laying there listening to the music that played from a musical toy rabbit and being kept company by a grey tatty teddy .

With her cleaning now done Olivia walked up to the mosses basket and scooped her daughter up. "Sweetie you have been a complete angel while Momma's cleaned. The rest of the day is all about you baby girl."

She had Alyssa safely cradled in her arm as she made her way across to the large couch. Her main plan for the rest of the day really was just to be lazy on the couch with Alyssa keeping her company. She was just about to sit down when her house phone rang. She lay Alyssa down in her moses basket again which stood next to the coffee table and ran to get the phone, lifting it from the base and putting it to her ear.

"Hello," she said. For a moment she didn't get any reply, but she could hear someone breathing on the other end of the phone. "Hello?" she said again. Still she got nothing. "Who is this?" she snapped feeling more than frustrated.

She almost dropped the phone to the floor when there was a loud knock on the door behind her. Forgetting about the phone in her hand she walked over to door and looked out of the peephole. She saw nothing and some may have thought that would make her feel better but it only made her heart beat a little faster.

She stepped away from it and went to put the phone back to her ear when the knock on the door came again. She couldn't help but cry out in fear. Her mind was racing with bad thoughts about what events could unfold and she knew this was a result of what she had gone through during the last year. Her scream had startled Alyssa who was now crying loudly.

Olivia put the phone down and rushed over to her daughter. She had only just picked her up in an attempt to soothe her when the phone rang again. She couldn't handle it! She didn't know what to do, whether to answer it or not. She felt like she was going mad. She reached into the basket and grabbed Alyssa's teddy bear and her blanket. She wrapped it around her daughter, grabbed her car keys and left her apartment. She couldn't stand to stay in it alone anymore.

She hated that this was what she was like now. She felt like the tough person she had once been, the brave one, was now gone and it was now she needed to be toughest for her daughters sake.


Elliot was sat at his desk. He was working on finding Vincent Doyle, not that he would tell Olivia that. He didn't want her knowing that he obsessed over finding the man who had hurt her and making him pay right up until his dying breath. He also didn't want to tell her because he didn't have any leads on his whereabouts, nothing at all. It was like the guy had disappeared from the face of the planet.

Elliot suddenly looked up when he heard a familiar cry moving closer and closer. He had to quickly cover over all the paper work on his desk regarding Vince as Olivia came practically running into the squad room. He shot up from his desk and moved towards her reaching out and placing his hands on her shoulder, and one hand on Aly's head. He could see Olivia's eyes were red like she had been crying and he could tell she was close to crying again.

Her appearance had not gone unnoticed by Fin and Munch and they were quick to move over to her.

"Liv, what's happened, is Aly okay? Are you okay?" Elliot asked

"I can't get her to stop crying..." Olivia said as her own tears began to fall again.

"Let me take her, Liv," Munch said, holding his arms out to take the little girl he adored so much.

Olivia allowed him to take her and knew he would be easily able to get her to stop crying, he always could simply by walking round with her and talking utter rubbish to her. Fin hurried off to make Olivia a hot drink. She was shaking and he knew it was likely from a mixture of whatever was up with her and the fact she had come here in a shirt and no jacket when it was more than cold outside.

Elliot quickly showed Olivia into her own seat behind her desk. He crouched down in front of her and rubbed his hands up and down her arms in an attempt to warm her up. "Sweetheart, what happened?" he asked.

"I'm just being pathetic..." Olivia cried. She was so angry at herself for acting this way.

"No you're not. I know you, this isn't like you. What happened?"

"Someone is messing with me, El! I got another phone call but then someone was knocking at my door but there was no one there, then the phone went again. I feel like I'm going out of my head!" she cried, dropping her face into her hands. She felt so stupid crying like this and couldn't help but feel like she was just over reacting.

Elliot reached his arms around her and held her as she cried. "Liv, you went through hell, its understandable this would have you rattled. You're not alone though. I'm here for you, okay. I can keep staying at yours for as long as you need me."

"I really need you," she said with her face burrowed against his chest as her tears still fell. She as so grateful for having him in her life and she knew there was no other man she wanted so much in Aly's life.

"Come on, things are slow here. Let me take you both back home."

"Thanks," Olivia replied as she continued to allow him to hold her. God his arms felt safe.


Later that evening

Elliot was sat on the couch with Alyssa cradled in his arm. He was watching the game...or was supposed to be watching the game, whilst Olivia took a long hot bath, but he found that watching Alyssa sleep was much more interesting. He could tell she was dreaming as her facial expressions kept changing, at one point her bottom lip even began to tremble but she quickly put a stop to that. "You're as tough as your Momma aren't you?" he whispered to her as he ran one finger gently down her cheek.

He had to smile when Alyssa smiled up at him. He knew enough about babies to know it was more likely wind than a genuine smile but it was still one of the cutest smiles he had ever seen.

"She's mine, you can't have her," Olivia said with a smile as she walked out of her bedroom wearing her bathrobe and towel drying her hair,

"Can we share?" he asked. He was shocked by how much he truly adored his partners child and the more time he spent around her the more he grew to love her. There was such a strong part of him that wished that he could share her but that he could do it all at Olivia's side.

He hadn't been able to hide his feelings for her from himself for some time now but the more time he spent around her on such a personal level the harder it became to hide those feelings from her. He found himself studying her as she did the simple task of drying of her hair. He'd always loved her hair. It was soft and such an enticing colour. He could imagine lying next to her simply running his finger through her hair.

His eyes traveled down her body to where her legs were crossed as she sat on the ledge of the couch opposite him. The colour of her skin and the perfection of it had aways amazed him, it was like silky smooth caramel. He couldn't help but think how truly beautiful she was, even as she now sat staring at him, not a bit of makeup on and a confused look on her face...

Crap! Elliot suddenly realised she looked confused because he was staring at her with a stupid smile on his face like some love struck fool.

"You okay, El?" she asked.

"Yeah...sorry I was just thinking about...stuff," he lied.

Olivia could only smile back at him before simply watching him and seeing just how content her daughter was in her partners strong arms. She didn't blame her. There had been a few times that Olivia had found herself in Elliot's arms, including her most recent stop there, and she had never felt safer in her life. She would happily feel that everyday, feel her body pressed against the warmth of his body. She could spend all day looking into his blue eyes.

They were both snapped out of their wandering thoughts when there was a wet gurgling sound from Alyssa's diaper. It was quickly followed by her crying, clearly not happy that she was sitting in one hell of a mess.

"She's yours remember!" Elliot said passing Alyssa back to Olivia.

"You wanted to share, remember!" she pointed out.

Another wet gurgle filled the room with a horrid sound and an even worse stench. Elliot quickly carried Alyssa straight through to the bathroom, he was quickly followed by Olivia. Olivia turned on the shower and then whilst Elliot held her began to undress Alyssa. By now the mess in her diaper had seeped through onto her pink onesie and all up her little back.

The moment her diaper came off both Elliot and Olivia had to turn their heads and hold their breath. "Good lord!" Olivia cried out, trying not to throw up.

"What have you been feeding this kid on?" Elliot asked.

"Ask that to my breasts!" Olivia said referring to the fact that she was breastfeeding.

"Happily!" Elliot replied before realising how it sounded.

He had to laugh when Olivia just laughed and replied, "Well you can do that later lets clean her up first,"

This time it was Elliot who had to laugh. He held Alyssa over the tub whilst Olivia held the shower over her, rinsing her off. "How can that much mess come out of something so small?" Olivia had to ask.

"This is nothing, wait until she starts teething, enjoy those diapers is all I can say to you!"

"Gross!" Olivia replied as she laughed still. "I'll leave those ones for you."

"Okay," Elliot replied. He could only hope he would still be around helping her out like this when teething time for Alyssa came.

He turned to look at Olivia as she cleaned off her daughter. Standing this close to her he could smell her fruity shampoo, god she smelled good. He could feel the warmth coming off her body...quickly followed by a spray of warm shower water...

"Liv, wet the baby, not me!" Elliot had to tell her, having to laugh at the same time.

"It's awkward," Olivia pointed out and it was, she was wetting herself as much as Elliot as she leant over him in an attempt to reach Aly. By this point Alyssa had stopped crying and was instead too intrigued as to what Elliot and Olivia were trying to do.

Five minutes later and Elliot carried Alyssa through into Olivia's bedroom. They had wrapped her up in a big fluffy towel and Olivia was just sorting out some more pyjama's for her.

The moment they had wrapped the towel around her she had fallen back to sleep. Elliot took a step back and watched Olivia dry, and then dress her daughter. He truly loved watching them together. With her daughter dressed Olivia turned to look at Elliot.

"El, your soaked," she realised.

"I'll dry off," he replied.

"Take your wet clothes off and let me grab you a towel. I think I have an NYPD shirt somewhere. I could fit three of me in it so it should fit you," she said as she left him to rid himself of his wet shirt.

It was only when Elliot took off his soaking wet shirt that he realised his trousers were just as wet. He peeled them off and called out, "Liv, I don't suppose you've got a pair of pants too,"

"If you fit into my pants I will be devastated!" she replied as she walked back into the room, a little stunned, or was it pleasantly surprised, to see Elliot standing in just a pair of black boxers that left nothing to the imagination. Olivia would never lie and say she hadn't found her eyes roaming over her partners body before now but she had never seen it so well before and she was shocked how quick her body decided it wanted more from him. She felt a tingle starting to whirl in her stomach and had to quickly turn her eyes away from her partner.

Jokingly she said, "I might have some maternity pants somewhere still."

"Cheers!" Elliot scoffed.

Olivia passed him the towel and then realised that she too was still only wearing her bath robe. "Sorry El, I must look like a right mess in my robe still."

"You look stunning in anything, Liv." he replied.

Olivia found herself looking him in the face again. She smiled and was truly grateful for his words. Truth was her attack had left her with scars and she didn't feel anywhere near as confident about her body as she had once been. That plus the extra baby weight she was still carrying.

"Thanks." she said, suddenly realising she was unable to pull her eyes away again. She knew Elliot probably wanted to dry himself off but she couldn't make her body leave the room. The longer she remained there the harder it got convincing herself that she even wanted to leave.

Elliot was wishing she would leave because he wanted to kiss her so damn bad. The feeling had jumped up and hit him so hard that his heart was pounding as his head screamed at him to kiss her. KISS HER! He was frightened what could happen if he did. How would she react, would she even want him to kiss her? They almost had in the kitchen before she went into labour but they hadn't even spoke of that or even acted like it had happened.

He suddenly figured he had to at least try. He found the step he took to close the gap between them was mimicked by Olivia and her hands came up to cup his face as their lips touched. His left had sat on her hip whilst his right held her face. He couldn't believe how soft her lips were. He never wanted to stop kissing her.

Olivia felt like she was floating. She'd dreamed about kissing her partner before but never had she dreamed his kiss would be this good. It quickly grew heated and she knew her body wanted this. Their kisses became hungry, they both wanted more from each other and their bodies begged for it. Another man's touch was something Olivia had been unsure of her body ever wanting again but right now she longed for more contact from him.

It was like Elliot sensed this and he stepped closer and moved his arms to wrap around her back so he could pull her body toward his. She groaned into his mouth as she felt how ready his body was becoming for hers. She knew hers was growing more and more ready for him. She wanted him...badly!

It was a soft whimpering from the side of them that broke the kiss. Olivia laughed as they moved to rest their foreheads against one an another, leaving their bodies touching. They both realised this probably wasn't going to happen...not tonight at least.

They shared one more soft kiss before they both turned to look at Alyssa who was awake again, watching them. "It's getting late," Elliot pointed out, "I should leave you to get her to sleep."

"I might just let her fall asleep in here," Olivia decided. She quickly realised she didn't want Elliot to leave so she asked, "Do you want to stay in here? My beds comfier than the couch and you're doing me a huge favour by being here at the moment. I really appreciate it."

"It's my pleasure," he replied before tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Olivia smiled and reluctantly pulled away from Elliot. Her body screamed at her to carry on, put Alyssa in her crib and let Elliot worship her body and for her to worship his but she ignored it and climbed into bed and placed Alyssa down beside her and pulled the quilt over her. After all she would have all the time in the world to be with Elliot, right?

Elliot climbed onto the bed next to Alyssa. Olivia turned the lamp off and the room fell into almost total darkness. There was still a lamp on outside the bedroom but enough light seeped in to allow Elliot to watch Olivia fall asleep, one hand resting on her daughters stomach the other as stretched out across the top of the pillows, her fingers tracing soft circle on his shoulder.

He smiled and gently laid his hand on top of hers where it remained protectively on Alyssa. That way they all fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.


Elliot was rushing. He was going to be late for work. He had slept so well that he hadn't heard his alarm go off. He had got ready for work in record time and was just about to rush out of the door.

"If you need me for anything, call me! I can be back here in a flash!" he said as he rushed over to Olivia and gave Aly a kiss on the head. "Look after your Mom for me," he said to her.

Then without really thinking he gave Olivia a kiss. When he did realise what he was doing he decided to carry on anyway. Clearly it had shocked her at first but she had quickly kissed him back. They only pulled away from the kiss when they realised what was happening between them. At the same time neither of them cared what was happening between them, they liked it.

"I like being able to kiss you." Elliot had to confess.

"I like you kissing me." Olivia replied before they kissed again.

This time neither of them were willing to pull away but eventually Olivia had to reluctantly pull back and place her hand on his face. "You're gonna be later than you already are."

"I know," Elliot said.

"I'll still be here when you get back," she told him.

"You better be," he said with a smile, he couldn't wait to get home and hold her in his arms and kiss her more. God he loved holding and kissing her. "You too little one. See you later," he said brushing his finger across Aly's cheek. "See you later!" he called as he pulled the door open and rushed out.


Sometime later that morning

Elliot walked into the squad room drinking from a cup of coffee. Despite running late the squad room as almost silent and pretty much empty. There was just one other female Detective sat at her desk in the corner and Elliot could see the headphones hanging from her ears and she didn't even look away from her computer screen so he presumed the woman hadn't even noticed him.

He put his coffee down and took his jacket off and had literally just sat down when the phone on his desk rang. "Detective Stabler," he said.

"O'Doyle," came a reply.

"Excuse me?" Elliot replied a little confused.

"Not Doyle...O'Doyle..." the woman said.

"Vincent Doyle?"

"His name is Vincent O'Doyle..." the woman said before the line went dead.

Elliot wasn't sure how to feel. He put the phone down and decided to make a call to a friend in homicide because he had heard of the O'Doyle' could they not have made the connection? He knew he needed more answers.


Olivia was just making a cup of tea while Alyssa was sleeping in her mosses basket in the bedroom. There was a knock on the door that made her look up. She took a deep breath and told herself to stop being so on edge.

Walking confidently she made her way over the door and looked through the peep-hole. There was a young man standing there wearing a shirt with the name of a florist she knew of branded on it.

She opened the door and the man smiled at her. "Olivia Benson?" he asked.

"Yeah," she confirmed.

"These are for you," he said as he handed her a large bouquet of flowers, perhaps the biggest bouquet she had ever received. "I sent my girlfriend a bunch just like this last month. They cost me a fortune. Your man must really love you," he said before he wished her a good day and walked off.

Olivia kicked the door closed with her foot and walked into the kitchen and placed the bouquet down. She wondered if Elliot would send them, but she was sure it wasn't really his style. She spotted a small greeting card among the bouquet and pulled it out. She pulled open the small envelope and pulled out the card.

She felt like the air had been kicked from her lung the moment she read the message. "Congratulations Mommy, something so beautiful created from something so dark, Daddy xx"

A bump from the bedroom made Olivia turn on her heels and run towards her room. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the man who haunted her dreams standing beside her sleeping daughter.

"Hi Olivia, I figured I would come meet my daughter. Did you like your flowers. Got my kid brother to deliver them. It was a distraction so I could get in here. You know these windows are so easy to crack open. You should be more careful, especially with a baby in the house." Vincent said.

Olivia couldn't hide how badly she was shaking nor could she stop the tears that had formed in her eyes. "Don't hurt her, please!" Olivia begged.

"I can't lie to you," Vince said, "I'm not really here for her. I'm here to see you!" he said as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Olivia.

She felt like she was about to throw up, suffocate and pass out all at the same time. "Why don't you be a good girl and take off you clothes," Vince said to her.

Olivia felt the air in her lungs whoosh out of her. Flashbacks of what Vince had done to her raced before her eyes and she couldn't face that again so she shook her head. "No," she told him, "Leave now and I won't call the police."

"Olivia, you're not calling anyone, and you're not giving the orders." Vince told her before he pointed the gun at Alyssa.

"No!" Olivia screamed as she ran forward hoping to put herself between her daughter and the gun but Vince threw his arm out, his fist connecting hard with her face causing her to stumble backwards.

"I have no problem shooting her if you wanna act like some stupid whore. Now do what your fucking told and take off your clothes before I put a bullet in her and rip your fucking clothes off!" Vince warned.

"Okay...I'll do it, just please don't hurt her. Just move the gun away from her please...I'm begging you," she said as she used the back of her hand to wipe blood away from her bust lip.

"STRIP!" he told her.

Olivia did as he instructed, not about to let her daughter come to harm. She didn't doubt that Vince would hurt Aly if she didn't do what he wanted...that's not to say what he wanted made her feel sick to the pit of her stomach.


What he had learnt was playing on his mind too much. Elliot couldn't stop thinking about it and although he was thinking he should stay and do more research on the O'Doyles, more so than his friend had been able to tell him about them, he just wanted to go check on Olivia.

The first thing his friend had told him was "Keep away from them, Elliot!" Those words kept going through his head. With a sick feeling rolling around his stomach he picked up his phone and typed in Olivia's home number. He waited and waited for her to answer but it just continued to ring. When it went to answer phone he simply hung up and then rang again. His heart began to pound a little more quicker with each unanswered ring.

Finally he decided whether he was being paranoid or not he was going to check on Olivia. Even if he was over-reacting and she was simply too busy to answer the phone he wanted to tell her what he had learnt about Vince. He owed that to her now. He slammed the phone down, grabbed his jacket and car keys and ran from the squad room. In the elevator he took out his cell phone and decided to try ringing Olivia again as he headed to her apartment.


Olivia had done as she was told to and took her cloths off...all of her clothes off. Vince had then ordered her to lie on her stomach on the bed with her arms flat out above her head. Again, thinking of her daughters safety and the threats Vince was making against her, she had done just as she was told.

Vince had used cable ties to bind her wrists together, before using a thick power cable to secure her arms to the bed frame. She had only been able to lie there naked trying to pull free whilst Vince had moved around her apartment. She could hear that he was trashing the place. She could hear nothing but bangs, crashes and smashes, somehow Alyssa was sleeping through it all.

Olivia stopped her struggles when she heard Vince coming back towards the bedroom. "Nice place you got here." he said to her.

"My boyfriend will be home soon," she lied, hoping Vince would believe her.

"Then I better get started with you," he told Olivia before she felt a shift on the bed as he knelt on it.

Her face was pressed against her pillow as she listened to him unbuckle his belt. She growled in frustration and disgust when she felt him grab her between her legs. "I'm gunna be nice about this, after all you are the mother of my child," he said to her as he leant over her, his face right beside hers, "I'm gunna let you chose, we can either do it this was or I can flip you over so you can see what's coming. Which do you pick?" he asked.

Olivia wasn't about to pick so instead she took a deep breath and prepared herself, or at least tried to prepare herself, for what was about to come. It was humiliating to feel him rubbing himself against her as his member grew harder. She wished this wasn't happening but more than anything she wished that Alyssa didn't have to be in the room as it did.

Olivia couldn't help but cry out in sheer agony as she felt something slam into her. She had no idea what Vince was using to rape her but the pain it caused was sickening. It wasn't as sickening as her daughters cries however. She hated that she was awake and having to hear what was happening.

Vince continued his attack, seemingly oblivious to Alyssa's cries. "Stop please!" Olivia begged him.

"Tell me that you want me then," Vince told her.

Olivia growled in frustration as tears burned in her eyes. She cried out in agony as once more Vince thrust the item hard between her legs. She suddenly realised that if he carried on using the item to rape her that she was going to be in too much pain after her attack to be strong enough to fight him or try to escape which she would have to do for her daughters sake as well as her own.

"You...!" she yelled angrily, "I want you," she said, humiliation burning her cheeks.

"That's my girl," Vince said to her before he threw the heavy item to the floor and then continued his attack, now using his own body to assault hers.


Elliot was driving fast. All the times he had tried calling her cell or her land line Olivia had not answered. He had called Fin and Munch for back-up and told them to inform Cragen that he was sure something was wrong. None of the men were willing to risk not treating this like the bad situation it could be.

Elliot was truly panicking now but he was so close to her apartment. Just two long roads and he would be there. With sirens blaring he zoomed down the first road and then finally turned onto her street.

"Please let them be okay!" he thought out loud as he got closer to her building. He kept repeating those words up until the point where he pulled up outside her building

He got out of his car and slammed the door shut before running full speed towards the building. God he hoped this was all a mistake and that he would go in and find Olivia asleep on the couch with Alyssa nestled safely in her arms.

In record time he flew up the stairs towards Olivia's apartment. He could hear the sirens from Fin and Munch's car blaring down the street, signalling that they were getting closer and closer. He too was getting closer, he could see Olivia's door at the end of the corridor...he could hear Alyssa was the gunshot that stopped him dead in his tracks...

He felt his legs buckle beneath him and had to catch himself against the wall before he pushed himself off and ran up to Olivia's apartment. He pulled out his key and unlocked the door. He pulled out his gun as he pushed the door open and walked in. He moved slowly but headed straight towards Aly's cries.

He could see how trashed the apartment was and so knew he had been right to worry. He silently moved forward. Right up to the bedroom. Never could he have been prepared for what he saw. He stopped dead in the doorway as he saw Olivia lying faced down and naked on the bed with a huge amount of blood splattered all around her was everywhere, on the ceiling, spattered up the wall above the bed head.

"Liv, no!" he cried out as he ran over and turned her over. Her body was limp and lifeless and her face covered in blood. "No!" Elliot sobbed as he held her close and let his tears fall. He didn't care that he was getting covered in her blood, he just hoped that by holding her she would somehow come back to him...but his sense quickly told him that wasn't going to happen.

It was then his senses snapped too for sure. He stepped by the open window and had to move the mosses basket off the spot where it lay on the floor., he threw the empty basked across the room. Lay beneath it, and the blankets that had fell from it when Vince had kicked it over during his quick escape out of the window, was Alyssa. Red faced, angry and crying as hard and as loud as her lungs would allow.

Elliot scooped her up. He wanted to go back over to Olivia but he knew it would do no good and he didn't want Alyssa to see her like that, even if it was a sight she would likely never remember. He held her close to his chest and made his way back out into the hall just as Cragen made it to Olivia's door.

Cragen could only take in the sight of Elliot, covered in Olivia's blood and her daughter crying in his arms. "El, where is Liv?" the older man asked.

For a moment Elliot couldn't find the words but then they came, sounding like someone else, someone far far away was saying them, "She's inside...she's dead..."


The time that had followed from since he had arrived back at the flat and got to hospital had gone by in slow motion. Medics had checked Alyssa out and determined that she was okay but they wanted to keep her in hospital overnight for observation. Elliot was sat beside the crib she had been put in by nurses.

His arm was resting between two bars, his finger wrapped up in Aly's tiny fist. It was almost like she refused to release him, she'd been holding it for ages. She was wide awake but silent despite been terribly restless. Elliot was silent too, his eyes were red and puffy from crying but he had no more tears left to cry anymore. Even had he had more he would have held them back as he was determined to be strong for Aly. She had just lost her mother. She had no one...

"El?" a soft voice came from behind him.

He didn't even have to turn around to know that it was his ex-wife Kathy. Without taking his eyes away from Aly's face he said, "She's dead. That son-uva-bitch shot her and now she's dead..." his words sounded how they did in his head...wrong! It couldn't be true. Elliot didn't want it to be true.

He felt Kathy place her hand on his shoulder. It was a friendly gesture, that's all there was between them now and he truly appreciated her being here with him and Aly now.

"What's gonna happen to Alyssa?"Kathy asked him.

"I'm gonna keep Liv's promise to her," he said, "I'm never gonna let anyone hurt her."


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