+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EPILOGUE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Six months later . . .

Mimic was digging away when he unearthed what appeared to be a vault.After some time,he managed
to open it.Inside,he found an anicnet parchment.He was very surprised to discover that it was some
sort of diagram.Afterwards he figured that the diagram was for an engine consisting of a steel
chamber in which water would be heated,turning into steam.In his workshop,Mimic began work on
his own version of this steam engine,unaware in all that time that he was closely watched by an
ebon skinned creature called a tinkerbat.
The tinkerbat sped to a waiting boat.Not long afterwards,the tinkerbat's boat reached an island.In
that island was a factory filled with dozens upon dozens of tinkerbats.This particular tinkerbat came
up to a woman of pale complexion,garbed in black billowy trousers and boots,cuffs at her wrists,her
top shaped like a skull,her dark purple hair curled up inside her black pirate hat.She also had a
very sharp cutlass at her side and a pistol as well.
This woman was none other than the infamous she-devil of the seven seas,Risky Boots.
"What have you got for me?"Risky asked the tinkerbat and it gave her a scroll.Upon examining the
drawing the tinkerbat made of Mimic working on the engine and the location of Scuttle Town,an evil
gleam came to Risky's eye.If what the tinkerbat had shown her was true,she had a very devious
idea.Her pet project was almost complete,but it lacked something.She also knew of very special
stones scattered throughout Sequin Land.She put two and two together and could hardly contain

"Boys!"Risky said."We're headed for Scuttle Town!I've got a steam engine with my name on it!"

Soon Risky Boots and her crew of tinkerbats climbed aboard their pirate ship and sailed onward
to Scuttle Town.



Author's note:

I would like to thank mr. Matt Bozon for supplying me with the names of the monsters lurking
between Scuttle Town and Water Town.True I did not use the bats,elebees and eleboos but
that's only because,at this point,they were too high in the sky.