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The drill of the helicopter's rotor made attempts at stifling conversation among the occupants within a near futile attempt, a large portion of their words drowned out by the blades slicing through the crisp early morning atmosphere. Not to mention the winds battering the hull from either side.

The ruckus only served to suppress the slender teen's droning on technological jargon to the older man seated next to him while typing absentmindedly on a tablet lain askew on his lap; the elder simply nodding in agreement despite ignoring the other's words while eavesdropping on more interesting topics, mostly regarding a group of large men conversing about various topics that mostly lead to heated arguments.

"Piss off mate," The largest of the group; a blonde haired man with cold indifferent eyes spoke to one of his companions, throwing up his hands and shaking his head with a slight grin across his hardened features. "I know you're bullshiting," the other in question only let out a breath of exasperation as he glanced about the cabin.

"I shit you not, the bloody thing was big enough to bum a cigarette offa me" This caused the group to break into a fit of boisterous laughter as the man; with large hands demonstrated the proportions of what he claimed to be the biggest arachnid he had ever seen in his life. The older man merely chuckled as a dark haired man that sat next to the storyteller began to argue about the exaggeration of said arachnid until a tug on his sleeve drew his attention back to the teen seated next to him.

Nodding curtly at the youth's rambling on finances and such, the elder proceeded to turn back to the group to find the larger of the group and the more lean, yet athletic man having a makeshift arm wrestling contest with their elbows dug firmly onto a stack of duffle bags as the dark haired man clasped a hand over their large, calloused ones. A series of aggressive grunts and muttered curses filled the cabin as the two pushed for dominance while their comrades surrounded them with jeers and bets on their man in favor.

"Ha! Might want to question ya manhood now ya bloody yank!" The smaller, dark haired man screamed as he pumped his fists into the air victoriously and a self satisfied smirk plastered across his features as he bounced around in his seat while the defeated man's features flashed dangerously. All the while, the men and women exchanged pounds with defeated looks.

"Watch it mate, I wouldn't hesitate dangling out the side of this chopper 'till you piss yourself" The larger man warned with a gravely voice that the other shrugged nonchalantly. After a brief stand-off between the two, their attention was drawn by the elder as he cleared his throat; with the teen's smaller frame peeking out behind his larger one. The silence grew unbearable as their awaited their inevitable punishment after proving themselves to be a nuisance, but in an odd turn of events the elder shot a look of approval towards the blonde man and glanced to the smaller man seated across.

After another brief wave of silence filled with silent conversations, a sudden scuffle and girlish squirm caused the group to turn alarmed toward the sudden gust of wind that entered the cabin; ruffling their clothes and scattering equipment thrown haphazardly onto the duffle bags.

"Stop, stop!" The smaller male screamed in absolute terror as he dangled out the side of the helicopter by his larger comrade, the wailing that followed caused a red-haired female seated next to the side door to snicker along with the others.

"Still think my manhood is still in question? Or do you need a little more fresh air to help you decide?" He spoke through gritted teeth, mostly to stifle the laughter bubbling up in his throat. To further emphasize his point loosened his gripped on the other man's shirt, causing his body to sway back and forth as he continued to struggle.

"No! Please, I'm sorry!" He cried, tears gathering at his lids as he held onto the frame desperately. The other man only released a dark chuckle as another man with his features hidden beneath a balaclava tossed a parachute to the large man; whom proceeded to strap it onto the flailing man screaming in an accent too thick to properly comprehend.

"Bombs away!" The large man screamed at the top of his lungs and he released his hold which caused the other man to tumble over the edge; limbs flailing. No less than a second later a muffled thump and an up kick of dirt caused the men and women to look over the edge of the descending helicopter, breaking into a fit of uncontrollable laughter at their comrade face planted into the dirt no less than a few feet from the hovering aerial vehicle.

"Enjoy your fall lad?" The large man said between laughs as he and his fellow companions jumped onto the tarmac, kneeling by the smaller man's side as he sucked in deep breaths with his eyes clamped tightly.

"I bloody hate you-" He said spitting out rubble and dirt that found it's way into his mouth after his fall, and as if on cue his chute deployed; extending a mere foot above his head before draping over his body in a navy blanket. His companion only chuckled as he helped him out from underneath the chute and joining the throng of people heading towards the mess hall.

Watching the entire scene, the older man exited the helicopter with a faint smile playing on his lips as he stepped onto the tarmac where he was greeted by a large, dark-skinned man whose face came into a grin. Behind him, men and women alike stood broad-shouldered and at high attention; a certain twinkle in their eyes as they caught sight of the older man.

"Welcome to base sir," He greeted with a hand clasped on the older man's shoulder and lead him and younger associate from the tarmac and towards a building at the far-end of a neatly paved road that was lined on either side with men and women of various heights and builds; each voicing their greeting as the trio walked past. The elder nodded his head in approval throughout the walk.

"Well I'm impressed," The teen spoke up, catching the larger men's attention. Each nodded to each other as they entered inside of a large building toward the center.

"Impressive indeed," The elder spoke with a slight European lisp as he scanned the impressive d├ęcor and attention to detail of the interior. But more importantly, a large and comfortable looking sectional crammed into a corner of the expansive area. He voiced a pleased grunt as he flopped down onto the soft material.

"Now, I am impressed..." He stated to no one in particular as he stretched himself out; his back cracking in succession as he made himself comfortable.

"Only the finest sir," The large man replied, taking a seat next to the older man and kicking his feet up onto a nearby coffee table settled atop an elegant rug.

"Yet at a price," The teen voiced while scrolling through unseen documents on his tablet before looking back to the other men. "Not to mention shipping costs alone, along with attracting the attention of local militia scouting through the area-"

"-Calmez-vous" The elder interrupted, silencing the youth. Defeated, the younger man slouched onto a plush love seat with his tablet thrown at his side. The elder leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees, his bones clicking in protest as he faced the youth's pouting features.

"You need not to worry about details such as this, when you are needed you are called upon. Do not drabble on such folly nonsense that the simplest of minds could easily resolve-" The elder raised his arms referring to the building they currently occupied with small clusters of armed men and women sharing laughs of unheard jokes. The mood suddenly shifted as the large man spoke with a younger man with his hair clipped close to his scalp and exchanged a few words before
turning to the elder.

"Sir, the briefing room is prepared" He informed, the elder simply nodded before getting up from his seat and the trio followed behind the fresh-faced recruit into a section of the building where a hand-picked team had awaited since their arrival. Taking a seat in the front row, the large man and teen settled down in their seats as the lights dimmed and an image of a war-hardened man with hair and full mustache tinted to a mute silver.

"This is Yuri Rascalov, our Russian contact" The older man's accent cut through the silent air as he spoke. "You are to meet him on the outskirts of Afghanistan, in an abandoned village near the border of Iran," He explained, pressing onto the remote held within his grasp and the slideshow switched to a map of the Middle East.

"Here," He pointed to a portion of the map that was a few clicks from where someone had written 'Rendezvous point' in red marker followed by a precise location and coordinates. "Is where an American encampment is nestled, supposedly scanning the area for insurgents" he turned back to the men and women watching with interest before continuing.

"But we do have reason to believe that they're sniffing around for our trail, so we're going to handle this with caution and absolute precision" The crowd murmured an agreement and continued on with details regarding preparations and such.

"Should they attempt to eliminate us and our Russian contact?" The English youth chimed in, gaining everyone's attention. The large man seated next to him only chuckled and inhaled deeply.

"It wouldn't come down to that, but by some circumstances they do we won't back down whether it's out there, or here..." The youth cocked his head like a curious pup as the large man spoke.

"Because this, this is our one in their right mind would dare to venture out this far from civilization" The other large man was now standing, his finger pointed downward and raising his voice and gathering the attention of the entire room and silencing the murmurs of eagerness behind him.

"Should they choose to-they will be curtly disposed of by our fine men and women!" He shouted the last portion, sparking an uproar among the crowd gathering around; all raising their fists in mock salute and shouting what could only be described as an all-out bloodthirsty battle cry that reverberated off from the walls and only
increased in volume. The large man raised a muscular arm and chanted along with them, gaining strength from their jeers of patriotism.

"Are we gonna give 'em hell?" He questioned with feigned curiosity, and was responded with an ear-drum shattering 'Hell yeah!' fueled by the adrenaline induced crowd, he turned to the large, heavy metal doors at the far end of the room and pushed them open with tremendous force. Behind him, the roaring crowd followed still chanting full of pent up energy as they gathered their gear and loaded into their transports.

"Let's get this started,"

Sand kicked up in a rapid cyclone, barraging the exterior of the SUV tearing across the barren landscape; the occupants inside bouncing and swaying as the vehicle rode over rough patches of asphalt and dry, cracked earth. Behind them, their convoy a dust trail spanned several meters from their current position.

A young, raven haired female in the backseat leaned to the side with her elbow resting against the window with her chin cupped in her palm; dark eyes scanning across the featureless land passing her vision, aside from abandoned structures standing on their stripped foundations.

"Are you sure we're headed in the right direction?" She questioned toward the large man seated in the front seat; his skin dark and tanned and build of a working man. He spared her a quick glance before pulling up on his sleeve; revealing a sleek device that took up a large portion of his forearm.

"Shouldn't be more than a few clicks from our current position," He announced, adjusting the Velcro pouches on his vest; each concealing various equipment from lethal to non-lethal. He then turned to her, flashing a reassuring smile; his white teeth contrasting against his brown skin.

The smaller woman huffed at the humidity within the cabin and tugged at the collar of her clammy shirt sticking uncomfortably against her pale skin; yet seeing the larger man's smile caused her to return the gesture. Satisfied, he turned back toward the long stretch of road ahead.

The woman relished at the cool steel of the submachine gun resting on her lap as she ran her lithe fingertips across the base. The large man reached forward to a short-wave radio system holstered on the dashboard. Snatching up the receiver, he mashed down the call button before speaking.

"Magic to Apocalypse, do you copy?" He repeated into the device, earning him a wave of static before a booming laughter erupted through the speaker.

"Getting a bit nostalgic are we Eric?" The male's voice cooed through the speakers in a teasing manner, the man's laughter now fading into chuckles. Magic gritted his teeth before smashing down the call button with more than enough force to crack the small plastic receiver.

"Are you in position?" He growled past gritted molars, thinking up every curse under the sun for the unprofessionalism at a moment like this but withheld his tongue. The other man's laughter died out once sensing the tension in his tone and spoke in a melodramatic tone enough to put Shakespeare to shame.

"Calm yourself David before you quarrel with Goliath, for you shall-"

Magic rolled his eyes while cutting the conversation short with a simple "Just get into position," before switching off the comms and settling in his seat, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"You know, fighting over a short-wave radio isn't exactly what Phillipe had in mind when he sent us on this 'team exercise'," Another dark haired female identical to the woman across from her spoke up, her lips tight in a strict manner as she gave him a hard stare. He only shrugged before the magazine in his assault rifle, then smacking it back in and tugging sharply on the charging handle.

"The town is up ahead sir," The only mute occupant of the vehicle informed; a young male no more than twenty-five years of age. He took a gloved hand from the steering wheel and pointing ahead, the two identical sisters crammed forward over the middle console.

Watching as the dusty and worn structures in the distance began to grow closer and larger. The tall buildings creating a dim overcast atmosphere bathed in an amber glow from the high desert sun beading down from above. Armed guards stood atop the buildings, their postures poised and their features obscured by balaclavas and shemaghs.

The SUV lurched forward in a snail's pace, carefully maneuvering through the tight roads and alleyways. The young driver visibly gulped as a small group of what looked to be former Spetsnaz soldiers eyed the vehicle with hard glares, one man grinning while running his calloused hand over the rocket-propelled grenade launcher slung across his torso.

Sensing the younger man's tension, Magic rested a hand on his shoulder and gave a reassuring pat before pulling up in front of what looked to be an abandoned monastery, the remnants of stained glass windows lie buried into the sand while the large mahogany doors hung limply from the hinges.

"Ready up," He commanded to the other occupants within the cabin, each giving a swift nod before securing their body armor and equipment. Magic himself eyed the men standing guard outside of the monastery before exiting the SUV; others behind them following suite. The dirt under his boots crunching audibly as he stalked forward with his company in tow, the two sisters standing in between the men in a makeshift barrier with duffle bags slung over their shoulders.

As the group walked further into the building, past the broken pews and even more shattered piles of faded stained glass they came face to face with the lone man Yuri standing at the altar like a groom awaiting his bride, his worn features stretching into a toothy smile as they approached.

"I see you decided to arrive," Yuri spoke in a rather raspy voice, his speech echoing throughout the empty space before dying out in the distance. He was a rather large man; his shirt tight against his muscular form and his features hardened in the same fashion as seen in his profile.

"Follow me," He lead them towards another section of the building near the rear entrance, outside groups of men were un-loading an endless amount of crates that lined along what looked to be a sidewalk from the looks of the cracked concrete and dead grass erecting through the gaps. The man took a crowbar from an awaiting soldier and stabbed into the edge of a larger crate before brutally prying it open.

"I hope this is to Mr. Loren's liking," He announced with a grunt as he and another soldier lifted the lid, revealing a vast array of weaponry packed away underneath bundles of straw. Magic grinned and let his rifle fall to his side but never letting his other hand move far from the handgun holstered on his thigh. He surveyed the weapons and nodded to himself before coming back to eye level with the Russian.

"You held up your end of bargain, correct?" Yuri spoke in a more demanding tone than curious. His own hand moving to the impressive sidearm holstered under his arm. Magic jerked his head towards the two females and they proceeded to present the contents of the duffle bags with their guards standing at their side.

"Uncirculated bills, nontraceable" Magic explained as stacks of currency were laid out on the hood of a nearby truck, Yuri looked on with mild interest before turning to Magic with his arms crossed; muscles expanding to become more threatening.

"Is this all you plan to offer?" He questioned, gesturing towards the pile of bills atop the truck's hood. "I have known Phillipe for many of years, he is not man to keep his deep pockets sewn shallow..."

"A greedy arms smuggler, why am I not surprised?" Magic thought before breaking out into a half-grin and reaching into a pouch on his vest and tossing a paper bag to the man, whom caught it one-handed and measured its weight before ripping open the packaging, revealing a medium sized gold bar. The soldier's eyes surrounding him went wide as they spied the small fortune in his palm.

"A small taste of a much larger portion, Loren himself will deliver the rest as soon as they're re-cut and cleaned" Magic uttered proudly as the man couldn't help but burst into a boisterous laughter and clapped a hand to Magic's shoulder.

"I like the way you do business!" Yuri stated, cradling the bar of gold like his newborn child before looking to his men whom began to load the crates into the SUV and awaiting transport vehicle that had arrived on the scene after receiving the all clear.

Mid-way through loading up a good portion of the crates, a loud shot cracked through the air. The bullet from an unknown source spiraled through the window of a nearby building, striking one of the Spetsnaz carrying a large crate, the force hurling his corpse into the dirt.

"Sniper! Get down!" Yuri shouted, drawing his sidearm and firing a few rounds in the direction from where he believed the shot to have originated. Chaos ensued as unseen forces unleashed a flurry of gunfire, ripping through the unsuspecting smugglers as they scrambled for cover.

A deafening boom Sent all toppling to the floor as a nearby building erupted into a flaming mass. Magic himself winced as shards of glass from a window above him shattered and embedded themselves into the exposed portions of his body before jumping to his feet and pulling the dazed Yuri to cover. Humvees waving American flags came screaming around the corner with heavily armed foot soldiers clad in heavy desert camouflage armor fired on them with precision.

A few managed to return fire before being cut down by the mounted fifty-caliber mini-gun on the lead Humvee. Magic, along with a few remaining men and women not slaughtered in the initial attack curled behind a crumbling brick wall, nursing their wounds.

"Unhand me!" Yuri shouted, attempting to get to his feet as Magic forced him down. Yuri continued to struggle, attempting to help his comrades as they were ripped apart by gunfire.

"No!" He cried, lashing out in anger before a blow from an unseen force knocked him unconscious. Magic jerked his head up to see Viola standing over, checking the older man's pulse before sighing in relief.

"Damn, thought I killed him" She gave a light-hearted chuckle, causing Eric to snort slightly. "Get him to the truck," He told to a man settled next to him; he nodded before dragging the unconscious Yuri out of sight and harm's way.

"We can't stay here!" Kiki screamed over the gunfire, ducking down further as more rounds struck the concrete above their heads. In the panic, she quickly jumped to her feet and began sprinting toward the relatively unscathed SUV standing a few meters away.

"Kiki, shit-" He attempted to object but the young woman was out of sight in an instant, once hearing the gunfire die down a notch he quickly followed behind her, emptying his magazine into a few soldiers attempting to ambush them. Sliding behind the cover of the large SUV, he settled next to her attempting to catch his breath and adrenaline rush.

"The hell were you thinking? You could have gotten yourself killed!" He berated her, smacking in a fully loaded magazine before popping up and gunning down a few more desert camo cladded men closing in. Kiki made no attempt to respond as she clambered into the SUV and ducked down on the floor in a fetal position to avoid the gunfire above.

"Let's go!" Magic called out to the remaining recruits, giving them covering fire as they sprinted across the open street, ducking and dodging bullets. All but one managed to get behind the cover of the SUV; the unfortunate recruit with cry of agony tumbled to the dirt as a round pierced through his leg, causing a spray of blood to paint the ground.

"I'll cover you, grab him!" He commanded towards two men eyeing the young man digging into the dirt attempting to drag himself to cover, both nodded before rushing out in a free run; one lifting the injured man over his shoulders in a fireman's carry while the other kept the enemy forces at bay.

"We're good to go!" One called out, gently laying down the injured man onto the bed of a pick-up truck they'd taken for transport. Magic nodded, lobbing a grenade and effectively cutting down a swarm of troops closing in. Once everyone had loaded up, they quickly took off in a cloud of dust, trailing behind the convoy truck awaiting their extraction, with a few Humvees trailing behind.

"Magic to Apocalypse do you copy? The deal went to shit, we've got American Humvees on our tail, we could really use that back-up right now" Magic called into the radio, holding the device close to his ear awaiting a response.

"We're headed your way, try to keep your head away from the bullets" The deep voice replied in a monotone before cutting to static.

They continued onward, uneventful at best until a well-placed shot pierced through the windshield, ripping through the driver's skull and spraying the interior with brain matter. The two women settled in the back seat cried out in surprise and fear as Magic frantically reached over to take control of the steering wheel, but to no avail as they skidded off the road and barrel rolled into a ditch.

As the dust settled, Magic crawled through the dented cabin, scraps of metal and glass digging into his forearms as he dragged his half-conscious body through the rubble.

"Viola, Kiki..." He called out meekly to the two dangling forms, their nylon and polyester belts digging into their torsos and cradling their unconscious bodies in place. Running a gloved hand over their still features, he proceeded to draw his knife to cut the belts and settled their bodies a safe distance from the totaled SUV.

"Come on Viola, wake up" He said, gently smacking the young woman's pale cheek, his tone frantic yet contained as he did the same to the other. "Kiki?" He pressed a finger to the under-side of her jaw, smiling more internally once receiving a pulse; albeit relatively weak.

'Whew, they're gonna be fine' he reassured himself while lifting the lifeless corpse of the drive from the dirt; blood still trickling down the back of his skull, staining his dirty blonde hair peeking out under his cap.

"Damn... too young to go like that" He nodded solemnly, drawing a bloodied palm across the young man's face, pushing the still cold eyes closed. After a beat, the distant roars of engines in the distance caught his attention, making him jump to his feet gripping his assault rifle tight before moving up the road, crouching behind a large sand dune.

"Fuck me, Son of a bitch... Now I know how it feels to be on the other end." He muttered under his breath for his fallen comrades; spying the convoy truck stopped a few meters ahead; the occupants now dragged out onto the road and being held hostage while they rummaged through the cargo.

The military Humvees following behind them skidded to a halt beside the crash site, armored soldiers piling out and standing near the edge of the ditch examining the twisted mass of metal.

Their attention occupied, Magic leaned out from behind his cover and fired towards the unsuspecting men, a few tumbling down from the impact and others jostled between each other before ducking behind their respective Humvee. Taking the time he reloaded his assault rifle as bullets impacted the small mound he had been using for cover.

As they returned fire, he proceeded to pick out his shots, striking a few straying soldiers and knocking them to the ground with before sprinting across the broken asphalt and meeting the remaining troops head-on.

A soldier exiting a Humvee attempted to grapple with Magic only to be shoved back and have him smash the heavy door into his torso repeatedly until another came around the other end of the vehicle and was quickly dispatched with a few rounds from his handgun to the chest before it clicked empty, tossing the empty mass to an approaching assailant square in the face.

"Fuck!" He cried out, his hands flying up to cup his now bloodied nose as Magic approached, landing a hard jab in the stunned man's diaphragm; sending him down on his knees gasping for air. While on the ground, large forearm wrapped tight around his throat, a quick jerk silencing his wheezing with a loud snap.

The soldier leaning against the frame of the Humvee for support coughed and sputtered as Magic approached, immediately diving into the interior and frantically reaching for his assault rifle in the passenger seat, in his haste neglecting to shut the door as his ankle was crushed in a vice grip and he was forcefully tugged out from the Humvee, crying out as he came into contact with the hard earth.

"You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I turn your head into a canoe, you understand me?" He growled to the cowering man, not awaiting a response as he smashed his boot into his face, the satisfying crunch of the cartilage in his nose snapping followed by the thick string of red liquid gushing from his mouth bringing a dark smile to Magic's lips. Yet it was short lived as helicopters zoomed overhead, kicking up a small sandstorm as they began their descent.

Taking cover behind the Humvee, he readied his weapon. Mentally cursing as he realized his ammo supply was running dry.

"Damn, last mag... make it count..." Hitting the bolt release, he popped out from behind cover and aimed down his sights. Time seemingly slowed as he spied more troops than he could count on two hands in his cross-hairs, his finger lingering over the trigger until a small cluster of objects landed in between the large swarm.

Recognizing the small explosive shells, he ducked back down as a rapid succession of explosives went of simultaneously, the close
proximity near deafening. The soft whump of helicopters replaced by the eerie screech of alarms, the large aircraft's nose-diving from the sky in thick plumes of smoke.

"Shit, look out!" A distant voice cried as the aerial beasts collided, creating a massive explosion with enough force to send a spine-tingling shock-wave through the area. Magic watched as the troops scattered in all directions, gunfire from unseen forces ripping through their bodies.

"Good to see you're still in one piece, somewhat..." A familiar deep droning voice called, Eric snapped his head around and came face to face with a hulking form, large belts of grenade cartridges spread across his large torso in a mercenary fashion, along with a bright Luchadores mask wrapped around his features tight like a second skin.

"Easy for you to say; you just sat on your ass while we were getting decimated out here" Magic retorted, glaring daggers at the larger man. The other simply gave a throaty chuckle and merely waved a hand dismissively while emptying the cylinder of his grenade launcher; spent shells clicking noisily onto the road. "I've seen men torn apart to bits and pieces-"

"All casualties of war," The larger man interrupted, retrieving cartridges from the belt strapped across his broad chest. "You didn't have any remorse killing your own," He gestured toward the corpse slumped over in the sand; his eyes hollow and blood slowly streaming from his mouth.

"Like I said before Eddie-that isn't my life anymore" Magic forcefully gripped the muscular man's arm, spinning him around to face him. "My own, were killed right before my eyes. Their blood is still on my hands..." He looked to his open palms now exposed, faint streaks of crimson across their surface along with a multitude of injuries.
Tears prickling behind his eyes as memories flashed across his mind, but were soon dismissed as his pain returned to anger.

"You don't know half the shit I've been through!" He shoved his large hands against his chest, making the unsuspecting man stumble back. Quickly recovering, Killbane retaliated; slamming his palms back with his eyes burning holes through his mask.

"Watch your mouth, or I'll crush you like the insect you are..." He threatened lowly, gritting his teeth. Both men held a heated glare; neither giving any ground until a new voice interrupted.

"Gentlemen," The thick accent cut in, grabbing their attention. Standing a few feet away was a tall, statuesque man. His features obscured slightly by the lowered fedora atop his greying hair and dark tinted glasses over his dim eyes.

"Mr. Killbane, it would be best to give our well accomplished comrade a warm greeting over a job well done no?" His stated in his friendly French lisp, smiling genuinely with a hand clasped on both men's shoulders.

"Job was anything but a success, marines caught wind of the deal and ambushed us at the rendezvous point, hell they took out most of us out" Magic replied meekly, his tone distant and cold. The elder simply shook his head and released a tired sigh.

"Well that is indeed a shame, but there is nothing we can do to alter the past" He responded, patting Magic's shoulder. "Now, shall we get going?" Both men nodded, still sharing looks to each other before following behind the elder, leading them towards an awaiting helicopter with its blade spun up and ready to go.

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