AN: You're mad at me. Okay. I get that. But that's not really what matters here, is it?


It was quick.

Very, very quick.

The spear shot through his abdomen as he hit the ground. One end snapped off, and his back hit the floor.

His breaths were short. He stared at the long staff protruding from his chest and held it in a futile attempt to pull it out.

He knew that once he dived, there was no turning back.

His vision blurred and the next thing he saw was yellow.

Yellow hair, to be precise.

"Oh my god, Percy!" He heard a feminine voice shout.


He heard something running towards him, and he felt someone kneel next to him.

"Holy Zeus…..Percy, y-you S-seaweed Brain…"

He felt something hit his stomach gently. Then another one. And another one.

He struggled to maintain his view of her. Small teardrops gently hit his stomach. He couldn't see her face.

He groped blindly and grasped her hand in his own.

"A-Annabeth….?" His voice was weak and raspy.

She looked up at him and propped him up on a wall.

"I-I'm here, Percy."

His view cleared. Her face was teary.

He chuckled, coughing up blood. "You don't look that pretty when you cry, Annabeth."

Despite the situation, Annabeth chuckled in turn.

"Y-y-you idiot…." Her smile faded as she held his cheek in her other hand.

"Th-this story's supposed to have a good end, Percy." He coughed again. He was running out of time.

"It was. For you." She cried on his stomach, tears overflowing and wetting his ripped shirt.

"Hey, now. Don't be like that." He didn't want to see her like that.

She stared up at him, eyes full of desperation.

He grinned for the last time. "All ends are also beginnings."

His view started to blacken.

"Wait! Percy, I love you."

There was no response.

AN: Cover art's by Mo-Potter on deviant art.