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Hermione was ignoring me again. I could just sense it. I looked up and there she was, sitting in the corner, totally engrossed in her textbook. I sighed inwardly. Why did she like reading so much? It was hard to believe that she was my sister. I, for one, would prefer a video game to a dusty old book any day. Naturally, I'd been a little jealous when Hermione had gotten her letter from Hogwarts. I mean, she was so down-to-earth! Of all the people to have magic powers! I was always the adventurous one, the one willing to take risks. If either of us was a witch, it would only make sense that it would be me. When that lady came to give my sister the news, I had asked about my letter. Surely I was getting one too? But she just smiled mysteriously in reply, saying "We'll see." I've learnt not to trust adults when they say that, seeing that 99% of the time, what they actually mean is "No". But apparently this case belonged to that 1%.

A year later, that same lady came to the door, full of excitement. I was confused at first. Had Hermione gotten in trouble? The very thought of my goody-goody sister doing something against the rules was laughable. As she walked in, I listened eagerly, wanting to know why she was back. After a quick exchange with my parents, she headed over to where Hermione and I were seated on the other side of the room. Not that my sister and I were acknowledging each others' existence or anything. She just happened to be reading on the same sofa I was playing video games on.

As the lady approached us, Hermione carefully marked her place in the novel she was reading, set it daintily down on the arm of the sofa and waited to hear what the lady – Professor McGonagall, I think it was – had to say. But instead of walking up to Hermione, she headed towards me instead. I shot my sister a confused look, but she was too stunned to even notice. Slowly, she picked up her book and resumed reading.

"Are you Emily Granger?" asked Professor McGonagall in a strict, yet kind voice.

"Yes ma'am," I replied, deciding it was best to be polite. I had no idea what kind of influence this woman may have on my future, and I wanted it to be a good one. "It's Professor McGonagall, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. There is no need to call me 'ma'am' though. Professor will do. That's what you'll be calling me at Hogwarts, so I suppose you'd better get used to it."

Hogwarts! I was going after all! "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I squealed.

Professor McGonagall seemed to struggle for a moment before her features relaxed into a smile. "You're quite welcome," she replied with a meaningful look.

I realized that I'd been squealing uncontrollably in front of a future teacher, and I stopped abruptly. "Oh… sorry ma'a – er – Professor"

"Now I expect you'll be wanting your letter?" asked Professor McGonagall dryly.

"Yes, please." I said hastily, feeling like an idiot. I glanced at the folded piece of parchment she handed me. It had my name scrawled on it in big green letters. I knew of course that we had to go to this special wizarding street – Diagonal Alley, wasn't it? No, wait – it was Diagon Alley. Anyway, I remembered Hermione being told to go there last year. And I also knew to go to platform 9¾ – straight through the brick wall between platforms 9 and 10. So in a way, I had an advantage over Hermione – I wouldn't have to stand there looking like a fool while a police officer muttered about kids wasting his precious time with ridiculous made-up platforms and schools. Hermione, who had apparently been eavesdropping on our conversation, seemed to have come to the same conclusion as me. She was slowly turning a bright shade of pink as she tried to hide her face behind her book.

"Wait – Hermione and I are muggle-born!" I cried.

"Yes, you are," said Professor McGonagall, obviously unsure of where this was going.

"I mean – what are the chances? Both of us, witches! It just isn't probable!" I watched McGonagall closely, waiting for an answer. Her eyes widened briefly in understanding, but melted quickly into shock. Then came something more subtle – concern, or perhaps wistfulness. When she finally spoke, it was in a quiet, soft voice.

"Yes – you two are a rather special case," she whispered. "Two muggle-born sisters – yes, you are quite right." She seemed to shake herself off suddenly. She continued in a brisker tone. "But however interesting you two may be, now simply isn't the time to discuss it. Plenty of time for that once you get to school." Professor McGonagall began to turn away, but spun back around abruptly. " I assume you are accepting my invitation?" she added sarcastically, almost as an afterthought.

I allowed my face to break into a wide grin. "Of course!"

"Well then, I expect you know what to do? Platform 9¾, 11 o'clock sharp, the usual?"

I nodded yes energetically. Professor McGonagall frowned, but I was too delighted to care.

"I guess I'd better be on my way then. Good bye, Miss Granger. Both of you," she added with a smile and a nod towards Hermione. Hermione! I'd forgotten she was even in the room! Oh well. It's not like I even cared in the first place. I was much too excited as McGonagall stepped out the door into the night. I was going to Hogwarts at last!