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Chapter 1: We Married & Have A Daughter!

A petite figure just dropped into the empty classroom for potions in the cold dungeon. The figure looked around with confused expression and tilted the head. The figure ran across the room to find for any sign of living. Unfortunately, it could not find anyone, so, the figure opened the door and ran to each room, opening the doors. "Daddy, Papa, Dad, Father, where are you?" the figure screamed as it continued to venture to find the person it want. Meanwhile, the Great Hall was filled with students and the staff members. Tonight was the 1st September, the day when Hogwarts reopened after the Great War. Those students that did not finish their school year were welcomed to attend their final year. Among the student was Harry Potter, people declared him BWL(Boy Who Lived), who had the haunted look on his face.

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asked as Harry began to sway on his seat but Harry nodded with a smile. He had a smaller form than all the seventh years due to abuse and neglect from his relatives.

"Why don't catch a nap? I will wake you up after sorting is complete," Hermione suggested and Harry shook to answer her. His waist length hair was braided by Hermione when he boarded the train and sat in the same compartment with her, Luna, Neville and, surprisingly, Blaise Zabini- he was one of the dark family that stayed neutral. Ron and Ginny were staying away from Harry after he declared the day before at Leaky Cauldron that he was a gay.

"DADDY!" a child voice screamed as the door banged open. All the head turned toward the door to see who screamed. The figure was a young girl not older than five. She has long, straight raven hair with platinum blond highlight decorated with her bright jewel-like emerald with blue and silver layering outward eyes. Her skin was so fair like snow suited her petite but mature-like posture. She had tears running down her eyes, which were dropping on the floor and formed pearls. Everyone was in shock but Harry stood up from his seat.

"Hey. Don't cry. What's wrong?" Harry wiped her tears away, rubbing soothing circles on her small hand and Hermione quickly transfigured a green snake plush toy out of the tissue for the little girl.

"Where's Daddy? Who are you? What are you doing at Hogwarts?" she asked Harry back and her crying turned to sobs as she saw the snake. She cuddled it to her chest and Harry scooped her up, ignoring the pain around his body.

"I am not sure. But may I know what your name is? Mine is Harry Potter. Age eighteen," Harry replied and he felt a surge of pure magic rushing through his body, healing the wounds and bruises.

"I am Rose Neve Weasley-Potter-Malfoy. I am five when Christmas arrives. You have the same name as Daddy," Rose giggled but the hall was in more shock and the temperature dropped. Draco stood up from his place and strode to Harry's place.

"May I see your symbol? You are a Malfoy means you have a crest just like this, right?" Draco asked gently, showing his Malfoy pin decorated with a dragon symbol around it. Rose nodded her head but she was unwilling to leave Harry's side. Draco persuaded her with chocolate frog that he kept under his robes. She took one with a smile and let go of Harry's robe.

"A silver bracelet with Potter's crest surrounded with rose trimming, a pair of silver earing with Prewett's crest bloom from a rose and a silver necklace with Malfoy's crest encrusted with silver roses around the chain," Rose answered and showed the jewelries on her left hand, ears and around her neck. All of the jewelries were protected with blood wards, protection wards and healing charms. Draco took Rose's right hand and found a long gash of injury seemed like a knife injury.

"Princess, what is this?" Harry asked while caressing her hair-the hall was still in shock. Rose shook her head and Draco lifted her chin with his finger. Tears were emerging and welled up around her emerald orbs.

BANG! Two figures rushed into the hall and the whole hall was in shock again-this time, their jaw dropped. It was Fred and George Weasley, looking worry and fear were shown on their face. They saw Rose at the Gryffindor table and rushed towards them. Rose ran towards them and hugged their leg, both at the same time.

"Papa! Dad! It was so scary. Where were you just now?" Rose buried herself into the twins embrace when they kneeled down. The twins breathed in relief when they saw Rose unharmed. They muttered sweet comforting words to her ear and Fred put a sleeping charm on her. With that, she dropped onto George's arms.

"I am sorry. Professor Mcgonagall, we need to take care of Rose while the people in Future figured how to counteract the potion. A potion dedicated for time travel was stolen and poured on her. But that was the prototype potion," Fred began to explain how the intruder broke in with Rose in his hand, threatening to kill her and Rose escaped when the intruder was distracted. Unfortunately, the intruder knocked over the cauldron as Rose was trying to get to us and it poured over her whole body. Because, there were no counter-potion yet but they were worried about Rose, so, the twins volunteered to get their daughter first.

"Well, we do need a teacher for transfiguration. Can you both teach? I still haven't found any teacher. You both have the highest score for transfiguration when you sat for OWL," Professor Mcgonagall offered after the feast was over and the twins agreed for their daughter sake. They were offered an apartment of three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, living room and the classroom connected through a door. They put Rose on the bed in between of the twins, so, they could watch over her. They enlarged a trunk that was brought from future and unpacked everything before falling to the call of Morpheus.

"Papa. May I see you both teach?" Rose asked when the morning came as the three were enjoying the breakfast in their apartment. George raised his eyebrows, considering her request and Fred was preparing the theory for the students-Fred was doing theory while practical is done by George.

"You promise not to interrupt and no helping until I ask. You will follow Dad to govern the Gryffindor when I teach the NEWT level. The correct term is watch," George asked firmly to ensure that no bargaining and Rose nodded enthusiastically. Today was Sunday so the classes only start tomorrow and the twins were arranging the timetable for their Gryffindors. Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard.

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