A little author's note:

Despite what's happening on TVD and TO right now, despite the disappointment and sense of betrayal that Kol is still dead and Klaroline hasn't had any crossovers YET, I've decided to publish this story that has been in my head for the past couple of weeks... this is the first fanfiction I've ever written. I'm great with academia and non academia literature where the audience is small and familiar, ya know, where the audience knows me personally so don't ever have anything negative to say besides mild constructive criticism. This audience is entirely different... there are just so many amazing Klaroline fanfiction writers out there and it is nerve racking to even want to put myself in the same category as you all. But I am so excited for you all to read my story and give me your unbiased, completely objective opinion. Be brutally honest and tell me exactly what you like or dislike about this story, if you love it or if you hate it. Because quite frankly, that's the only way I'll improve. And I want this story to be great. As a Klaroline shipper, I want to meet all your hopes, dreams and expectations for Klaroline and it is my intention to make this story as realistic as a story with vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, hunters can be. I'm going to try to make some parts down right dirty, dark, dangerous, other parts are going to be light and fluffy too. But I can promise you that none of the characters we know and love are going to be OOC, this is canon compliant in that regard. And again, I'm expecting you to call me out on anything at all that you don't understand or just plain doesn't make sense to you. This is my story, but Klaroline is ours. So I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I'll enjoy writing it.

... he was pounding in to her relentlessly. It was animalistic, pure primal need. He was looking at her with equal parts devotion and possessiveness. She sensed he was on the edge of losing control. It didn't frighten her when his stormy blue eyes became even darker and clouded with specks of yellow, almost gold. Hybrid. Deadly. But she wasn't afraid. In that moment, she was his. And he was hers. A part of her always knew that she would submit. And he was going to claim her. When sharp double fangs pierced the sensitive flesh on her neck, she cried out. He had bitten into her before, but given the difference in circumstances, it was the single most euphoric feeling she had ever experienced.

That burning sensation in the depth of her core, now seemed like a raging inferno, as her orgasm loomed on the horizon. Every single inch of her skin was on fire. Chasing her impending release and wanting to be connected to him in every way, she allowed her fangs to descend and bit into his shoulder blade. He stilled his hard thrusts for a moment, relishing the feel of her drinking from him, only to start slowly pumping into her again. His thrusts became slow but deep, filling her to the hilt. and in that moment, she felt complete. The most intense orgasm washed over her.

As they withdrew their fangs... bloody mouths turned up for a kiss. He kissed her with such skill and passion, it nearly took her breath away. And their blood mixed together tasted delicious. Releasing her mouth, he turned to her neck, making sure that the wound he inflicted on her was fully healed. The gesture was so sweet that her heart swelled with emotion she didn't want to name. Soft feminine moans filled her ears and it took her a moment to realise the sounds where coming from her.

With her arms and legs still firmly wrapped around his torso, he vamp sped them to lie on the forest floor. She felt the warm damp earth on her back as he gently unwrapped her arms from around his neck, pinning them down on either side of her head. He interwove his fingers with hers and looked into her eyes with pure adoration. "So beautiful" he had said. She blushed. The moment was so genuine and romantic and unexpected... coming from him. He who... no, it didn't matter. None of it mattered.

She lifted her head and crushed her lips to his in a searing kiss, biting his bottom lip for good measure. His mood altered almost in an instant. His thrusts became quicker, and as he lifted off her and lazily draped her legs over his shoulders... she didn't think it was possible for him to go any deeper. As he continued to pound into her, one hand cupped the side of her face, coaxing her to open her eyes. She didn't realise that she had closed them. As his hybrid features re-emerged she was once again struck by his beauty. He truly was a monster. The biggest baddest monster of them all. And he was so beautiful. Realising she was staring, she let her eyes wonder down his toned body, to where their bodies were joined. It was the most erotic sight.

She had just come down from the high of her last orgasm and she already felt another building. But she refused to find release without him this time. She had allowed him to take from her and instead he had given her wave after wave of pleasure. It was time for her to return the favour. Taking matters into her own hands... she reached down to where their bodies were joined to stroke him as he pumped in and out of her. She noticed his jaw clench and he let out an involuntary snarl. She knew what he was doing... he wanted her to remember him forever, to ruin her for all others. Well, she wanted to do the same to him. She wanted her face to haunt him for the rest of his immortal existence.

Using all her strength, she managed to reverse their positions. He growled at her and gripped her waist almost painfully, his fingers bruising her skin, with the intention of turning them over again. But she placed both hands on his and started to ride him. Hard. Fast. Deep. He raised himself up and looked at her intently. She could tell he was losing control again. His arms naked around her waist, holding her tightly to him. "Come for me, sweetheart" he managed to say through clenched teeth. "Come with me" she had replied. They set a brutal, punishing pace and he once again sank his fangs into her neck.

She exploded in an orgasm more powerful than the last and as spasms racked her body, she finally felt his hot release inside her. He drank from her until they came down from their mutual highs. After a moment, he kissed her lips chastely, then showered her with feather light touches, as though he was trying to memorise her body. The thought made her heart ache. He gently suckled the skin on her neck that he had rather brutally torn into, and she smiled at the now familiar gesture. With a frown, he looked up hesitantly but noticing her smile, he smirked...

"You need to drink from me, sweetheart" he said, looking at her with a hint of vulnerability as he offered up his neck. This was it. This was goodbye. She would drink from him to heal the venom she felt still flowing through her veins, they would get dressed and be on their separate ways. She had to remind herself that this was what she wanted... "Caroline, you need to drink for me" he reiterated, looking at her worriedly. The wound on her neck started to burn and she felt almost light headed, her senses were becoming slightly overwhelmed. She noticed absently that the sky had gotten dark. "Now, sweetheart" he said firmly as he bit into his wrist and offered it up to her. The smell of his blood was all it took for her vampire features to emerge and she guessed it was an innate sense of self preservation that caused her to latch on to his wrist. As she drank for him... this was goodbye.

Caroline jolted awake, tears spilling over. Stifled sobs turned to gasps for air. She couldn't breath. He was gone. She felt the panic rising. She wrapped her arms around herself as the aching in her heart grew unbearable.

"Hey. Hey, you're okay. You're safe" a voice in the dark tried to comfort her. The voice was so near, she startled.

"It's okay. You're safe. Just breathe Caroline" he tried to reassure her. She hadn't even noticed him enter the room and he already held her in his arms.

"Stefan?" she called out to him. Her voice was so brittle... she sounded so broken.

Gently stroking her now damp hair, he replied "It's me Caroline. You're safe now. It was only a dream," trying to soothe her.

It was only a dream. Caroline tried to get her emotions under control but it was to no avail. Stefan's words served to incite her further. Fresh tears rolled down her face. It was only a dream. But her heart clenched painfully at the unwanted memory of him.

"It's okay. it's okay. it's me. it's okay. you're safe" he had said.

Why had she felt so protected in that moment, in his arms? And why couldn't she find the same relief now in Stefan's?

"What the hell is wrong with you Caroline Forbes? Get your shit together" she scolded herself.

To get her breathing under control, she tried to take slow deep breaths, but her lungs didn't seem to want to cooperate. She felt so hollow. And exhausted.

Stefan angled them so that she was resting snugly at his side on the bed, her head resting on his chest, as he held her securely in his arms. She appreciated his efforts and shut her eyes tightly trying not to think but her thoughts were spinning out of control... focusing instead on the wonderful day that lay ahead, she slowly drifted into a fitful night's sleep.