According to M-theory, there are four dimensions we can perceive, and seven others that interact with matter in ways we can't detect. This leads into string theory, where at the most basic level, below atoms, below subatomic protons, below even quarks, there are one-dimensional energy loops called strings. The way they vibrate determines what the string will form.

This isn't to be confused with the multiverse theory, which states that there are an ever-increasing number of parallel universes, each created by differences as small as the subtle vibration of a single string. The differences between universes can be vast, or they could be nearly identical. Some are at different points along the time dimensional axis, and some may exist where universal constants such as the speed of light are different. In some universes, magic exists; in some, science rules. In still others, they exist together, or not at all.

Those who study multiverse theory usually at one point try to be the first to prove that travel between these alternate universes is possible. Those that come at it from a purely scientific perspective, no matter how gifted, will always find one variable eludes them. Those that attempt it from a magical approach also fail, because their understanding of the underlying concepts misses one small, but crucial part.

Magic and science separately cannot form the pieces of the puzzle to inter-universal travel. But sometimes, the most unlikely of scenarios can bring them together to create an accident that will transcend the known laws, constants and theories of the universe. Then and only then, a miracle might happen.

Some take it as evidence of the divine. Others take it as evidence of the opposite. Whether it is or isn't is largely irrelevant to the subject of the miracle. Mostly their thought processes are something of a variation on "What is happening to me?" – only usually, much less polite.

The battle in the Department of Mysteries wasn't going well. Six teenagers, no matter how well trained, are fighting the small odds when they come up against adult, slightly (or in some cases not-so-slightly) psychotic terrorists. They had taken the initiative against their dark-robed opponents and caught them off guard, but they couldn't compete against the power and experience aligned against them. It was only the timely intervention of the veterans of their side of the previous war that had staved off total defeat. That said, with a battlefield as dangerous as the Ministry, the casualties were far from standard.

Two members of the 'light' side, one a grown man and the other the teenaged offspring of his murdered friends, battled against the unstable Bellatrix Lestrange in the chamber where the ancient – and dangerous - Veil of Death was studied. Sirius Black didn't like the fact that Fate had once again pitted him against Bellatrix, but he wasn't going to give her the pleasure of an easy fight. Judging by the competency of Potter scion battling next to him, Bella was going to have some serious problems soon.

He fired off a blasting curse, aiming not for Bella herself but at the wall behind and above her. In her rage and insanity, she didn't hear the cracking of ancient stone, so was caught unprepared when it came tumbling down upon her. Forgetting himself for a moment he allowed himself to entertain thoughts of victory, until he felt the tell-tale displacement of air that signaled apparition. He barely had time to turn and see the insane smile on her bloodied face before she struck.

"Impedimentia," Bellatrix screeched as she jabbed her wand at the last of the true-named Blacks. The force of her spellcasting threw him backwards, right into the arch of the Veil. Time seemed to slow for Sirius as he fell. He looked over to James' child, feeling guilty as he realized he would never be able to keep his vow that he would always be there for his friend and his family. He heard a shout of denial and rage before his attacker attempted to disapparate. The teenage body tackling her just before she did would not be pleasant for either of them.

Sirius' last thought before he passed through the Veil was a passing thought about what would happen to his body, before the powerful magics overwhelmed his mind and he fell unconscious.

Commander Mimir Shepard spat out the blood filling her mouth as she tried to clear her vision. Her arm, which felt far too heavy to even lift, let alone hold up her pistol, shook violently as she aimed. She fired, doing minor damage to the massive control conduit she needed to overload. She pulled the trigger again, a memory of the recently-departed Anderson coming to mind. Her grip on her pistol tightened and her resolve firmed as she stood a little straighter. A small part of her realized it was only the adrenaline, but with each memory of her crew, her posture straightened and her expression set in determination. Each shot did more damage to the conduit, Shepard herself ignoring the minor shrapnel wounds as she advanced, never letting up her firing. A last thought that she might never see Liara again flitted through her mind.

She wasn't worried though. She knew the final meld in London had been different, she had felt it. She knew Liara had taken a piece of her, even if she was just as likely to die as Mimir in this final battle. So she had felt no guilt as she had sent Liara away, knowing that even if she never would get to see her beautiful blue daughter, the child would at least have a chance to exist now.

Mimir snarled at that thought and gathered her remaining strength for a biotic strike. "For Liara!" she cried as she unleashed the powerful, unstable mass effect attack at the damaged conduit. The biotic attack pushed the conduit to critical, beginning the Crucible firing process that would finally end the Reapers.

As the massive energies of the Crucible coursed through the Citdael and its hidden relay inside, the energy activated almost-forgotten potential hidden within the human. Not too many generations ago her ancestors had called Earth home, and lived lives most people would liken to fairy tales. Magic was real, though had become less common upon the discovery of Element Zero. It was this potential that the titanic energies were activating.

As forgotten magic and advanced science waged war within her, something impossible happened. A trigger neither magic nor science could find on its own activated within her, and an inter-universal portal was created. Mimir Shepard was flung away from her home universe along paths of time and space until, like lightning, the portal struck a compatible universe and sent her to it.

The only thought going through her mind resembled What the fuck is going on?. Further rumination on her current state of being was delayed as she spied something coming towards her at an appreciable speed. She barely had time to register it as an unconscious human male before she tackled it.

The two of them tumbled out of a stone archway and into a chamber that looked like it had been grown, rather than hewn from bedrock. Mimir's body was rapidly succumbing to blood loss and trauma, not to mention the stress of inter-universal travel, so she barely took it in. All she could really register was the man's still breathing body beneath her. She joined him in blissful, painful unconsciousness.

The thing about prophecy is that, unlike what most people believe, they aren't a statement of what the future will be. Instead, they provide an obscure look at what the future might be. But even though magic can often violate several laws of science, it can't escape quantum instability in predicting future events. The Hall of Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries stands testament to this, hundreds of prophecies spoken yet never fulfilled for whatever reason.

People also didn't realize that when circumstances change to make a previous prophecy no longer possible, sometimes a new prophecy comes about.

The tricky thing about prophecy though, is that there has to be a witness, because true Seers cannot ever recall making them. Otherwise, their minds would fracture at the myriad of possibilities the future held.

So it was that Sybil Trelawney, drunk once again in her chambers after her ignominious sacking by Delores Umbridge, felt an powerful, yet unknown force overtake her. She lurched to her feet and down the hall until she came upon another living creature. No ghost or portrait would satisfy the prophecy trying to escape Trelawney's mind. She stumbled and fell and found herself in earshot of a living thing, and thus a new prophecy clawed its way from her throat.

"From future far and distant, she will come. Her magic weak, but command of elemental nothingness unsurpassed. She will be the power the Dark Lord knows not, and shall the marked equal help destroy him. But to her home she must be sent anon, or shall this world rue and thus destroy in turn."

Mrs Norris looked curiously at the human who had spoken to her, tilting her head in confusion. As Trelawney succumbed to the alcohol-induced coma she had been building towards for weeks, if not months and years, the part-kneazle sauntered off to try and find more students out after curfew. After all, that was the important thing, not whatever gibberish the smelly woman had spoken.

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