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Harry wearily paced the length of the cell, staring at the door from time to time. It was as always warded against him; the petty ministry had made sure to include that in the deal.

"Harry, you'll wear yourself out," Yinsen remarked then glanced at the door too. "You don't want them to drug you again, do you?"

Harry sighed and went to sit on his cot, turning to look at Yinsen who had become his friend in the first day.

"No, I don't," Harry replied quietly, scratching softly at his curved ear. "Just... I have a strange feeling."

Yinsen raised an eyebrow at him then glanced at the door too. "What kind of strange feeling?"

"Like we're about to have company," Harry answered.

"Our captors?" Yinsen questioned, getting to his feet.

"No, well, yes. But like there will be a third person sharing our cozy living space as well," Harry drawled.

Yinsen rolled his eyes and they lapsed into comfortable, if a little wary, silence.

The minute that the door to their cell opened, Harry and Yinsen moved back to the rock wall and held their hands up.

Harry watched as their captors stalked in, bringing in someone on a stretcher. The leader of the Ten Ring's terrorist group walked in behind them with the customary guards waiting by the door, pointing rifles at Harry and Yinsen both. The dark wizard that had kept Harry in line was also at the door, smirking at him. Harry glared at him then recoiled as one of the other guards raised a rifle and shot him. It was as always a dart gun with a mix of drugs in it, designed to keep Harry obedient and to keep him from using his magic or any of the elements to escape.

Harry winced and swayed a minute, feeling sweat start to pool on his body. He glared at the guards and the wizard. "Trou du cul!" (asshole)

The leader started to shout something at Yinsen then pointed at a few of the guards then at the guy on the stretcher. The guy on the stretcher was whimpering in pain and writhing. There was blood leaking out from a spot on his chest, along with cuts and bruises all over his body. There were rudimentary bandages on his chest but there was blood leaking through them.

"Yinsen, what's he saying?" Harry murmured.

Yinsen stared at the leader then turned to Harry. "He wants us to fix the man up."

"Like heal him?" Harry asked.

Yinsen nodded, watching as the guards wheeled the stretcher into the middle of the cell. He started to ask about supplies, ordering the guards to bring hot water, bandages, and the few medical supplies that they had. Harry cautiously followed Yinsen over to the stretcher and glanced down at the man.

"Yinsen, where do you want me? I can't heal but I can help in other ways," Harry murmured, staring at the man on the stretcher. He seemed familiar in some way but Harry couldn't place him.

"Keep him calm," Yinsen replied distractedly. "They won't let him be knocked out. Either that or they don't have anything to knock him out with. I wasn't quite sure."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "They're not... Oh merlin. This won't end well."

Yinsen glanced at him before going to wash his hands in a bowl of water. "Just do your best. I can't operate on him if he's writhing or fighting me."

"Okay," Harry replied, padding over to where the guy's head was. The guy stared at him, fear in his eyes and breathing quickly. His skin was ashen and there was sweat dripping down from his forehead. There was a thin layering of scruff below his mouth, almost forming a beard but not quite. The guy's eyes were wide and as soon as Harry came closer, he tried to hold up a shaky arm. Harry slowly reached out, keeping eye contact with the guy's dark brown eyes and slowly, gently grasped his hand.

"Easy," Harry whispered. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Okay, Harry, I'm starting," Yinsen said with a grim tone. "Guards are coming to hold him down. Keep him distracted. Well, at least until he passes out."

Harry frowned then turned back to the guy. "What's your name?"

The man stared right back at him then at their entwined hands then back at his face, gritting out a quiet, "Tony Stark."

Harry heard Yinsen gasp then he watched as Yinsen picked up an instrument. Tony's eyes followed Yinsen's movements and his breathing picked up even more. Harry winced and reached out with his other hand to cup Tony's face. Stark turned to focus on Harry as he had wanted, eyes still wide with fear.

"Tony, if I may call you that," Harry started. "Focus on me. You're going to be okay. Just listen to my voice. Don't look at anything but me. Shh. You're going to be okay."

The first scream was not surprising at all. Harry winced inwardly, feeling Tony tighten his grip on his hand. Harry kept on whispering reassurances throughout the procedure, even after Tony passed out.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as Yinsen pronounced that he was done, only now attaching a feeding tube. Tony had long since passed out more than forty minutes ago. His screams had been heart wrenching even though Harry didn't know the guy at all. He watched as Yinsen walked over to the bowl of water and thoroughly wash his hands. The guards watched him but started to walk back to the door. By the time that Yinsen came back over to the table that they had moved Tony to, the guards were gone and they were alone.

Harry stared at Tony, eyes moving from the man's chest to the wires that were strapped to him from a car battery.

"Will he live?" Harry whispered, untangling his hand from Tony's and stepping back a few paces. He felt blood race from his head and he glanced down at his body: he was trembling. "Ah, fuck."

Harry quickly strode over to his cot and sat down. The drug that the terrorists had kept him exhausted, pliant and thus obedient by keeping him too tired to do anything. Hell, the only thing that had been keeping him standing had been Tony's death grip on his hand.

"Harry..." Yinsen started, eying him worriedly. "Don't tell me I have two patients to worry about."

"No, I'm fine. I'm only exhausted," Harry replied with a grimace. "So, what's the deal with the car battery?"

Yinsen sighed and stared down at their new roommate. "He'll live. I had to pluck pieces of shrapnel out of his chest but I couldn't find them all. The battery will keep the pieces from heading to his heart."

"And that's aside from the bigger injuries?" Harry asked, eyeing Tony worriedly. He himself had helped to bandage the smaller injuries, cleaning what he could. Tony's breathing was even, if a little shallow. But he was breathing.

"Yes. We'll have to watch him for the next 24 hours," Yinsen remarked.

"Okay, why don't you get some rest then?" Harry asked. "I'll watch him."

Yinsen glanced at Tony and frowned. "I met Stark at a conference last New Years."

"Hmm?" Harry enquired.

"He was drunk throughout it all," Yinsen replied, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Drunk? I take it, he's a Very Important Person," Harry asked.

"He owns Stark Industries," Yinsen offered, yawning a little.

Harry gave a noise of consideration. "I think I've heard of that company. Big weapons manufacturer, right?"

Yinsen nodded. "Yes."

Harry kept watch over Tony as Yinsen fell asleep. He stayed on the chair that he had commandeered as his own and occasionally murmured reassurances as Tony tossed and turned throughout the night. He ran his hand through the other man's hair soothingly as he heard Tony's breathing pick up. Harry eventually fell asleep with his hand in Tony's and his head on his own arm on the table.

The first time Tony woke up, it was the third night after the procedure. Harry and Yinsen were both taking a nap, alternating taking watch. He was woken by a scream and promptly jumped off the cot, opening his eyes in the air.

"Yinsen, what?"

"He can't be awake now," Yinsen informed him. "It's too early. Come help me get him back to sleep."

Harry strode over and stopped next to the table, staring down at Tony. The man's eyes were tightly closed and his body was trying to move itself into the fetal position. Harry winced and reached out a hand to place it firmly on Tony's hip and started to draw soothing circles with his thumb.

"Tony, you need to go back to sleep," Harry whispered then narrowed his eyes. "He's cold."

Yinsen glanced at him then to Tony. "How cold?"

"About cave temperature," Harry replied. "Which is not good, seeing as it's rather cold in here at night."

Yinsen turned to glance to the door then back at Harry with a pointed look. "You give off more heat than a normal human would."

Harry sighed. "Okay, I'll sleep with him. At least until he's properly lucid then we can see about getting a blanket for him. And a cot, too. A table just won't cut it."

Harry turned his attention to Tony, who was at least relaxed a little. His body wasn't as tightly strung as it had been just a few minutes ago. "That's it. Go back to sleep. You're safe."

Yinsen raised an eyebrow at him then nodded his head, going back over to his cot.

Harry strode over to his cot, grabbed his blanket then went back over to the table. He hoped the table would hold both their weight then recalled that he was lighter than a normal human was and gracefully climbed onto the table. He had taken the side that didn't have wires going between Tony and the smaller table beside him, his chest coming up to Tony's back. He spread the blanket over them both then watched Tony for a minute or two, making sure he was fully asleep before falling into dreamland himself.