He couldn't believe his eyes.

Jason throwing the javelin.

Porphyrion knocking it away.

It stabbing Percy.

He choked.

He dropped the sword in his hand.


His throat dried.


Jason was a good man.

He had trusted him.

He kept secrets with him.

He had betrayed him.

Rage filled his mind.

But he couldn't do his plan now.

Not in the middle of battle.

He watched as Jason ripped Porphyrion apart.

He saw him stab his head multiple times.

"Jason? You ok?" Piper asked tentatively.

Jason looked numb.

He grinned sadistically.

He would pay.


He was tired. Oh so tired.

He had just killed Percy.

He held his temples.

The Percy Jackson.

He gripped his head.

No one could know.

No one.

His eyes widened when someone knocked on his door.

It was Frank.

"Hey, uh…Jason? Thalia's waking up. I think you should go check up on her.

"I-I'll be out in a while."

"Jace? You okay?" His voice was laced with concern.

"Y-yeah. Just….."

"Everyone's sad, Jason. Don't burden yourself with death." He heard Frank walk away.

He walked into the infirmary, where he saw Thalia waking up.

How would she react? Knowing that he had killed Percy?

A dark voice in his head nagged at him.

He shook it from his head.

"Oh. Thalia. You're awake. Thank Zeus." He put on a façade of relief.

"I'm fine, Jason. Where's Percy?" She asked.

Of course, that was the first question she had asked.

"Thals, he's…. he's dead." He said, sorrow in his voice.

Because of you. You killed him.

He growled.

He saw Thalia holding her head in her hands.

It was his fault.

All his.

They'd blame him.

All of them.

He was back in his room.

He gripped his head, insanity overcoming him.

His fault.

His fault.

His fault.

They'd gotten back from the council meeting.

Everyone had declined godhood.

They couldn't bear the sadness.

He couldn't bear the guilt.

There was a knock on the door.

"Jason? Can I come in?" It was Nico.

He opened the door.

His eyes were red, fresh from crying.

"Y-yeah. Sit down, Nico."

They both sat down on his bed.

"I can't believe it. He's dead." Nico rubbed his eyes.

"It's okay, Nico." He put his hand on his shoulder.

He wasn't worthy of comforting him.

He was a murderer.

All thoughts went out of his head when he saw the knife protruding from his gut.

He looked up, Nico holding the knife in his hand.

"You killed him."