Rose Tyler is dying and as she lays there on her deathbed she's silently crying out for someone. Someone she has to see before she can rest in peace. A man she loves more than anyone else in the world, a man called the Doctor.

Her time is growing short and Rose doubts she'll ever see him again. Then one night the door opens. Rose is awaken by the sound of the Doctor calling her name. "Rose?" "Doctor?" She whispers struggling to prop herself up.

The Doctor rushes to her bedside and embraces her. "Don't strain yourself." He says holding her close; his hands shaking.

She relaxes in his arms and touches his face. "I was so scared you wouldn't come." "Of course I'd come, my love. Nothing could keep me away from you." He kisses her fragile hand. Rose cuddled up closer to him; breathing in his scent and smiles.

He glances down at her pale face and gets choked up. Fighting back his tears he strokes her hair. "My Rose, my sweet beautiful Rose I can't live without you." "You must, I want you safe my Doctor. I want you happy." Rose muttered.

The Doctor shakes his head and wipes his eyes. "I can't. I won't. You're my world, my heart." Tears fill her eyes as she kisses his hands. "Please for me? Find someone, don't ever be alone." Her heartbeat was becoming faint.

The Doctor knew she didn't have long. He sighed and told her. "Since this is my l-last chance to s-say it. I-I love you." He told her, choking back sobs. "I love you too, Doctor." Rose replied softly. Her strength was fading fast.

Looking into his sad brown eyes she whispered. "Please kiss me; just once more let me feel the touch of your lips." With tears streaming down his face he lovingly kissed her.

Before giving out her final breath she whispered in his ear. "My Doctor." Rose's body went limp in his arms. The Doctor wept as he gently eased Rose's head onto her pillow. He placed a kiss on her forehead just as a single tear trickled down her cheek.