I lazily slouched, eyes glued to my computer. I clench my eyes, letting out a loud whimper, before staring longingly at the computer screen.

"Writer's block? God dammit brain!" I groan tiredly, bringing a hand through my spiky orange hair, and blow a loud raspberry.

"I need to finish this story before I forget it, but I can't even think of a tiny section in-between?!" I growl to myself, before standing up abruptly.

"I need to work out, I've only done one workout today." I don't know if you can tell, but I work out a LOT! I do martial arts and dance, and whenever I'm not in one of those or school, I'm working out and writing up idea's from my brain, as well as drawing random anime as well as scenery and realistic drawings as well…non-anime, I don't know what to call it…

"105, 106, 107…" I mumble out loud as I do push ups, careful to do them properly. I'm not an extremely competitive person, but being fit takes away a lot of stress for me. Not only does it distract me, but it takes away problems like eating habits or health issues…well, the ones that I have...

Not even a month ago, my twin brother fainted in the living room…I nagged him for over working himself because mom and dad are gone, but…three weeks later, he 'passed away'. Nobody knows why or what happened. Just, bang, just like that…it hurts...

So, if you're wondering why I'm not extremely depressed, it's because I know he's not dead. I can feel it, deep in my bones, kind of like instinct.

"He's not dead, I just know it." Is what I told my aunt when she asked why I wasn't crying at his funeral… My brother and I have always had that sort of emotional connection. I can feel his emotions, and he can feel mine. We never told anyone, not even mom and dad. The thing is, I still feel his emotions. I feel weird ones we rarely have, like mass confusion, fear, determination, in stronger forms than I've ever felt them.

"Kris, where are you?" I mumble, staring at the stars through my window. I let myself sink into longing, knowing he can feel it. I get the same longing feeling back, and I let a spark of relief into my signals. I feel a tinge of happiness in his signal, before it grows dim.

"You fell asleep huh…you always were the baby." Our emotions grow dim when we sleep, less prominent so we won't wake up from another's dreams. I freeze as I see a shooting star in the sky, and I smile.

"Star that's falling mile by mile, please can you grant me a smile. Grant me a wish and in return, I'll blow you a kiss so your stomach won't churn. Let me be with my brother, I love him so, and I know he's still out there…please let it be so." By the end of the little childhood rhyme and wish, I'm already asleep.

Okay...that is really bright!

"Ugh." I groan, trying to clear my vision and get used to the light.

"You're awake finally!" What? I don't recognize that voice! Ugh my head… finally, after a grueling few minutes, I can clearly see my surroundings…

Where am I?! This isn't Auntie's house! I sit up quickly, but then groan as my head starts to throb even harder.

"Hey relax there kid, you shouldn't be wrestling around in your condition." A gruff voice speaks out. Finally, I clam down, and look over where I am more thoroughly. It seems to be some kind of cell, there is a bathroom in the corner, blocked by a wall…uhh, that's pretty nasty. Other then that, the rock hard bed I'm on is the only other thing in the cell. Who called me then?

"Where are you?" I call out, my quiet voice echoing through the other cells.

"Over here kid." I slowly crawl off my bed to the bars. The figure is on my right in the cells across from me. He's a middle aged man, with his black hair in a messy ponytail, and purple robes on.

Wait a minute…is that Raven?! From the game Tales of Vesperia?!

"Where am I?" I mumble, looking around to make sure I actually am where I think I am…

"You're in the prison of Zaphias kid." He doesn't realize I'm a girl yet does he?

Dammit! What am I doing in a video game?! I let out a groan, resting my head against the bars.

"I don't even remember how I got here…" I groan out. I freeze as I notice something…I'm anime! That's so….cool! I look myself over, taking in my appearance. I'm wearing baggy black pants, with a high necked, loose gray jacket with belts across it. My hands and feet are wrapped in my usual fighting wrappings, black ribbons to protect my knuckles and ankles.

"Guess they haven't seen a person fight solely with these before…" I mumble aloud, stretching my hands to make sure they aren't too tight. I look up to see Raven staring at me curiously.

"What's your name kid?" He asks, eyeing me intensely, though most people wouldn't be able to tell.

"Tina." My parents were going to name their kid Kris if it was a boy, or Christina if it was a girl. They were dumbfounded when they discovered they had twins, so they named us Kris and Tina. Weird I know, but we love them for it.

"So you're a lady?" I give him a smirk.

"I'm more a woman than a lady." I drawl, he barks out a small laugh, still staying reasonably quite though. I'm glad my voice is naturally quiet, I forgot the guard was sleeping!

"What's your name?" I ask, tilting my head, my short, albeit messy hair getting in my eyes.

"Raven." I grin widely, opening my mouth to say something, before I hear footsteps. Not wanting to be found awake just yet, I quietly slid back onto the bed, and rest my head, letting my orange hair get in my eyes, hiding them from the outside world, but allowing me to see a little. I listen as the guard wakes up, and I watch as they drag a purple blob into the cell across from me.

So, Yuri's here huh? I close my eyes, and feel my brother's emotions. He's mildly scared right now, but I can tell it's paranoia before much else. I send him a feeling of confusion, worry, and wonder, and he sends me a signal of excitement along with his fear from before.

Is he….here?! I let out a tiny gasp, before sitting up.

He must be! I look over at Yuri's still form. If I help him, I could find Kris on my journey… yes! Now I just need to convince him to help me out! I stand up again, the guards long gone in my signalling to my brother, and walk up silently to the bars again. Raven is leaning against the wall, and he catches my eye. I nod my head towards Yuri, and Raven simply shrugs, before he turns to the knight that's awake and on duty (Who I didn't notice and am now ignoring.) and starts telling him quite interesting stories, I listen in mild curiosity, waiting for Yuri to finally get annoyed. From what I can see, Yuri is definitely taller than me, I mean, I'm 5.5, but he looks to be a good 5.9 at least, not sure though. He doesn't look much different from the game, but instead of the animation being like the actual gameplay, it reminds me more of like first strike and the cut scenes, much more realistic. I like it. Finally, the knight leaves. I let out a sigh, might as well say the first word.

"Finally he's gone! Hey, purple guy! You must be bored staying quiet so long!" My voice is still quiet, and quite low just like at home, something that definitely makes me happy. I watch in amusement as Yuri looks over at me, mild surprise written on his face.

"Didn't see you there kid." Why does everyone assume I'm a kid?! I mean I'm younger than Raven but come on!

"I'm not a kid, how old are you?" I always wondered this, I heard it once but I can't remember. He grunts.

"22." I grin at him, before leaning back on my arms.

"Well I'm 23 so..." he raises a suspicious eyebrow at me, before Raven finally jumps in, and the regular script continues. I zone out, slipping my hands into the baggy sleeves of my jacket and closing my eyes.

"Hey, Tina darling!" I send a glare towards Raven, and he backs off, obviously noticing my annoyance, I see Yuri raise an eyebrow.

"What are you in here for?" I let out a sigh, might as well come clean.

"I have no idea actually, one minute I'm taking a nap, next I wake up in a cell. I would love to get outta here though…" I trail off, as more footsteps echo down the hallway. I watch quietly as Alexei walks past me, he gives me a small glance, and I give him a glare, my signature 'I know you're a bastard' glare that I give many people. He scoffs, looking away, and finally leads Raven out of here. What surprises me though, is that he gives ME two keys, instead of giving Yuri one!

"Get that guy outta here, under the statue of the goddess. Good luck kid." I give him a small smile, and watch as he leaves. Yuri stares at me, his eyes curious as I stand up, holding the two keys out for him to see.

"The old man told me a way out, and told me to lead you out as well." I explain quietly, unlocking my cell and his. He raises an eyebrow at the height difference.

"You're 23?" I give him a wack on the head, causing him to wince, before silently walking towards the sleeping guard. I walk around his snoring self, giving Yuri a smirk as I grab a few gels and cash from his pouch. He gives me a suspicious glance and I shrug, before walking past silently, and opening the trunk that contains Yuri's stuff. He grabs his stuff, when I notice a small grey bag in the trunk as well….is this for me? I grab it and open it, spotting several more sets of wraps, food, gels and gald. Must be for me then. I slide it onto my shoulder.

"Where is your weapon?" He hisses at me. I put a finger to my lips, and continue to walk out. I can't be happy enough that I took martial arts, it's gonna be a life saver here! I ignore Yuri's clomping footsteps and silently slide into the hallways. I let Yuri lead the way, as we kind of need to be seen for things to work out… finally, the guards spot us, and Yuri lets out the scripted complaint, before charging in to fight. I stand and watch, as he takes the two lance knights on his own, until finally one of them notices me. I watch as Yuri cuts down the first one, before the second one stabs his lance at me. Finally focusing on him, I jump towards him, landing with both feet on his lance. Before he can even stumble backwards, I lift my right leg, striking him in the chin, and snapping his neck. I flinch at the sound, but backflip gracefully and land crouching low. Hesitantly, I sneak a peek at Yuri.

"Are we aiming to kill? I kicked too hard…" I mumble out, slowly standing to face him. Yuri's face is that of surprise, curiosity, and obvious awe. He nods his head towards the other knight, who's severely injured.

"Only if you have no choice." I follow Yuri in silence for a little longer, before remembering something I've forgotten to ask.

"Hey, what's your name?" He doesn't even bother to face me, not that I mind much.

"Yuri Lowell." I let out a small chuckle, before looking down the hallway, my eyes scanning the area for enemies.

"So you're a girl?" He asks. Interesting…Lowell striking up a conversation.

"Yeah, lots of people miss that, can't blame them though." Yuri gives me a small smirk.

"Then again you're too short to be a gu-ow!" Yuri lets out a small yelp as my hand whaps him on the head.

"Shut up." I hiss out, crossing my arms. He gives me a smirk.

"So you fight hand-to-hand? Don't know many people who do that." I give him a shrug, might as well simply bend the truth.

"I was simply raised with it. In the town I'm from, not many bother to learn, but those who do are usually rewarded." I say distractedly.

"Rewarded with what?" He questions, I give him a smirk.

"Being a badass." I hold up a fist, and he rolls his eyes, looking around the hallways, trying to find his way around.

"Barely remember anything from when I was a knight…" He mumbles, before walking down the hallway to his right. I observe the walls, as they are much more detailed and beautiful then in the game.

"You were in the knights?" I ask, letting out a snort.

"Barely, for a few months." He seems a little detached from the subject, glancing at his Bodhi blastia, or should I say, Captain Fredrick's blastia….suddenly, Yuri pulls me back against the wall. Mouthing a 'sorry' to him, I quietly listen as Estelle, or, Estellise at the moment, let's out her speech about being able to use a sword and of the like. Finally, I hear the opening of a sheath.

"I'm afraid you leave us no choice. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this…" 'Wouldn't come to this' my ass! Estelle isn't my favorite character, but she doesn't deserve a beating just because you can't do your job! Geez…

"ARGH!" Well, seems I missed Yuri's grand entrance….hey, he only hit one of the knights! He hits two in the game! Maybe that one's for me…well then!

I dash out from the side, jumping and delivering a delicious flying side kick to the guards head. I land on his breast plate, before looking over my shoulders at the other two knights.

"Well what do we have here? Two so called, perilous knights trying to harm a lady for no good reason? Tsk, shame on you two!" I drawl, my voice mocking. I hear Yuri snort behind me, and I let out a dramatic sigh, before stepping off the unconscious guard. The knights prepare to fight, yelling out a boring, 'identify yourselves!' before they both head towards me! Well shit, time to wreck some havoc I guess! I duck under the first knight, give him a punch right in the gut, before using my other hand to grab his shoulder, and chucking him behind me.

"This one's yours Yuri!" I shout, before dodging to the left as the other knight slashes at me. I click my tongue, before jumping back, giving me some room, and a view of Yuri fighting the knight I threw behind me. Suddenly, I feel a weird sensation in my hand. I continue dodging the knight, irked at the feeling in my hand…what is this? Wait…is this an arte I'm feeling?! I must have a blastia on me then! I grind my teeth as the knight's sword skims my arm slightly. Well, here goes nothing!

My hand glows a golden red hue. I raise it, bringing it down as a punch to the face.

"Fire Fist!" I yell, slamming my fist into his head. The guard goes flying, and I'm left panting slightly at the exertion. Well, first true move and I make a reference to two different anime (Fairy Tail and One piece)! Yay me! I check to make sure the guard is done, before looking over my shoulder, a grin on my face. Yuri simply has a raised eyebrow.

"Did you see that?! He went flying so far!" I cheer. What can I say? I'm impressed by myself! Yuri lets out a small chuckle, before turning to the fallen knights.

"Don't they teach these guys manners in knight school anymore?" Wait a minute…Estelle isn't behind Yuri which means…

"Whoa! You trying to kill me?! Go for Yuri, he's more sketchy!" I yelp, as a vase shatters beside me. I move away from her carefully, before dashing behind Yuri. He raises an eyebrow at me, and I shrug.

"She's scary." Yuri lets out a huff, before turning back to Estellise, who is watching us curiously.

"Why did you try to kill my companion here?" Yuri questions, and I let out a sigh, before lifting myself onto his back, arms around his collarbone and legs around his waist, truthfully, I'm surprised he doesn't throw me off, he just pauses a bit, before leaning forward ever so slightly.

"Well, you two aren't from the castle are you?" Well, back to the script, let's join in a bit.

"I'll take that as a compliment!' I pipe up over Yuri's shoulder, brushing his hair out of my face.

"Yuri Lowell! Where are yooooou?!" Okay….that sounds mildly creepy, I kind of forgot about those three…

"You foul fugitive! I say, we know you're trying to make your escape!" I truthfully forget the tweedles names at the moment… I lazily jump off Yuri, brushing myself of and preparing to leave, taking the belongings off the other knights while Estelle is distracted and won't complain about it.

"Oh please, not them again. Guess there's no point in going back to the prison cell now." I give him a 'really?' look, and he simply leans his head towards Estelle. The three idiot knights continue their shouting and I wince slightly, my sensitive ears really not doing that well.

"Yuri Lowell? You're one of Flynn's friends, aren't you?" I let out a sigh, before I proceed to dig through my backpack, trying to find something to eat.

"Who are you?" Wait….is she talking to me? I look up, to see her staring straight at me, Yuri with a reluctant look on his face. Must have already talked about Flynn…I shake myself out of my thoughts.

"My name is Tina, Tina Carol Edwards." Might as well be polite in my introductions. Yes I know, my middle name is the same as Karol but with a C. Kris has the same middle name as me as well!

"Over here!" A shout echoes, causing Yuri to turn towards Estellise.

"Listen, I want to hear the whole story, but we can't really afford to stand around and chat. First things first, let's get to Flynn's place. Want me to lead the way?"

"Ah, yes!" Dammit Estelle, those lines are the ones that annoy me! I run up beside Yuri, matching his pace. He looks over at me.

"You don't mind the detour?" He asks. I give him a small grin.

"It'll be fun! Beside, this Flynn sounds interesting!" I grin, giving a small chuckle.

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