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We continue to walk down the hallways at an even pace, knocking out guards along the way, and all around. Thankfully, we can't kill anyone with Estelle around, so I don't have to...kill anyone. Criminals and murderers maybe but knights doing there jobs? Nope. But enough of that sad stuff, the castle is beautiful, and my companions are pretty good for conversation!

Extra: Tough?!

Estelle: So, Tina, how did you not injure your feet before?

Tina: When?

Yuri: I think she means with the vase, and how your feet didn't get cut.

Tina: Oh…it's a trait of my family, we have naturally tough skin, especially on our feet and hands. I can walk through snow and hot sand because of it!

Estelle: That must be very useful!

Tina: Yep! Shoes are crazy expensive!

Yuri: Heh, you got a point there.

Estelle: Point? Are we keeping a score?

*Both Tina and Yuri sigh*

Tina: Never mind…

End of skit

Finally, we walk down the hallway I know has Flynn's room along it.

"Yeah, it was around here…" Estelle mumbles, it's weird hearing the dialogue that wasn't voiced over in the game. I pull the straps of my bag, tightening it closer to me.

"This is Flynn's room." Yuri gestures to the door right beside us. Estelle looks at the door, a surprised look on her face. I let out a small chuckle, before walking over to the door. Yuri follows behind me, and I quickly dodge out of the way, letting him go first.

"Ladies first." I chirp, causing Yuri to let out a snort, he barges in anyways. When we enter, it truly surprises me how clean it is, I mean, I know clean places, but seriously! I let out a whistle.

"Seems like your friend is quite spick and spam Yuri." Yuri raises an eyebrow at me, and I shrug.

"Flynn must be off gallivanting somewhere." Yep, spot on bro. I lay down on Flynn's bed, purposely messing up the sheets a bit.

"So…that must mean I'm too late…" Here we go with the mellow dramatics, he's a big boy! He can take care of himself! I roll over, before finally sitting up.

"What sort of wickedness did you do anyway?" Yuri questions Estelle, obviously curious.

"Me? I haven't done anything wrong?" Well, you do seem kind of suspicious at this point in the story Estelle...

"You had knights searching for you and drawing their swords at you. Yuri at least looks the part, but what did you do?" I pipe up, earning myself a glare from Yuri. I just give him a grin.

"You don't look so innocent yourself Tina." Wow, first time he calls me by my name! It sounds…nice. Weird...

"Hey! I can't be specific, but Flynn is in terrible danger! I've got to go and warn him." Estelle cuts in, causing Yuri to look back over at her. She is standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, obviously not as fond of invading as Yuri and I.

"So go if you want to go. What's wrong with that?" Yuri comes to sit by me on the bed, I proceed to get a whiff of him. He smells like cinnamon, and flowers. Dear god Tina! Now's not the freaking time to be smelling people! T

"In that case, would you take me with you….please? Other than Flynn, there's no one I can depend on. Please, I'm begging you." And I once again have zoned out, congratulations me! Yuri gives me a glance, and I smile.

"I have the way out, so it's my call, but first off, tell us your name." Estelle opens her mouth to tell us and 3…2…1...

"Aaaah!" Estelle yelps as the door is broken down. I watch patiently for the mad man to make his appearance.

"Prepare to fall victim to my blade…" I flop unceremoniously onto my back on the bed, ignoring Zagi, and admiring the ceiling. I hear the smash of that pitcher…

"Hey, haven't you tried, I don't know, WALKING through a door like a NORMAL person maybe? Good thing to try, then again, you don't seem like the kind of guy to…." I finally take a look up during my sarcastic rant, and get a good look at Zagi's hair…


I'm lucky I didn't fall on the floor, but quite a few tears were swelling up in my eyes. After about 30 seconds, with Yuri awkwardly rubbing my back, I calmed down. Zagi stares at me, his eyes murderous. I purposely try not to look at his ridiculous hair.

"G-go on, heh, I'm not stopping you yet." Zagi points his blade at me!

"I am Zagi… The man who will end your life. Now die, Flynn Scifo!"

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA WHOA WHOA! Stop there a second, I'm a female! Flynn's a guy!" To my surprise, Zagi actually pauses, before turning to Yuri.

"That means you're him!" He shrieks. "Now DIE!" I dodge, as Zagi front flips into Yuri! Yuri blocks him just in time, before I rush in, noticing my hand glowing blue...hmmm…. I grab Zagi's hilarious hair tightly. The light reminds me of a Quincy's arrows from 'Bleach'...

"Ginrei Kojaku!" I shout, launching Zagi high into the air. (Flynn's room is much bigger than it looks.) Suddenly though, the light from my arm shoots out! It hits Zagi dead in the chest, causing a small explosion to erupt around him. Luckily, it's not very loud, I can tell it hurt a lot though.

"Tina, what the hell?" Yuri yells, startled by my random arte. Suddenly, a grinning Zagi dashes out of the smoke, blade about to slice off my head!

"Now's not the time Yuri!" I yell, ducking and rolling, before kicking Zagi in the face, and back flipping away. Obviously getting his common sense back, Yuri dashes in, and strikes a long cut along Zagi's back. Zagi turns to cut him, only to have to suddenly block a kick from me. Yuri and I continue to attempt to overwhelm Zagi, and I have to admit I'm surprised by our teamwork. Finally, Yuri delivers a slash to Zagi's chest, causing him to step back and pause.

Is he going to…?

"Ahh, now I feel it." Well, shit.

"You feel what? I'm not feeling anything over here." Yuri drawls. Zagi lets out a loud cackle.

"Yes, so full of confidence."

"Watch it Yuri, he's going into full insanity mode." Even with the joke, my voice is dead serious. Yuri gives me a quick glance, before putting himself in a defensive stance.

"Ah hah hah! That's it! That's it! Now I feel truly alive!" This was way less creepy in the game…

"What's with him all of a sudden?"

"Watch yourself Yuri." He nods.

"Mwah hah hah hah!" Zagi laughs out crazily, now appearing ten times more dangerous. He lashes out, striking at Yuri, who blocks, letting out a pained grunt.

"Yuri! Tina! Let me help you!" Estelle finally steps in. I wonder what healing magic feels like….not the time Tina!

"Stay away!" Yuri shouts, slashing at Zagi, in which he easily flips away from. I jog up beside Yuri, eyeing Estelle carefully.


"No!" Yuri shouts, and Estelle steps back, before turning to me... Wait, this isn't supposed to happen! Zagi is keeping his mouth shut.

"Yuri! We need all the help we can get!" I yell, giving Estelle a nod. Yuri growls. Finally, Zagi speaks up.

"Bring it! The more the merrier!"

"If things get out of hand, run for it." Yuri firmly presses, giving me a quick side glare, before turning his attention fully on Zagi.

"I will."

"Hey you two, let's get moving about NOW!" I shout, dodging a strike from the weird haired maniac. Yuri gives me a nod, before charging back in.

The fight goes on smoothly, with Estelle interjecting here or there for a hit or two. The healing magic feels nice, but I fought through and ignored it in favor of avoiding a blade to the face or chest.

"You got the wrong guy. Aren't you supposed to know this stuff?" Finally! I jump back from Zagi, landing to Yuri's left.

"Does he look like a knight to you?" I drawl.

"He's not Flynn!" Estelle interjects.

"Details, details! Bring it!" Whoa, didn't realize just how psychopathic this guy really was till I've seen it for myself…

"This guy's nuts. Flynn sure made some interesting enemies."

"Agreed." I mumble, though I can tell Yuri heard me. A red eye creepily runs in, and I stay in a cautious stance. Tough the things that have changed are little, I don't know if they'll suddenly become bigger.

"Zagi, we're leaving. The knights are onto us." He hisses, and I let out a small shudder. Zagi slashes the red eye, giving me mild relief at no stray of plot, but I stay on my guard. The red eye raises back up.

"How dare you!" He hisses.

"Hah hah hah! Mind your own business! I'm just getting to the best part!" Where we kill you? Yep.

"Hurry, before the knights get here. Or would you rather have your fun end today?" Zagi slaughters the poor bastard, before looking back to us, and picking up the corpse.

Oh…so that's where it goes! Makes sense…

"We should be getting a move on too." Oh…he's gone already? Shit I need to stop zoning out!

"Yep." I pop the 'P', spinning on my heel. Yuri and I head towards the door. I grin at him.

"Let's pay a visit to the goddess, then head on our way." I steal Yuri's line. He can't say it anyways, he doesn't know the clue!

"Um, Yuri! Tina!" We both turn to face Estellise. I give her a grin.

"Don't worry, you're allowed to come along." Yuri says. Estelle pauses.

"Oh. Right. But I was going to say, my name is Estellise." Finally! I can call her something! Avoiding calling her by name really bugged me! I let relief fill my thoughts, only for it to be laced with my brothers' amusement. I let my thoughts turn playfully evil, causing his emotions to spike with happiness, a sign he's laughing. I can't believe I blocked him out for this long! I send an apologetic signal, and he sends a forgiving one.

"Tina!" I snap out of my daze to see Estellise in my face, I look over at Yuri, who's fixing the door.

"Are you alright?" She asks worriedly, I give a small laugh.

"I'm fine Estellise, just thinking."

"You actually think? I couldn't tell." I smack Yuri upside the head, as he finishes fixing the door.


"You deserved it Yui!" I drawl. He looks at me surprised, but I ignore the look. "We should get going…" I mumble, before we head out, away from the sounds of knights approaching. We approach the opening showing the floor below, which is in chaos, most likely from the red eye guys and their guild….which I forget the name of…

"I wonder if this is because of those guys earlier." Yuri says, glancing at the panicking knights.

"They better not try to pin this on me too." Yuri scowls at the thought.

"How would they? This seems like something far out of our league, no offense."

"I hope no one was hurt." Estellise mumbles worriedly, causing me to sigh. Obviously someone would get hurt, it is a fight. Such a naïve person…

"Don't worry about the knights. They'll be sure to protect themselves." Yuri and I share a look.

"Yes…I guess so…" Estelle looks so worried, that I can't help but place a hand on her shoulder, and giving her a small smile.

"Yuri Lowell! Where are you hiding?" The voice of that captain guy echoes through the halls, causing both Yuri and I to sigh in sync.

"That must be Leblanc." Oh, that's his name! "I'd recognize those dulcet tones anywhere."

"Do you two know him?" I give her a shrug, before pointing at Yuri.

"We have a bit of a history…" He sighs, and I stifle a laugh. "…Come on let's hurry." We start to walk around the railing when…

"Thump!" I turn to see Estellise having tripped on her dress.

"Ooh…we need to do something about that Yuri." He nods, helping Estelle up from her small tumble.

"You'll stick out like a sore thumb."

"My room is just up ahead, I have some clothes there." It takes another batch of knights unconscious to make our way to Estelle's room.

"This is my room." Oh…we're there already?

"I'll go get changed, just give me a minute." Estelle pauses, as if waiting for confirmation.

"No problem, don't take too long though, we need to get going." I tell her, before she disappears behind the door. I slouch against the door, waiting for the mention of Flynn telling Estellise to watch herself around Yuri…but nothing happens!

"Hey Yuri." I call out quietly, keeping my eyes to the floor, planning out my next words carefully.

"Hmm?" He grunts.

"Why are you here?" I listen quietly as he explains the lower quarter's situation. I always loved how Yuri never even bothered to think about any possible consequences about his journey, only his goals. I find that admirable in a person.

"Tina?" He asks, noticing I had zoned out. I give him a small smile, before holding out my hand.

"I'm going to help you." He hesitantly stares at my hand.

"Why?" I look straight into his eyes, deep into the stormy grey mist, before cracking a grin.

"Two reasons." He grabs my hand before I can say them, causing me to laugh. He smirks, before gesturing me to continue. Jerk, he already agreed! "One." I hold up a finger. "…okay I forgot one." A muffled laugh. "Two…" My face turns serious.

"I'm looking for someone." I ignore the curiosity of my brother seeping into my mind. He can stuff it! I'm getting serious!

"Who?" I look up at the ceiling, before letting out a deep sigh.

"My brother, Kris, went missing about a month ago. The people who he held dear, gave up on him in about a week. I know he's not dead though." I finally turn to look at Yuri, his face is surprised, but he patiently listens to me, something some people never did at home.

"You want to find him." I shake my head, a small smile on my face.

"No, I need to find him Yuri. He's my twin, but he was always the shy one, who knows what trouble he's gotten into!" I can tell by Yuri's face that he's imagining a guy version of me. "No, we're not identical." He frowns at this, causing me to snicker.

"I agree to your two reasons, then again, I can't object after shaking your hand can I?" I bark out a laugh, before going silent, closing my eyes as we wait for Estellise. Finally, the door opens, much to my relief. Revealing Estelle in all her glory… her very…pink glory. She does a little spin, before smiling at Yuri and I.

"There, all finished."

My hand comes up to my face, hiding my disgust.

"Kill me." I whisper to Yuri.

"Sure, we can die together." He whispers back.

"Ugh…" I shudder, trying to focus clearly on Estelle's face.

Did I ever mention I hate pink?

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