Prompt from iwillneverbesafe on tumblr: Castle and Beckett getting ready for their bachelor/bachelorette party

"Can you get the clasp, Castle?" she asked, turning to face him.

He looked up to meet her eyes, looking a like a dear caught in headlights. Even now, not even a week left before their wedding, and he still looked like he thought she was going to pull out her gun when she caught him admiring her. She rolled her eyes at him and laughed softly.

"Babe, as long as you don't look at the strippers we both know Espo hired like that, you have nothing to worry about" she teased him, making his eyes widen. "Now, can you put on my necklace?"

He smiled at her and put out his hand, in which she gingerly placed the necklace she was planning on wearing.

He smiled when he saw which one it was, the white gold chain with the heart shaped pendant, half the heart inset with chocolate diamonds, the other with normal ones. He had given it to her for Valentine's day that year, but she very rarely wore it. It didn't really go with any on her work outfits, anyway. Still, he liked knowing she appreciated the gift—even though she had come close to making him return it due to its cost back when he first placed the box in the palm of his hand.

She turned around it front of him. With his free hand, he brushed her loose, curled hair off the back of her neck, letting his fingers brush the skin just enough to make her shiver.

"Castle" she warned softly. "Lanie will be so mad if I'm late"

He didn't respond, simply slipping the necklace around her neck and doing up the clasp. Before placing her hair back where it had been, he pressed a soft kiss to the nape of her neck.

"You look beautiful. I kinda wish we didn't have a separate parties to attend" he whispered to her. He could picture her smile as she leaned back and rested against his chest.

"I know" she said. "But you'll have fun" she added, waiting a second before turning in his arms. She smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his lips, hard and almost possessive. "Just…don't have too much fun" she whispered, looking away from him.

"Kate?" he asked. He used his thumb to bring her gaze back up to his, seeing the insecurity that lingered in her eyes. "Kate, you have nothing to worry about"

"I know. It's just, they're strippers, Castle. They're being paid to shove their boobs in your face and they'll…they'll definitely be good looking" she said softly.

"Yet not nearly as beautiful nor as sexy as you" he told her,leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead. "You know I'm not that man anymore, right? I'd never do anything with another woman. I love you too much"

She smiled. "I love you, too"

He leaned down and kissed her. "And I promise, I won't have too much fun. We'll have fun when we get home, okay?" He punctuated his sentence with a waggle of his eyebrows.

She laughed, pressing the top of her head to his chest. That was the Castle she knew, loved and trusted.