Summer was almost coming to an end. The sun was shining bright that early morning, and Klaus was in the kitchen brewing some coffee for his girlfriend. He wanted her to start the day off refreshed and awake, for today was one of the most important days in their lives. For it will determine their futures.

He made his way into his bedroom with a cup of fresh coffee. Half skimmed milk with a teaspoon of sugar just the way she likes it. The first thing he was to see was his sweet girlfriend still in bed fast asleep.

He leaned on the doorway as he relished in the sight of her naked back while the thin sheets were hiding her bottom. The sun that was seeping through the small cracks of the curtain shinned on her and highlighted the contours of her delicate face as it also made her golden hair glisten. His heart swelled up for the love he had for her, and instantaneously he just knew he will forever have the sight of her like this carved into the depths of his heart.

"Love, it's time to wake up."

Caroline laid there on her stomach with heavy lids wishing to sleep a bit more as she heard his deep voice awakening her.

"Five more minutes Nik, I'm tired."

He chuckled at her answer and went to the night stand to put the cup of coffee down. He climbed on to the bed and felt the bed shift, adjusting to his weight. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and started to lay small kisses on her naked back. She let out a moan of appreciation to the soft kisses she can feel slowly going north to where her head laid on top of the pillow. He began to stroke her soft wavy hair, feeling the silky strands slip through his fingers and cascading back in place. He laid a small peck on her cheek and whispered into her ear causing a small sweet shiver to run down her spine. "Sweetheart, if you don't get ready soon, Elijah will kick my arse for being late. Besides I don't think you would want to miss your first day of college."

With that said, Caroline sat up abruptly. Allowing the thin sheets to fall off of her body and his eyes darkened in lust at the sight of her naked body.

"Oh my gosh, I totally forgot! I have to get ready!"

Without another word, Klaus pulled Caroline to his chest and was taking his sweet time appreciating the sight of Caroline's body.

"On the other hand, I wouldn't mind continuing our activities from last night. No need to rush love."

He smirked at the sudden blush adorning her cheeks, but was later met with a angry glare. She squirmed in his arms to loosen his hold on her and brought her hand up to his face to flick his nose. He let go of her immediately as he rubbed his nose in irritation and glared at her for her actions, clearly thinking what the bloody hell.

She immediately picked up one of the clothing on the floor from last night, and began to dress herself as she began to lecture him. "No need to rush?! Niklaus Mikaelson, you have to at least practice your lines or prepare yourself! Two hours will not be enough for all that! It's your first big role, and this movie will be crucial to your career. So don't you dare take that for granted mister! Besides do you really think I'm going to miss my first day of college?! Well you have another thing coming, I can't believe-"

He chuckled at the cute angry pouty look she was giving him as she sat there with her arms crossed across her chest giving him a great lecture. With sex out of his mind, he took his time to take in the clothing Caroline picked up from the floor as he tuned out on her long lecture.

She was dressed in one of his many Henley shirts that was clearly too big on her petite body. His eyes trailed down her body and stared a bit too long on her smooth fair-skinned thighs, and remembered how she would always complain about how pale she is and how she wishes she can have the ability to take in the suns ray and get a little bit of color, but he told her it was nonsense. For her skin made her look radiant and somehow amplified the light she had within herself and the twinkle she always held in her big blue eyes. Plus, it was always calling out to him to taint with his lips.

He remembered smiling widely after witnessing a blush appear onto her cheeks that day. And ever since then she stopped complaining about her complexion and even started to use plenty of sunblock to keep her skin the way it is while having the confidence to show a little bit of skin. He couldn't help but smile at just how adorable she can be and how blessed he was to call this angel his.

Yes. He truly was blessed, and his mind wandered even further back to when this all started.

They've met around 6 months before she became a junior in high school. He has been traveling around different parts of the U.S, finding different sorts of acting classes for the last 2 years, until he finally decided to settle down in her small hometown in Virginia called, Mystic Falls.

He saw her at the mall after running away from one of his many indiscretions. He used women with no care in the world, and how their encounters can effect or affect them. Their only purpose for him was a small distraction and pleasure... Until he met Caroline.

When he felt a rush of emotions running through his body at the sight of her, it was then and there he knew he had to have her.

He didn't leave too much of a good impression with her though, because the person he was avoiding came to interrupt their conversation. However, after 6 months of persistence, honesty and confidence. He was able to capture her heart the way she did with his on that fateful day they've met. Ever since then, they've been with each other for over an year and today would mark their 2nd glorious years together.

It was also only until a few months ago they've finally decided to have sex. Call them crazy, but he wanted to make this relationship work. Sure it was also because of the fact she was only 17 when they've met, but it was mostly because he wanted to treat her differently from any other past girlfriends, flings, and one night stands he had in his life for she was special to him. It was a difficult task for she was such an tempting little minx, but they decided to wait it out and they did. Now they can never seem to keep their hands off of each other and they don't know how they went two years with no sex.

Abruptly his thoughts came to a stop as he felt a slap on his arm. "Are you even listening to me?!"

Before he can allow Caroline to go off onto another lecture, he put his arm around her hips to pull her forward and brought her on top of him. He laughed when he heard her scream out his name in surprise and looked up to see the face of the one he loved pouting. She looked at him from above and was clearly not amused. He however, took his time to memorize how she looked as her hair surrounded their faces like a curtain. He lifted one hand to push back one side of her hair behind her ear to take a better look at her as the sunlight penetrated through the few strands left around her face, allowing him to truly see the depths of her beauty within her eyes, and slowly trailed his hand from the right side of her cheek to the back of her neck. Slowly bringing down her soft pink lips to his.

All thoughts of nagging him left her mind soon after. Just from the small contact of his lips brought out a new side of her and she instantly began to respond. His skillful luscious red lips always did wonders to her, bringing her to a natural high that made her thoughts disoriented. And he would always smirk into the kiss because he knows he's just that good. Cocky asshole.

She grabbed a fistful of his shirt into her hands when she started to feel the warmth in the pit of her stomach gradually growing as he cupped her face and began to nibble and lick on her bottom lip, silently begging for the entrance of her mouth and she parted her lips, allowing him access.

She let out a shaky sigh as he pushed his tongue a little further and lightly touched her tongue with his, triggering their endless need for each other. Caroline responded back with an equal passion as one of her hands wound itself into his curly locks, and what started out sweet, quickly turned intense as Klaus caressed her back, slowly trailing his hands down to her baby smooth thighs, while Caroline continued to run her hands through his hair.

She knew she had to stop if she wanted Klaus to make it on time for his job, but ugh this man was a sex God. With such unbelievable skills and she was slowly losing her sanity at his caresses and kisses.

She suddenly felt his fingers digging into her ass as he pushed her groin onto his hard-on and he grind the two contacts together. They both groaned at the intensity of it all, and with little strength she has, she put her hands to his chest to put an end to this. Lifting her head up with her eyes closed, she started panting for air hoping it would tame her desires towards the man in front of her.

However, when she opened her eyes only to meet his. All possibilities went out the door as she shivered at the intense look he gave her in delight. She just knew from that look, he was conveying to her silently just how much he loved her.

Throughout these past two years, they have never said the simple yet most intimate words 'I love you' to each other. It was mostly because Klaus had inner issues that he was still working on that caused him to fear those mere words, and she just never wanted to scare him off for she respected him. But the honest truth was, it never mattered to them. Words had no matter, for the confirmation of their feelings towards one another was within their eyes and they were content with that.

Slowly they sat up and noticed their disheveled appearances. Their hair were tousled as if a huge gust of wind had passed by, their clothes even more wrinkled than they already were from all their groping, and their faces flushed red from their make-out session. Once they finished taking in their messy appearance they made eye contact and a smile began to appear onto their faces until finally they couldn't hold back their laughter.

They weren't laughing because of how they looked. They laughed as this was an everyday normal occurrence for them, the inability to take their hands off one another, their silly bantering, their affection they have for one another, the ability to communicate with just one look. It wasn't a laughter of humor, it was a laughter of overjoyed happiness and love.

As their laughter came to a seize, Klaus watched Caroline with a soft look in his eye, and laid a lingering kiss on her forehead as she continued on giggling.

"I think it's time for you to get ready sweetheart. Go drink your coffee and put on some clothes so I won't have to devour you again." She nodded her head and gathered some clothes she left in his apartment.

When she walked toward the bathroom door that was adjourning to the inside of his bedroom, he quickly gave her a small slap on her bum as she let out a small shriek. "NIK!"

He started to laugh as she walked into the bathroom, muttering under her voice how horny he was and can never be sated.

Klaus got up from his bed still chuckling and walked out his bedroom to his living room. At the age of 19, Klaus left England with his older brother Elijah to put his past behind him and pursue his dreams. Now he was 23 and he lived in this apartment alone for two years. The place was small, but it felt like home for him and Caroline. They've always spent a majority of their time here because he was becoming a rising star, and unfortunately that also meant they couldn't go out as much as they wanted to. He hopes one day he can change all that after his career takes off, because Caroline deserved the world, not to be hidden from it. He wants to take her around the world and show her what the world had to offer, and maybe today will be the beginning as his fingers were lingering on a bulge in his back pocket.

As he sat on the couch, his eyes landed on the newspaper he picked up this morning and looked at it in distaste as he remembered what he saw on the front cover.

There on the paper had a picture of him and Caroline walking hand in hand and fortunately they didn't catch her face since the picture was blurry, but there was no guarantee this would happen again. He already felt guilty enough that they had to keep their relationship hidden since the beginning, but now he had to deal with the paparazzi hounding him... He loves what he does, but Caroline didn't deserve this life...

Before he can contemplate any further into the issue, Caroline walked in the living room with a floral printed dress and had a towel in her hand to dry her hair.

"What are you doing?"

Klaus picked up the newspaper and rolled it up. He didn't want her to worry any further about what the press had to say since she's always been worried about what their relationship would do to his career. They've had a couple of fights regarding this issue, and he didn't want another argument to occur since today was their anniversary.

"Nothing love, I'm going to head out now. Will you be able to get to school safely?"

She nodded her head, and once he saw her confirmation he made his way towards the door to leave. "I'll be coming home late tonight, but will you be here?"

She walked towards him and slipped her arms around his waist and he smiled as he witnessed that bright smile on her face he loves so much. "You know it. I'll see you tonight then?"

He nodded his head and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips and felt her smile and giggle into the kiss. He felt his own lips rise along with hers at the pure bliss and they parted while his hand was softly stroking her cheek in a loving manner. Not wanting to leave his girl behind. "Yes you will, happy anniversary Caroline."

"Happy anniversary Nik."

With that said, he left to the job he loves so much with slight reluctance and she was left alone.

She let out a big sigh of content as she saw him leave, and started contemplating on what to do before school started. She had an hour to spare so she decided grabbing breakfast with Katherine, Elena, and Bonnie would be a great idea so that they can go to school together. She barely sees her friends, due to the fact she spends most of her time with Klaus and she misses them. Her friends have absolutely no idea she's dating Klaus, because she kept it as a secret.

She doesn't know how she was able to hide it for this long since her ability to keep secrets is absolutely horrible. But she has, and she feels guilty for it. She and her friends tell each other everything that goes on in their lives, and although she trusts her friends, she would never do anything to somehow jeopardize Klaus's future. He worked too hard to even get to where he was right now.

But how long was she exactly suppose to live like this? Keeping this relationship from all of her loved ones was never what she expected, but she has because she would do almost anything for Klaus. But how can all this be considered as a relationship?... Even so, leaving Klaus was obviously not a choice. She loves him too dearly to even think about something like that.

Her trail of thoughts came to an end when she heard her phone beeping. She walked into Klaus's bedroom to grab her phone and she opened it to see an unread message from Elijah. She was even surprised he would contact her seeing as how they aren't exactly the closest people on earth. She knows he disapproves of their relationship because she was holding Klaus back from furthering his career, so she thought it was strange to hear from him.

'If you can give me the time of your day, I would appreciate it if you can come meet me in secret at 9:15 a.m. Thank you, and forgive me for the inconvenience Ms. Forbes.'

She looked at the time and realized she has only 20 minutes to get ready. So much for seeing her friends...

They've decided to meet at a park near Klaus's apartment, it was nearly empty except for a couple of elderly people taking a stroll down the park, seeing as how people were either working or at school in the small town. She was walking on the grassy field to the destination of where they decided to meet and saw Elijah was right on time as usual, sitting on the park bench wearing one of his many suits.

Does he even own a pair of jeans?

She walked towards him and he turned his head once he took notice of her presence and stood up.

"Oh, you don't need to stand."

He put his hands behind his back with his rigid posture and spoke in a monotone voice. "There's no need. This won't take long."

She looks at him clearly confused with what was going on, until he pulled out a newspaper from behind him and handed it to her. She took it out of his hands looking at him questioningly until her eyes met the front page and a gasp escaped her mouth.

'Niklaus Mikaelson and his secret lover?!'

There on the front page was of her and Klaus. She knew exactly when this picture was taken and remembers how they've met up in secret that night. They've decided to go grocery shopping together because they were having one of their silly bets on who can cook better, but they ended up making a mess that day and instead had sex on the kitchen counter. She started to blush at the remembrance of it all, but her thoughts quickly went back to what happened that day.

They made sure to see if anyone was around and when they confirmed there was nobody they thought it was safe, but clearly they were wrong and they got caught. She knew she was in deep shit, because this wasn't the first time this has happened. After Klaus got accepted for the lead role in this huge movie everyone was raving about, his popularity became huge and sometimes had the paparazzi taking his pictures.

"This is the third time this has happened Ms. Forbes. I've told you before to watch your actions and look where it led you two."

She looked up from the newspaper and looked at Elijah with wide eyes. "I didn't mean for this to happen. We thought nobody was around."

Even with her explanation, Elijah's posture hasn't changed and looked at her in a nonchalance manner. "I know it wasn't your intentions, but this has gone too far. Did you know because of these articles, his modeling and acting contracts has been breached? They've told us they needed the image of a single person for their work."

She looked at him in shock, because she didn't know at all. Klaus hasn't told her anything at all and didn't act any differently. She now feels stupid for not realizing how Klaus has been free for the last couple of weeks. She should have known, especially with this big movie he was doing he should have had a packed schedule.

"I-I didn't know.."

"Of course you wouldn't... Niklaus didn't want to worry you. He cares about you too much to have you worry about this. Niklaus can be a stubborn man, which is exactly why I've come to you. Ms. Forbes... Caroline, I know this is selfish of me to ask, but I need you to do this for me."

She looked at him in fear for what his proposal could be and closed her eyes shut to prevent tears from falling out of her eyes. She already had an idea as to what it could be seeing how they've had this discussion plenty of times, but she waited silently dreading the moment Elijah would speak and waited in silence for what would come, hoping he wouldn't say the words that would break her heart.

'Please.. don't say it, please I beg of you. Don't say those words.'

"I need you to break up with him."

She felt time stop as Elijah's words started ringing through her ears and felt the tears she was holding back so desperately, rolling down her cheeks.

Elijah's composure loosened up at the breaking image of Caroline in front of him. It was never his intentions to hurt the girl in front of him, However. If Klaus didn't have the potential to make it far in this world, he would have had no objections to their relationship. He knew just how much they cared for one another. They were always there for each other, supporting each others dreams. So it also broke his heart to do this, for she has the ability to do what his own family couldn't do for so many years... An ability Klaus himself admitted that he hasn't done in over a decade. She taught Klaus how to feel.

"I don't want to do this, but there's nothing else we can do. Niklaus has a bright future ahead of him. He has had this dream for so long, and it can finally come true. Don't allow his potentials to go to waste, do what is right for him Caroline. I hope you can understand."

That was the thing, she did understand. She knows what this job means to Klaus. She was there when he was practicing for the auditions. The twinkle he had in his eyes as he was reading his lines, the charisma and confidence he had as he was in character. This dream is a part of him and it was one of the many reasons she fell in love with him. She would support him 100% in everything he does. Which was why she knew what she had to do in order for this to work out. Even if it kills her.

In a soft broken voice, she finally whispered. "I'll do it."

Elijah nodded his head as he heard her and hesitantly put his hand on her shoulder. "Thank you Caroline."

He started walking away slowly with his hands descending from her shoulders, until he felt a firm hand on his wrist.


He turned around to see Caroline's tear stricken face, and felt a sharp pain of guilt shooting through him at the image of the young girl in front of him. Something he himself has caused...

"Please.. Just promise me one thing Elijah."

Seeing as how a small favor was the least he can do for hurting his brother's girlfriend, Elijah nodded his head. "Yes, anything.

She exhaled a shaky breathe she was holding in and stared at him with unwavering eyes to convey just how serious she was. "Keep him happy for me."

He nodded his head and without another word, he walked away. If he was to turn around and take another glance at Caroline, he would have seen how she lost all strength in her legs and broke down, crying her heart out in despair.

The night was about to come when Caroline was slowly taking heavy steps towards the front door of Klaus's apartment.

She spent the whole day crying at the park and missed her first day of school. She had a couple of phone calls from Katherine, Elena, and Bonnie asking where she was and all she can do was lie saying she wasn't feeling well.

She knew what she had to do, but how? How was she suppose to tell the love of her life that she wanted to break up? She's never been in this sort of situation before except for when her ex-boyfriend Matt Donovan broke up with her after a few months, but that situation was nothing compared to what she had to deal with now.

Her and Klaus was the opposite of each other, but that was what completed them in a strange way. How was she suppose to leave the man who is her best friend, her confidentiality, her boyfriend, her first love... He was her whole world. They depended on one another to pick the other person up when they were down, but how were they suppose to do all that if they couldn't even be together?

She felt a migraine about to occur, and knew if she continued her thoughts any further she would break down again and right now. She just wanted to take a warm bath to soak away the tension in her body until the time had to come. Thankfully Klaus wouldn't be home till later tonight, and hopefully by then she would have her thoughts put together.

When she slowly unlocked the front door and opened it. She felt all the air inside her lungs clog up and lost all abilities to breathe at what was in front of her very eyes.

There in front of her was a trail of rose petals across each other making a path through the short hallway towards the living room with small candle lights in between a few petals. She took a few shaky steps through the path hearing the sounds of violins getting louder with every step and gasped at the beautiful sight in front of her. There was candles everywhere, illuminating the whole living room. The path of roses led her to a white clothed dining table in the middle of the living room, with champagne and a home cooked meal of chicken Alfredo pasta Klaus knew she can devour any day. She looked around to see where the source of music was coming from and saw the stereo on the floor was turned on.

She couldn't believe what was in front of her eyes, Klaus hated these romantic gestures and rarely does it. But this... She suddenly remembered when they were just cuddling on the couch aimlessly scrolling through the channels on T.V. He asked her what her dreams were that day and she remembered babbling on about her dream to be in charge of a fashion magazine, to be successful, to travel the world, to be a mother and have the most romantic proposal ever.

How there has to be candles, roses, an orchestra and a big fat diamond ring. Of course, Klaus stayed silent as usual when she was blabbering on, and sometimes she tends to think he tunes her out. But it never mattered because she loved watching him sit there watching her so adoringly when she spoke and just smiles.

Well now she knows he's been listening, and she couldn't stop shaking as she saw all the items she wanted right in front of her. The only thing missing now was...


She turned her head quickly to the sound of his voice and saw Klaus coming out from the hall leading to his bedroom, dressed in a black tuxedo with a white collar shirt and skinny black tie. He was holding a bouquet of roses and was smiling so much those dimple of his wouldn't disappear.

She tried to calm her beating heart and act normal, but she couldn't completely stop her voice from quivering. "I thought you were going to be late tonight?"

With a smirk on his face and shrugging his shoulder he spoke. "Well I told the director prior to this day that I needed to get off early in preparation for our special day."

After the conversation she had with Elijah she completely forgot today was their anniversary. She was touched by everything Klaus did for her and didn't know how to control the happiness seeping through her entire body. But she can't. This wasn't suppose to be happening...

How can they forget 2 wonderful years together as if it was nothing?! How was she suppose to ruin themselves like this? How was she suppose to lie to him about how she felt? How was she suppose to break his heart? ...

"Caroline, were you crying?"

Without realizing it Klaus was in front of her cupping her cheek with one hand as his fingers were outlining the puffiness under her eyes with worry and she shook her head no to rid of his worries.

"It's nothing. Just had something stuck in my eye, and I couldn't stop rubbing it."

He let out a sigh of relief and brought back the smile on his face. "Good, couldn't have you upset on our anniversary. Now could we love?"

If only he knew...

"Wait, Nik... I have something to say."

He shook his head no and handed her the bouquet of roses as he used both of his hands to grab her left hand.

"No, me first."

Slowly he got on one knee and was staring up at her with a big smile and eyes glistening so bright, that she was taken back from the overwhelming emotions she felt from the look in his eyes...


"Caroline Forbes. Today marks the 2nd year of when you accepted your fate to intertwine with mine. It may not seem long, but everyday when I see your smile, your eyes, and by god when I hear you laugh. It feels as if I've known you for centuries and I fall for you every time harder and harder. I was a different man before I met you. After everything I dealt with in my past I became a cold-hearted man, who had no care for anyone's feelings except mine, and I didn't believe in the mere thought of being in love, for I thought love was just a myth and a weakness to others. But you've changed that Caroline. You brought me back to the person I once was before with your stubborn, hard-headed, neurotic qualities."

He started chuckling when he saw her teary glare at him, but continued on anyways with what he had to say.

"But it was also because of your beauty, your strength, your selflessness to help others, your loyalty to your loved ones, your optimistic attitude in everything you do, and the light you have within yourself that showed the darkness within me the good qualities of life. You showed me dreams can come true, and you've supported me through thick and thin for selfless reasons. I did everything I could to become the man you are proud of today. It was all for you Caroline. It was always you."

Finally he reached into his back pocket, and heard her inhale a deep breathe for she knew what was coming. Why God... why?

"I know it's a long way until I become a great actor, but when that day comes and my career is set. I want to spend the rest of our lives together out in the open for the whole world to see, because you deserve everything the world has to offer and I want to be by your side as you see it. I know I'm your first love Caroline Forbes, but I also intend to be your last. Will you marry me?"

Since the beginning of his sentence she started crying when she heard the beautiful and heartwarming proposal as she stared into his hypnotic blue eyes, She was bursting in happiness knowing Klaus wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and wanted to scream to the heavens and above, YES!

But Elijah's words kept repeating itself over and over again, overpowering Klaus's proposal.

'I need you to break up with Klaus'

Why? Why must the fucking world be so cruel...


She didn't realize she had her eyes closed until Klaus called out her name, and took her time staring at his face. To memorize his beautiful speech, to remember the look of happiness on his face with his adorable dimple smile with his luscious addicting soft lips, his memorizing deep dark blue eyes. She wanted to memorize every single magical moment into her heart and mind.

Before she ruined it.


His eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected answer and immediately got up from the floor. "No? What do you mean?"

She stood there in silence avoiding his eyes, not knowing what else to do.

He grabbed onto her shoulders as he was desperately trying to figure out why Caroline rejected his offer.

"Is it because we're too young? If that's so, you have nothing to worry about love. We have many years ahead of us. We can get married after you're done with college and have everything settled down. Sweetheart, please. Just look at me..."

In a moment of silence, she finally looked at him and spoke in a monotone voice, he didn't think she was capable to do.

"When were you going to tell me about your contracts Klaus?"

His eyes opened wide at what he heard. "Is that what this is all about? Did Elijah tell you? That bastard... Caroline I've told you many times there's nothing for you to worry about. It's only a small block on the road, it can happen to anyone."

She glared at what he had to say and pushed his hands off of her. "A small block? A SMALL BLOCK?! KLAUS! This is not something small, it's been happening too frequently and it's all because of me! What makes you think this won't happen again?! I'M the block on the road, I'M the one who's holding you back! I can't keep living like this! I want a normal life Klaus, the paparazzi, the scandals. This is NOT what I signed up for when I agreed to be with you. I want to be able to go out in the broad daylight with my boyfriend, with no worries of the consequences! I want to be able to introduce my own boyfriend to my best friends and be able to talk to them about relationships! I want a NORMAL boyfriend, and I just can't take it anymore Klaus! I should have turned my back on you AGES AGO!"

She stood there inhaling and exhaling deeply while her throat throbbed from the intense screaming with her eyes closed. She felt the tears escaping every corner of her eyes with the anguish and despair her heart was feeling. And they just stood there in mere silence.

"So what does this mean."

She took her time to open her eyes, and regretted that action once she saw the look on his face. Her heart broke at the sight in front of her and the tears in her eyes kept going and going, and it wouldn't stop.

She's never seen him like this before. He stood there stiff and wouldn't move a budge. His hands were clenched in a fist so tightly he broke the skin of his palm with his nails and he started to bleed. But his face... Oh god his face... It was conjured in so much pain, despair, anguish, suffering, agony... and it was all because of her he was in so much pain, it was all because of her, it was all her fault.

"I want to break up with you."

Before she can see his expression any further and have her heart broken into millions of pieces all over again, she abruptly turned around as she dropped the bouquet of roses to the floor and ran to the door to escape all this pain and cry in the comfort of her own bed, but when she laid her hand on the doorknob a pair of strong arms embraced her tightly around her shoulders.

"I love you."

Her eyes widened in shock and her heart stopped at his words as a lone tear rolled down her cheek. Klaus has always made innuendos or just showed it in his eyes like a window to his soul, revealing he was indeed in love with her, but this was the first time Klaus has ever actually said the words 'I love you' and showed his vulnerability. But it was all because they were stuck in this fucked up situation. Everything was just fucked up and she wanted to turn around so badly and tell him everything she said was a lie, she wanted to pretend nothing ever happened and forget everything as they kiss and hug. Elated for their future together and be able to call one another husband and wife, and just live happily ever after.

But they can't, because that would be selfish of her to ruin his dreams.

Her heart twisted in pain as she took a moment to indent the feeling of his warmth into her memories, the way his hold on her made her feel and his natural scent evading her senses for the last time. The last time she will ever be able to feel him like this and finally spoke in a whisper.

"Goodbye Klaus."

She opened the door and his hold on her loosened as she ran out.

After Caroline left, he stood there for what seems like hours. He leaned on the door with both his forearms unable to take in what just happened. But what exactly did happen? How could this have happen? Were they truly over?... The inside of his body slowly started to envelop the most burning excruciating pain he has never ever felt in his whole life. He started pounding on the door with his fists until his knuckles broke and his skin turned into blue and black bruises as he screamed in anguish, as the unbearable pain took over his whole body. But even letting out his anguish and anger onto his door wouldn't help anything. The pain just wouldn't simply go away and wouldn't seize to exist.

After a few minutes he stopped and turned his back against the door as he slid to the floor and just stared aimlessly at his bruised and bloody hands and realized no matter how much he vents all his feelings out, it wouldn't bring her back.

He wouldn't be able to hear her melodic laugh that he can listen to endlessly, He wouldn't see that bright and shining smile that was infectious to everyone she met, especially him. He wouldn't be able to see the way her eyes lit up at the mere sight of him, that caused him a great pride on how he can affect her so easily. He wouldn't be able to watch her adoringly as her cheeks would redden in embarrassment or when he complimented her or just watch every expression occur onto her face for that matter. He wouldn't be able to hold onto her as her body would fit right into his arms, like she was made to be there... He would never be able to be with her ever again...

As his mind came to an understanding that this was the end, that she was never coming back, he did something he swore he would never do again after so many years.

He cried.

He watched in shock to see the tears fall onto his hands rapidly, as it was a foreign sight to behold, but the tears kept falling so he quickly put the palm of his hands to his eyes to somehow block out all the tears from pouring out his eyes. This wasn't him, he was not weak. He has conquered through many obstacles from his childhood till now to grab a hold of his happiness and he thought he finally did once he met Caroline.

He thought today was suppose to be the happiest moment of his life as he made a vow to himself to make Caroline the happiest women till the day they were to depart this earth, as nothing else can be as fulfilling as that. None of this was suppose to happen. None of it! He wasn't suppose to be crying, and he felt angry at himself for being so weak and not be able to stop his damn tears, but no matter what. It wouldn't stop.

So he just gave up and cried. He cried his heart out for he felt like he just lost a huge part of himself run out that door that night, he cried as his happiness came to an end, for how the last 2 years of that happiness has went out the door with ease. And he cried, because he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to obtain a love so great he had once shared with Caroline.

She ran and ran without knowing where she was going, without caring where her feet would lead her until she tripped over a cracked pavement floor and fell.

Instead of getting up like she should, she just laid there on her back since she couldn't feel the strength to move on. Her whole body felt numb as the pain inside of her only amplified. She let out a chocked sob, to prevent herself from breaking down. She was so sick of crying, she just wanted it to stop, but remembering the way Klaus looked at her as she deliberately hurt him and remembering his last words caused it to be impossible. So she stopped holding it all together and broke down.

She cried her heart out and let out violent sobs and her throat tightened at the stabbing pain she felt in her heart. She screamed out her cries to relief the excruciating pain that was taking over her body and mind, she clenched and pounded her chest to stop the pain as it became too unbearable. But it wouldn't stop...

She can't believe it... She can't believe they're finally over.

She can't believe she won't be able to see that smirk on his face or the dimples on his face as he smiled or was able to prove a point. She can't believe she won't be able to hear the deep laughter in his voice that would always bring out her own in sheer happiness. Not being able to fool around in a joking manner and have one of their most ridiculous bets and arguments over nothing. Not being able to feel his strong warm arms around her that always made her feel warm and safe as if nothing can hurt her. Not being able to feel those ruby red lips of his that always made the whole world around them disappear...

She can't believe she won't be able to see those sparkling blue eyes that always let her know he loved her...

Even though she knew she did the right thing, why did it feel as if everything was wrong? Nothing about this feels right, and she doesn't know if it ever will...

She realized in just one day, their futures has been determined.

They were not meant to be together and they would have to go their own separate ways for their future did not involve one another...

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