Tony stared. "You've got to be shitting me."

Harry raised an eyebrow but shook his head. "Nope. Not a joke."

Tony glanced over at Yinsen who nodded then turned back to look at Harry. "So... wizards exist. And you're one, I take it?"

"Yeah, I'm one," Harry replied, glancing over at the door to the cave before returning his green eyes back to Tony.

"How... why do I not know this?"

"No one knows about wizards," Harry said. "Strictly speaking, it's against the law to tell anyone non-magical."

"Then why are you telling me? And why haven't you busted out of here already?" Tony asked. "And I assume you told Yinsen cause he's not freaking out."

Harry gave a laugh, though it wasn't... it was a bitter sounding laugh. "One of our lovely captors here is a dark wizard. That's why I haven't broken out. He warded the door to me so I can't go past it without getting seriously injured or, I suppose, even killed."

"Killed? Your magic can... kill?" Yinsen asked, narrowing his eyes. "I didn't know you or it could do that."

"There's a spell," Harry replied, shrugging a little. "But the wards over the door aren't a spell and I'm not going to risk that. They also dampen my magic to the point that I can't use it."

"But back to your other questions. I'm telling you Tony, because I don't give a shit about their laws anymore," Harry continued.

Tony raised an eyebrow.

Harry sighed. "My former friends and the government threw me in here after I came back from my... don't laugh... my elf training."

Tony snorted. "Your elf training?"

"Stark, don't make me come over there," Harry remarked, staring at him with a small grin.

Tony raised his hands innocently. "I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it," Harry offered then smiled wryly. "I underwent five years of training. How to use my elemental magic, how to meditate, how to move... The list went on and I enjoyed being in a place that was peaceful. I even learned a few things from a hawk and made a new friend."

"You learned... from a hawk?" Tony repeated, a little confused. "You do mean the bird, right?"

Harry grinned. "Not quite. But that's a story for another time. You need to rest."

Tony frowned then realized that he had forgotten where they were and promptly shuddered. He started to get up and shook for a minute, his ribs protesting. His vision went black briefly, waking up to arms holding him up and quiet murmurs.

"Tony, you didn't tell us they bruised your ribs," Harry whispered, shaking his head.

"'M fine," Tony retorted shakily, looking anywhere but at Harry, who was an inch or two taller than him.

"Is this going to be a thing?" Harry asked quietly. "You being too stubborn to admit to any injuries?"

Tony heard a rough sigh then, "Come on. You can use my cot for now."

"It's not like we can do anything about my ribs," Tony muttered, following Harry's urging hands yet again as the other man helped him back onto the cot.

"I'd still like to know," Harry replied, inclining his head a little. "Even if they did take the medical supplies."

Harry watched as yet again their captors dragged Tony and surprisingly enough Yinsen away for more torture. It was a week and a half later, a good two months since Tony had arrived and yet, Tony hadn't caved. Harry had also watched as Tony grew more and more... subdued and downcast. Harry of course helped him to settle after each 'session' but as rescue still hadn't come for the billionaire, the atmosphere in their cave had gone further and further downhill metaphorically.

They were still limited to two cots and Harry had taken to sharing his with Tony. At first, he had been more than willing to sleep on the cave floor. I have slept on the ground a lot more than you, Stark. But after the first few nights of waking up to Tony whimpering and shivering in his sleep, Harry had had enough and nonchalantly laid down with him for the nights after that. Tony had spluttered for a few seconds then amazingly enough, burrowed into him.

It had been a new thing this earlier though. The Ten Rings had dragged both Tony and Yinsen away and left him behind. And obviously that was because they didn't otherwise care about him other than to occasionally have the nameless wizard torture him. But it had seemed like they were... trying a different tactic or something? They had been gone for a few hours already so Harry didn't know what to expect.

But then again, the presence of Tony Stark actually made him hope again. He knew the guy was scary smart, probably even a genius and if Harry and Yinsen had even the slightest hint at an escape, Tony had just upped their chances.

Harry missed Teddy, wondered what had happened to Andromeda after she had told him that she was dying. Harry had been stuck here for a year without any chance of escape and he wondered what had happened to his kids too. Ginny had become withdrawn over the last few months that Harry had been around and he had started to worry. He missed little James, Lily and Albus just as much as he missed Teddy.

The minute that both Yinsen and Tony were pushed back through the door, Harry stood up from the cot and glanced at the two of them. Tony was holding the car battery in his arms, with white knuckled fingers but there was a determined look in his eyes too. Like he had finally figured something out. But he wasn't breathing heavily like he usually was after being dragged out. Harry turned to look at Yinsen, raising an eyebrow.


"Alright, I'm going to need some supplies here," Tony called back to the still open door.

Harry glanced between Yinsen and Tony then at the guards at the door. As soon as Tony had called back to them, there was a flurry of motion; soldiers came running with missiles, metal debris and a lot of other things that they weren't using. Yinsen shuffled over to Harry and stared at Tony.

"He said yes," Yinsen remarked then strode to where Tony was trying and failing to get the guard to understand something.

Harry's jaw dropped in dismay, his feet already moving to stand on Tony's other side. "You're really-"

Harry started, eyes widening as Tony dragged him to a corner of the cave that the camera did not see.

"I'll explain later," Tony said, staring at him for a minute then went to survey the moving of the equipment into their cave.

Harry stood there and smiled, hope blooming in his chest even more. They would get out of here! Then he had a serious bone to pick with the minister of magic and he would make sure to go in ready to apparate at a moment's notice.

Tony sat on the chair stock still, letting Yinsen take the car battery out and exchange it for the miniature arc reactor that he had built. Harry was standing on the other side of him, eyeing Tony's injury then the arc reactor.

"Are you sure that will provide the same aid as the car battery?" Harry asked quietly. "It's rather small."

"Of course I'm sure! My math is always correct," Tony answered, wincing a little as Yinsen dropped the arc reactor in and hooked it into the proper places. "And if I'm not, it's not like I don't..."

Harry raised an eyebrow at him then narrowed his eyes. "You are not dying here, not while I'm around."

Tony turned his head to look at the guy. "Well okay then."

Once Yinsen had pronounced that he was done, Tony led the two of them over to the work table. He pulled out the couple of pieces of sketching paper that he had drawn his idea on and gestured to it. Harry and Yinsen both bent over to take a more closer look for a minute or two.

Yinsen was the first to look up with a confused frown. "What's that suppose to do?"

"Flatten them down and look at them that way," Tony replied, not without a hint of smugness.

Harry glanced up at him, raised an eyebrow then reached out a hand to do just that, holding the papers down until they formed the iron armor.

"Whoa..." Harry trailed off.

Tony looked at him and grinned at his wide eyes.

"Is this a new design?" Harry murmured, glancing at Tony with excited, bright eyes.

Tony nodded.

"Well, that will certainly help," Yinsen remarked and was about to open his mouth to say more when the door clanged open.

Tony stiffened and followed Harry and Yinsen to standing up, away from the table when the guards gestured. The guards yelled at them in their language then lined up before them. Tony noticed out of the corner of his eyes that Harry stilled when a guy walked in with the guards. The guy had... robes on but they were more like they could be considered battle armor. The guy was also holding a stick in front of him and he was pointing it at Harry.

Tony was so focused on the guy with the stick that he didn't even notice that there was a guy standing at the table rifling through the papers.

The guy started to talk, something about Genghis Khan and bows and arrows. Tony didn't tune in until the guy mentioned Stark weapons.

"But today, whoever holds the latest Stark weapons rules these lands. And soon, it will be my turn," the guy slowly observed, turning to look at Tony with something closer to hunger in his eyes. However, Tony didn't think it was actual hunger; it was more like desire for weapons that would go boom.

The apparent leader of the terrorist group gestured to one of his men and at the guy holding the stick. The guy holding the rifle walked over to pull the poker out of the fireplace and strode over to Yinsen. A few more guys walked over to Tony's friend and forced him to his knees.

The guy with the stick walked over to stand a few feet from Harry. Tony watched as the guy with the stick muttered something and just like that, Harry screamed and he collapsed to the ground, twitching and writhing.

"What do you want?" Tony exclaimed, watching Harry with wide, fearful eyes. All of the color left his face and he could feel sweat starting to drip down his face. He turned to look at the leader then at Yinsen. His other friend was watching Tony and Harry, switching his gaze between them.

"What the fuck do you want? A due date?" Tony asked, raising his voice to be heard over Harry's screams. "I need them!"

He glanced at the guy with the stick and the guy was smiling and just when Tony was about to do something stupid, the leader of the group spoke a few words.

"Don't cross me. You have until tomorrow to assemble my missile."

And with that the leader gestured to his minions and they filed out of the room.