Tea POV After the performance in the bedroom of Tea as she writes in her diary.

Dear Diary, Well the performance tonight was amazing. Seeing all of these different kinds of dance styles that are out there inspires me to learn more about the craft of dance, but at the same time the performance has also caused a different effect on me. An effect that I don't like but I just can't help but feel. I mean I shouldn't feel like this since she hasn't really done anything personally to me to feel this way. But then again her just being her is enough to make me feel…upset. Nasira, she just has to have so much going for her. She's beautiful and has so many boys already chasing after her at school. Then there is that whole thing about her having a someone special that she won't name. In reality I bet she is lying about this special someone so she can keep the boys coming after her. Wait a minute, you know it makes sense. I bet she made up the whole special mystery boyfriend in order to get Yugi to chase after her. I've seen the way that she looks at him. Then she gets Joey to go all gaga over her in order to get Yugi jealous and then leave him high and dry. If that didn't work she would use her body in this performance to entice him. I feel like an idiot for not having seen it earlier. Ugh that is so bitchy of her to do something like this! I can't believe I fell for her act and I can't believe that she is doing this!... Oh who am I kidding? I'm just looking for an excuse to make her the bad guy. I'm jealous of her. I could have dealt with the guys at school drooling over her since none of them really interest me as a potential boyfriend. Heck I could even deal with Joey drooling over her, it was kind of funny to see him do that. But it's the way that Yugi returns those looks she gives him and how when she dances I feel like a novice in comparison. She already has people singing praises of her dancing and she acts like its not that hard a thing to do. While I'm busting my hump to get my name out there while I'm here before I go to New York to make a real name for myself. I know that it isn't her fault really. It just… it just feels like it should be her fault.

Narrator POV On the blimp of Kaiba Corp before the finalists are to arrive.

Mokuba is taking a look around the blimp doing a final check to see that the rooms prepared for the finalists that were to arrive soon. There were quite a number of rooms available since it was taken into account that Yugi would make it to the finals and with him would be his friends. Not to mention rooms for Seto, Mokuba, Aliyeh, Nasira and Tea. Since Aliyeh wished for her sisters to come with them. It took a bit of reasoning with Seto but she managed to convince him it was bound to happen anyway. Anyway both Aliyeh and Nasira had already come aboard the blimp and settled into their rooms. They did try to get Tea to come with them earlier, but she said she would come with the guys later.

During the checking of the rooms Mokuba noticed something odd in one of the already occupied rooms. It was a strange glowing bottle. The bottle had a diamond shaped topper while the bottle grew thinner until it met with the flower shaped base that along the lines and contours of the bottles shape was in gold. It's color was a jewel tone of green glass with hints of blue along the circular shape just above the base. It looked more like a larger version of a perfume bottle that one would buy on some trip to an exotic country except for the fact that it was glowing in a way that made it look like the bottle was breathing.

Mokuba reasoned that it was probably some kind of novelty lamp that someone forgot to turn off. So he moved towards the glowing beacon in the room and proceeded to find a way to turn off the light. Finding that it was not plugged in, he picked it up and continued his search for some sort of button that could turn the light off. At one point in the search he believed that he has found it but the bottle being a little dirty he wasn't sure. So he takes his sleeve and wipes the bottle clean. Not knowing what it is that he has done.

Narrator POV Inside a strange realm where Bakura and Marik are scheming.

"Remember I will give you my millennium rod when you have given me the cards I desire."

"So long as you keep up your side of the bargain Marik there shouldn't be any sort of problem. Just keep in mind that you still have deal with Kaiba."

"I know I already have to deal with him in the tournament, unless you get to him first. But tell me why is it that you wish for me to send him to the shadow realm so badly for when you can do it yourself?"

"I have my reasons for such things. I don't see why it is any of your business."

"We are partners Bakura and partners should tell them why they want one of their partners to get rid of someone who doesn't own a millennium item. Since that is what their partner is looking for. It is rather curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat Marik and it could very well get someone else killed if looked into too closely when it doesn't concern them too much. All you need to know is that this partnership will get us both what we want as long as we fulfill each other's ends of the deal."

"Actually I would like to add something else to that deal and that is for you to keep an eye out for a green bottle."

"A green bottle? What the bloody hell are you going to do with a green bottle? Turn it into the recycling plant for fifty cents?"

"It's a special green bottle that you will know it when you see it. You could say that it should have been a family heirloom that must return to me. In return I will not enslave your precious Aliyeh." Bakura thought inside of his head without showing it upon his face, How the bloody hell did he know about her? Marik smirked knowing that he was right even without the telltale hints of recognition upon Bakura's face. "Yes, she is a rather attractive girl. I can see why you would want Seto Kaiba out of the way."

"I take it that we are settled into an agreement of sorts?"

"Haven't we always agreed with each other?"

Narrator POV Return to Mokuba

Mokuba dropped the bottle as it grew warmer and smoke spilled forth from the topper that ricochets into the distance. Mokuba slowly backed away from the still smoking bottle and would have fled the scene immediately but a delightful surprise awaited him with the gathering form of a certain someone.

"Greetings oh master of the lamp. I am your Genie."

"Nasira?" Nasira opened her eyes looking at her new master for the first time. Needless to say she was surprised at who it was she saw.

"Mokuba? What are doing in my room?"

"I was doing a final check on the rooms and…you came out of a bottle!"

"Shhh! Keep your voice down this isn't exactly something that I want to advertise to the world right now. Or ever do that. Come on I do not need that kind of exposure. Look we can do this two ways. One I just tell you what you need to know blatantly or option number two we have fun with it. Which do you choose?"

"If I choose option number two will it involve a musical number?"

"No. Just fun examples using life like images that you would see at a state of the art theme park."

"I guess…I could go with you just telling me straight out." Secretly hoping for a musical number like in the Aladdin movie.

"Okay, I can do that. Starting off like I said I am your genie and because you have found the magic lamp that is partially my residence that makes you my master. Now with a genie comes a bit responsibility as what you wish for could and can have a large impact on whatever or whoever is around. You do not have limited number of wishes however it does not mean that you can wish for whatever you want."

"Why not?"

"I'm getting to that. You see there are certain rules that every genie has to obey. Rule number one being that we cannot bring back the dead. So don't try having me dig up some washed up actor's career. Odds are it has to be that way. But seriously I can't bring the dead back to life. Rule number two I can't force people to fall in love against their will. Rule number three well it's more of a suggestion really; don't wish for anymore wishes because that would be pointless as you already have a significant amount of wishes. Rule number four is once again more of a suggestion. Do not flirt with me or well you are too young to really know about the other things so just remember I am off limits in terms of romance. That couldn't have gotten any more awkward if I tried."

"Well can I make a wish now?"

"Sure why not. What does my master wish for?"

"A hot fudge sundae with nuts?" Nasira looked at him oddly but then blinked it away. A snap of her fingers, a poof of smoke and there it was a decadent hot fudge sundae with nuts.

"Does it meet your expectations?" Nasira asks him with a proud smile and after taking one taste of the frozen dairy treat Mokuba had to say yes. After the dessert was finished and the glass that once held it had been poofed away the two received an unexpected visitor.

"There you are Mokuba." Kiba then looks up to see Nasira was with him. "I see that you have found your room without trouble." Not that he cared if had or hadn't.

"You sound surprised." This was all Nasira had to say as she left the room giving Kiba a cold subtle stare. "I think that I shall go visit my sister, see what else this wonder of yours has to offer. You don't have any objections to that, now do you Mr. Kaiba?"

"Not at all. You will be my sister one day as well I should start getting use to you being around." The comment widened her eyes and then turned them into slits of annoyance before she left the room. Nasira walks down the hallways of the metal and glass looking for her sister as well as thinking of the events that have happened. Sure her bottle has just been claimed by a new master, but it felt as if it was the smallest event to happen today. Her step sister was kidnapped by a mad man and his cronies. Tea was also brainwashed as well as nearly killed by this evil being. All for one card that was far more powerful than what Kaiba could possibly know. Yet he still believed that in going on with the tournament when it could become the catalyst of some great misfortune.

Nasira soon found Aliyeh in a well prepared room that no doubt Kaiba had made to impress her or just to show her the money he loved to waste. Aliyeh sat comfortably in a chair while reading a book, but in her mind she was anything but comfortable.

"Quite the big spender Kaiba is to hold a tournament in a blimp only to reclaim a title for his large and fragile ego."

"Nasira!" Her sister's voice scolds, but not as harsh as it would have been in the past.

"You can't deny that it is the reason he held the tournament Aliyeh. The man's only non-ego trait is his love for his little brother." Ailyeh sighs heavily at how Nasira still does not seem trust or like Seto. It was frankly turning Aliyeh's headache into a migraine.

"I know it seems a bit egotistical for him to hold a tournament for that reason, but don't you have better things to do than look down upon Seto? In light of what is going on now of all times this is what you do?"

"What I do with my free time is for my enjoyment and peace of mind. I only have so much time to myself now that someone has found my bottle." This statement paused the reading that Aliyeh was doing. She looks at her sister calmly browsing about the room. Not a care on her mind it seemed but on Aliyeh there was a look of fear.

"Who has found your bottle? Was it Seto and that is why you are belittling him so?" She asks carefully.

"If it was Seto who had found my bottle he would have had me forever make compliments to him or some such nonsense as that. No, it was Mokuba who found my bottle and I can see he will not be a master to worry about in terms of misuse of wishes. He is a good kid. It's funny how some of the best master's I have had have been children. Save for one who was every inch a good man."

"Sister have you forgotten that Mokuba is Seto's little brother so he must rather smart about these things as well."

"I suppose so." Nasira says not as bitter as what it could have been like. "Who do you think is going to show up to this glory fest Mr. Kaiba has put together?"

"I am not certain as to who has been able to make it to the finals, but I do know about one person whom we both know will be a part of this tournament. One who you are most attached to." It was the sisterly tone of teasing that Aliyeh used on Nasira happy to feel a light tone in what was now a harsher atmosphere. Nasira blushed with a faint smile over the thought of that one person. "It won't be long now till the contestants show up. I am sure that your master already has something for you to do to pass the time till then. After all you are rather restless today." Aliyeh returns to her book and Nasira turns into vapor as she goes to search for her new master.

She found Mokuba in the hallway and appeared before him with her bottle in hand.

"Hello Mokuba."

"Have you always been able to turn into smoke like that?"

"It's something that many genies can do, but for now we have to discuss something very important that all masters have to know. I mean besides the rules of wishes." She lowers herself down so that she is at eye level with Mokuba. Serious is her expression as she holds out the bottle to him. "Listen to me very carefully Mokuba. I know that you already know this is the bottle that you summoned me from and because of that you have now become my master. Now the responsibility of the bottle resides with you." She places the bottle into his hands. Mokuba holds it very carefully.

"Responsibility for your bottle?"

"You see if you ever need me all you have to do is rubbing or speaking into this bottle and I will come. But you must keep it on you or have it hidden in a safe place otherwise if someone else were to find it and rub the bottle I would become their genie and no longer yours unless you can get it back. You can probably guess what could happen if someone were to find the bottle."

"If they did there would be evil problems for everyone or someone who could end up becoming power crazy. Just like in the Disney movie." Nasira chuckles at his comment.

"In a way. Except we don't have a flying carpet…yet."

"You mean?" Her finger moves across her lips symbolizing a secret. With a wink that did confirm it.

"Let us save that for another day. The competitors will be here soon and I believe that Mr. Kaiba would like to have his little brother with him to greet them." Mokuba nods and then runs off with the bottle that he quickly hid carefully in his room on the blimp. Seconds after he was certain the bottle was hidden in the safest place he could find, Mokuba was by his brother's side ready to see who it was that made it to the finals.

Blimp in Flight at the dinner before the finals are about to start…

The dinner atmosphere was jovial and that brought a sense of relief to Ailyeh's mind as she looked about the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the small crowd of people. She had meet Serenity for the first time and was overjoyed at the news of her operation being a complete success. But someone had to come over to our conversation. His hand wrapped itself around my arm.

"Would you mind excusing us for a minute?" Serenity wasn't given much time to say anything as Seto pulled me away from her to talk in private. At least as private as one could get in a crowded room. When we stopped moving I didn't say anything to him.

"What is it that I have done this time?"

"Are you really asking me this or are you just trying to lure me into a conversation?" I ask him clearly miffed with him something he wasn't use to. He was use to me being happy around him, sweet, a little sad and probably a few other emotions that really do not need to be mentioned as they are so common, but he was not use to me being miffed with him like this and for once I could tell he was lost.

"Just tell me what it is I have done this time."

"The tournament? It is still going on."

"Of course it is."

"But it shouldn't be. Seto there is a real problem brewing it's ugly head this way and you are ignoring it to the fullest. Marik is within spitting distance and on board are the three Egyptian god cards he is looking for and obviously doesn't have any scruples about getting them in unfair and dangerous ways. He tried to take your brother; he nearly killed my sister, Joey and Yugi! And yet you still let him stay in this tournament and not in a jail cell where he belongs. But no he is free to try to take someone else's life for just one of those cards. That would include you, since you hold the Obelisk. Knowing all of this you won't do anything to stop of hinder. You are biggest fool right now and all of it is because you just want a title and a few cards that you have no idea what they really could do to not just you but the world as well."

"What was that last part?" His teeth rubbed against each other as he spoke.

"You heard me. And you will also listen to this carefully. This conversation is over." I free my arm from his grip and leave the room. I found myself in need of some space from my boyfriend. When I felt that he was far from my sight and that he wasn't going to follow me, not that he would if it took him away from his tournament; I stopped and looked out the window. It was in that window that I saw the reflection of someone. I turn to face him.

"Oh Bakura, what could keep you from the party?"

"I could ask you the same question. Wouldn't you rather be having fun with everyone else? I'm sure it would be much more enjoyable than standing here alone." I half smile at his words. He looked so carefree for someone who had basically just come from the hospital.

"I just needed…some air. I'm having a good time there really isn't anything to worry about." I said turning back to looking out the window.

Narrator POV

"You know you can tell me the truth. Aliyeh you are a terrible liar. I also happened to overhear a little of your conversation with Kaiba."

"What exactly did you hear?"

"Not much. I just listened to the tone more than anything." Inner Bakura was chuckling on the inside about having heard everything said between the two. Such an ignorant man Kaiba is, to feign listening to his girlfriend. At least his girlfriend for now that is. "I do hope you don't mind telling me what it is that ails you at least if you feel up to it."

Bakura's friendly smile and warm personality did affect Aliyeh she felt a sense of trust with him and as he had obviously cared enough to come and see how she was doing. So she decided to tell him.

"I'm not sure if you know this but on this vessel is someone named Marik."

"Yes, I believe I saw him in the galley or party room…" His face turns to a blush over his lack of knowledge of the rooms on a blimp. This gave Aliyeh a reason to smile at him. A small victory in a way for the spirit of the ring. "Isn't he the one with all of the tattoos? He is a bit scary looking."

"He is also a scary person. He almost killed my sister."

"What? He almost killed your sister and he is here dueling?! How can that be? Shouldn't he be in police custody?" To this the sour look appeared again on her face.

"It is the fault of my idiot boyfriend and his deplorable ego."

"That seems like a harsh thing to say."

"If it wasn't for his stupid obsession with this title of his and the need for those cursed cards this tournament would have been cancelled and have that mad man placed in jail where he belongs. He could do so much damage here if he desired. He could succeed this time in killing so..me..me..one." Fear was clear on her face. Something that was beautiful to Inner Bakura. But not beautiful in the sense of sick desire, but instead it was beautiful for his plans. He made his move and pulled her into an embrace. Holding her close to comfort the storm in her heart and mind was his reason. He didn't say anything but held her. When Inner Bakura realized that he would have to let go of her for now. Any longer and questions of his intentions will rise.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to comfort you and I guess I just got a little carried away. Can you forgive me?" He used his sweetest and sincerest looking smile. Aliyeh's own smile was returning to her face.

"I suppose I can. If you walk with me back to the…(giggle) party room." Barkura was happy to comply with her request innocent in everyone's eyes, but the first step in a rather grand plan to come.

Meanwhile in the others were mingling. Duke and Tristian were trying to gain the attention of Serenity, who was all about listening to her big brother and his boasting of his dueling prowess. Tea was trying to keep Joey humble during this conversation. While Yugi and the spirit of his puzzle were distracted by something else. A certain individual who was observing the others with great interest particularly the one they knew as Marik. Her gaze would also float to Mokuba who seemed to find her a subject of interest suddenly. The way he seemed to be going back and forth to her it was as if they had a game going on. Perhaps they did this to lighten the atmosphere.

"Excuse me." Nasira stopped her people watching to turn her attention to the newcomer. It was one of the duelists , Namu who had approached her. "But is your father from heaven because you are obviously an angel?" Her eyebrow arches as if confused and Namu blushes deeply in embarrassment. "I was told that was a good way to break the ice. I guess I messed up on the delivery of the line."

"No, you did fine. It's just I wasn't expecting it."

"Oh, well. What were you expecting?"

"In truth I wasn't expecting anything I suppose. By all accounts I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. You are the first person, outside of family members, to talk to me tonight."

"Now that does surprise me. You don't look like the type to be ignored at a party." Namu then flushes at the thought that he may have said something wrong. "I mean nothing bad by that comment. I mean that you don't fade into the background because you are so beautiful."

"And yet somehow I have managed to do so at least until you decided to break the ice." This allows her to smile at Namu. "Your name is Namu isn't it?"

"Yes, it is but how did you know that?"

"I was present when the contestants were named and allowed onto the blimp save for the last one who still hasn't made an appearance. I wonder who they are?"

"I see. Please forgive me for not knowing your name and do allow me the honor of asking your name."

"So formal all of a sudden. You are full of surprises Namu. My name is Nasira."

"Nasira." He said testing out the name. "I take it that you are not a duelist in the tournament." He then proceeded to explain how he came to that conclusion. "You don't have a duel disk. Are you here for a friend?"

"I am here as an observer. My sister Aliyeh is dating, though for how long I am not sure (she said this under her breath), Mr. Kaiba, so she is here for him. My other sister Tea is here for her friends Joey and Yugi. I am here to be supportive to both of my sisters' reasons for being here as well as having reasons of my own."

"Now who is it that is full of surprises? I hope that you will watch me duel even if I do not make it that far." Nasira smiles at this newcomer.

"I have every intention of watching every duel in this tournament. I guarantee you that I shall watch you duel."

"That actually gives me great comfort." He says and soon finds that someone else has come to join their conversation. It was Yami Yugi.

"I'm sorry for interrupting your conversation."

"It is quite alright Yugi, Nasira and I were only talking about the tournament and watching the tournament."

"It is going to be quite an event to witness with all of the duelists assembled here." Yami spoke in earnest.

"Yes, but are you sure that your friend is alright? I saw the state he was in not too long ago and now he is in the tournament. Is it wise to let him continue when he may need a doctor?" Namu asks.

"I can answer that Namu. No it is not wise to have him continue, but knowing Mr. Kaiba and his thirst for certain indulgences he will not turn this blimp around until the end of the tournament and only if he has won it for himself."

"That is quite a harsh view you have of him." Yami commented on Nasira's words.

"I can't help what I see when I look at Mr. Kaiba." Namu then asks Nasira a question.

"Why do you call him Mr. Kaiba? I was told by you that he was one of your sisters's boyfriend. Doesn't that allow you to call him by his first name? Or just Kaiba?" Namu asks her.

"I can't help but feel comfortable with calling him Mr. Kaiba as his first name reminds me too much of Set."

"You know about Egyptian mythology?" Namu asks impressed and curious about how she knows about this god of Egypt.

"My sister and I did live in Egypt for quite some time; we also studied the myths and legends of the land. Set as the most villainous of the gods was naturally the one that was featured often in tales."

"Why does it feel like that was your view on Kaiba that you slipped in that sentence?" Yami asks a bit teasing. It was at that point that the deciding of the first match of the tournament began. And the first match was Bakura verses Yugi.

After the Duel. Kaiba and Aliyeh are discussing Bakura…

"We should head back and take Bakura to a hospital."

"I have better doctors here on the blimp than at the hosipital who can see to Bakura immediately. I just told that to the other three people who were just in here. Aliyeh. I only hire the best and these doctors are the best. Bakura will be fine and the tournament can go on." Seto attempts to place his hands on Aliyeh's shoulders as if to calm her, but found the reverse effect came from it.

"Tournament, tournament, Tournament! That is all I hear from you since we started dating!" Aliyeh shouted at him. "I cannot help but think that after this is done you will need to start another one in order to have a conversation. However I doubt you will even have time for one now."

"Is this about me not paying as much attention to you?" A heavy sigh of frustration leaves Aliyeh's lips.

"I am not that needy. I am stressed over this whole thing because I do not wish to see any harm come to you, you dolt!"


"Yes, this competition has caused harm to those close to me and you. Many of them I have already mentioned to you and I don't wish to see that trend continue with you being in direct line of fire. Do you understand now?" Seto Kaiba did understand now. The realization caused him to pull Aliyeh into his arms and kiss her with a passion foreign to him. When their lips parted he still held her close as her head laid down upon his chest listening to the beating of his heart.

"I will tell you this once. I am not some lowlife that people can push around. I won't back down from a fight that I know I can win and I will not let that guy Marik think he can control me with his little fear tactics. Someone has to show him up otherwise he will just keep on doing this." He then left to see to the next duel to come, but not before kissing Aliyeh once more. Ailyeh was in a way comforted that Seto wasn't just using his ego to justify his reasons for the continuation of the tournament. He really did want to see that Marik was stopped and the best way for him to do that was to separate the Egyptian god cards from him. It wasn't much of a full proof plan, but it was a start in the right direction she purposed. After the contestants where called for the next match, Joey and Marik. Everyone went up to see the match, save for two who had to stay behind to discuss something quickly.

"Nasira, I know what I want to wish for next."

"Already? Well then what is it that you desire master?" Nasira says making a stance with one arm over the other and a tone of comical servitude.

"I wish for you to banish the evil spirit within Bakura." Nasira snapped her fingers creating the sound of a whip. Now this caused a wince from Nasira at the thought. "Is something the matter?"

"Well…You see….Um how to put this? ...Mokuba do you remember when I was telling you the rules of genies?"

"Yes, but none of them really deal with this wish….right?"

"Actually it interferes with one of the rules. The one rule dealing with the rising of the dead. You see there is a clause to that rule. A clause that focuses on certain spirits and their activities. Some spirits stick around because of a strong motive or reason. It is that reason that it overlaps with me messing around with free will especially when they are connected to magical objects such as the millennium items. Bakura's evil spirit somehow is deeply connected to the millennium ring. I cannot interfere with it. I wish could in order to save him, but I can't."

"I thought genies could grant any rule free wish?"

"I just told you the rules not too long ago. And the rule free wish idea only exists in the land of television. Just be glad you didn't get an original jinn."

"An original jinn? What is that?"

"Jinn and genies are the same magical beings. We both grant wishes and have numerous powers in order to accomplish those wishes. However that is often where the similarities end. A genie like myself, is far more kind and benevolent than a jinn is. When a human finds the lamp of a jinn they can be killed for it. Each jinn has certain rules that depend on chance. An example would be if the human was the seventh person to find the bottle they could live and be granted a wish, but the eight person could be killed solely for that reason or have to face a challenge of the jinn in order that they are seen as worthy of a wish. They are from a school of thought that earning your wish should be based on how much the human wants it and on if they were born under a lucky star or not."

"But do they still follow the same rules as you have to?"

"The thing about the rules Master Mokuba is that with the exception of the unable to interfere with magical items rule, the rest are up to each genie. When a genie has reached the age of maturity they are given their bottle or lamp and set the rules for their wishes. Some follow rules similar to my own and some do not. It is the same for jinns. The only other rules that cannot be broken besides magical items are that jinn and genies cannot kill each other and that we cannot bring about the total destruction of the earth. For it means the end of us as well. Anything else you would like to know?"

"Not at the moment." Said a crest fallen Mokuba who had hoped to rid the evil side of Bakura. He wanted to pay back all that Yugi and his friends had done for him at Duelist kingdom by getting rid of the evil within Bakura, but that can't happen.

"Master Mokuba, I may not be able to get rid of Bakura's evil spirit now, but that does not mean that we can't try again at another time. In the present though you have a duel to watch do you not?"

"I don't know if he was picked yet or not, but let's go find out. I wish I was with the others right now"

"Now that is something that I can accomplish without a fuss." A nod of the head and the two made it just in time to witness the duel before anyone even knew that they hadn't been there the whole time.