I hate how Darwin 'dies' in First Class and I refuse to say he did so I'm saying he didn't and that he's still there. This is for Rosawyn.

Darwin coughed as he stood up and rubbed his face.

"Darwin!" Alex ran to his side. "I thought you were a gonner man!"

"What just happened?" Darwin asked as he allowed Alex to help him stand.

"You just became rock on the inside, that bastard used his powers and used what I threw at him against you. Yet all you can say is 'what just happened?' Are you sure you're alright?" Alex asked as he hovered around the other.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Darwin smiled softly. "My hand hurts."

"No shit, all your powers were focused on not letting you explode." Alex grumbled as he held Darwin's hand and gently kissed his fingers.

Darwin raised a questioning eyebrow. Then he smirked. "Hey Alex?"

"Hmm?" Alex hummed slightly as he sat Darwin on the couch.

"My lips hurt." The other mutants had enough sense to leave the room. That didn't mean that they peaked slightly to see what happened.

Alex blushed darkly. "Alright." He kissed Darwin gently. "Better now?"

"Almost." Darwin pulled Alex into another kiss, slightly sweeter and more passionate. Alex pulled away first looking slightly dazed. "Better." Darwin smiled.

"Damn." Alex breathed.


"I think I love you." He leaned against Darwin who hugged him.

"I love you too." He kissed Alex's forehead. "Havok or not."

Yeah, short I know. With my friend texting me and then sending me a picture of my least favourite ship from another fandom and then telling me not to get mad at her I lost my thoughts like six times. Then she asked me to role play so I was like "Fine." So yeah, short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed. ~Cat.