"I said I think," Harry retorted through the comm. "It looks like he's been… experimented on."

Tony nodded, taking in the strange, blue skinned man with horns on his head. He really wanted to reach out to touch the runes on his skin and maybe possibly those horns. For science. Oh, who was he kidding? His heart was beating quickly at the look in the guy's eyes, all wild and predatory. "What… what should I do with him?"

The man in front of him started to speak in another language, swaying more than a little, as he walked forwards. Tony's eyes widened as ice gathered at the ends of one of the guy's hands and Tony tentatively moved forward. The man, who was possibly Loki, Norse god of mischief and chaos and Jor's father/mother, stopped, green eyes glowing dangerously. Tony stopped too, holding up his hands while getting a repulsor ready to shoot, just in case.

"Actually…" Harry trailed off, unsure. "You could get Theras to stun him. Does he look badly injured? I can't really see from a video."

Tony studied the man in front of him just as much as the guy was studying him. "He doesn't look fatally injured, if that's what you mean."

"Is this…" The man coughed, speaking for the first time in English.

"Loki? Buddy, you don't look so good," Tony spoke, turning on the speakers in the suit so that Loki could hear him.

Loki stilled, the ice on his fingertips melting and dropping off. The temperature in the room rose gradually, the numbers going up on Tony's HUD. "Who… are you?"

"Tony Stark. I am offended that you don't know me," Tony retorted, taking a step towards the guy. "I'm here to rescue you."

Harry snorted, the sound reverberating through the comm. "You're his knight in shining armor…"

"Harry, of course I'm his knight in shining armor."

"Tony… Stark?"

"Yeah, of the Family Stark."

"Tony, that's not a thing," Harry muttered, exasperatedly.

"It could be a thing," Tony replied then took another step towards Loki.

"That sounds like you're in the mafia," Harry whispered, his voice full of amusement.


"That wasn't a suggestion."

"Yes, that's my name. Also, one of your sons is with my boyfriend," Tony said, lowering his face mask so that Loki could see that he wasn't a robot or one of his captors. "Jor?"

Loki's eyes widened then he took another step, Jarvis' readings of the man going haywire, then Loki keeled over, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

"Alright… Do we take him home?" Tony asked, hurrying over to catch the man, catching him up in his arms. Loki was light and cold, icicles sticking to his fingers and arms. It reminded Tony of his freefall as he was fighting Obie, when he had gone as high as he could but the suit had gone offline. He had developed icicles on the suit and he had had to pull on the switch he had installed on it to wipe away the ice. "I mean, obviously we do. But-"

"Tony, do you have a crush on the guy already?"

He spluttered, lifting Loki into his arms, and walked back up to the main level of the house. "I do not, Harry. I just… want to study him. For science."

"You wanted to study me for science," Harry remarked with a laugh. "Bring him home. We'll talk then."

"Right… So you're Hela."

Harry stared at the young woman who had just appeared in front of him, in Tony's workshop. She was wearing the same kind of clothes that Jor had first appeared in, a medieval but not ancient beautiful red dress. She looked to be in her mid 20's, with flowing black hair that reached her shoulders and blue eyes that were narrowed as she looked him over. Half of her face was hidden by her hair, making Harry think of the Norse myths that he at least had some familiarity with. The myths said that half of Hela's face was dead, covered in decomposing skin while the other half was suppose to be beautiful.

"Yes. I am Hela, daughter of Loki. Jor thought I should come meet you."

"Jor?" Harry repeated, looking up the stairs to the other part of the house to where his kids would be. "How? I thought…"

"I can communicate with my siblings, much like that telepath who owns the school in New York," Hela remarked, glancing around the workshop to the three other suits of armor that Tony had created. "My… our father…"


Harry watched as Hela's lips twitched up into a small grin as Jor came racing down the stairs. Jor ran right by him and threw his arms around his sister.

"You came!"

"Of course I came, brother," Hela retorted, her nose wrinkling. "Ugh, you stink of the sea."

"That is what you always say, Hela," Jor complained, pulling away from his sister after a minute or two. "What do you think of him?"

Hela peered over at Harry then back at Jor. "You didn't tell me he was an elf."

"What? I don't need to tell you everything. I don't tell you what the sea serpents think of you."

Hela snorted, rocked back on her heels. "I don't care what the sea serpents think of me. Our father… Will he be safe with you and this Stark?"

"So that is Loki, in France? Loki as in the Norse god of mischief and chaos?" Harry raised an eyebrow, knowing the truth. Other people would probably be more disbelieving but the things that he had seen and the people he had met, starting with Jor, the serpent that apparently could wrap around the world, had made him believe anything.

"Yes. That is our father," Hela spoke, peering up at him. "He went missing a few months ago from Asgard, not that anyone from the realm looked for him except Thor and Frigga. No one thought to look here."

"He will be safe here. Jor's safe here already," Harry answered, frowning in thought. "Tony and I will see that he recovers from whatever he went through. You have my word."

"You have our thanks," Hela whispered, blinking before glancing up. "I have to go. I already went against Odin's wishes in coming here."

Harry watched as Hela dropped her arms down to her sides, her hands turning to fists. She started to flicker, her blue eyes weary, as she sighed.


The young girl startled, her eyes going wide as she stared at him.

"You have a home here too, if you wish," Harry offered gently, walking over to her and kneeling so as to be on her level. "Jor has decided to stay here. You can too and so can your other siblings."

Hela stared at him, blinking.

"Even a goddess of the underworld has to take a vacation sometime, right?"

"I suppose," Hela finally answered, shrugging. "I do not know what Odin would think."

"I will talk with your father about that," Harry muttered. "He's beginning to sound like a bad grandfather and Tony and I both have experience with bad parents."

Hela nodded then vanished.

Tony watched as the stunned werewolf, vampire, veela and Norse god of mischief were brought on board to his jet. His jet that had as of yesterday afternoon, had a massive remodel, courtesy of the elven bodyguards with him. They had changed the back half of the jet into a medical transport. There were now four medical beds in the back of the jet, along with the necessary medical equipment beside them. Theras and Rania had levitated the three people and one wolf onto the jet, placing each of them on a bed.

"Shouldn't the werewolf… I don't know… transform back into a person?" Tony asked, watching from the front half of the plane as each of their 'strays' were strapped down for the plane ride back to New York City and then on to Malibu. He watched as Theras inserted a needle into the man who was the vampire's arm, setting up a bag of blood next to the guy.

"He should," Rania said, her blue eyes narrowed in thought. "It is certainly not the full moon."

"Check those collars on them," Theras suggested. "They might have something to do with him still being a wolf."

Tony followed Rania further back into the plane, after giving the pilot the okay to take off. The pilot had turned out to be a squib, a man who had magical parents but was not a wizard or witch, and so was nonchalant about having a werewolf, a vampire, a veela and a Norse god on the plane. Tony stopped beside Loki's bed, watched his breathing. Harry's guards had kept Loki unconscious, preferring to leave the questioning to their boss. "I think your son is excited to see you. Jor is awesome, by the way. I saw him shift form the night before we left."

Tony reached out to touch Loki's hand, the one that was closest to him, and squeezed in reassurance. "You're safe with us."

Tony sighed and then reached out with his other hand, the gauntlet from his armor on his hand, and grasped the collar around Loki's neck and pulled. With a crack, the metal collar fell off, landing on the floor of the plane with a thunk, slightly hidden by the noises of the plane taking off. Loki just writhed around on the bed, ending up on his side, taking a deep breath.

He walked over to each of the beds, grasping the collars around their necks and yanking gently. As soon as Tony had pulled the collar off the wolf, the creature started to shift, slowly shrinking down, losing its fur and claws and turning back into a human. A human with light brown hair and scars everywhere, half naked with only a ripped up pair of boxers on.

He heard a hushed whisper from behind him and turned to look at Theras.

The man's brown eyes were wide as he looked between the vampire and the now human werewolf. "But that's…"

"Who?" Tony questioned, going back over to sit next to Loki and watching the plane take off into the sky. The business talks were over as of yesterday afternoon so they were going home. "Who is it?"

"Remus Lupin," Theras whispered, rocking back on his heels. "We… Harry thought he was dead. Everyone thought he was dead."

"Who is he to Harry? A professor from his school?"

"No. He is though," Rania offered, pointing to the bed where the vampire was. The guy had long, icky looking black hair, and was tied down firmly, a bag of blood hanging by his bed. "Severus Snape. Everyone thought he was dead too. Killed by Nagini."

"Killed by who now?"

"Nagini. She was Voldemort's snake."

"Right… That clears everything up," Tony muttered, shaking his head.


Tony started awake, glanced down to where he had put his suit, and then got up. Rania and Theras were sitting in two of the seats that were facing the beds, talking quietly between themselves. But Tony instantly realized that something was amiss. The plane wasn't moving. He looked out the window next to him, New York City spread out below them, and walked over to the cockpit.

"What's going on?" Tony asked, looking out the front windows, trying to see if there were… aliens attacking the city or something that would cause them to stop midair. He knew that his tower in New York City was getting some upgrades this month but that wouldn't have stopped the jet.

"The military has closed off the air space above the city," his pilot answered, jerking his thumb down. "Or more specifically over Harlem."

Tony peered down through the front windows, seeing nothing until… His eyes widened so much as a big, green, thing leaped up and up, passing the Stark jet and then practically flew back to the ground. "Jarvis?!"

"Sir, I believe that was the Hulk."

Harry was getting dinner ready in the kitchen, when he heard the jet engines of the plane. He blinked awake, glanced out the window, and hurried out of the room and down the stairs, through the front door. His kids were all in napping too, having practiced elemental magic all morning. Jor was out in the waters near the mansion, swimming in his other form.

He stopped as the jet came in for a landing, a mere 50 feet from the mansion, watched it land. He watched as the door opened and a ramp opened up, one of Tony's inventions. Tony was the first one out, spotting Harry and lighting up.


Harry grinned and raced over, putting some extra speed to meet Tony in the middle. Tony pulled him into a hug and their lips met, Harry pulling him in even closer to deepen the kiss.

"Miss me?" Tony asked, breathing heavily and grinning widely.

"Of course I did," Harry retorted, eyes narrowed. "You nearly got killed!"

"I got to stick it to the military though," Tony said, his brown eyes lit up with mischief. "Brought home a stray of my own."

Harry raised an eyebrow, glancing up to the second person out of the plane. The new guy looked weary, lost, not comfortable in his skin. Harry looked closer, at the guy's short, light brown hair and blue eyes, then at Tony, crossing his arms.

"You brought home Bruce Banner?"

Tony smiled widely. "You know?"

"Yes, I do. What happened?"

"He kind of broke Harlem," Tony said, raising his fingers up to do air quotes. "That's what he said. I offered him a home with us. He accepted. How are the kids?"

Harry stared, bemusedly, as Bruce Banner walked over to them, stopping next to Tony. Banner looked exhausted, weary and almost like he was trying to make himself appear smaller.

"Harry Potter." Harry reached out a hand towards the new guy.

Bruce raised an eyebrow but shook his hand. "Stark said you guys have extra room?"

"We do," Harry said, glancing at Tony then over to the jet, where his guards were unloading the other passengers. He gestured for them to take the four men into the mansion, down to the space that he had built for himself with Tony's assistance. There was a room right next to Tony's garage and workshop, one that was closed off with glass walls, that was just meant for him. "Bruce, do you need medical attention? You look-"

"You look like shit," Tony finished, grinning. "I would say we all need to move to New York City to my tower but it's undergoing repairs right now. Some idiot fucked something up but for now, you can be another one of our special guests."

"You don't have to," Bruce urged. "I should be leaving soon anyway. General Ross wants me dead or taken captive. I don't want to involve you two and your children."

"Bruce, we are good," Harry argued, his eyes narrowing. "My team and I already warded the area for twenty miles. You are safe here."

"I will contact my lawyers, Brucie," Tony added. "There's bound to be some kind of lawsuit that they can bring against that General."

"Are you sure?" Bruce asked faintly, stepping away from Tony and looking between them like he hadn't received anything good like this in years. "I wouldn't like to be a burden-"

"If the lawyers can't do anything then I'll put you under my protection," Harry spoke. "I'll be king in a few weeks anyway."

Tony blinked and Bruce stared.

"What?" Tony looked at him, his eyes going wide.

"I was always going to be crowned king," Harry quietly spoke, shrugging. "The coronation was going to be a few months ago but you know, what with the kidnapping and torture, it got postponed. There was another reason my guards went with you. I had them give a letter to the ministry and to the muggle queen."

"Tony said you were not human but he didn't elaborate. What are you a prince of?" Bruce asked, his eyes wide but curious.

"I'm an elf," Harry explained, looking at Tony to watch his boyfriend. "Being king would mean leader of all magical creatures, not just the elves. It's… tradition."

Tony stared then smirked. "Your highness."

"Stop," Harry retorted, elbowing Tony. "Now, let's go see our other guests."

"King Harry Potter."

"Tony, don't get any ideas," Harry said, wrinkling his nose.

Harry blinked as he peered down at the men on the four beds. "I thought…"

"They died?" Theras asked, shaking his head. "Whoever spread that rumor must have wanted this."

Harry glanced down at Remus and Severus and Lucius. He had already talked with Draco and Hermione and his two friends were already on their way here. Severus on the other hand, had no living family that Harry knew of and Loki… Loki was a whole other story.

Jor was standing over his father's bedside, still slightly dripping wet from his swim in the ocean. Loki was still unconscious, this time naturally.

Tony was standing right next to Harry, a tablet in his hand, as he listened. Bruce had gone up to the guest room that they had given him and had immediately fallen asleep. "Remus is your surrogate godfather?"

"Yes. He… I think he loved Sirius before… but then my dogfather died," Harry whispered. "Now… he's the only Marauder left."

"Is he dangerous?" Tony asked, glancing at the bed that held Remus and the bed next to it, which held Severus Snape. "Your guards said that he was feral."

"Vampires go feral if they don't feed for a while," Harry said, shaking his head in disbelief. "I didn't even know he was a vampire in the first place. We all thought that was a rumor."

Tony snorted. "Ah, school gossip. I remember that."

"As for Remus, he shouldn't be dangerous. You said they all had collars on?"

Tony nodded. "I ripped them off. I was right, wasn't I?"


"The collar was keeping him from… shifting back?"

"Yep. Tony, I… You know what I said yesterday through the comms? The thing about Jor's sister?"

"Yeah. You okay?"

"We're fine. Hela… I promised we would take care of her father. Apparently he had gone missing from… Asgard a few months ago."

Tony blinked, turned to stare at Harry, his eyes narrowing in thought. "No one looked for him, did they?"

Harry shook his head. "No, I don't think anyone did except for his brother and mother. His father sounds like a piece of work though."

Tony shuddered. Harry reached over to entwine their fingers, tightening his grip when Tony shivered. "You saw Loki when I first saw him. He was blue, icy blue."

"We'll have to ask him when he wakes up," Harry spoke.