Would you really do it?

Chapter 2

By Shadowgate


Craig and Token met up again at lunch.

"Oh man Craig it's been hard to hold back the laughs."

Craig asked "have you told anyone about this? Remember you fucking promised not to?"

Token answered "I've not told anyone."

Craig pointed out "hell it was only a wild dream anyhow. I don't think I need therapy."

Token said "that's what lots of people say. Oh I don't need psycho therapy."

Craig shot back "well it wasn't a nightmare."

Stan came up to Craig and asked "hey Craig did you see the video I sent you a link to? It's by Murp those kids are great."

Craig answered "no I've not watched it yet."

Stan said "oh it's called "dreams vs nightmares" and it's dark."

Craig did what he could to contain himself.

"I'll watch it after school Stan."

Stan went into the lunch line and Craig turned to Token and said "maybe we should talk to the school counselor."

Token said "why not but again let's make sure nobody else finds out about your dream."

Craig immediately replied "damn right."

After lunch Token and Craig went and knocked on Mister Mackey's door.

When they entered Token said "Mister Mackey we have something important to share with you. The truth is Craig Tucker does not hate you and that's why we're here."

Mister Mackey replied "well with Craig's dark attitude I'm surprised he likes anyone in this school."

Craig said "I'm not a Goth kid."

Token laughed at Craig's comment.

Craig said "Mister Mackey just wait until I tell you about the dream I had."

Mister Mackey sat back in his chair and drank coffee while the two students in his office took their seats. Craig took a deep breath and said "before I tell you I just want you to know Token and I would never actually do this to you. However in the dream I had we did to you."

Mister Mackey asked "did you dream of castrating me?"

Craig and Token covered their mouths to avoid laughing.

Craig spent the next 15 minutes telling Mister Mackey what his dream was about.

Mister Mackey said "HOLY SHIT" and fell out of his chair.