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The Spider and Cat Epilogue

*At random rooftop*

Tonight is and will be a hard night for Peter Parker. He knew at some point this night would need to happen, for it would change his life forever. After planning this operation for some time now, Peter is officially going to launch operation P. This operation features some of his close allies Johnny (his brother), Tony (his mentor), Logan (Rival/Friend) as Peter suits up to begin the mission.

"Okay fellas operation P is now in process." Peter announce on his communicator to his current team while making sure he look presentable for tonight.

"I still can't understand why you call it P?" Johnny, Human Torch, questions Peter why flying around even though he already knows the answer.

Peter signs before answering, "Really flame boy I already gave a explanation for why I pick that letter. It was to make sure no one would figure it out and ruin the element of surprise."

"He does got a point Pete I mean I get being all secret but using just P?" Logan aka Wolverine chimes in the conversation while laying low on the streets.

"Oh don't you start too Logan, I would like for you two to not make things difficult for me tonight by being smart*sses." Peter pleads to them.

"Need I remind that I am the best there is?" Logan reminds Peter to watch his tone.

"Gentleman please can we try to keep things civil? Remember this is very important to Peter so lets not judge him base on what he decides to call his mission." The voice of Tony Stark aka Iron man said. He is in the process of making sure his suit is fully function for tonight.

Peter shakes his head at his mentor last response. "You know I can tell you are also trying to make fun me right?"

Tony chuckles to his self. "Sorry couldn't resist."

"Anyways y'all already know your roles for when the assignment is complete, tonight I just ask that you make sure no super baddies interfere got it? Peter asks now ready to make his move.

"Loud and clear bub." Logan answers.

"You got it bro." Johnny answers second.

"Don't worry about us, just focus on what you need to do." Tony responds lastly.

"Yea easier said then done." Peter mutters to his self until his phone went off to see the text that he was waiting on. "Okay I just receive the message, its time to do that hero thing."

"Wait I thought this is Peter Parker time not Spider-man..." Johnny began to joke only to told by all three to "SHUT UP JOHHNY!"

Johnny felt shock by their response and yells, "Well screw all of you!"

*At Per Se*

After some minutes went by, Peter made it to the first out of two places that needs to go for the mission to be complete. His first stop is at a restaurant call Per Se to meet with someone very special in his life. At that moment he looks to see that special someone now walking up to him wearing a classy tight black dress that isn't revealing, her blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing not to much but very nice makeup. That special someone is none other then Peter's on and off girlfriend who he has now been with for 2 years Felicia Hardy.

"You know every time I see you, I always ask myself with all we went through how did I get lucky to end up with you?" Peter greets her earning a beautiful smile from her.

"You just happen to cross a certain black cat's path who happens to had luck on her side." She responds before giving him a nice quick tender kiss. She then checks out her man seeing that he's wearing a nice fresh suit. "You clean up well Peter."

Peter rubs the back of his head. "Well I mean I am dating a beautiful women like you so I have to make sure I step my game up at times." He offers his arm out for her. "Shall we?"

Felicia wraps her arm around his as they walk to their reserve table. Being the gentleman that he is allowing her to her seat first, the couple sits down to check out the menu which leads to Felicia asking him in a playful tone, "So tell me Mr. Parker, what made you decide to take me to a fancy place on this beautiful anniversary day."

"With this being our 2 year anniversary that we have been together, I just want to show how much you mean to me and how I love being with you." Peter explains to her making Felicia feel special.

"Aww you know I love being with you too, but I don't want you think you always have to take me out on expensive dates for our anniversary." Felicia tells him understanding that even though Peter got a huge raise from the Bugle, he didn't make as much money as she did. Due to her family having a company, this didn't bother her.

Peter already knew where she was getting at. When they became official this last time, Felicia explain she didn't mind using her money at times though Peter was against it because he wanted to prove as Peter Parker, the man behind Spider-man, that he can be hold his own weight with it came to money. "Felicia I have no problem doing this, if a born into business hard working women like yourself can treat for dinner at times then I should be able to do the same at times. Besides who said us going out is the only thing I have plan for you?"

Hearing that last part made Felicia curious on what Peter has in store for her. "Wait there's more? Peter Parker what do you got plan in that genius mind of yours?"

Peter smirks at the fact that he's not going to tell her just like that. "You do know they say curiosity killed the Cat right?"

"Lucky for me I have nine lives I can give to be curious." She responds while snapping her fingers getting a laugh out of Peter.

"Trust me it will be worth the surprise. Until the surprise happens, lets just enjoy our self to some good food what do you?" Peter suggests when the waiter came to take their order.

"I like the sound of that." Peter and Felicia order their food share a few laughs about their day today until the food came out. Once it did Felicia simply mentions, "We been through a lot haven't we?"

Peter stops and think about it and after giving it some heavy thought he's responds saying, "They should name a roller coaster after us for we had some highs and lows like when you didn't accept Peter Parker at first?"

Felicia rolls her eyes hearing that moment. "Come on you still holding that against me? I was young and stupid. Yet you didn't help much when I got those bad luck powers from the fat guy."

Peter waves his hands like he was saying he wasn't the bad guy. "What I was suppose to do when overtime I was around you bad things kept happening like me having to see you kiss Daredevil."

Felicia folds her arms. "That was totally a fling and last I check we weren't even dating."

"Yea that would had been tough to explain during the civil war if we was." Peter points out.

"Yes the event that somehow magically never happen base from what you told me." Felicia said in a sarcastic tone not having any memory of the events that happen during the war thanks to Peter making a certain deal.

"Hey its a event that I'm sure not a lot of people want to remember and all I needed was one day *winks* to make sure it didn't happen."


*Author question: Did he just break the 4th wall!?*


"I guess when you put it that way it did lead to some good events between us." Felicia notes with a smile forming on her face thinking about the good moments between the two.

"Exactly like when I finally decided I wanted to try again with you. Despite me believing it will fail again just like with M.J, Carlie, and Gwen.. I realize that we been through to much to not try to be together." Peter reminds her thinking how happy he was to make that decision.

"That's correct, I will never forget you helping me with the Klum issue. It truly meant a lot to me more then you realize." Peter could tell that incident still bother Felicia somewhat. He reaches for her hands and holds them gently telling her, "You know I'm always going to be there for you."

Peter then brings up another fun memory. "Hey remember when we decided to try to be in each others shoes? Talk about classic."

Felicia could only laugh quietly remembering how Peter basically wanted to see how the two like to spend their time. "Oh yes very classic of my nerdy boyfriend to make me play videos games with him."

"Now hold on a second you know you ended up liking it and our really action afterwards." Peter winks at her only for her to shake her head in amusing.

"Can't deny that but not as much as you enjoying the way I was all over you on the dance floor with your new confident self." She reply and bits be lips.

Peter kept his self from blushing. "I do aim the please the lady."

"Consider me pleased. What about Thanksgiving when I first met Aunt May?" Felicia brings up.

Peter laughs at the memory. "How can I forget you were so nervous about meeting you made it seem like we you going toe to toe with the Hulk."

Felicia raises one of her eyebrows at him. "I rather take my chances with attempting to calm the Hulk down. Your aunt does not play when it comes to you, well I don't either but nothing compare to her."

"At least you conquer your fears and had a great thanksgiving, even though she did catch us kissing."

"Now that was embarrassing, funny, and scary at the same time. I wouldn't want her first impression to be that I just looking to get into your pants."

"Oh like what happen at Christmas?" Peter raise one of his eyebrows at her recalling the morning of Christmas when they had woke up.

"Hush you and you like it anyways." Felicia shoots back keeping her cool.

"Lets just say I couldn't move a bit after that." Peter confesses making Felicia laugh at his comment before saying, "Okay one more memory lane moment and then we will be out of here. Remember that one year on New Years Eve?"

"You talking about when Tony host that superhero party and you surprise me after the countdown by kissing me? How could I not forget though I still wonder why you didn't ask me out then?" Felicia questions him feeling kind of sad that he didn't try to get with her at that time.

"I don't think we knew each other identities at the time and honestly I wasn't in the best place in my life to be in relationship." Peter admits in a low tone.

"Completely understandable, but I have one more memory I wouldn't mind sharing but I wouldn't want it to ruin the mood." Felicia suggest with a hint of fear in her voice that Peter pick up on.

"Go ahead love you can tell me anything." He comforts her to allow her to talk about the memory she has in mind.

"Well the moment that you took me to Gwen's grave. It.. I know it Gwen meant a lot to you and you would want to keep your visits with her private, but you decided to take me and introduce me to her in a way. I felt guilty but in a strange way I also felt that I receive Gwen's blessing to be with you, I wish I could had met her in person she seem like someone you would want to have in your life."

Peter didn't expect to hear her bring that up and though it usually hurts to talk about Gwen, this time talking about her with Felicia helps numb the pain. "I wish you could had too, she was part of the reason why I kept being Spider-man when I wanted to give up doing so much. I am also glad you was there with me that day for there's not a lot of people I would had been open to do that with."

Peter gets up to leave the tip and offers his hand to Felicia trying to keep his self from getting emotional. "Okay let's get out of here before I become to emotional to give you your surprise."

"Lead the way lover." Felicia takes his hand and walks with him to the finally location of Peter's operation.

*Felicia's Penthouse*

Peter and Felicia made it back to her place with Peter leading her to the balcony where a full moon is out. Though Felicia thought the sky look beautiful tonight, she could tell Peter seem a bit a tense all of sudden.

"Is everything alright Peter?" She asks while rubbing his arm softy.

Peter turns towards her and looks into her beautiful blue eyes. "I just want to make that tonight will be an unforgettable one for you that's all."

Felicia's heart grew warm. "You already have Peter, unless this is when expecting to see fireworks?"

Peter laughs softy before calmly taking both of her hands to hold them. "Felicia as I mention earlier tonight that this would be two years that we have been together fully and I have love every day of it. I wouldn't change anything that we have went through because I see it as a test of how much we love each other and I know I'm in love with you. So to prove that I am serious about that, I actually got you something."

Felicia watch in anticipation to see what did Peter get. When she notice a beautiful silver ring coming out of his pocket, it takes all she has in her to not shed a tear as Peter gets down on one knee raising the ring.

"Felicia Hardy you have made my life as a man and a hero worth while. You have made me a better man inside and out, you made make me feel good about myself, as you would say your always there for me, and with the history we have I would do it all again though I also want to create new memories. I couldn't be more proud and to be with a woman like you, and I would like to continue being with you for the rest of my life. Felicia will you marry.."

Before Peter could finish the last sentence Felicia pounce on him, no longer holding back her tears, and yells "YES! YES! A THOUSANDS TIMES!" before giving him the most passionate kiss he ever had. She had thoughts of have a future with Peter after accepting and loving both sides of him but she was unsure if Peter thought the same about her. Once the kiss ends, Peter slides the ring onto her finger and the new engage couple gets up and hug each other deeply. To her next surprise Peter brings out his communicator and announces, "Okay fellas Operation P is complete! Mission accomplish!"

"Wait what?" are the only words that could out of her mouth until she sees Logan hanging on to Tony along side Johnny come to her penthouse to greet them.

"It's about time, some of us got better things to do then to be fighting your rouge gallery." Logan claims in a annoy tone.

Tony comes behind him and playfully pats on him back asking, "What's that drinking beer all day?"

Logan pushes him back and smirks, "Look whose talking tin head."

Johnny quickly gets in between them to bring focus on the actual topic. "Anyways, before things get fire up ha get it fire up for I'm the Human Torch, congrats bro. We are happy to hear that Felicia said yes."

Felicia waves at the three heroes, "Hey guys..." Then she turns her attention to Peter. "Peter what exactly is going on and what is operation P? Sounds kind of lame for a mission name."

"We tried to tell him." Logan and Johnny said at the same time receiving an anger expression from Peter.

"Anyways I knew a while back that I wanted to propose to you, but knowing how smart you are to pickup on things, I had to find a way to plan it on the low. That's when I came to Johnny, the best man, Logan, the priest, and Tony, the groomsmen about planning the proposal and they agree to make sure that no super villains distract us tonight so this could be the best night ever for you. Oh and the P, as I told them already, stands for Parker as in to get you to want take that as your new last name." Peter explains to Felicia who in return hugs him tight.

"It wasn't easy but it was worth it at the end and it's the least we could do. After all he's been through, Peter deserves some happiness in his life." Tony chimes in.

"Right it's a better change for him instead of being gloomy and stuck in emo phase all the time. He definitely has you to thank for that." Johnny tells Felicia.

"I.. I'm speechless right now. Thank you so much for helping Peter set this up and making this a night I could never forget. I do have to ask though, Logan you are okay with being the priest for us." She playful asks Logan, who simply shrugs at the question.

"As a mutant with healing powers would say, I am the best..." Johnny began to speak only to see Logan's claws appear right in front of his face.

"Shutting up now." This leads to Logan speaking for his self.

"I have been around for an very, very long time for I have done many things in my lifetime. Therefore I have no problem with it." Logan answers her.

"Which I really do appreciate a lot you guys on a serious note." Peter said to his close allies still holding Felicia's waist.

"Well we are going to head out, I'm sure you two have a lot of planning to do for the big day." Tony figures but Johnny thinks otherwise.

"I think we all know that tonight Peter is going to be focus on something else for making Felicia's night."

Peter face turns extremely red as he yells at them, "GO NOW!" causing the three heroes to laugh and made their way home. Leaving Peter to think that the two would just go to sleep for the night. This is not the case for Felicia grabs Peter's tie and leads him to her bedroom.

"Now that they are gone, and since you made this a very special night, I will be making sure that you are rewarded according which made require a spectacular long night."

Peter felt his self-sweating and only could get his self to say, "O boy."

*Months later: Wedding day*

(Warning not really good at writing weddings and didn't want to go all out on a one-shot when this event could happen in a future story, don't hold this part against me if seen rush)

After months of planning the big day, the wedding day for Peter and Felicia has arrive. They decided that due to their super hero life and most of the people they know are heroes as well, they went head and made it a heroes welcome wedding. However they must come, as their civilian identity for Peter and Felicia won't be in costume. To their surprise, a decent amount of them show up to give support. Some, because of their reputation and wanted the couple to have their moment not be interrupted, had to decline but wish the two the best and will make it up to them. Tony was able to have the event take place where they wouldn't have to worry about the press trying to interfere.

The rest of the attendance is close family members like Aunt May, who is aware of some of the heroes that are there, and Felicia's mom, who only knows of Felicia being Black Cat.

List of some of the heroes includes: Daredevil, the Fantastic four, Luke and Jessica, Ms. Marvel, Spider-woman, Ice man, Anti Venom, Nova, She Hulk, Mockingbird

Peter current waits at the altar for his soon to be wife to come out while trying to stop his self from getting cold feet. When the music came everyone stands up to look toward the entrance and down came Felicia in a wedding dress, it reveal her back but still was elegant, that literally made Peter's mouth drop to the ground to where his bed man Johnny pick his mouth up for him. He couldn't believe how amazing she looks while Felicia thought the same about Peter.

Little did she know, when she finally made it to the altar Peter with a smile points towards Felicia to make her turn around. To her surprise she sees a man walking to her that she didn't think she would see again.

"Da..daddy?" Felicia softy asks feeling her self-beginning to cry.

"Yes it is I princess." That's all John Hardesky needed to say to make Felicia hug her father.

"I miss you so much! How is this possible?" She questions him remembering the last time the two seen each other.

"You can thank Peter for that." John answers her turning his attention to Peter causing Felicia to look at him as well.


Peter scratches the back of his head before explaining, "Long story short Fury owe me a favor. Plus the dad of the bridesmaid has to be here to give away his daughter right?"

Logan then steps in as his priest role. "Basically who gives Ms. Hardy here to marrying this nerd?" This got laughter out of the crowd.

Peter smirks before saying, "Watch it Pastor Wolf." before the focus went back to Felicia and John.

"I do." John responds to Logan before taking Felicia's hands into his. "Felicia I know Peter is a great man for you for I haven't seen any man make you smile the way I used to do. He's a man who has caring heart, who will protect, and loves you for you and I am truly thankful of him allowing me the opportunity to be here for your special day. Therefore he has my blessing to marry you."

Felicia gives him a strong hug and whispers, "Thank you Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too princess." He kisses her daughter on the forehead and gives her away to Peter to allow the wedding to continue.

After saying their vows, giving each other their rings, and both saying I do. Peter and Felicia officially became marry couple something that if you ask them when they first met each other would it happen, Peter would laugh at the idea of marry a thief while Felicia would only think of marrying the hero not the man behind the mask. The two heroes came along way traveling down different paths, though thought that they have team up with each other, had their rough moments, but at the end nothing could stop the love Peter and Felicia from growing to where it is today. What does the next stage in their life have in store for them, no one knows.

Regardless theirs no Spider-man without Black cat and theirs no Felicia without Peter.

The two are a team now and forever.

This is the end of the series of The Spider and The Cat

A Spidey Cat Marriage

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