It started so long ago this whole adventure and yet now as I look upon the horizons of time it feels more like that of a short while ago. This whole adventure that gave rise to many things that was to happen…But the story is not meant to start there…but at the time and place it is supposed to start. To begin the story one must enter the land of Japan. In a city where the day was bright and lovely for a weekend and…


"I can't believe that you waited until today to tell me that you got remarried!"

"Tea sweetheart, please calm down and let me explain." My mother pleaded with me. She patted the seat next to her on the couch. I take the seat so she can explain to me how the heck after two weeks in the Mediterranean she could be married when it took Dad nearly two years to get Mom to marry him. And they have been divorced for a while now. "Well to start with I wanted to tell you when I got back home but you and your friends were on that island for the tournament and it didn't feel like the right time to tell you."

"I guess I can understand that a tiny bit, but seriously Mom how can you marry a man that you have only known for about two weeks?"

"I know it seems completely out character for me. But I really do care about Omer he is a kind, generous, well-mannered man and he has two lovely daughters."

"You met his family already?"

"He introduced me to them when things were getting to the stage of marriage. Speaking of getting to that stage he was so respectful that he actually called your grandfather to ask for my hand in marriage." I looked at Mom as she blushed like a happy go lucky teenager. Omer was causing her to act like she had just fallen in love for the first time. Something I don't think can even remember a time where she was even close to this kind of joy. I guess I have one thing left to do.

"So when are the new family members supposed to come?" I ask her and her smile widens.

"Tonight. We're having our first family dinner. We agreed to have a week of getting to know each other before they officially move in."

"So I get a step father and two step sisters that will be living with us in a week. I guess that means my Cinderella fantasy has to wait till then."

"Tea!" My mother shouted.

"I'm kidding Mom."

"Good." She says smiling. She gets up and grabs her purse. "Why don't the two of us go together to the market and then create the best meal in the world?"

"Sure Mom." Together we went to the market and got the ingredients to make a truly fantastic looking dinner and wouldn't you know it the guys came by while we were in the middle of cooking it. I answer the door and find the reliable trio of friends I have come to love. Yugi, Tristan and Joey, with Joey talking first.

"Hey Tea-ah! Come on all of us are going to the arcade to blow of some steam ya wanna come?"

"Sorry I can't guys. My Mom and I are in the middle of cooking up a big dinner."

"Hey do you need a couple of taste testers?" Joey leered over the smells coming from the kitchen. Even Tristan was inching into my house. I was about to tell them to try again later when Mom came to the door and invited them in for a short visit.

"Wow the two of you are cooking up a storm in here." Yugi then went into a small panic mode. "Is it your birthday Ms. Gardner? If it is I'm sorry that we have bothered you on your special day."

"No, Yugi. It's not my birthday and even if it was I would hardly call it an special day. But we are having some very special people coming over for dinner tonight."

"If you don't mind me asking Ms. Gardner who is it that is coming over?" Tristan asked.

"Well since you asked and you boys will find out sooner or later anyway. I got married recently and my new husband and his family is coming over for dinner tonight."

"Well congratulations then Ms. G or is it something else now that you're married?"

"It's Pari now. Ms. Pari. But if you want you can still call me Ms. Gardner, Joey."

"I'll make the effort to try and remember your new last name. It might take a while to do so though." Joey said already looking like he said the wrong name. Tristan and Yugi (shortly joined by Joey) meanwhile were enjoying the dish of hummus that mom had made earlier today. In fact the whole meal was a mix of Middle Eastern and Japanese food. "Whatever this dip is, it's pretty tasty. What is it anyway and what's in it?"

"It's a dish called hummus and the main ingredient is cooked mashed chickpeas. And before you ask yes there is more for you to try. I went a little overboard with the amount I thought I would need." I could see a sweat drop form on Mom's head as she pulled out the large tub of hummus she had made and she was not kidding about the whole overboard thing. She must have been nervous about the dinner tonight. The boys left when a majority of the hummus was consumed mostly by Joey. Yugi was second and Tristan was third in the eating of hummus. I think it had to do with not having much room to getting at it.

Sometime later after dinner had been prepared and a nice shower and change of clothes for mom and me our guests arrived. Mom was the first to sprint to the door and open it and allow our guests in. Mom walks in on the arm of perhaps one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. He was tall with that well-built, but slim look. His skin was sun kissed tan that went well with his gorgeous clear blue eyes. Thick black hair laid upon the top of his head styled the way of a Ralph Lauren model. He could be one in his beige suit and pale blue shirt. No tie, he was going for the business suit at the beach look.

"Tea this is Omer Pari, your new step father." He put a hand out and I took it and shook it. He had a firm grip, not the kind that would break your fingers if you weren't careful, but the kind that made sure you weren't holding a limp noodle.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Tea. Your mother has told me so much about you and now I am pleased to finally meet you."

"Thank you, Mr…"

"If you please call me Omer until you feel ready to call me something else." I nod. I know he and mom hope I will call him dad or something like that, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I didn't have much time to think on that as he was paving the way for the next set of introductions. "And allow me to introduce to you my two daughters." Two girls close to my age came forth. "This is Nasira, my eldest." Nasira had lightly tanned skin and dark brown hair that was in a ponytail held by three bands similar to the way Jasmine from the Aladdin movie has hers, except she had a strand of pearls woven into her hair. Her eyes were almost periwinkle in color and looked way too serious for this sort of meeting. Her attire was a short purple jacket and a midnight blue dress and black ankle boots. She bowed her head and said she was glad to meet me. "And this is my youngest Aliyeh." Aliyeh was different from both her father and sister. She was pale with light blue hair and purple eyes that shone like amethysts. She looked friendly and light hearted in comparison to Nasira. Her hair was in a braided ponytail with two large flower clips on both sides of her head. She was dressed in a blue green skirt with a black long sleeved shirt and sandal heels. She gave a friendly wave before saying how happy she was to meet me. Afterwards we all headed to the table to begin dinner.

"What is that you have cooked my sweet flower that smells are enough to make my hunger grow tenfold?" Omer said it in a way truly being veracious.

"It is musakhan."

"Ahh my favorite dish." He said while looking fondly at Mom.

"I hope it's just as good as the one we tried together in Istanbul." Again there is a teenage look of romance shared between the two as Mom sets out the dish and begins to serve it to everyone. With musanhkan, a casserole of chicken, bread, spices and veggies, we had edamame, beef goyza and of course the hummus.

"Everything looks delicious. I hope you hadn't exhausted yourselves in preparing this meal." Nasira asked as she took a bite of food. A smile came upon her face the seriousness from earlier was starting to fade away.

"Oh it was not a bother. I had a great helper." Mom said winking at me.

"Then we also offer our thanks for the meal to you too Tea." Nasira said as she turned to me.

"So Tea what's life here like?" Aliyeh asked. Her sister, well I guess my sister too now, looked at her like she had just said something rude.

"Oh sorry. I guess I should let you ask us a question first. After all this is pretty new to everyone."

"It's alright. I can answer your question first. And in return I can ask you two questions. How's that sound?" Aliyeh nodded. "Well to answer things are probably not that different where you had lived before coming here. Except maybe a few customs and of course the language. Though I am amazed that you can speak Japanese so well."

"My daughters and I are versed in many tongues. You could call it a family tradition." Omer said.

"Our father is a wonderful teacher when it comes to languages."

"Nasira is being modest. She is perhaps the best out of all of us when it comes to learning a language."

"I am a decent pupil. Perhaps if you wish Tea I can teach you one of the languages I know of."

"That sounds great actually. I am having trouble with English class."

"Tea you said you were doing fine in English." Whoops Mom's getting that are you failing class face.

"I said I was doing okay in English. I'm not failing or anything like that. I just need a little push." Quickly I turn back to Nasira. "Anyway sure I would appreciate some help."

"Just give me a call when you are available."

"I will. Now on to my two questions to ask you. Starting with one. Exactly where are you from?"

"We are from many lands that hold the footsteps of our journeys across time." Omer said. Giving me the excuse to make a what the heck does he mean face.

"We're sort of like nomads. We have lived in so many places that we sort of claim all of them our homelands. But this is the first time we have ever come to live in Japan." Aliyeh explained.

"I see. Well I guess I should move on to my second question. Do you have any hobbies or interests?"

"I like to play the harp and go horseback riding. The rest of what I like you will have to find out later." Aliyeh said. "Dad here is into antiquing, reading and swordsmanship."

"I only dabble in the last one." Omer said before taking an elegant sip from his drink.

"You may only dabble in it. But you have quite a knack for it. I can still see you sparing against your opponent in the tournament. You looked as dashing a hero from a period drama." Mom said. Bet you ten bucks she is imagining herself as a princess in distress being rescued by Omer on a white stallion.

"I guess that just leaves Nasira to tell us what her hobbies are." Nasira has the slight return of her serious face.

"I have invested much of my time in various styles of Indian dances and of course belly dancing." Her smile returns. "And like my sister Aliyeh has already said you will just have to find out the rest as we get to know each other." Dinner continues like that and ends with a delicious treat for dessert. Omer brought Turkish delight and I don't know if any of you have ever had this but it is delicious. Though you have to be careful of the almonds that are sometimes at the center. I made that mistake and nearly chipped a tooth. The three leave shortly after desert was finished but promise to visit the next day.

Fast forward a week later

"Are you sure I have this on right?" Aliyeh asked referring to her bowtie. If you could call it that. It looked more like a wadded up ribbon.

"Here let me help you." I rearrange it so that it looks better. "There. Maybe after school we can pick you up a clip on."

"That would be great. I hate dealing with making the bow."

"Nasira are you ready yet?"

"I only need a minute more to finish."

"Well hurry up we're going to be late on your first day of school!"

"I said it will only take a minute more!" The first thing I came to learn about Nasira since our first visit is that she has a deep love for her pearls. She has to have them in every hairstyle that she wears even down. The only time I haven't seen her wear her pearls was when she was getting ready for bed. And if you try to suggest that she not wears them. She'll get all huffy about it. "See I only needed one minute." She exited the bathroom with her hair in an upswept do with her pearls woven around her scalp.

"Good. Now let's get going." The three of us get out the door and more or less run to school.

"I thought you said we were running late?" Aliyeh asked as she looked around at how the halls weren't empty yet. I look at my watch and then the school watch.

"Mom must have set my clock thirty five minutes late. I should have known she would do something like this since she heard I was late twice last month."

"Well then I guess that means you have time to show us around a little before class begins." Aliyeh said skipping happily about. I nod and we head about. We didn't get to see much but I did get to introduce them to the guys.

"Heya Tea, how's it hanging?"

"Hey Joey, Tristan, Yugi."

"Hey Tea whose the pair of cuties behind you?" I knew who Joey was referring to.

"This is Aliyeh." She waves shyly at the guys. "And this is…Nasira? Are you okay?" Nasira looked shell shocked for a minute as if something was mesmerizing her. "Nasira are you alright?" She blinks a few times as she recomposes herself.

"I'm fine. I guess I just zoned out for a minute there."

''Are you sure you're alright?" I ask her.

"I'm sure."

Yami Yugi POV (before introductions)

Who is that? A beautiful vision entered Yugi's classroom. She was beautiful with her long hair upswept with pearls interwoven. It was something about the pearls that compelled a stirring within me. A stirring I had believed that she too could feel it. She held a gaze with me at least I had believed it was me for a second or two. Till it dawned on me that I was being foolish to think she could. I was a spirit for Ra's sake.

"Anyway. This is Nasira and the two of them are my new sisters."

Tea has sisters?

"Can you believe this? Rich boy is actually in class today." All of us turn to find that Kaiba had indeed decided to come to class today as Joey had just said. It was a rare occurrence. After duelist kingdom Kaiba spent more time with his company than with his school studies. Could it be for nostalgias sake that he has decided to come today?

"Who's he?" Aliyeh asks. It's funny how she too offers something of a stirring within my mind, but it is not the same as her sister, Nasira.

"You don't know who that is? I mean you really don't?" Aliyeh shakes her head to say that she didn't. "Well to answer your question Aliyeh, Kaiba is this really obnoxious jerk that believes he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, just because he's an okay duelist."

"Didn't he do better in the tournament than you did?" Joey did a face fall at the statement made by Tristan.

"So it doesn't mean that he's better than me. After all I've still got a few moves he doesn't even know about."

"Is that so Wheeler? Perhaps you would like a chance to prove that?" Kaiba had heard everything and was heading this way. He walked over with his usual briefcase in hand ready to dish out his cards to what he believed would be an easy take down of Joey. His attention was diverted from Joey and on to Tea's new sisters.

"Who are the two of you?" Nasira did well at hiding her displeasure at Kaiba's brisk attitude towards them. I could tell though that she was ready to cause Kaiba a little bit of ruffled feathers. His pride can be the envy of the peacock.

"That is a rather rude way to ask for someone's name. Don't you think Mr. Kaiba?" Nasira said first. Looking at him the way someone of high breeding would do. "There are perhaps other ways that one would find to ask. Surely one of your stature would use them? Good manners help compose careers while lack of them can cause the downfall."

"Yes, but wasting good manners on those who are beneath the realm of others is not something I try to make a habit of."

"May I ask why not Mr. Kaiba?"

"Your mind seems able to wrap around the reasoning of why that is." Nasira does a mock pose of seriously thinking on the statement of Kaiba's. This naturally gave Kaiba an impatient glare.

"I see what you mean. However I would like to point out the one flaw of your logic that is far more apparent than the other points within the logic. Those of lower class have a habit of gaining higher ground."

"I highly doubt that I have to worry about someone here rising up in the world."

"But Mr. Kaiba I thought that you already knew this, but there is someone that has risen to high ranks."

"Oh really and just who would that be?"

"Why you of course Mr. Kaiba." Kaiba did react with the reaction of ruffled feathers and Nasira decided to continue. "You were once an orphan with your brother, some would say that is a lower class, not I mind you, but others would none the less say it was. And yet you with your cunning wit and well-aimed chance did rise to become the head of a corporation and a position among the great duelers of the world. Who's to say that someone else cannot rise to similar ranks such as yourself? If that is to be so then it would lie in your best interests to use good manners to more than just your perceived class. You don't want to shut out someone who could end up being the one your company is in desperate need of a deal with."

"Interesting advice, still not exactly worth remembering, but I do have one question that I need you to answer for me." She nods and he goes on to ask the question. "How do you know these things about me? Are you a stalker? Or worse a fangirl?" Nasira gives a look of disgust at what Kaiba said and again I found myself feeling the stirring of strong negativity towards Kaiba for his insinuation of Nasira's knowledge on him. A feeling I believe Yugi could sense as he seemed to grow a bit concerned over my change in emotion.

"I would hardly call myself a fan girl or stalker. Considering all that I needed to know about you Mr. Kaiba would only require a look at the newspapers or tabloids."

"You can hardly believe those tabloids at a cheap checkout counter. They are hardly right about anything."

"Oh I am well aware of that. Especially after I read the description of you in one of those tabloids."

"Really? What did it say about me?" He said as if he had struck some kind of victory.

"They said you were human being and yet as Iook at you I see more of a machine with only a few abilities of a human heart." Kaiba's face took on a smidge of color before he decided to leave, but not before sneaking a glance our way once more.

Seto POV

Why did I even bother coming to school today? It's not like I really needed to come here. I'm already ahead on every subject and for Pete's sake I have a company to run! I shouldn't be wasting my time on pointless endeavors when I already have gotten to where I had planned to be.

Still the quick trip was not a total loss. There was that girl…I wonder who she is?

Aliyeh POV After school at the home of Tea, Nasira and Aliyeh

"Well it was nice meeting your friends Tea, they seem pretty sweet." I told my new sister as I grabbed a Greek yogurt from the fridge. "I think Joey really likes Nasira."

"Yeah after she stuck it to Kiaba today, she's an already accepted member of the gang." Nasira claims that she only gave Kaiba some wise words of advice that she knew he was not going to listen to and yet if there was some sticking it to him, then she can't deny it.

"Does that mean that I'm not a member of the gang yet?" I ask her with big puppy eyes.

"Oh course you're a member of the gang. Although it's too bad that the two of you haven't met Bakura yet."

"Who's Bakura?" Nasira asks getting up to get the pitcher of lemonade out.

"Bakura's another one of our friends. He's been sick for the past couple of days. I thought today would be the day that he would be back."

"Well there's always tomorrow. Perhaps he will be well by then." Nasira pours a glass for Tea and me. "How long does your Mom work?"

"It depends on if she has a large order coming up or not. Normally I would say she's pretty regular about coming home, but we are heading towards wedding season. So she could be home really late."

"I guess that's what happens when you own a wedding dress boutique." I said finishing up the last of the Greek yogurt cup when there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Nasira said after handing Tea and me a cup of lemonade. She trots down the hall and we could hear her open the door. She chats lightly with whoever was at the door. It lasts about a minute before Nasira comes back. In her arms she was carrying a bouquet of red roses. "Guess who got flowers?"

"I'm going to take a wild guess and say that they are for you." Tea said jokingly.

"Nope. They're not for me. They're for you Aliyeh." Nasira hands the bouquet over to me. I take hold of the large gift of flowers and well get a little confused about who could have sent them. I was about to ask Nasira when she went ahead and answered me without having to hear the question. "A delivery man brought them. There's a card in the bouquet maybe it will say who sent the flowers." I search for the card and when it has been located I open it. I read two words of it till the girls ask me to read it out loud.

"It says: To the beauty known as Aliyeh Pari."

"And that's it?" Tea asks.

"That's all that is written." I flip the card over. "And I don't see anything else written on the back. Who do you think sent them?"

"Why are you asking us? We are just as interested to know who sent them as you are." Tea responded. "Do you have anyone 'close' to you who would send you roses?"

"Not really. Daisies or something like that, yes I could see someone sending those to me. But only if it was close to my birthday or something along those lines. I can't think of anyone who would send me roses for no reason."

"Perhaps you have an admirer?" Tea pointed out.

"I hope that doesn't mean stalker." I give Nasira a dead pan face at what she said. Tea also gave her a similar one but her eyebrow was lifted as if she was about to ask her a sarcastic question. Which she ends up doing.

"You really just had to go down that route didn't you?" Nasira sweat drops when she realizes what she said was heard.

"Oh I'm sorry that wasn't supposed to be said out loud. I was just thinking about who could have sent the flowers and then I remembered a similar episode from Criminal Minds and then poof that just popped out."

"Nasira I know that you love that show, but you really should think about limiting the amount that you watch of that show."

"It's not like I'm obsessed with the show. It's just very realistic with all the psychology that plays into it. It can make you paranoid. But let's get off the crazy town express and go to the solving of the mystery of who it was that sent you the flowers."

We bounce around on the idea and barely an hour goes by till there is another ring at the doorbell and with it is another delivery man with a bouquet of coral colored roses. And this one also has a card and this time there is a way to find out who it is from. The card asked for me to meet them at the front of a café tomorrow at four.

"Do you think I should go?" I ask both of them.

"Well the guy just sent you two bouquets of roses so it would be a bit rude to not go. But we should go with you as backup in case the guy might be a creep we can just get you out of there before it gets too bad." Nasira agreed with Tea's idea and so did I.

After school the next day we make a mad dash home to change before heading to the café. I wore a white dress with a short cropped jean jacket and brown sandal heels. I also placed one rose from each bouquet in my hair. Nasira chose to wear a long skirt with tank top. A sheer shawl was wrapped around her shoulders. Tea opted for shorts and a long sleeved shirt and knee high boots. Once that had been accomplished the three of us headed to the café in question. Nasira and Tea take a seat at a table not far from the entrance of the café. Where I stood and waited.

"Glad to see that you came on time." A voice said from behind. I turn around and find that it was Kaiba. He is the one who sent me the flowers. He walks past me and opens the door. I decide to follow him inside. I can see through the windows that Tea and Nasira were watching closely. A waitress shows us to a table and we take a seat. Kaiba and I stare at each other. His serious face was making me more uncomfortable than when I first realized that he was the one who sent me the flowers. Needless to say that was giving rise to some awkward silence. It stuck as the waitress brought us water and asked for our orders. I take a sip of water and continue to stay silent.

"What do you like to do?" The question caught me off guard. At first I wasn't even sure he was the one who said it. "That is a question that people do ask on dates. What do you like to do?"

"I like to do a lot of things. But I guess one of my favorite things to do is go horseback riding when I can. What about you? What do you like to do? Besides duel monsters."

"Not much other than work and caring for my little brother Mokuba." His words and voice were near monotone as he spoke. The awkward silence grew again but was gotten rid of when Kaibia decided to speak again. "You have already been able to guess that dating is not my forte. I tend to avoid it as it does not seem to have much of an importance to me."

"Then why send me the roses and then ask me to meet you here?" His stare looking like a glare came on at full force as he stared at me. "Not that I don't appreciate all the attention…" He gets up from the table and I think that I must have insulted him somehow. I try to apologize but he gets closer and I start to get nervous. He bends over and his face gets closer and closer to mine till his lips target themselves onto mine.

Nasira POV

"Am I seeing what I think I am seeing?" Tea asked her eyes looking far wider than normal especially compared to the sunglasses she was wearing.

"If you mean that Mr. Kabia is kissing Aliyeh in front of a crowded restaurant full of people that will no doubt be spread through the grapevine then yes you are seeing what you think you are seeing." I tell her. She looks as dumbfounded as I feel. This is Kaiba that we are watching someone that in every picture ever taken of him he appears unemotional or pissed off at something. It'd not exactly a thing one would expect. Kaiba just kissing someone in public. "I have an urge to march in there and demand to know what game he is playing at." I rise out of the chair only to be pulled down by Tea. "Tea why did you do that?"

"Look!" She said indicating to the window. Through the glass a scene played out. The kiss was broken and Aliyeh was blushing as a smile tugged at her lips to form. Kaiba follows suit with a smirk as he takes his seat back. We continue to watch as the scene goes forth. The two seem to chat a bit better than they had at the beginning of this odd date. In fact it looked like it was going to end well. "Should we leave them alone for a little while?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to let them have some privacy." Tea and I leave the café and head to the arcade. Not something that I was too in to, but Tea loves playing DDR so I will make the best of it.

"Why don't you come up and dance with me Nasira? We don't even have to do a duel version."

"I don't think I could keep up with you or anyone else with this game Tea."

"Have you tried playing DDR before?"

"Not unless they have a Bollywood option in their dance machines." I tell her. She laughs and says come on it'll be fun. Before I could insist that she goes ahead without me we find that we are not alone. Tristan and Joey have spotted us and are coming right towards.

"I should have guessed the two of you would be here. Don't you have homework to do Joey?"

"I'll get to it later. Besides can't we ask the same of you?" Joey said with much glee at the way Tea was unfortunately agreeing to. "Anyway whatcha ya doing?"

"I'm trying to get Nasira to play a round of DDR with me."

"Actually I think I'm going to try one of those racing games over there."

"Alright then I challenge you to Moto Speedway XL7!" Tristan declared as he pointed at the game in question. It was one of those that you would play on a replica of a motorcycle. I accept Tristan's challenge and the two of us race. I admit though I wasn't the best at it. But I didn't do too bad. I made fourth place and that is better than getting last place. The next game we go on to was a girls versus guys air hockey game. Now that got pretty intense when it was Tea and Joey's turn. Neither of them was willing to let the other get a leg up on the other. When Tea got the first point we declared that it was Tristan and my turn. The girls ended up winning and we found out it was time to leave. We reach home and are greeted by our parents and Aliyeh was back and wearing a necklace that I never saw before. The necklace had sapphires that were spaced apart from each other. The center sapphire was slightly larger than the rest and had a small blue pearl dangling from it. Aliyeh could see that the two of us were wondering about the necklace.

"I'm dating Seto Kaiba."

"You mean you are you seriously now dating Kaiba, as in Seto Kaiba? The Seto Kaiba? The Seto Kaiba that is well…not the nicest guy in the world?" Tea said trying to sound as nice as possible about it.

"I also question the dateablity of Mr. Kaiba. What could he have possibly said in the one date you had with him to warrant the reaction of you becoming his girlfriend?" I ask her in academic fashion. She sighs a little before answering us with these simple words.

"There's just something about him that I like. And before you ask, no it's not the fact that he has been giving me gifts." She said fingering the sapphire necklace. Knowing that she would not elaborate any further than that for now. I silently hinted to Tea that it was best that we drop the conversation for now. We would find out more about it later. However there was a part about this attraction I knew quite well. How large that part of it was. I did not yet know. And I sense that she too was unsure of how large her attraction to Kaiba is.

"Time for dinner girls. I hope all of you have brought your appetite." My father said as he came through the door with dinner.

"Is Mom going to be coming home soon?" Tea asked as we brought out cups, plates, silverware and napkins.

"She called to say that she will be staying at the boutique much longer than she thought and won't be home till much later. She also said to go on and have dinner without her. Also that you girls better have your homework done before you go to bed."

"We will." All three of us said together. Which reminds me that I have other work to do. It's about time I hide that item before someone could accidently touch grab hold of it.