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Bozon as co-creator)Wayforward Technologies(the game's developer) and Capcom (the
publisher).I make NO profit whatsoever.

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Morning over Sequin Land.The dawning sun shone on an old lighthouse not far from Scuttle
Town.Within the lighthouse,a young girl slept.She had purple hair styled in a long tail.Her
name was Shantae.She was a half genie,the daughter of a mortal man and a long gone
guardian genie.Long ago,guardian genies protected Sequin Land from all kinds of monsters.
During peaceful times,many of these genies fell in love with mortal men and gave birth to
half genie girls.One such genie wound up being Shantae's mother.One day,however,the genies
vanished,Shantae's mother among them.Their daughters,the half genies,had limited magical
powers but resolved to travel the world,finding a kingdom to guard from all sorts of evil.

Shantae herself had settled in the fishing village of Scuttle Town.The closest thing she had to
family was a man called Mimic,a relic hunter.Mimic was the only one in all of Scuttle Town who
knew Shantae was a half genie.

No sooner had Shantae woken up when she freshened herself followed by a quick change of
clothes.Soon she was dressed in her red harem pants with matching top,hoop earrings on her
pointed ears,a gold tiara with a violet gemstone,a pink sash around her waist and red pointy
slippers,ready to begin another day.As soon as she got out of the lighthouse,she was surprised
to hear a voice calling out to her.
Her name was Sky,a young woman who wandered throughout Sequin Land.Clad in a light blue
strapless top,light violet bottom covered by a purple wrap with light blue trim as well as a
purple open hood from which three strands of her blonde hair were exposed.She also wore a
gauntlet upon which a fierce looking war-bird named Wrench rested.Sky had raised Wrench
since he was hatched.
"Starting the day,huh?"Sky asked.
"You know it,Sky."Shantae replied."That's the way it goes when you're a guardian genie for
Scuttle Town."
"Yes,it's nice,if you like dinky holes."
"Now Sky,don't you start,"Shantae said."I like being in Scuttle Town."
"That may be fine for you,"said Sky,"but me,I like going where the action is.I'd get bored if I
had to spend all my days here,but never mind all that.I just wanted to tell you that I'm headed
A look of disappointment crossed Shantae's face."Will I ever see you and Wrench again?"She
"Perhaps someday."Sky replied."I'll be looking out for you."
After a short pause,the two females hugged while Wrench fluttered a bit above them.Then,just
as Sky and Wrench were preparing to leave,Shantae called out:
"Hey,Sky!Take care of yourself,okay?"
To which Sky replied:
"You too,Shantae!You too!"
And with that,Sky and her war-bird soon left Scuttle Town.As for Shantae,she had quite a day
ahead of her.

The sun rose a little bit higher in the sky when an old man with a long white beard and a long
green overcoat came to Shantae's lighthouse.She greeted him at the door.
"Mimic?"Shantae said."What brings you here?"
"You won't believe what I found!"Mimic said.Then he produced what appeared to be a sword.
"What is it?"Shantae asked.
"An ancient sword belonging to a long gone warrior."Mimic said,who then noticed a look of
puzzlement on Shantae's face.
"Where did you find it?"She asked.
"I found it in the desert near Oasis Town,but that's not all I found there."
"You mean there's more?"Shantae asked,wondering what he meant by that.