I've been trying to think of some ideas for new stories lately, and I've decided to see if I can come up with some Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong brotherly moments.

I'll probably take requests every now and then, so don't hesitate to give out some ideas!

Anyways, here's the first one I've come up with.


As Donkey Kong climbed up the ladder and walked into his tree house on a fine Saturday afternoon, things seemed very quiet for a few seconds until he could hear the faint sound of soft singing coming from behind a door which led to the bedroom of someone he knew very well. He was the only one whom this big ape could truly have such a family-like relationship with, other than that rambling old Cranky.

DK slowly creaked the door open and found his little nephew, Diddy Kong, standing in front of a window by his bed with some buds in his ears that were connected to a CD player in his hand.

DK could only wonder what Diddy was listening to. He seemed to get some hint of it when Diddy began humming to his music. DK had noticed how Diddy's singing voice had seemingly improved lately, and he often tried to listen in from time to time while Diddy would not notice him since he often had his music turned up.

Of course, over the last four years (since November 2010), Diddy had quite an addiction for British electronic drum and bass music. Although the other Kongs may have been able to listen to some rap music from time to time, there was no taking the little monkey out of his trance of loving D&B.

DK walked over to a shelf where Diddy kept his CD collection. He eventually found that one shelf had an empty slot. On that shelf were numerous CD cases that had 'PENDULUM' and 'SUB FOCUS' printed on them. DK looked around to see where the missing case was before he found it sitting on Diddy's small sofa. He slowly approached the sofa and took a closer look at the case …


DK simply sat down on the floor next to the sofa where Diddy couldn't notice him easily. The little monkey was still gazing out the window where the sunshine was lighting the entire bedroom. It remained silent for a moment before Diddy began singing with quite a strong voice which DK had rarely heard …

"It's nine thousand miles back to you!" sung Diddy, "I still feel like home is in … your arms!"

DK couldn't believe his ears. He had never heard Diddy sing like that before. He had known his little nephew to have a not-so-good singing voice in the past, but nowadays, singing to the voice of Rob Swire and his Pendulum lyrics was really making Diddy feel like he had some power in his voice that even he himself didn't know about. It seemed that something about him was changing forever, yet he rarely took notice of how much it had changed him.

Of course, Diddy would only sing like that whenever nobody else was around, not even DK. He seemed to be too shy to show off any of his Rob Swire imitations. Therefore, for DK, hearing such a nice singing voice from his little buddy seemed very rare.

At that moment, however, DK finally decided to break the silence in the room and simply state how much he liked Diddy's voice.

"Hey, little buddy," said DK, standing up and trying to act as if he had just come into the room.

Diddy quickly turned around and noticed DK standing next to his sofa. He quickly stopped his CD player and removed his ear buds.

"Oh, uh, … h-hey, DK," said Diddy nervously, "Did you need anything?"

"Not exactly," replied DK as he struggled to come up with whatever he was going to say next, "I, … uh, … thought I'd stop by and say that I think your singing voice has really improved lately."

"Uh, … h-how could you believe that?" asked Diddy, "I'm not really that great of a singer."

"Aw, c'mon, little buddy!" said DK with a grin, "I heard you singing just a moment ago, and I thought you were great! You sound much better than you did all those years ago."

Diddy sighed, "You've been trying to spy on my Pendulum addictions again, have you?"

"Well, I couldn't help but wonder why I shouldn't," said DK, "I really don't mind. Besides, you shouldn't be afraid to tell me that you're good at something yet you think that you're not and would rather not show it to anyone."

"DK, don't you remember when people used to hate my singing voice? Everyone thought I was terrible!" said Diddy in a depressed tone.

"That was a long time ago," explained DK, "Look at you now! You've improved dramatically! I've never heard anything like it! You should show me some more every now and again!"

"Oh, really!?" said a slightly annoyed Diddy, "Even though everyone else is not very fond of that genre? I seem to be the only one around who likes that British D&B genre."

"We all have different music tastes, Diddy," said DK.

"Whadda ya mean!? Everyone on this island would prefer rap and nothing else! I'm the only Kong on this island that would prefer anything otherwise!" said Diddy.

"Well," sighed DK, "I guess you do have a point there."

The big ape simply sank his head as he tried to think of something else to say.

"I could say that just because your personal taste of music is different from everybody else's doesn't mean that we don't like it," said DK, "I personally think it sounds good, but I obviously can't listen to it as much as you can. I mean, you could go for days at a time listening to nothing but D&B, but the rest of us, … well, … let's just say we don't have as much energy for it as you do."

Diddy simply sighed at that comment and sank his head, "I guess you're right, big buddy."

As Diddy opened his CD player and put his 'In Silico' CD back into its case, DK patted his nephew's back.

"Let's not worry about it too much, okay, Diddy?" said DK, "You and I may have different personal tastes of music, but nothing like that can get in the way of our relationship, nor can it do the same to anyone else."

Diddy looked up at his uncle and smiled at him.

"You're right, DK," agreed Diddy, "I'm sorry I've been rather anti-social lately. You know, … I'd much rather spend time with you than spend ridiculously long amounts of time listening to my music collection."

"It's alright, Diddy," said DK, "Besides, I'm the one that should be sorry, unless you don't mind doing a little bit of singing for me one of these days when nobody else is around. It can be just you and me … in this house. You don't have to do it right now, though."

Diddy looked away for a moment and pondered his thoughts before looking back at DK again.

"Sure, buddy," said Diddy, "Maybe I might sing for you some time soon."

Diddy picked up his 'In Silico' case and placed it into the empty slot in his CD shelf before strolling back to his sofa and taking a seat next to DK.

"Anyways, are you hungry or something?" asked DK, "You look like you haven't eaten in a while."

"Well, all I had for breakfast this morning was a piece of toasted banana bread," said Diddy, "I could do with some lunch right about now."

"Okay, then," replied DK, "Why not see what we have in the kitchen."

"How's about I race ya there!" said Diddy fairly quickly.

"Wait, what!?" said a surprised DK.

Diddy shoved himself off the couch and began running all fours. He was out of his room before DK had finally processed everything.

The big gorilla quickly stood up and rushed out of the room and raced into the kitchen, but Diddy was already there, sitting down at their table.

"Ha, ha!" laughed Diddy, "I can't believe you fell for that one!"

"Man, you really are such a prankster, little buddy!" commented DK with a near-disappointed look on his face.

"Aw, c'mon! I just wanted to have a little fun!" added Diddy.

"Well, at least it was fun for you, but I really don't like being tricked like that," said DK.

"Then, what kind of fun would you prefer, DK?" asked Diddy.

DK walked up to the chair that Diddy was sitting on and gave him a smirk.

"Um, … okay," said a now uncomfortable Diddy, "I'm s-sorry I asked."

"There's no need to be sorry just yet, little buddy," said DK with an evil grin.

This made Diddy feel even more uncomfortable. He simply gulped.

Before Diddy could even think about jumping out of his chair, DK grabbed his little nephew by the wrists and lifted him off the chair.

Then, DK began to carry Diddy by the wrists out of the kitchen and towards the living room couch. As DK approached the front of the couch, he sat down and spun Diddy around before placing him on an armrest and pinning his arms down.

Diddy only continued to gulp. He could only tell that DK was going to pay him back for tricking him again.

"Uh, … w-what are you g-gonna do to m-m-me?" asked Diddy nervously.

"Nothing serious or anything like that," answered DK with another evil smirk on his face.

DK turned around and spotted a banana sitting on a stand by the other side of the couch. He picked it up and turned back towards Diddy, who still had his hands trapped underneath DK's left wrist.

"If you'd like a nice lunch, then here's a new way to enjoy it," said DK with an evil grin.

Diddy grew wide-eyed even though he had no idea what DK was about to do, but he was sure that it was going to involve something crazy.

"Uh, D-D-D-DK?" said Diddy, trembling in DK's grasp.

DK suddenly pointed the banana towards Diddy's mouth and quickly squeezed the end he grasped. Diddy shut his eyes just as the banana came blasting out of its outer skin and splattered right onto his face! All of a sudden, Diddy's face was a complete mess! Banana mush had covered his face from his chin up to his nose!

DK broke into a fit of laughter as he took a glimpse at his nephew's face. Diddy opened his eyes shortly after he felt the banana smash into his face. He quickly saw what a mess he was. He looked at DK and gave him an unhappy look.

"S-so, th-this is y-y-," Diddy could barely speak any words as the banana mush had blocked off just about his whole mouth.

"My idea of a fun lunch meal?" finished DK, "Well, not exactly. I just wanted to have some real fun with ya! Besides, what's a good banana-flavored lunch without monkeying around with bananas!?"

DK simply laughed at his own comment, but Diddy was still not amused. He tried to open his mouth to speak again, but his voice was completely muted by the banana mush on his face.

DK soon brought his face closer to Diddy's and began to stick his tongue out. Diddy's eyes grew wider than ever as DK's tongue became very close to him.

Within no time, DK was licking the banana mush off of Diddy's face, much to Diddy's annoyance.

Once DK had licked half of Diddy's mess off, the little monkey gave him an angry look.

"That's not what I would call having fun with bananas!" said Diddy with a half-muffled voice.

"Aw, c'mon, where's your spirit to it?" said DK, "Somebody once told me that bananas are like food you're supposed to play with, and if we didn't do so then there would be no such thing as 'monkeying around'!"

Upon hearing those last few words, Diddy suddenly began to giggle.

"I knew that spirit was in you somewhere, little buddy!" commented DK.

"No such thing as monkeying around if there was no such thing as playing with bananas!?" said Diddy in between giggles.

Then, the little monkey began laughing his head off. It seemed that such a joke like that was among the funniest he had ever heard in his life!

DK soon started to laugh along with him.

It took them both quite a while for them to stop laughing before DK began licking the other half of Diddy's banana mess off his face. However, this time Diddy actually seemed to be giggling as DK licked him like a puppy would.

"Oh, DK!" said Diddy, urging him to stop just as his face looked near-clean again, but apparently covered in saliva from DK's tongue.

DK grabbed a tissue from a nearby tissue box and finally let go of Diddy's wrists before handing him the tissue.

Diddy wiped the saliva and the last of the banana mush off his face before looking at DK again.

"I'm sorry I turned your face into a mess, little buddy," said DK, "I guess I just wanted to have some fun. Things really hadn't been much fun today, I must admit."

"I'm the one that should be sorry this time, big buddy," admitted Diddy, "I really shouldn't have tricked you like that, but I guess there was no other way for me to throw my laziness away after listening to all that music."

"Don't worry about it, Diddy," said DK, "If you can't forgive your best buddy, who can you forgive? Besides, no matter what happens between us, you and I will always be best buddies until the end."

Diddy simply smiled at his uncle.

"You wanna a quick best buddies hug?" asked DK quietly.

Diddy quickly jumped into DK's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. DK wrapped his arms around Diddy's back, and patted his back and the back of his head.

"I love you, DK," said Diddy.

"I love you, too, Diddy," replied DK.

"I'm glad to have you as a best buddy, DK," added Diddy, "It's always nice to have someone to look up to."

"I'd say it's nice to have someone to look after," agreed DK, "I feel grateful to have you as my little buddy, my sidekick, and my hero whenever I'm in trouble."

"Aww, DK," said Diddy as his cheeks began to blush.

"How's about some lunch, little buddy?" said DK.

"Sure thing!" said Diddy.

Diddy quickly stood up and climbed up onto DK's shoulders.

"I thought you wanted a not-so-lazy day," said DK.

"Well, all I really wanted was a day to spend with you!" said Diddy.

DK simply blushed as he got off the couch with Diddy on his shoulders, and carried him back into the kitchen.

"You got any banana bread!?" asked Diddy quickly.

"As a matter of fact, I do!" answered DK.

"Ooh, I can't wait to get a taste of that epic banana powder! I'll put plenty on my piece!"

"You got it, buddy!" giggled DK as he placed a huge plate of banana bread onto the small round table, "Take a seat. Either one will do!"

Diddy grasped the back of DK's neck as he lifted his feet onto his uncle's shoulders. He took a big jump off of DK and landed feet first on a chair. He turned around to face the table and sat down.

DK cut up a piece of the banana bread and placed it onto a smaller plate before giving it to Diddy. Then, he cut up another piece for himself and placed it onto another small plate before sitting down next to his little buddy.

"I really love the way you make banana bread, big buddy!" commented Diddy as he grabbed a shaker filled with banana powder and began to pour some of it onto his bread.

"Why, thanks, little buddy!" replied DK, "It's too bad I can't do it very often."

"I know. What a shame it is," said Diddy.

"Well, let's go ahead and eat, then!" said DK.

Without another word, both Kongs began eating their bread and enjoyed every bite of it.

Then, DK put what was left of the big plate back onto the counter, and the Kong duo strolled back into the living room.

DK turned the TV on as they sat back down on the couch, and they began to enjoy some hilarious TV shows.

That's pretty much all I have for this first one. Like I said, I'll have more of them coming up from time to time, and I'll be taking requests from those who enjoy reading these kind of family moments. If you've got something you want to show me, just PM me and I'll try to see what I can do to make it rather 'brotherly'! You know what they say: Monkeys will be monkeys … unless one decides to excessively listen to intense music!

Until then, see ya later!