The Prison Group

Chapter 1

She licked her lips, taking a deep breath as she looked into the rearview mirror again. They'd fucking multiplied. Beth swore as she turned the car sharply, driving down a side street. "You're going the wrong way," Glenn complained, "you needed to go left." Beth ignored him and pulled out into oncoming traffic. "Oh shit!"

"You're going to kill us!" Rick grabbed the back of her seat and leaned forward. "Beth, sweetheart, I really don't want to die, listen to Glenn."

Beth rolled her eyes and pulled the emergency break, spinning the car around so she was heading the right way just as the cops that had been behind them pulled out the alley. She smirked and stomped down on the gas, driving straight towards them. "Beth, babe, don't kill us," Daryl muttered from the back.

"Now we're really going to die." Rick sat back and shut his eyes.

"Beth now is not the time to play chicken with the police." Beth glanced at Glenn as she pushed a little harder on the gas. She kept her eyes on Glenn, not paying attention to the road. "Beth, that's not funny." She still didn't look up; she could tell they were getting closer. "Beth for the love of god look at the road!"

She smirked and stomped on the break, spinning the car sideways and stopping inches from the cops. She rolled down the window, blew them a kiss and peeled off, back down the alley. She continued to check the rearview mirror, making sure she took plenty of detours as she drove them home. "I hate your driving," Rick muttered. "Why are you the getaway driver again?"

Beth huffed and slowed down, easing back into the seat and glanced at him in the mirror. "If you and Daryl hadn't decided to rob that bank on a whim we wouldn't have had half of Atlanta's police on our tail." She relaxed, taking a deep breath. "And I'm the getaway driver because the best."

"Yeah, the best at making me sick," Glenn muttered.

She rolled her eyes as she drove to a deserted part of town and pulled into the garage of an abandoned building. At one time it used to be apartments, but now it was covered in graffiti and the perfect place for them to live in. Everyone in the country was looking for them, they'd searched this place a few times before, but with the security system Eugene had in place, they were always long gone and cleared out before they showed up. They would lay low, wait until the heat died down, and then move right back in.

She shut the car off and climbed out, grabbing one of the bags of money Rick handed her. "How much did you to get anyways? Enough to make it worth it I hope."

"A few grand." Daryl wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked inside. Maggie was waiting for them and she didn't look happy.

"Thanks to your little stunt today, our bounties just went up." She handed Rick a file as he walked in, dropping the money on the counter. Beth and Daryl sat down and started to count and separate it into sixteen nicely stacked piles.

"How bad is it?" Glenn asked before kissing Maggie. "Your sister tried to kill us today."

"Get over it." Beth looked at Rick as he flipped through the files Maggie had handed him with their files in it. "Well?"

Rick just smirked at her. "Just keep counting your money. We'll go over it at the meeting later. We have a job in a few days." He wrapped his arm around Carl's shoulders as he came into the room and headed for the living room.

Beth sighed and continued to count the money. "This is hardly what I'd call worth it," she muttered as they quickly made their way through the stack. They put half of it into the group's fund, the money that supported what they did, the other half was separated between the fifteen members.

Daryl smirked and picked up his own stack after putting the group cash into the safe. He took half of it and slid it into her back pocket. "How about I take you out, buy you somethin' pretty?" he whispered, kissing her neck.

Beth smirked and put rubber bands around the stacks, slipping her own into her other pocket. She grabbed them all and looked at him over her shoulder. "Diamonds can't fix everything baby." She gave him a quick kiss before they walked to the living room where Eugene and Bob were playing some racing game on the television. "But you can take me to dinner." She smiled as Rick walked in and turned the television off.

"What the hell? I was just about to kick his ass," Bob complained.

"You wish." Eugene put the controller down as everyone made their way into the room.

Beth waited until everyone was there and seated before handing the money out. "Thanks to Rick and Daryl's little stunt today, you each got another grand comin' your way," she told them as she handed the rest out.

"I heard it was quite the escape," Sasha commented as she took her money.

"She almost killed us," Glenn complained again.

Beth rolled her eyes and finished handing out the money, walking over to where Daryl was sitting in his chair and perched herself across his lap. He slipped an arm around her waist, the other settling on her knees, teasing the skin under the hem of her skirt. Rick moved to stand front and center. "We didn't almost die, Beth's right, she's the getaway because she's the best." He crossed his arms, tossing the file Maggie had handed him earlier down on the table. "Out bounties went up."

"How bad?" Carol asked, reaching for the file.

"I'm up to one hundred fifty thousand, Daryl's gone up to one hundred thousand, Michonne and Glenn are up to ninety thousand, Beth, Maggie, Carol, Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita are all up seventy five thousand, Carl, Sasha, Tyreese, and Bob are all at sixty thousand, and Tara, the baby," he paused, smirking at her, "is up to her first fifty thousand." There was a moment off praise for Tara. She had been the last one to join them, and since she'd hit her first fifty thousand bounty, that officially made her one of them. "By the way, Daryl, Beth, arson has been added to your list from that little shack you burnt down on your vacation last month."

Beth smirked and leaned back against Daryl. "It's not our fault that moonshine happens to be highly flammable. He's the one who knocked the candles over."

Daryl rolled his eyes and looked at her. "If you didn't need the romance so much there wouldn't have been any candles, so yeah, it is your fault."

"It doesn't matter," Rick interjected. "Just no more burning down buildings."

"No promises," Beth answered, smirking. It had been fun.

"So what's the job?" Daryl asked.

Rick crosses his arms again. "We're going to rob that bank on fifth, the one for all the stock brokers and lawyers. It's about time they learned what it's like." They all nodded their head in agreement. "Beth, I'm going to send you and Tara in as under cover, just cash your checks and scan the place. Beth is going to distract the guard while Tara gives us the signal. Beth, I want you to hold the guard in place until one of us can take over. Can you have the bus ready for a getaway?"

Beth nodded her head. "I'll have to make sure I change the oil and breaks, but yeah, she'll be ready as long as Rosita helps me out."

Rosita nodded her head. "Shouldn't be a problem, we'll take care of it tonight."

Rick nodded his head. "Good, Maggie and Eugene, I want to you two to disassemble the alarm systems. We don't need Atlanta PD showing up before we can clean out that vault."

"Shouldn't be a problem." Maggie looked at Eugene.

He shook his head. "Shouldn't be, most banks operate on the same system as everyone else. I'll need Sasha and Tyreese to go down there and scope it out first."

Rick nodded his head. "You two can take care of that tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yeah, we can handle it."

He nodded his head. "Good, Bob, I want us all to be wired up and able to communicate with each other, and I mean all of us, Carl's going with us this time."

"Really?" Carl looked up hopefully, it wasn't often Rick let him go.

"Yes, really, it's about time you started to see what it's like." He smiled and ruffled Carl's hair. "Carol, I want you on the bus ready to patch anyone up. I'm not expecting a huge mess, but I'd rather be safe than sorry."

Carol nodded. "Consider it done."

Rick nodded. "Good. Abraham and I are going to run down a basic plan, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, you three know what to do."

Daryl smirked and tightened his hold on Beth. "Cause a mess." He smirked and kissed her shoulder. "I'll make sure all the guns are cleaned and ready to go."

"I'll work out the best escape route," Glenn added. "Though, I doubt Beth will listen." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Rick nodded his head, happy with how everything was assembled. He had one of the best teams in the world. They were the best at what they did, and the sick fucks got off on it too. "Alright, you all know your jobs, get to it. We're hitting this place in two days."

Beth turned and looked at Daryl. "Go clean your guns, Rosita and I will go out and work on the bus. You still owe me dinner tonight."

He smirked and kissed her, his hand grabbing her ass. "Yes ma'am."

She smirked and slid off of his lap and followed Rosita out to the garage. It was going to take both of them to get this done in one night. She slipped out of her heels as Rosita hooked the bus up to the hook and lifted it off the ground enough for them to walk around under it and do what needed to be done. "You want oil or breaks?" Beth asked, pulling on a pair over overalls so she didn't get her clothes dirty.

"I'll take oil, you're the one going to dinner tonight." Rosita grabbed the oil pan and walked over under the bus to start draining the old oil out of it.

Beth thanked her and got started on the breaks. It shouldn't take too long. Her daddy had taught her a thing or two about cars and engines when she and Maggie had still been on the farm. Whatever she didn't know she looked up. She got to work, taking her time, making sure everything was perfect.

Daryl was waiting in the kitchen for Beth. She had said she wanted to do something with her hair and fix her makeup before they went out. When he heard her heels licking against the cement floor he looked up and just stared at her. How he ended up with the hottest damn thing this side of the Mississippi he'd never know. She was dressed in a short dress, the bottom half was all gold sequins, the top half looked like something straight out of lingerie and she had a matching gold sequins jacket to match with blank four inch heels. Her hair was half up, half down; he couldn't explain it if you asked him, all he knew was that she looked fucking smoking. He pulled her into him and kissed her, bending her over slightly. She moaned and giggled into the kiss, gripping his shoulders. "Down boy," she teased as he put her back on her feet.

He smirked and took her hand in his, leading her out to his car. "Not my fault. You lookin' like that just makes me want you."

She smirked and climbed into the car. "After dinner, I'm starving."

"Anything you want." He started the car and pulled out of the garage. There were only so many places they could go in the city where they wouldn't be recognized, especially after robbing the bank earlier. Their faces would be all over the news. So he drove her out of the city, out to a fancier place in the middle of the suburbs. Anyone there who recognized them had better sense than to call the police because when it came to Daryl and Beth they were worse than Bonnie and Clyde. Plus, the owner of the restaurant they were going to was a friend of the group's. He'd make sure they had a quiet night.

When he pulled up the valet opened the door for Beth. Daryl handed him the keys and wrapped his arm around her, leading her inside. "Just the two of you tonight Mr. Dixon?" Emily asked when she saw them; she was the owner's daughter and working her way through college working for her daddy.

Daryl nodded his head. "Treatin' my hell cat tonight."

Emily smiled and grabbed two menus. "Well come with me, the back booth is empty." She led them back to their usual booth where they could eat without anyone even knowing they were there. More than once they'd gotten dirty in that booth. Daryl smirked at the memories as he led Beth back and let her slide into the seat before he sat beside her. "The usual wine tonight?" she asked.

"Sounds perfect," Beth agreed. Emily nodded and walked off to get the wine.

Beth and Daryl enjoyed their dinner together, just the two of them, teasing each other all night. By the time they walked through the door they needed each other like nothing else. Daryl picked her up and carried her back to their room. She giggled as he kicked the door shut behind them and laid her out on the bed. He made love to her until she thought she was going to pass out. As he wrapped her in his arms and pulled the blankets over them she smiled and rested her head on his chest. Yeah, they might be criminals, high on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list, but they had each other, and they knew they were doing what they did for a reason. Nothing else mattered.