Chapter 2: A Plan of Action

With the click of his closing communicator, NightWing narrowed his eyes lightly and sighed as he looked to the green Changeling. Gar never had the best luck with trusting people, especially the ones with pretty faces, but all in all he did trust the Changeling with his life.
"You better know what you're doing." Grumbled the former leader as he placed his communicator back onto his belt. Gar only smiled and slapped playfully at NightWings back making sure to keep his feral claws from doing any harm. With that pat of assurance the masked man turned on his heel and returned to his work on his computer even away from home still managing to patrol the streets of Bludhaven through street cameras and a few he personally installed for extra assurance.
Watching the former Boy Wonder work at a distance for his city Gar rolled his eyes with boredom and pounced onto the couch with the silence of an apex predator. While he grabbed the remote to flip through the channels he thought about NightWing's words wondering if she truly would be the best example for the future new students, he quickly shook his head and gave a toothy grin as he continued to flip through channels.

After an hour of watching the city endlessly NightWing yawned heavily and stood from his chair with a crack of his back.

"Feel like Bruce right about now," he grumbled to himself thinking he was out of earshot, the green ones ear's twitched as he listened to the small joke that escaped NightWing's lips and let loose a roar of laughter at the facts that it was a funny joke and that the usually intensely serious leader made such a joke.
"Holy crap you made a joke?!" Gar boomed with laughter, almost falling off of the couch as he held his sides from split.
"Oh shut up." The masked boy wonder said with rolling eyes, he pulled a tube that leaned against the computer and held it in his hand, giving it a little wave while he gave a nod to Changeling, motioning for him to come look. When he walked to a table he spread out a set of blueprints showing the iconic T tower and a vast underground facility.
"Dudeā€¦" Gar said with a sound of amazement, NightWing only nodded as they both huddled around the blueprints and began discussing the plans for their new Academy, all the while Gar's thoughts continuously clouded with the thoughts of his feelings for Jinx. The thought of her pink narrow eyes glittering in the light caused a smile to be lightly formed at the corners of his mouth. After looking back and forth between the feral looking Changeling and the blueprints he worked on, he noticed that Gar wasn't exactly paying attention the masked D***. He narrowed his eyes and gave a quick slap upside the head to Gar, waking him from his daydream quickly with a shake of the head and a sputter.
"Dude what was that for?" He rubbed his head vigorously and looked to NightWing with a glare only to get a head shake in return.
"I don't need your feelings getting in the way of what we're doing here. We need these students to learn not to worry about who's dating whom and who's doing what. I need them focusing and I need you two to set an example." NightWing's voice rang out with a stern tone that sounded like a parent berating a child. It only earned a glare back from Changeling.
"Listen, I promise I won't let that sort of thing happen alright?..But I don't need to be treated like a child D***, 'cause I'm not one anymore." The tone of Gar's voice matched Dick's with narrowed green eyes, his body tensing lightly as he spoke out to the one he rarely did such a thing to. Nightwing raised an eyebrow and smiled lightly with a nod, leaning forward on the table.
"Alright, good. I just had to make sure. I am sorry for talking to you that way.,I know you aren't a kid anymore Changeling, it's just a little something I'll have to get used to." He chuckled lightly, holding the sides of the blueprints so that they don't roll back up. Gar looked to NightWing for awhile and smiled.
"It's all good man. I know it's gotta rattle you're cage that all the girls are gonna be swooning over me." He chuckled as he elbowed at NightWing playfully, earning a sigh and a head shake.
"Gar?...Shut up and pay attention." He shook his head, too tired to strike discipline and fear into the green shapeshifter. Changeling chuckled more and decided he would stop torturing the former Boy Wonder and move on to what was next.


Jinx sighed with relief as the former Titans' leader called her before her urge to make way with what she thought was an honest payment for capturing the criminals, but she also knew it was wrong to take the money that wasn't hers. She closed the communicator with a nod and looked towards the giant T that sat in the sea.
"Wonder what Boy Blunder wants." She said to herself, remembering the nickname every villain used to call him with a smile. It was true that she often missed her days of easy money and the times of fear she'd invoke just by stepping into a room, but this was better for her and she knew that. She dusted off her black and pink skirt and straightened her hair to her now regular look as she walked along the road to see one of the robbers regaining consciousness.
"Ah ah, not until you get picked up," she mused as she sent her booted foot flying forward hearing a crack as it made contact the robbers chin, immediately going back to the sweet release of unconsciousness. She smiled as the robber lay knocked unconscious in front of her and she made her way towards the tower.
Changeling and NightWing both looked to the Towers elevator as it dinged, signaling the arrival of someone and out stepped Jinx while she straightened her black shirt with the read trim and black and purple skirt. Gar looked to her with wide eyes at her new look, taking as much effort and willpower as he could to prevent from getting distracted.
"H-hey Jinx!" His stuttered speech carried out with a goofy smile behind it. She gave a giggle at him and smiled.
"Hey Gar.." she smiled lightly, looking down to use her pink hair to cover up a light blush. NightWing looked between the two and held back a smile. If something so serious wasn't being planned he'd think about leaving the room. He cleared his throat and both of their smiles faded, remembering that the trainee of the Bat was standing there watching them.
"Right so anyway..The reason I called you here Jinx is because I feel that an Academy can be opened up if we expand the Tower's underground and the tower itself for the students." The former Boy Wonder explained to her as he looked to his blueprints, pointing to the parts he was talking about. The pink haired sorceress only raised a brow and placed her tan hands onto her hips
"So? What's that got to do with me?" she said with a shrug of her shoulders her bright pink eyes narrowing. The masked man raised a brow and cleared his throat.
"Well, I told Changeling I wanted him to run it since I'm too busy with my own city to watch..And he'll only teach it with you." He grunted lightly as he stood to his full height crossing his arms of his leather costumed chest. Jinx' eyes widened as she looked to Gar, unsure whether to say yes or tell them she has her own thing to do.
"So? What do you say?" Gar said with hopeful eyes awaiting her word with high hopes.

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