Chapter One

One fine day in the town of Vale there was a man that went by the name of Adin. Adin was known for being a theif so the people of Vale became acustom to this, so they -when somthing went missing- would immediatly search for Adin and ask him for their missing items, so the citesense on Vale would simply go to the town guards and report the missing item then go along with their buisness. Adin lived alone in his shop where he would price the items he said he "found" then sell them. No one acually hated him, although there were times when there would be dissagrements, but that rarely ever happened. Adin's parents died when he was a few months old, so he doesnt know anything about his family. No one els seems to know either. He doesnt travel much, although there is the odd time where he wanders off then becomes lost then finds his way back. But one day a stranger came to the town of Vale, a stranger that would help Adin with his past.

It all happend one night when a black robed mage came to the Vale Tavern, soaked. His wizzard had hung down from the weight of the water that soaked through the black materials. His skin was tinted yellow, his eyes were all black. He didnt have the slightest build. (although most mages don't) The mage sat there, in the tavern, staring into space. It looked as if he was in a trance or deep consentration. Adin, being the curious type, decided to aproach the man. "sir? are you awake?" Adin said waving his hands in front of the mages face. The mage still sat there, there was no reply. "mabey hes dead?" Adin said turning around to the others who were just as intrested in the mage as adin was. "Mabey not.." Said a voice from behind him. Adin turned around quickly to see the black robed mage stand up. The mage was about seven feet tall. "What might your name be sir?" Adin asked. "Well... My name is Calestien.." Said the mage. "Calestien..." Adin repeated slowly thinking if he knew the name from somewhere. "Well my name is Adin." He said extending his hand. "Nice to meet ye Adin" Calestien replyed shaking adins hand. "I come from The Lost City... South of the plains of dust." Calestien said putting his hand in one of the many pouches he had hanging from his rope belt that held his robe in place. "I have something for you adin.." He said pulling a bottle. Calestien handed the bottle to adin. Adin took the bottle and looked at it. "what is it?" Adin said with curiosity. "Liquid gold" He replyed tieing his pouch back together. "whats it do?" Adin asked shaking the bottle and watching the glowing orange liquid splash around inside. "That is what i am trying to figure out" Calestien replyed looking at adin still. "it seems to be a extremly magical item" Calestien said "but i don't know how to make it.. work." "Hmm.. mabey if i open it.. somthing will happen." Adin said pulling out the cork. Before calestien could say anything it was off and a glowing mist was comming out from the opening of the bottle. Adin sniffed it. "it... smells like ale!" Adin proclaimed raising the bottle to his lips and tasting it. Suddenly his eyes rolled up and he fell over and began to shake. The bottle fell over too but the contense was not spilled. Adin stoped shaking and got up. His muscles started to bulge from his arms knowledge poured into his thoughts. "adin..." Calestien said "what are you feeling?" "i..i...i dont know..." Adin stammered trying to remain standing. Adin started walking towards the door of the tavern, he was walking on air. his feet were not touching the ground. "Stop him!" Calestien yelled. Some of the town people tryed to but they were shot away by some magical feild protecting Adin. Suddenly Adin vanished. Calestien picked up the open bottle and put the cork back in. "I shall return tomorrow. If you see adin, run." Calestien said walking out of the tavern door.