I wake up in dark room, on a bed that I'm not comfortable with. I'm not sure where I am. The last thing that I remember is being at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare with David aiming a gun at me. And then the overwhelming pain…and then the darkness that had settled over me. I sit up and groan, my side is sore from where I had been shot. I lift my shirt and see stitches and bruises that have just started to turn yellow. Wherever I was, I had been operated on…and I am alive. Which is also a major surprise to me. I look around the room and realized where I was. I am in the infirmary back at the Dauntless compound. I had assumed that I would wake up at the Bureau or something. Did David really hate that I tried to stop him so much that he sent me back to the city? If that isn't the case, then what am I doing back here? I bring my legs to the side of the bed to stand up, stumbling slightly. How long exactly had I been asleep? I grab the water on the table next to the bed and take a drink; maybe I'm just dehydrated.

"Oh good, you're awake."

I turn to see a woman, probably mid-thirties, come into the room and she smiles at me. She is dressed in all black with both arms covered in tattoos. The smile is a little off putting. We're not in Amity, this is Dauntless. And smiles are just given to anyone. I don't recognize her, but then again I didn't really know anyone other than the initiates when I was here. And when I did stay in the infirmary…I was unconscious, so if she had taken care of me before, I wouldn't have remembered. "If you're all set, go on and head down to the Pit."

I feel my eyebrows come together on my head, why would I need to go down to the Pit? All I want is answers, actually. "Why?" I ask.

She raises her eyebrows at me, but shrugs. Maybe I should already know the answer to this, but I'm not sure. "Four's down there. He says he's waiting on you before they get started."

I feel the familiar sensation in my chest, the same I get every time someone mentions Tobias to me. I nod anywhere and I leave the infirmary heading down the stairs toward the Pit. I wonder what exactly we need to get started on. I pass a couple of people on my way down, and it confuses me because I hadn't expected so many people to be here. Or any, for that matter. Hadn't Evelyn set up the idea that being in a faction, wearing all one color, punishable by death? Or at least a severe beating? Hadn't Dauntless been avoided since then? They all say hello as I pass, which is strange in and of itself, because I have no idea who they are. I don't understand what's going on. I shake my head and look around the pit as I see Tobias. My heart soars when I see him and I can't help but smile. Maybe he can explain things to me. As I grow closer I see that he's talking to a group of people. A group of people wearing yellow, blue and black. There is no one here in grey. No one like me…no one like Tobias. What is happening?

"Tobias," I say. He turns, and when he sees me, he glares at me and I stop in my tracks. He has never looked at me in that way and it cuts through me like nothing I've ever felt before. It's worse than the healing gunshot wound in my side. I bite my lower lip and watch as he turns around to face the group.

"All right Initiates," Tobias says. My heart drops. Initiates? What the hell? Exactly how long had I been unconscious for? There was no way that this was almost a year after I had shown up here. That much time could not have passed. What had happened to me back at the Bureau? Did David do something to me other than nearly killing me? Okay, I need to take a breath. I have to be sleeping right now. There is no possible way that this is real. It can't be real. It doesn't make sense. "Welcome to Dauntless. My name is Four and this is Tris. She and I will be training those of you who were brave enough to transfer. Those of you who thought jumping off of a building was difficult; you're in for one hell of ride. Dauntless born will be going with Lauren. You'll be ranked together but trained separately. And those of you who can't make it…you'll be Factionless."

There are gasps from the group of initiates and they begin murmuring to each other, the same way that my group did. And I start to have the weirdest feeling of déjà vu, like I was in a sim, but I can't do anything about it. This is not my life. This should not be happening. New initiates? New transfers? What happened to the system collapsing and the war started by Jeanine Matthews? What about the truth? I watch as the Dauntless born follow Lauren out of the room and I am left in the Pit with Tobias and the transfers. I have never felt more out of place in my life. Even in the black clothing, I feel like there is a target on me somewhere. I don't belong here. Tobias looks at me and nods at the transfers. "Show them to the dorms," he says.

His voice is rough and his eyes are hard. Either he's angry about something I've done, or he doesn't know me. Except the Tobias I know would just tell me instead of treating me this way. I don't know why I would dream of something like this. It doesn't make sense. I swallow. "Tobias…" I say, my voice soft.

He glares at me again. "Don't ever call me that," he snaps at me. "Take them to the dorms."