Title: Terror…

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            '*Pant*.' Running, trying to keep a steady pace, a steady rhythm in breathing.

             'Don't look back. *Pant*, don't… *wheeze* look back… *pant*' Repeating it again and again like a chant between tired pants.

            Splatter. The rain was coming down, harder than before. Lightning whip cracked above, lighting up the dark, black night-sky outside. Boom. Thunder shouted aloud. Gritting his teeth, he continued running, panicky.

            'Don't…*gasp* look…*pant* back,' he reiterated with his eyes closed. He was losing his grip on the rhythm he had just now. He was panicking even though he couldn't hear anything but the rain drops and thunder clashes. Loud, deafening. Scaring him out of his wits. He couldn't hear, yeah, but he felt it.

            'Take… *wheeze* it easy… Don't… *pant* look back… *gasp* Rhythm…'

            The moon outside, quarter moon, was shrouded by… clouds, and yet he felt… saw the moon grinning, leering at him, and he still felt it, closer, coming closer.

            'I shouldn't… huh… have stayed… *pant* back… *wheeze* to practice…' Still running, losing rhythm, panicking.

            'Forget… huh… it. Just…*wheeze* don't look… *pant* back.' But he couldn't do it anymore. Fear had gripped him in an icy grip and was tightening its hold, making him totally lose control. He looked, and never had a basketball player make a more terrible than just looking behind.

            His mouth twisted into a silent scream. He tried to scream, but the shock kept his words, his voice down. Fear, like he never felt before now dominated him, his mind, totally breaking his connection with reality. Just before he crossed the threshold from sanity to insanity, he managed to think,

            'Too late… I shouldn't have.'

            And that was the end of it. End of a basketball player's control over his own heart and mind. What he saw managed to break his mind. But when that… thing hurt him, broke his bones, his scream finally escaped, blood-curding and eerily without emotions, not even fear. Just a scream of pain that echoed through the hallways, not going far because of the drowning sounds of the thunder and rain. He was beyond. Beyond any feel of terror, just pain. Beyond any help. His eyes were empty and that was the worst part of all. Empty, just blank.    

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