"It's those kids, Machi! The ones I want to recruit!"

"Nobu... Look closer."

"Ah! The chain-assassin!"

The rest of breakfast was slow. No one really had anything to say, even Gon, who was usually noisy. So they just ate in silence, before Kurapika pushed his chair out and hopped down from the stool. Leorio glanced at him questioningly as he pushed the chair back in.

"Bathroom," the child answered, before trotting down the hall. As soon as the door clicked behind him, the three remaining boys leaned in, speaking lowly even though they knew Kurapika couldn't hear.

"When is he gonna turn back?" Gon lowered his eyebrows worriedly.

"Like I'd know." Leorio snorted.

"You're a doctor, you should check him—" Gon began, and Killua slammed his hands against the table.

"Are you an idiot? Who knows what that old man would try to do to him!" He ignored the angry protest from Leorio. "In any case, we should try to find out what happened. Let's at least let Senritsu know—she could know something." Killua eased back into his seat as Kurapika exited the bathroom. He took a seat on the stool once again, glancing at them suspiciously. Gon laughed slightly, rubbing the back of his head. Killua groaned. But before Kurapika could say anything, the silver-haired boy spoke.

"What do you guys want to do now?" He crossed his arms behind his head, tipping his chair back dangerously. Actually, Leorio had to head back soon. If he wanted to get a job, this was the best time. So they only had a day left—bummer. Gon and Killua still had some time, but Gon didn't have forever. So in the case Kurapika didn't revert to his original state, Killua would be the only one able to take care of him. Major bummer.

"... Right Killua?" Said boy heard Gon's voice, and sat up, startled. "I said, we should check out the park! Aren't you listening at all?" Gon pouted, and Killua couldn't really blame him. This was the second time he had been caught in his thoughts.

"Sure, whatever." He tipped his chair again, closing his eyes slightly.

"As in, now."

"Sure, whatever."

Kurapika giggled as Gon kicked Killua's chair, causing him to fall onto his back..

"... You idiot! Why would you do that!" The assassin protested indignantly, grabbing Gon's collar and shaking him, while foaming at the mouth.

"You were ignoring me!" Gon argued back with the same amount of fervor.

"That doesn't mean you can just kick my chair, moron!"

"I know what you are, but what am I?"


Eventually, the pair had to be escorted out of the store, because words had turned into fists. Kurapika was in shambles, tears of laughter dripping out of his eyes. On the other hand, Leorio was exasperated and embarrassed. But the children who were causing the ruckus didn't seem to care; they were more intent on proving who was the real idiot. By terms of physical strength, of course.

Gon and Killua had seated themselves at a fountain outside, arm wrestling. Their elbows had already broken through the marble, causing Leorio to slap a hand across his forehead. Kurapika watched in astonishment.

"Idiot, you're an idiot!" Killua chided, sticking his tongue out.

"Says the idiot!"

"You're admitting you're an idiot! Idiooot!"

Their bickering continued for a while, until the kids noticed two powerful auras approaching. They were almost... Familiar. A sense of silent understanding passed between the two, and they rushed to Leorio and Kurapika's side. The blonde lowered his shoulders a fraction, startled by the looks in their eyes.

"Ryodan..." Gon hissed at the woman with the pink hair and the samurai.

"Oi, long time no see?" The samurai smirked, shrugging his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. He looked relaxed, but his aura was spiking with pent-up anger. Ubo.

"What happened to the chain brat?" The woman carded a few fingers through her hair, steely eyes focused on Kurapika.

Kurapika leaned on his toes to whisper in Killua's ear.

"Does she mean me?" He lowered his eyebrows, and frowned.

"Yeah." Killua straightened up, raising his voice. "He doesn't have nen right now, so you should leave him alone." It was a gamble telling them that. Since now they know he's weak, they could just kill him right here and Gon and Killua wouldn't be able to stop them. Nobunaga narrowed his eyes.

"Why is he so small?"

"Don't know." Gon answered this time, shifting a little more in front of Kurapika.

The samurai glanced at the pink-haired woman, and they nodded in silent agreement. The woman pulled a coin out of her pocket, and flipped it.



It landed on tails, and the samurai cursed under his breath.

"Fine." He hissed, before whipping around and stalking off. Killua relaxed slightly, but was still unnerved by the female's unwavering gaze.

"Where are you guys going?" Leorio looked lost.

"To tell dancho, of course. I'm sure he'd be pleased." The samurai grinned sardonically, before the two disappeared into the crowd. Kurapika glanced up at Gon and Killua worriedly, and the latter sighed.

"Kurapika, we have something to tell you."