A/N: I wrote this one up in a spur of a moment in my hotel room in Paris and now decided to share this with everyone who wants to read this. Especially the ones who read my story Dream or Not since this was inspired from that fic.

The idea originally was that Tsukiko is talking what has just happened. Well, thinking before dying. But I'm not sure is she actually dying or not. She isn't supposed to exist in DC verse after all... and you can probably guess that she is talking about Chianti.

But if you want to you can intepret this in a way you like. I'm curious to know your ideas.

The death of a Shadow

She killed me.
She killed me.

She aimed at my head.
She wanted a revenge.

She wanted me dead.
And took a look through a lens.

I was a Shadow.
I followed her.

I was too smart.
And I went too far.

So she pierced my brain
And ended this to a start.

I felt no pain
as I took my fall.

The bullet wasn't silver,
That isn't me.

But I took it gladly
to protect my family.

The chance of survival
is very, very slim.

But know this:
I won't let you win.

Because I'm the Shadow
And Shadows never die.

We predict, we hide
and naturally we lie.

So watch your back.